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Bøglund Lightworkers focuses on training and guidance for Lightworkers. 

The majority of our content is text-based! 

I’m Sabrina Bøglund. I’m a Metaphysician, Spiritual Master Teacher, Writer, and creator of Bøglund Lightworkers. I work with Lightworkers who struggle with burnouts and would like to have a healthy and joyful life. 

Bøglund Lightworkers helps Lightworkers to embrace their greatness and their native powers and abilities. 

What makes Bøglund Lightworkers different is we focus on mental health and self-empowerment. We’re taking all the fluffy woo-woo away and giving spirituality and manifestation a more scientific approach. Because of this, Lightworkers will be able to set healthy boundaries, take better care of themselves, and be more confident in what they feel called to do.

You’re NOT born as a Lightworker.
It’s something you CHOOSE to become.
No matter how much shit life throws at you.
No matter how much you’ve been hurt.
No matter what!
You’ve always CHOSEN Love over hate.
Love over vengeance.
Love means Light –
…and you choose Light over Darkness.





Lightworker is often used in the spiritual and new age circles to describe a particular type of people. But Lightworkers are, in my opinion, much more than a spiritual/new age concept. I’ve seen Lightworkers in all walks of life. 

When you have a sincere desire to make the world a better place (I know that phrase is well overused) and you actually do something to make a differenceYOU ARE A LIGHTWORKER!


self growth

Self-Worth – Assertiveness.

One thing most Lightworkers have in common is the lack of self-love!

If you don’t love yourself, you’re putting yourself at the risk of burning out because you’re not creating the necessary boundaries.

You are a Lightworker, but that doesn’t mean you should say “yes” to everyone and anything and drop everything in your hands when someone calls. People are not your fix-up projects! And most people can get quite annoyed with you if you’re trying to fix them.

When you’re at peace with yourself and respect yourself and your abilities, you won’t need to fix anyone or be a people pleaser!


mental health

Mental Health.

Mental Health is an extremely important topic for me! 

I’m so concerned about Lightworkers Mental Health because the rates of depression, anxiety, burnouts, stress and overwhelmedness are increasing. Some Lightworkers even have long-term trauma from their past, which only makes them even more exposed.

I’m not judgemental at all. However, I can not ignore that there is a lot of spiritual stuff, new age stuff, religious stuff, and even manifestation stuff out there, messing with your psyche! I’m not talking about talking to dead people or seeing ghosts. That’s real enough! It’s the methods, techniques, and intentions behind the practices that are messing with your psyche.

I’m so concerned about Mental Health that I have made Mental Health one of the cornerstones in Bøglund Lightworkers because YOUR health is more important than anything else.


Your health is more important than anything else

The Mission:

Bøglund Lightworkers brings Lightworkers in contact with their Native (Super) Powers.


The Purpose of Bøglund Lightworkers.

Bøglund Lightworkers helps Lightworkers gain more assertiveness and self-esteem to do their Light Work! I want to give you the best resources and tools to avoid Lightworker Burnout. If the wall hits you anyway, Bøglund Lightworkers will also have resources and tools to get you back on your feet again. 

Bøglund lightworkers

Short Introduction to Bøglund Lightworkers:

Bøglund Lightworkers intends to create a place where Lightworkers worldwide can receive guidance and teaching.

We’re living in a time where more and more Lightworkers slowly awake to their call and mission. This transformation can be a confusing and odd time. So the Lightworkers must have somewhere to go to get the training and guidance they need – when they need it!

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Sabrina Bøglund

Short Introduction to Sabrina Bøglund:

I’m Sabrina Bøglund (former known as Sabrina Jensen.) I’m a Metaphysician, Spiritual Master Teacher & Author of 6 books. 

My mission is to bring what’s considered spiritual and divine concepts and ideas closer to Earth. By adding science, psychology, self-love, and personal development to the equation, we’re tapping into something very powerful. 

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