I help Lightworkers who want to Heal and Recover from Emotional Pain, Toxic People, Unhealthy Relationships and Energy Vampires by becoming Better at Standing Up for Themselves, Manifest Anything they Want, and Achieving their Deepest Desires.

A Lightworker is a person with a deep and strong desire to make the world a better place.
They are sensitive, empathic, and intuitive!

But being a Lightworker doesn’t necessarily mean being religious or spiritual. 

You simply just listen to the guidance from your heart and make an effort to help others.

Unfortunately, a lot of Lightworkers have a history of Emotional Pain, Toxic People, Unhealthy Relationships and Energy Vampires and don’t really feel that they belong here! 

Does this Sound Like You?

You’re NOT born as a Lightworker.
It’s something you CHOOSE to become.
No matter how much shit life throws at you.
No matter how much you’ve been hurt.
No matter what!
You’ve always CHOSEN Love over hate.
Love over vengeance.
Love means Light –
…and you choose Light over Darkness.

I have worked with Lightworkers since 2008. 

My Mission is to use my own story as a survivor of Child Abuse and Domestic Violence to help Lightworkers to Heal and Recover from Emotional Pain, Toxic People, Unhealthy Relationships and Energy Vampires. I want to help Lightworkers Master the Superpowers they are Born with, learn new Superpowers, and work with the Universal Laws, so they can Achieve Anything they Desire. I want to help Lightworkers to have true Happiness, Joy, and Fulfilment in their life. It’s a part of my own healing process to use my story for a greater purpose and to help others who are suffering similar pain.

This is why I have created Bøglund Lightworkers.

Bøglund Lightworkers Focus on 5 Main Pillars:

🌟 LIGHTWORKERS (incl. Native Superpowers & Manifestation)
⚖ Light WORK (Life Purposes and Life Missions)

I focus more on the Personal Development and Mental Well-Being of being a Lightworker than on Spiritual practices.
NB: I’m not practising meditation simply because it’s super boring – and I don’t do boring.

My goal is to Help You to Increase your Energy Frequency to the Highest Frequency Possible. In that way, you can Become a Vibrational Match for the Life you Desire, your Dreams and your Goals.


My Most Popular Products and Services:

Divine Secrets to Successful Manifestations is a 6 weeks Digital Training Program based on the Bøglund Manifestation Equation. M = DAS+EF = DE+DT. You can use this blueprint to Manifest anything you want in life AND remove the blocks you already experiencing.

How to Manifest a Specific Person is also a 6 weeks Digital Training Program based on the Bøglund Manifestation Equation. But this Program is designed to help you Manifest a Specific Person, whether it’s private or professional matters.

Counselling: COMING SOON!

My Mission is to use my own story as a survivor of Child Abuse and Domestic Violence to help Lightworkers to Heal and Recover from Emotional Pain, Toxic People, Unhealthy Relationships and Energy Vampires. I want to help Lightworkers Master the Superpowers they are Born with, learn new Superpowers, and work with the Universal Laws, so they can Achieve Anything they Desire. I want to help Lightworkers to have true Happiness, Joy, and Fulfilment in their life. It's a part of my own healing process to use my story for a greater purpose and to help others who are suffering similar pain.

I started my first Spiritual-Based Business when I was 18.
I have published 6 Self-Help Books. (only published in Danish)
And I hold 17 Certifications in Personal and Spiritual Development.
Next, I want to introduce my co-writer and part-time assistant, Diva👅 Diva is, without doubt, the star of my Instagram account! 🤣
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1. December 2022Reading Time: 4 minutes December is one of the most stressful months of the year – mostly because of all the Holidays and traditions. But honestly, I don’t believe it was the inventors of the Holidays and traditions’ intention that December should be so stressful… or expensive. Personally, I love the idea of Christmas, but it makes me icky when I think about how commercial it has become.  It’s one of the reasons why I don’t run sales in my business – I don’t want to tap into the misuse of Holidays. The primary reason is that I believe it’s only fair that everyone pays the same price for a product and service. Christmas is supposed to be a celebration of LOVE, not an adult rat race! Here are 5 Ways to make December less Stressful. #1 – Plan as Much as Possible Ahead. A LOT of stress can be prevented with good planning! However, a kilometre-long to-do list and an obsessive need for everything to be perfect is a sure recipe for stress. I have a rule of having MAX 5 things on my daily to-do list, including my work tasks.  If you can only do, in total, 5 things (private life, household, and work) a day, how would you plan it? In my case, I count how many tasks there are in one project, and then I plug them into my calendar so it fits with the max. 5 things to-do list. It’s really a matter of being realistic with your time and planning from that. How many cakes do you need to bake for the Holidays? How much food do you need to cook? How long does each cake/dish take, minus the oven time? How much can you prep beforehand? Let’s say at the weekend. How much can you kids help with? Most kids love to help in the kitchen, and it’s good for them to learn from an early age. Now plug each task into your to-do list with a realistic time. Personally, I’m trying to keep my tasks to 1½ hours each. So it becomes 5x 1½ hours, and then I’m done with my To-Do list. #2 – Delegate the Tasks Out to the Rest of the Family. In order for the 5 things to-do list to work and for you to get less stressed, you need to be better at delegating tasks! It’s not right that you’re running around like a headless chicken to get everything done while the rest of your family is watching TV or are on Social Media! I believe screen-time rules are healthy and should be used to get lazy teenagers to help in the house. Give the kids responsibility for specific household tasks, and shift the tasks between them, so they learn how to wash clothes and clean windows. Holiday-wise, having the kids and your spouse helps you with the household and in the kitchen. As soon as a child is old enough to understand what you’re telling them and do what you ask them to, they can help in the kitchen, where you keep an eye on them. There are plenty of things to do that don’t involve sharp objects or something they can get burned on. Do the tasks together as a family, and have fun doing it. Make it into a game, or maybe a competition of who folds the laundry best or who can wash the windows without leaving any marks. Don’t compete on time, but on aesthetics. #3 – Buying Christmas Gifts Throughout the Whole Year, not just in December. December is expensive because you wait to buy your gift until the last minute!  I know it might be a little late for this tip – but if you buy your gifts throughout the year, you’re spreading the expenses over a whole year, which makes it less painful in your December budget. I buy my gifts when I see something I know would love. I don’t care if it’s February or December. If I think would love it, I buy it and save it as a Christmas gift to them. The same thing goes with Birthday presents. When it comes to shopping, it’s important to remember the Universal Law of Giving & Receiving. What you’re willing to pay for something should reflect how much you think the item is worth, just like the seller sets their price according to what they think the item is worth. If you think something is too expensive, then it’s because you don’t think it’s worth the money… or because you don’t think you’re worthy of the item.  Your Net-Worth is a true reflection of your Self-Worth. #4 – Focus on Hygge. The true essence of Christmas is the celebration of LOVE. Love has nothing to do with big expensive gifts, an abundance of food and massive amounts of cake and confection, or beautiful decorations. Love is about spending time with those you love and doing things together. Have fun. Play broad games. Tell stories. Just for once, be present in the now and truly listen to what your loved ones have to say. Love is prioritising time with your loved ones and being in the here and now with them. #5 – Ask Everyone to Bring Good Energy. There is nothing worse than some Negative Nancy that brings the Energy down! If just one person is negative all the time, it can bring down the mood of everyone else. I have a quote hanging in my hallway saying, “Please Take Responsibility for the Energy You Bring into this Room!” It’s really a matter of asking people to leave the negativity outside. When I say negativity, I mean the endless complaining, blaming, and victim-mentality – attitude. It’s EXTREMELY toxic to be around, and no one wants to listen to someone who’s just complaining. We want to help people who WANT to be helped!  … but not listen to someone who is complaining for the matter of complaining. I don’t ask you to throw negative people out of your home… just that you distance yourself from them so their negativity doesn’t rub off on you, and maybe consider not inviting them into your home. These were my 5 tips on how to make December more stress-FREE… If you’re on my Email List when I’m sending out the Weekly Email tonight at 7 PM CET, I will give you an exclusive worksheet to make your December less stressful. But it’s ONLY available today at 7 PM CET (1 PM EST//10 AM PST) [...]
24. November 2022Reading Time: 4 minutes As a Spiritual Teacher, I’m met with a lot of misconceptions about what I’m doing and what Spirituality really is. I have also experienced that people sometimes are a little stand-offish or unsure when it comes to Spirituality and Spiritual conversations. There is nothing new to this. People have misunderstood Spirituality for thousands of years. Instead of learning about Spirituality, they decided to execute Spiritual People for witchcraft and blame all bad things on the “witches”. Misconception #1 – Spirituality is a Religion or Sect. Most religions and sects have roots in Spirituality, but that is not equivalent to Spirituality being a religion or a sect. I, for one, am VERY firm that I am not religious or belong to any religion. I am Spiritual. – and I HATE getting all kinds of religious dogma pulled down my throat. Spirituality is awareness about Spirit, Energy, and that there is more between Heaven and Earth than the naked eye can see. It’s called a Spiritual Awakening, after all. Most of the Spiritual People I know aren’t trying to force anything or anyone. We aren’t telling anyone how they should live their life and what’s right or wrong. Misconception #2 – You Need a Meditation Practice. Meditation is overrated! I’m sorry… In my opinion, Mediation is so incredibly boring and boring doesn’t work if you have a popcorn brain. It’s absolutely impossible to sit still, make your mind silent, and focus on your breathing while your brain comes up with 117 new ideas every minute.  Instead of relaxing and finding inner peace, Mediation becomes stressful and annoying. I will suggest that you find ways to make your mind, body, and soul relax and find the inner peace that fits you and your temperament.  I call it, Finding your Zen Zone. For me, it’s going for a long walk, dancing, taking a nap, or taking a shower. I know people whose Zen Zone is working out in the Gym. For many guys, Gaming is a Zen Zone. Misconception #3 – Spiritual People know about All types of Spiritual and New Age Practices. Spiritual People don’t know everything about every Spiritual and New Age practice! I grew up with a dad and grandmom who both are Spiritual. But I have absolutely no clue about herbs, mixtures, potions, and how to cure illness with what nature has to offer. I have an Astrology certification, but it’s been so many years since I last worked with astrology that I can’t read a birth chart immediately. I’m a bit better with Numerology, which I’m also certified in, but I still prefer to have my notes at hand before I do readings for others. I prefer to rely on my Psychic Abilities, Healing-Powers, and native Superpowers, but I use Angel Tarot Cards to get a better understanding of the information. Sometimes it’s just easier to navigate when it’s on the table. When you dive into Spiritual Practices, you will soon find out that there are so many different branches to study. You need to follow what you’re most guided to learn more about and then start there. Misconception #4 – People with Abilities Should Offer their Services for Free. I am kicking people out of my life and business who expect me to work for free just because I’m offering Spiritual Services and Products.  It’s so disrespectful and so selfish to think that another person should work for free to help you to make your life easier… powers or not… I would recommend that you learn about the Law of Giving & Receiving and Karma. Then you will know why expecting people with Abilities to help you for Free is very wrong. Misconception #5 – Clairvoyance is the Same as Talking with Dead People. This is something that really annoys me when I watch something on television about Spiritual topics. Clairvoyance means Clear VISION – That you can SEE non-physical things. Communicating with dead people is called Mediumship and has nada-zero to do with Clairvoyance.  If any, Clairvoyance would make you able to SEE the dead person’s spirit. Let’s take the 4 most common Clairs. Clairvoyance = Clear VISION – SEE the non-physical. Clairaudience = Clear HEARING – HEAR the non-physical. Clairsentience = Clear FEELING – FEEL the presence of the non-physical. Claircognisance = Clear KNOWING – LEARN information from the non-physical. There are many more Clairs, but those four are the most common.  Most people with abilities have 1 or 2 Clairs. I, however, have all of them and more to the mix. The more Clairs you have, the more difficult it becomes to exist in this world because your senses are bombarded with information 24/7/365. Mediumship is communicating with dead people. Mediums are often Clairvoyant and Clairaudient, so they can SEE and HEAR the deceased. Misconception #6 – Psychics see Ghosts. Psychics read Energy – Mediums are Talking with Dead People!  That are two very different things! When I was 16-17, I asked the Divine to increase my Frequency so I could only communicate with the Angels and Ascended Masters. I feel that I have more than enough in dealing with Living people; I don’t need to deal with the dead ones too. Since it was my choice to no longer do mediumship, I do have the choice to tap into the mediumship frequency if I want to. But in my everyday life, it’s not on my table. As a Psychic, I’m Reading Energies… from people, buildings, places, items… everything. And I’m picking up on pretty much everything – also in the category of Too Much Information – if you know what I mean 🙈🙉🙊 I SEE, HEAR, SENSE, FEEL, KNOW, SMELL, and TASTE things on an Energetic level. Sometimes it’s 1 second; other times, it is minutes. The longest period where I was picking up on information was 47 minutes. It took me about 10 days to recover from that! Since Psychics are Reading Energies, we are walking, living, breathing lie-detectors, bullshit-detectors, and we know who to trust and who to stay away from.    View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Sabrina Bøglund | Psychic Mindset Life Coach for Lightworkers (@sabrinaboglund) Psychics aren’t fortune-tellers and can’t tell you what your life would look like 10 years from now… simply because your future isn’t written in stone.  Your tomorrow is a Manifestation of your Most Dominant Thoughts, Emotions and Actions in the past and today.  So if you want Success and Happiness in the future, then you must bring your thoughts, emotions and actions in alignment with Happiness and Success. Your Life, Your Choices, Your Responsibility.   [...]
17. November 2022Reading Time: 3 minutes The Law of Attraction is still, without doubt, one of the most famous Universal Laws… and yet, people make soooooo many mistakes. The Law of Attraction states, LIKE ATTRACT LIKE!  In other words, the Law of Attraction DOES NOT give you what you want – It simply Attracts more into your life than what you already are!  You are your Energy Frequency! The Universe doesn’t care about anything else other than your Energy Frequency.  Mistake #1 – They Confuse the Law of Attraction with Manifestation. I have said it before, and you will hear me say it again: The Law of Attraction and Manifestation are NOT the same thing. Manifestation is the outcome of several components, and the Law of Attraction is one of them. I have created the Bøglund Manifestation Equation, which I’m teaching step by step in Divine Secrets to Successful Manifestations. M = DAS+EF = DE+DT. Very simply, it says that Your Most Dominant Thoughts and Most Dominant Emotion create your Energy Frequency! Your Energy Frequency is what you communicate out to the Universe. The Law of Attraction responds to your Energy Frequency by attracting more into your life that matches your Energy Frequency. In order for it to Manifest, your Most Dominant Actions must support your Manifestation. Mistake #2 – They Believe that the Law of Attraction is a Magic Wand. Somehow the Law of Attraction has got some sort of fairy tale rep. That if you just wish hard enough for something, then it would magically appear in front of you. I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but this is not how the Universe works. Not the Law of Attraction, not any other Universal Law. If you’re waiting for a Magical Fairy Godmother to bibbidibabbidiboo all your problems away and make your Desire Come True, you’re going to wait for a really, really hard time. Mistake #3 – They Never Take Action. When people put the Law of Attraction into use, it’s often because they want to Manifest something. They ASK the Universe for their Desire. They BELIEVE they can have it. … … and then they get stuck in RECEIVING it. It simply never shows up…  … they get frustrated… annoyed… some even get desperate… their patience starts running out… and eventually, they conclude that the Law of Attraction doesn’t work. Let’s bring out the Bøglund Manifestation Equation once more… M = DAS + EF = DE+DT The Law of Attraction ONLY responds to your Energy Frequency (EF) which is the sum of your Most Dominant Thoughts (DT) and your Most Dominant Emotions (DE). So in order to get your Desired Outcome, you must make sure that your Most Dominant Action Steps (DAS) support your Desired Outcome. It is your Most Dominant Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions that create your Manifestation (M). So you need to get your arse up from the couch and take guided actions toward Manifesting your Desired Outcome. Mistake #4 – They Don’t Match their Energy Frequency with their Desired Outcome. Remember, the Law of Attraction doesn’t give you what you want. It attracts more of what you already ARE into your life. YOU ARE YOUR ENERGY FREQUENCY! As you know from above, your Energy Frequency is the sum of your Most Dominant Thoughts and Emotions. So if you want to get something you don’t have right now, you must change your Most Dominant Thoughts and Emotion so they match your Desired Outcome. The shift does not happen overnight! It takes time and practice because you are changing the Most Dominant Thoughts and Emotions. Not the random thoughts and emotions that flow through you on a daily basis. Let me know in the Instagram post below which of these Mistakes you are making.     View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Sabrina Bøglund | Psychic Mindset Life Coach for Lightworkers (@sabrinaboglund) [...]
10. November 2022Reading Time: 8 minutes Are you ready for a “new” Universal Law in our series? This month, I want to introduce you to one of the most powerful Laws, if not the most Powerful, the Cosmic Law of Divine Love. So far, we have covered the following: The Universal Laws 101 The Law of Attraction The Law of Giving & Receiving The Law of Light The Law of Free Will The Law of Liberty The Law of Repulsion The Cosmic Law of Divine Love is not something you can use in your Manifestation practice or achieve something. It is the opposite of its purpose! For most people, the Cosmic Law of Divine Love is known as UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. The Cosmic Law of Divine Love is present at the Molecular Level in the Heart of Everything. Genuine Unconditional Love is becoming more and more rare because more and more people are thinking with their Ego instead of their Heart!  They think they love another person unconditionally, but really they are afraid of how their life would look without that person, so they would do anything it takes to keep that person in their life. That’s not Unconditional Love; it’s using love as a cover-up for Fear-Based actions. #1 – The Law of Divine Love is a Cosmic Law. In the Universal Law 101 article, I shared the 3 different types of Laws we are working with: Archetypical Laws Cosmic Laws Universal Laws Cosmic Laws are also known as Divine Order and, therefore, can’t be bent or broken. With Universal Laws like the Law of Attraction and the Law of Giving & Receiving you can influence the Outcome of the Law by making some changes in your Energy Frequency.  Cosmic Laws don’t respond to Energy Frequencies and can’t be influenced to give you the Outcome you Desire. If it could, it would no longer be Divine Order. To truly understand the Law of Divine Love, you should try to perceive it as THE DIVINE ORDER OF DIVINE LOVE!  #2 – The Law of Divine Love is One of the Most Powerful Laws. Take a moment and really tap into the words, THE DIVINE ORDER OF DIVINE LOVE. We are not playing in the little league field with this one! To be honest with you, I am a little bit careful with how many details I’m sharing with you about this one since it’s so powerful and holds a tremendous force, and everyone can read everything I write here in the Resource Hub. The good thing is that Everything of Divine or Cosmic can’t be used for evil and selfish reasons – but it can create unwanted Karma in yourself. As Lightworkers, we work very closely with the Law of Divine Love since it’s guiding us in our Light WORK and because all Lightworkers are using the Universal Law of Light in their work.  The Universal Law of Light states; Light will Always Defeat Darkness by Revealing Information not Previously Seen, and it’s this Force that Empowers Humans.   I always call the Universal Law of Light a Divine Flashlight because it helps you to see through the Dark. The connection between the Cosmic Law of Divine Love and the Universal Law of Light is that LIGHT always translates into Soul. In Metaphysical terms, the Soul is called THE LIGHT OF LOVE – or The Light of Divine Love. Do you see how this links together? – or are you just more confused? #3 – The Law of Divine Love Could be Called the Law of God. First, there is no such thing as the Law of God. In fact, all of the Laws could be considered the Laws of God. I’m not religious and don’t belong to any religion; however, I’m from Denmark, where the established religion is Evangelical Lutheran, influenced by the Vikings and Norse Mythology. But personally, I’m spiritual – not religious! In Metaphysical Terms, God is translated into the Source of Love, and the Holy Spirit and Angels are translated into the Force of Love. And as you know from above, the Soul is translated into the Light of Love. And Love, in this matter, is, of course, Divine Love. Keep in mind that the Cosmic Law of Divine Love is translated into THE DIVINE ORDER OF DIVINE LOVE. The Cosmic Law of Divine Love is the central player and really what holds everything together.  The Law of Divine Love is the definition of Unconditional Love because there are no expectations or hopes for a specific outcome. There is no fear, pain or anxiety to activate the Ego… there is nothing. I will go so far as to say that humanity has lost its ability to Unconditional Love at the moment. The closest we can come to Unconditional Love in our world is from our pets since they aren’t consumed by their Ego. #4 – The Law of Divine Love is Your Birth-Right. Here is what makes the Law of Divine Love interesting; Divine Love, Unconditional Love, and living in the Light are your Birth-Right… The only reason why you don’t have it in your life right now is that you are so convinced that you can’t have it. Remember, the Law of Divine Love is a Cosmic Law which means it is a Divine Order. It’s impossible to bend or break a Divine Order since they hold the entire multiverse together. Divine Love, Unconditional Love, and the Light has never been taken away from you. You have just misplaced it and chosen your Ego’s Fear-Based path instead. Trust me; you’re not the only one!  Most people had given away their Divine Power when they still were little kids because the world around them was the Outcome of other people’s Fear-Based actions. Most of the people who have been in power for the last 10,000 years have gained power by keeping others below them. Some people had even gone so far as to take other people’s lives in the name of power. The Danish Queen just celebrated her 50 years on the throne and is now the longest reigning monarch and the only Female monarch in the world, not to mention she is the monarch of one of the oldest kingdoms in the world. Her ancestors have, without doubt, done some terrible things. History books are full of stories of how kings went into battles to conquer more land and how they lost land. Part of the Queen’s celebration was a special Service in the Church, which was broadcasted live. In the pastor’s speech, he talked about Power and said, “Killing in the name of God” for blasphemy. NEVER had I expected a man of the Church to admit that “Killing in the name of God” is a poor excuse for doing something terribly wrong. I have always had a very difficult time with the idea of “Killing in the name of God”, especially considering that many religious armies throughout history have justified their killings with “in the name of God!”. If you truly believe in God, and the Bible says that we all are sons and daughters of the Almighty Father – why would a Father want His children to be Killed? What I’m trying to say is that humanity has a long, long history of greedy and power-hungry men who are willing to go very far to get what they want. Very early on, these power-hungry men discovered that they could intimidate people with fear and pain to get them under their control.  But fear, pain, suffering, punishment, control, and greed has no place in the Divine… It’s not created by the Source of Love and, therefore, not God’s creation! It’s created by the man’s Ego, which is suffering from his/hers own fear, pain, and anxiety! He/she decides to take it out on as many people as he/she can for the sole purpose of filling his/her void of unhealed internal wounds. These fears, pains, anxieties, and wounds can be passed on from generation to generation to the extent that now-living people don’t know where it comes from… it has just been programmed into their subconscious from a very young age. Since fear, pain, and anxiety can’t coexist with Divine Love, Unconditional Love, and living in the Light, you have to choose. The Law of Free Will gives you the full right to choose what direction you want to go, and so it will be.  Unfortunately, many of these choices are heavily influenced by the people around us, especially our closest family. That’s why most people become like their parents unless they, like me, find the strength to break the pattern and make their own decisions. The good news is that it’s never too late to choose a new path. You can ALWAYS choose a different direction, and you can ALWAYS choose Love over fear. Remember, the Law of Divine Love is your birthright, so you can always claim it back. However, you must be willing to work with and heal your fear, pain, and anxieties to get the Divine Love and Unconditional Love back into your life since the Light and the dark cannot coexist. If you want my help with that, please sign up for my email list, so you will be the first to know when I take new 1:1 clients. Until then, make “I CHOOSE LOVE OVER FEAR, LIGHT OVER DARKNESS, JOY OVER PAIN, AND PEACE OVER STRUGGLE!” your new Mantra.  I will create a screensaver for your phone with this Mantra and send it to you in this week’s VIP Bonus as an extra bonus to the 5 Ways to use the Law of Divine Love in Your Life – bonus. If you don’t want it as a screensaver, I will also post the Mantra on my Instagram during the next couple of days. No matter what, Use that Mantra as often as you can – because that Mantra holds the key to an abundant flow of Miracles. #5 – The Law of Divine Love Connects You with Who You Truly Are. As you can see, the Law of Divine Love is extremely powerful and essential for who we all are. You ARE Divine Love! You ARE Divine Love because the Light of Love is your Soul.  The Divine Love is inside you. It’s what keeps you alive. Your Soul is located in your Heart Chakra. Your Heart Chakra is located in the middle of your chest. Right, where a woman’s cleavage begins. It’s located in the same place on a man’s body too, or any other gender. I just use the cleavage reference since everybody knows where on their body the cleavage would be, boobs or not. Try to put your hands right where the “cleavage” on your body starts. Close your eyes and take some deep breaths. Really connect with your Heart Chakra. You will soon notice a warm sensation of Love spreading all over your body. You feel safe, protected, loved and watched over. When you feel this sensation, you are in contact with your Soul, your Higher Self, and the Light of Love. It’s through your Heart Chakra that you can Communicate with the Universe and receive Divine Guidance.  Follow your Heart – Listen to your head – and NEVER-EVER be naive. When you connect with the Law of Divine Love and with the Light of Love inside you, you must be aware that it will automatically change and increase your Energy Frequency. The world around you will respond to this change in many different ways, and you will attract and repulse things and people in your life.  The thing you, in particular, have to be aware of is what kind of people are showing up in your life. Lightworkers are known for being a magnet for Toxic People and Energy Vampires! Your Mental Health and Well-Being can not afford to be naive and people-please people. Part of your Life Purpose is to learn to protect yourself from the Darkness and keep yourself in the Light. You can’t do that if you have people in your life who keeps bringing Drama, Negativity, Fear, Pain, Anxiety, and Bullshit into your Life. You can’t be in the Light and feel the presence of Divine Love if you’ve people in your life sucking you dry for Energy, Joy, Happiness, and Excitement. Again, you have to choose… Love or fear? Light or darkness? Joy or pain? Peace or struggle? The choice is yours and yours alone! What you allow in your life will continue, so it’s all up to you! I want to know about your experience with the Connecting with your Soul exercise… Tell me how it went for you in the comments here 👇🏻👇🏻 Also, don’t forget to sign up for my email list! I’m sending out this week’s FREE BONUS with 5 Ways on How to Use the Law of Divine Love in Your Life at 7 PM GMT+1 (CET)    View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Sabrina Bøglund | Psychic Manifestation Expert for Lightworkers (@sabrinaboglund) [...]
3. November 2022Reading Time: 4 minutes We have all heard about Karma, and we all know that Karma can be a real bitch… but only if you were one first.  It’s time to jump into one of the ways in which the Universe keeps everything in order:  Karma! But first, I want to share a public announcement: I have put myself on a writing challenge because my articles are a bit too long. So, from now on, the challenge is to keep the articles to about 600 words and the Universal Laws to about 1000 words. Then I will go more in-depth with the article’s topic in the weekly FREE VIP Bonus I’m sending to my email list. How You Get Karma. There are different types of Karma. Most of them are interwoven in your Soul Contract, so by fulfilling your Life Purposes and Life Missions you will solve your Karma. You can get Karma in two ways;  by harming others and prioritising your selfish needs above the people around you… or…  by the Judgement Angels after you finish this lifetime. There is Karma that can be solved somewhat easily in a single lifetime, but there is also Karma which takes many lifetimes to solve. When you experience Karmic Blocks, or if the same thing happens over and over, just dressed as different people and different situations, then you’re experiencing Karma that’s added by the Judgement Angels. Karmic Debt. Karmic Debt is created when there is an unbalance between you and someone else. This is one of the reasons why it’s so important to be aware of the Law of Giving & Receiving! The Law of Giving & Receiving can instantly balance out your Karmic Debt so it doesn’t grow and grow.  Think of Karmic Debt as Money Debt. If you don’t pay your Debt off, you will eventually get into really big financial problems, which will lead you into a very toxic path. Some of the worst Karmic Lessons and Karmic Relationships, I have seen, started as Karmic Debt many lifetimes ago. The person just kept ignoring the Debt or refused to pay it. Eventually, the Judgement Angels stepped in and changed it to a Karmic Lesson and wrote it into the person’s Soul Contract. It will continue to be a Karmic Block until the person has solved their mess. Karmic Lessons. Karmic Lessons are ALWAYS added into your Soul Contract by the Judgement Angels. Sometimes Karmic Lessons are given because the Judgement Angels are trying to save the person from going to Hell. Other times Karmic Lessons are given because it’s the best way for the person to learn and fix their mess from previous lifetimes. Karmic Lessons are the results of things you did in previous lifetimes which you haven’t atoned for, e.g. Karmic Debt or Karmic Relationships. When something is Karmic, it’s ALWAYS because you did something that you harmed or created unbalance in the Universe. Karmic Relationships. Karmic Relationships are a pain in the arse…  Karmic Relationships are often Manifested into Soulmate Relationships in your Reincarnations. But not all Soulmate Relationships are Karmic Relationships. You create Karmic Relationships with people you have unfinished business with on the day you or the other person dies. Karmic Relationships are always unfinished personal business between you and the other person. For instance, the abuser and the victim will continue to meet incarnation after incarnation until whatever issues between them are solved. What often happens is that the victim somehow becomes a teacher for their abuser in future lifetimes. Sometimes the abuser and the victim reincarnate as parent and child; sometimes, it’s husband and wife, and sometimes, it’s work associates. Their path can cross in infinite ways. Thankfully, there are ways to undo Karmic Relationships and break free from the other person! It’s not easy, but it can be done. Missed Life Lessons & Life Mission. The difference between Life Lessons and Life Mission is; Life Lessons are something you need to learn; it’s your personal and spiritual growth and development and part of your Personal Life Purpose. Life Mission is what I call Light WORK; it’s the change you are sent on Earth to make. It’s what you can contribute to making the world a better place. We all have Life Lessons and a Life Mission. It’s our Life Purpose and firmly written into our Soul Contract. The thing with Life Lessons and Life Missions is that if you don’t fulfil them in this lifetime, they will stay in your Soul Contract to your next incarnation. Just like with Karmic Lessons, Karmic Debt, and Karmic Relationships, Life Lessons and Life Missions will follow you through your reincarnations until you have fulfilled them. The difference is your Soul has agreed to take on the Life Lessons and Life Mission, where anything Karmic is either added by the Judgement Angels or due to the unbalance you have created with your actions. If some Life Lessons or a Life Mission has followed you through many incarnations and you still haven’t fulfilled them, then they can turn into something that seems like Karmic. It isn’t, but it feels like it. The longer it takes you to solve Karmic issues, the more difficult it becomes to solve them because you start to forget.  I have had a client who had a Karmic Lesson that dates back to 5000 BC. There is no way that client is capable of remembering what happened in their incarnation 7000 years ago.  She had had many reincarnations in the meantime. The Karmic Lesson kept showing up, incarnation after incarnation… creating the same mess over and over… no matter what she did, she couldn’t move past those blocks.  Then I took a look at it, tapped in and read her Soul Contract and her Soul Book, and found the cause of the problem. I then helped and guided her on how to solve that 7000-year-old issue and the Karmic Blocks disappeared from her life within a few days. What I’m trying to say is the faster you can solve your Karmic Mess, the easier it is to remove the consequences from your life. It’s one of the reasons why I’m publishing a “new” Universal Law every month. If you follow the Universal Laws and use them in your life, you can avoid A LOT of unwanted Karma, and it can help you solve the Karma that already is showing up in your life. I want to hear from you; how do you deal with Karma? Let me know in the Instagram post below. 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27. October 2022Reading Time: 4 minutes No matter what you want to achieve in life, it’s a matter of Mindset. Not everybody else’s Mindsets! YOUR MINDSET! No matter what’s going on in the World, you have billions of Universal Laws that are helping you all the time to create the life YOU desire. But the Universal Laws can only work with the `Material´ which you give them! I talk a lot about Manifestations and that your Energy Frequency needs to be in alignment with your Desired Outcome. In this article, I want to challenge your self-perception, so you might see why you DON’T get your Desired Outcome. It’s more likely it is YOU who unconsciously are blocking your Manifestation – not the Universe, other people, or the world… It’s all on your cape. Event + Response = Outcome! I first came across EVENT + RESPONSE = OUTCOME when I dived into Jack Canfield’s work. Basically, this equation shows how your RESPONSE to something that happens in your life creates the OUTCOME you experience. Jack Canfield calls it The Success Formula. To me, this equation shows how you either Win or Lose in whatever situation you’re in! Let’s take a current global situation like Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Not only has the invasion caused a war between Russia and Ukraine, but millions of people have lost their homes, their lives, and their safety. It has also resulted in sky-high inflation all over the world, and it gets difficult to get heat and electricity because no one wants Russian gas anymore. Worldwide, people are rethinking their finances and trying to make ends meet because the prices on, well, pretty much everything, keeps going up. This EVENT is something that affects all of us. So how can we get successfully out of it? – without having our wallets and bank accounts bleed. It all comes down to how we choose to approach the situation. You Have 100% Responsibility! Most people don’t like being told they have 100% Responsibility. It’s always someone else’s fault, or the state, or the government, or the media, or, or, or… Let’s be clear… It’s not your Responsibility that Putin is a sociopathic, narcissistic monster that believes that he has the right to make it rain with bombs over the heads of innocent Ukrainian people. It’s not your Responsibility that inflation and prices increase with the speed of Light.  It’s also not your Responsibility that your country has problems importing goods. And it’s not your Responsibility that the gas supply is lacking. HOWEVER!!! The way you choose to deal with all these problems is your 100% Responsibility. Do you pull the Victim card and start complaining about how hard and difficult everything is and how much you suffer in all this? OR… Do you put on your big girl/boy pants and make a real effort to find a solution to this mess? It’s All About the Decisions YOU Make. Your life is one big outcome of your Actions and Reactions. Taking 100% Responsibility and committing to finding a solution to fix an unwanted situation is what makes someone a Winner. Winners take ACTIONS to get their Desired Outcome. When a Global crisis happens, like the one we are in right now, Winners make an audit of their plan, make the necessary adjustments and change some things to make their Action Plan realistic again, and then they move forward again.  Winners don’t let outside sources get the power over them, their lives and their success.  No Decision is ALSO a Decision. Throughout my entire childhood and teenage years, I would hear my dad say: “If you do as you always have done, you will get the same results as you always have gotten. If you want different results, you must do something different from what you’re doing now.” When I’m sharing my story about growing up as an abused child and my relationship with my mother, people always ask me how I could be so strong to leave her. I don’t really see it as being strong; I see it more as I didn’t really have any other choice. If I wanted to survive, I needed to get the hell away from my mother as fast as possible. I have always refused to play the Victim Card, and I don’t have patience with people who are pulling the Victim Card in front of me. It’s impossible to help someone who doesn’t want to be helped! People who feel they are victims of life have 117 reasons why they can’t do what’s necessary to get their life back on track. They are so comfortable in the victim role than Claiming their own Power and taking Responsibility for their Life scares the bejesus out of them. It’s so much easier to blame everybody else for their misery. That Mindset is guaranteed to Manifest more reasons for them to be victims and have something to complain about. When you don’t make a decision or keep procrastinating, it’s because you are afraid of the consequences of making the decision. While you might not like your current situation, you feel more comfortable staying where you are than making the necessary changes so you can achieve your goals. That’s the difference between Winners and Losers. Winners respond to events/situations by making the necessary changes or coming up with a new plan to get the outcome they desire. Losers respond to events/situations by either complaining, blaming, or avoiding making the necessary changes, and therefore their outcome would be more of what they are already experiencing in their lives. It’s really a question of who has the power in your life; You? … or… Other people? Make sure to join my Email List before 7 PM GMT+2 tonight if you want today’s Free Bonus 5 🕸Super Scary 🕸 Hacks to Transform Yourself from a Loser to a Winner 🧙🏼‍♂️  If you found this article helpful, please share it on your Social Media. 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20. October 2022Reading Time: 7 minutes It’s time for the 7th Law in our Universal Laws Library here in the Resource Hub – The Universal Law of Repulsion! So far, we have covered the following: The Universal Laws 101 The Law of Attraction The Law of Giving & Receiving The Law of Light The Law of Free Will The Law of Liberty The Universal Law of Repulsion is the yin to the Universal Law of Attraction’s yang. The Law of Attraction says, “Like Attracts Like!” – In other words, you ATTRACT more into your Life that is in alignment with Your Most Dominant Thoughts and Emotions. The Law of Repulsion says, “The point of attraction is now space itself – this results in disintegration!” – In other words, you REPULSE more out of your Life that is NOT in alignment with Your Most Dominant Thoughts, Emotions and Actions. What does this mean, you ask?  Well, the Law of Attraction pulls things, people, events, situations, experiences, etc., into your life that are in alignment with your Most Dominant Thoughts and Emotions. BUT!!! – It CAN NOT Manifest until YOUR Most Dominant Action Steps supports the outcome of the Manifestation. The Law of Repulsion will either push the Manifestation away if you’re too insecure or afraid of taking the necessary actions to make it Manifest. Your insecurity and anxiety activate the Law of Repulsion! However, the way the Law of Repulsion works most of the time is by pulling you away from things, people, events, situations, experiences, etc., that are not in alignment with your Most Dominant Thoughts and Emotions! The thing with the Universe is it’s very black and white, non-judgemental, and so literal; it can be very confusing because we are used to everything being complicated and challenging. The Universe is not challenging, and the Universal Laws aren’t confusing either.  To Sum Up: You ATTRACT what is Matching Your Most Dominant Thoughts and Emotions. And… You REPULSE what is NOT Matching Your Most Dominant Thoughts and Emotions. Then there is, of course, a lot of stuff in between which you exist, but it doesn’t really concern you because it has nothing to do with you. #1 – The Law of Repulsion Keeps the Law of Attraction in Balance. As above, so below. As below, so above! I’m sure you’re familiar with this popular phrase from the Kybalion. The Universe is all about balance. As we move forward with the Universal Laws here in the Resource Hub, you will notice how many of the Universal Laws are balancing each other out. The Law of Repulsion and the Law of Attraction are prime examples of how the Universe ensures everything is in balance. Another way of thinking about the relationship between the Law of Repulsion and the Law of Attraction is by thinking of it like a Magnet. #2 – The Law of Repulsion is Designed to Protect us From What We Don’t Want. The Law of Repulsion can be a real pain in the butt if you’re trying to Manifest something you truly want but have insecurities, fears, anxieties or pain related to your Manifestation. The Law of Repulsion keeps it away from you because the Universe doesn’t want to give you something that will cause you more fear, pain and anxiety.  It can be a little upside-down because it’s so easy to Manifest our deepest and darkest pain, fears, and anxieties into reality. Why? Because when something is our deepest and darkest pain, fear or anxiety, it’s something that takes up a lot of space in our Thoughts and Emotions. Your pain, fear, and anxiety can easily become your Most Dominant Thoughts and Emotions, right? It’s our Most Dominant Thoughts and Emotions that create our Energy Frequency, which is how we Communicate with the Universe. The Universe can ONLY give you more of what you already are – and you are your Energy Frequency. The more you think and obsess about something, the more you tell the Universe that you want more of what you’re obsessing about.  This only happens because your Ego’s Fear-Based Mind has taken control of your Thoughts and Emotions! When the Universal Laws were created, everyone and everything lived in peace and harmony and listened to their Higher Self and the Divine. They choose Love over fear.  The Law of Repulsion pulled them away from all the Negativity of the World. But because everyone has Free Will some people started to listen to their Ego’s Fear-Based Mind and were using Fear, Pain and Suffering to scare others to follow their Dark and Negative path in life. Somehow Negativity and Darkness have taken over the world – because bad people used/using Fear, Pain and Suffering to Manipulate people. To get the Law of Repulsion to work for you the way it was created – to protect you from the bad – you need to work so much with your Thoughts and Emotions, so you no longer let your Ego’s Fear-Based Mind influence you!  Everybody has an Ego because the Ego is playing an important part in our survival. Without an Ego, we wouldn’t be able to survive because we stave to death, forget to drink water, try to pet a bear or run out in front of a car. When you have your Ego in check and are no longer driven by fear, you will experience that the Law of Repulsion will pull you away from people, things, situations, etc., which are bad for you. Example from real life: I have an Anxiety Disorder, and I’m in medical treatment. But because I’m working with my Anxiety Disorder and have a “The Anxiety shall not control me, I shall control my Anxiety!”-mindset, I literally feel pulled away from what triggers my Anxieties. I am repulsed by people, situations, and circumstances that might hurt me. Some people say they feel like they have a hand over them protecting them from bad things… that “hand” is the Law of Repulsion. I’m witnessing a lot of bad things, and even when I’m guided to help, I make sure to keep a distance so I don’t get sucked into the sphere of Fear and Suffering. The Law of Repulsion tells me, “This is as close you can go – no further!” #3 – The Law of Repulsion is One of the Few Universal Laws You Physically Can Feel. Have you ever crossed paths with someone and the second you saw them, you knew that you should stay far away because it’s a bad person? Without even knowing them, and with no judgement… you just know? Or have you ever visited a place where you suddenly felt something pull you away from entering something without any visual reason? The Law of Repulsion pulls you away from that person or place to protect you from getting hurt! We are repulsed by people who are on an opposite Energy Frequency as we are!  In my personal life, I have experienced that people get repulsed by me because my Energy Frequency is too strong for them to be around. It has nothing to do with me as a person; it’s simply because my Energy Frequency is so strong and powerful that it becomes TOO MUCH for many people.  Someone once told me that when they are around me, it feels like they’re getting suffocated by Love and Light. They told me that I hadn’t done anything wrong. It was my Energy, and only my Energy, that was way too intense for them.  Another person told me that my Energy is so bright and strong that they feel blinded around me. Like if they’re staring into the sun. So they close their eyes to prevent getting blinded, and therefore can’t see me. It’s not fun to let people go because they feel suffocated by our Energy Frequency, but it’s okay! We are NOT supposed to lower our Energy Frequency; quite the opposite. Every person’s Life Mission is to purify their Soul so they can Ascend! – and that can only happen if their Energy Frequency keeps getting higher and higher.  People with a very High Energy Frequency are just in a different phase of their Spiritual Evolution than people with a Lower Energy Frequency. The best way we can help them is to respect them when it gets too intense for them and let them step away to breathe. They WILL come back when they’re ready. The time is just not right. This is just an example of how you physically can feel the Law of Repulsion in action. The Law of Repulsion also shows up when you’re repulsed by food, beverages, places, activities, etc. Everything you file under “It’s not really my thing!” without further reason, it just isn’t… – then you know the Law of Repulsion is in play.  NB: Keep in mind, if “It’s not really my thing!” is caused by phobias, fears, anxieties, etc., then it is NOT the Law of Repulsion. #4 – You Can’t Manipulate the Law of Repulsion. Just like you can’t Manipulate the Law of Attraction, you can’t Manipulate the Law of Repulsion! It’s simply because both Laws ONLY respond to your Energy Frequency. You can change your Energy Frequency by changing Your Most Dominant Thoughts and Emotions, but you can’t Manipulate them.  Why? Because Manipulation is something that happens right here, right now, to get something you want. Changing Your Most Dominant Thoughts and Emotions does not happen overnight. It takes at LEAST 40 days, but sometimes it can take years. It all depends on where you are and where you want to go. If we choose to Manipulate, it’s mostly because we try to make shortcuts to get what we want faster… often driven by our Ego. It is possible to get Instant Manifestations, but that is more advanced and completely opposite of Manipulations and Short-cuts. It’s so important to keep in mind that you don’t ATTRACT what you want. YOU ATTRACT MORE OF WHAT YOU ALREADY ARE! Since The Law of Repulsion is reversed the Law of Attraction – you don’t REPULSE what you don’t want. YOU REPULSE MORE OF WHAT YOU DON’T ARE! And you are your Energy Frequency. The funny thing is, I don’t think that Manipulative People have the patience to wait for their Energy Frequency to shift into alignment with their Desired Outcome. It requires that they work dedicated to their Mindset and Emotions and continue the healing work when it hurts the most. Manipulative people want results now, hence why they feel the need to Manipulate.  So, the only way to get the Law of Repulsion to work in favour of getting your Desired Outcome, you would need to bring your Energy Frequency in alignment with your Desired Outcome. When you do that, the Law of Attraction will ATTRACT people, things, events, situations, etc., into your life that can help you get closer to Manifest Desired Outcome. Meanwhile, will the Law of Repulsion REPULSE people, things, events, situations, etc., out of your life to leave room for your Desired Outcome to Manifest.  The Law of Repulsion also prevents anything from being Manifested in your Life that doesn’t Match your Energy Frequency. If you change your Energy Frequency, then the Law of Repulsion may release previous blocks, so your Desired Outcome can finally Manifest. 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13. October 2022Reading Time: 7 minutes The Universal Law of Attraction… This famous Universal Laws has been associated with Manifestation for over a decade now after it was made popular by The Secret. The biggest mistake Newbies make is believing that the Universal Law of Attraction is 1:1 with Manifestation. Let’s just make it very clear right now before we get started with the tips.  The Law of Attraction is NOT the same as Manifestation! The Law of Attraction is just one of Many Thousands of Universal Laws that work together to make your Manifestation happen. When you start your Manifestation journey, you will soon experience that your Manifestations may take longer to happen than you expected. You’ll get impatient and maybe even start doubting if it works. Instant Manifestation takes years to learn, and even then, it’s not something you can take for granted. So, I will give you some tips on how to Speed your Manifestation Up by using the Law of Attraction, but please don’t expect Instant Manifestations. Tip #1 – Don’t Rely Your Entire Manifestation on the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction states Like attracts Like!  Nothing more, nothing less. Think about it like a boomerang.  You ATTRACT what you’re sending out! In other words, the Universe doesn’t give you what you want. It simply gives you more of what you already are! – and in the eyes of the Universe, the Divine, the Angels, the Source (red. God), You are your ENERGY FREQUENCY! Just as you need to open Netflix to stream Lucifer (I loooove that show!) – you also need to “turn on” your Energy Frequency so you can “stream” your Desired Outcome. Your Energy Frequency is working with the Law of Attraction, day in and day out, without a break. So everything around you, and everything that ever had happened to you or for you, are something you ATTRACTED into your life through the Law of Attraction.  The Law of Attraction is simply just ATTRACTING people, things, situations, events, opportunities, challenges, and so forth into your life. What you do with the people, things, situations, events, opportunities, challenges, etc., is completely up to you. – which is why you’re 100% responsible for whether you have a Successful Manifestation or not. HOWEVER, the Law of Attraction can ONLY Attract what into your life which matches your Energy Frequency.  This is why it’s very difficult to Manifest a Joyful and Happy Marriage if you’re suffering from a Depression. Or Manifesting becoming a Millionaire if you get uncomfortable about checking your Bank Account. In those cases, your Energy Frequency is led by Depression and Anxiety. – And I hope we both can agree upon that Depression and Anxiety are the complete opposite of Joyful, Happy, Freedom and Peace of Mind, right? So don’t rely on the Universal Law of Attraction alone! – You need to get some more players on the field! Tip #2 – Learn About Other Universal Laws too! There are thousands of billions of Universal Laws, so it’s impossible to know all of them. I have created a section here in the Resource Hub where I’m sharing a “new” Universal Law each month to help you get started. If we just take the Law of Attraction: The Law of Attraction is one out of 8 Sub Laws of the Law of Magnetism. These 9 Universal Laws look very much alike but operate on different parameters. Yet, one can’t exist without the others. If you rely your entire Manifestation on one Law and forget the other Laws’ influence, it’s very easy to block the Desired Outcome. I will recommend you to Dive into the Universal Laws that are already published in the Resource Hub and then sign up for my email list, so you can receive a “How to Use the Law of ” guide when I’m publishing a new Law. Tip #3 – Bring Your Energy Frequency in Alignment with Your Desired Outcome. As mentioned, your Energy Frequency communicates with the Universe, not your words! Your Energy Frequency is the Sum of your Most Dominant Thoughts and Emotions. The Law of Attraction only listens to your Energy Frequency, and your Energy Frequency only!  If you want to Master the art of Instant Manifestation, then you must Master the art of bringing Your Energy Frequency in Alignment with Your Desired Outcome! It takes years to master Instant Manifestations; even then, it can be difficult. Because what is our Desired Outcome’s Energy Frequency? – and how is it possible to match our own Energy Frequency with something we don’t know? Over time, you’ll learn the Energy Frequencies of different things, but a great starting point is keeping your Energy Frequency as High Vibe as possible. Focus on creating sincere Happiness, Joy, Excitement, Freedom, and Peace WITHOUT a physical source. It has to come from within, not from what you have. Remember, in order to become a Magnet for Amazing things in your life, and have the Law of Attraction bring you Wonders, Your Most Dominant Thoughts and Emotions must reflect Happiness, Joy, Excitement, Freedom, and Peace naturally! – You must know how to bring yourself back in High Vibe energy on bad days or adversity. I’m showing you how in Divine Secrets of Successful Manifestations! Tip #4 – Stop Waiting for a Miracle… The Magic Wand is YOU! There is one place where so many people eff up when using the Law of Attraction for Manifestation, and that’s waiting for a Miracle to Happen! Remember, the Law of Attraction ATTRACTS what’s in alignment with your Energy Frequency. But it’s up to you to ACT on it and bring it into Manifestation.  When opportunities appear in your life, you need to make a move! There is no such thing as a Magical Fairy Godmother who swings her Magic Wand and bibbidibabbidiboo all your Dreams and Desires come true. If you want to Speed Up your Manifestations, you must get up from your couch and take guided actions! All your Affirmations and Visualisations won’t help if you block the Manifestation by not taking actions that will Support your Desired Outcome. Tip #5 – Take Responsibility for Your Current Situation. There can be many reasons why you’re in your current situation. Some may be the consequences of previous actions (or lack of it), and some may be caused by external situations like financial crises, wars, the climate, or someone’s decision-making that, in some shape or form, have an impact on your life. No matter what, you still need to own up to your responsibility in the situation! In Manifestation, there is no room for playing the Victim-card, no matter how much you can justify it! Seeing yourself as a victim will lower your Energy Frequency by 100%.  Think about it… have you ever seen any victim be Successful in anything positive or good?  You need to take Responsibility for your current situation for several reasons.  The one that should be your primary motivation is if you play the Victim-card and complain about how hard everything is and always talk about why things aren’t going your way, your Energy Frequency will tell the Universe that you want more reasons to feel like a Victim and have something to complain about. That will activate the Law of Attraction to attract more situations and people into your life that will keep you in that mindset… and since you already are so caught up in the pain and frustration, you’ll automatically take actions that make more of these Manifest. So to change this from happening, you must practise Shifting your Perception from fear, pain, and anxiety to Love, Forgiveness and Go-Getter… the good kind of Go-Getter, of course, where we don’t hurt anyone on our way to Success. The first step is taking Responsibility by learning and growing from your current situation and what gets you there.  The second step is taking Responsibility by taking on your Big Girl/Boy pants and going out and fixing the situation. If you don’t like your current situation, what can you do right now to change it? – then do it. Listen, you may not be Responsible for what happens to you, but you’re 100% Responsible for 1) how you react to the situation and 2) what you’re doing with your life afterwards! Tip #6 – Have Faith and Be Patience! As I said in the introduction, DO NOT expect Instant Manifestations! You need to slow down and let the Universe do her Magic. Putting a Deadline on Manifestations isn’t healthy for your Mental Health, and it turns into some unhealthy habits like Controlling, Manipulation, and Forcing, which will block your Manifestation instantly. In order for the Law of Attraction to ATTRACT your Desired Outcome, you must wait until your Energy Frequency matches your Desired Outcome. Depending on where you are in life, it can take somewhere from a minute to years.  There are two major components right here… The Universe, the Divine, the Angels, and the Source (red. God) activate the people, situations, events, etc., that are needed in order for your Desired Outcome to show up in your life.  And two, Your Personal Journey from where you are right now and to get to a place where you’re ready to receive your Desired Outcome. The last one is where your Ego needs to take a humble pie because, if you already were ready to receive your Desired Outcome, you’ll already have it. So the fact that you don’t have it means that you aren’t there yet.  As soon as you accept that, you can surrender it and instead use your Time and Energy to get to a place where you can receive it.  I’m not necessarily talking about taking more education.  I’m talking about your Personal Growth… Your Personal Development… When you devote your time to growing as a Person and a Soul, prioritising your Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Health, you’ll soon see how things move quicker. Most Manifestations are about having Faith that Everything will eventually work out for the Highest Good for Everyone involved. If you can do that and make sure Your Most Dominant Thoughts, Emotions and Actions are supporting your Desired Outcome, you’ll soon see your Manifestation Come True. If you want my help to Manifest your Desired Outcome and get access to all my tools for Manifestation, then check out Divine Secrets to Successful Manifestations.  … and remember to check the articles about all the Universal Laws in the Resource Hub and sign up for my email list to get my 5 Ways to Use – guide when I publish a “new” Law. The only way to get those guides is by being on the Email List. They are a part of the FREE VIP Bonus I give my subscribers every week. If you want Daily Tips and Inspiration on Manifestation and Personal & Spiritual Development, you can find me on Instagram @sabrinaboglund   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Sabrina Bøglund | Psychic Manifestation Expert for Lightworkers (@sabrinaboglund) [...]
6. October 2022Reading Time: 5 minutes “How can I Manifest my Dream Job?” – This is a question I get a lot of in my DMs on Instagram. In my opinion, it’s important to listen to your Dreams, Passions and Desires. The things that make your eyes light up like a Christmas tree or make you so excited that you can’t wait to get out of bed in the mornings. Unfortunately, the world has been wired in a very low-vibe way, where people more than often aren’t excited about their job but do it because they need the money. This is an unhealthy approach to life… AND your financial situation… EVERY TIME you do something because of the money – you are listening to your Fear-Based mind and coming from Lack-Mentality…  It doesn’t matter about how rich you are and how much money that’s in your bank account… if you do something because of the money, you are coming from your Fear-Based Mind and not your Higher Self. Listen, it’s NOT the money that’s a problem. Money is a neutral exchange-energy that is created to ensure the balance between the Giver and Receiver. It’s people’s behaviour and attitude toward money that’s totally whacked! If you want to Manifest your Dream Job, you should Focus more on your Passion and what you Truly Enjoy doing and then have faith that the Financial matter will work out along the way. Manifesting a Job and Manifesting Money are two independent Manifestations. To show you how to Manifest your Dream Job, I will use the Bøglund Manifestation Equation and give you some ideas of what you can do.  M = DAS+EF = DE+DT But remember: Each Manifestation is different, and each person is different, so what works for me won’t necessarily work for you, and vice versa. That’s why it’s important to learn how to use the Bøglund Manifestation Equation, so it fits you and your needs. DT: Most Dominant Thoughts: Problem Solver, Childhood Dreams, Brainstorming. The two most common ways to Manifest a Dream Job are finding a Job that fulfils your Life Purpose or following your Childhood Dreams. You know, when someone asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up. While you may not become an astronaut or a princess, they still hold important clues. For Lightworkers, our Dream Job is often a combination between our Childhood Dreams and Life Purpose.  Like I have always known that I was supposed to be a Spiritual Teacher and Guide for people all over the world. Some artists have known since they were little that they should use their art or music to make a difference or bring awareness to important causes. There are also important clues in being aware of what triggers your inner Problem Solver or what you can spend hours brainstorming new ways.  DE: Most Dominant Emotions: Passion, Excitement, Drive, Joyful. The Universe, the Divine, the Source (red. God), and the Angels don’t speak English, or any other language for that matter. It speaks of Energy! And the best way to translate Energy into human language is through Emotions.  We can manipulate Thoughts and Actions, but Emotions are always the real deal. We can suppress them, ignore them, and pretend that we’re fine when we are not. But deep down, we always know the truth because our Emotions will come through the second turn our minds chatter off. Sometimes Emotions use our thoughts to communicate with us, which is reflected in our Self-Talk. This is why many people don’t like to be alone with their own thoughts or use alcohol, drugs or social media to numb their thoughts and emotions so they don’t have to deal with them. Which always ends with a Mental Break-Down, Stress, and Depression. So to Manifest your Dream Job, look into what makes you Passionate, Excited, Fuels your Inner Drive, and Makes you Truly Happy. If Money wasn’t an Issue… What would that Job be? EF: Energy Frequency: Align Your Energy with Your Dream Job’s Energy Frequency. Your Most Dominant Thoughts and Emotions = your Energy Frequency! Your Energy Frequency is what you’re broadcasting out to the Universe, the Divine, the Angels, the Source (red. God), etc. Remember, the Non-physical world speaks Energy, not human language. By focusing on the things you’re most Passionate about, and your Ideas on how to make a Difference or help other people to solve a problem, help the animals or nature, you will begin to bring your Energy Frequency in Alignment with your Dream Job. Keep in mind that your Energy Frequency is created by Your MOST DOMINANT Thoughts and Emotions! Not the random thoughts and emotions that run through you throughout the day. You must be patient with yourself while you change your Most Dominant Thoughts and Emotions to be in alignment with your Dream Job. It does take a while before the new neurological pathways are established. Meanwhile, you should spend your time working on your Self-Talk and gaining confidence that you have what it takes to do your Dream Job. DAS: Most Dominant Action Step: Helping, Charity, Studying//Researching. Your Energy Frequency will attract different opportunities for you to Manifest your Dream Job, but You are the ONE who needs to act on it! This means that while the Universe will offer you different opportunities to get your Dream Job, activate specific people who can help you get your Dream Job, and in other ways bring options into your life, it’s up to you to act on it. You need to update your resume. You need to apply for the job. You need to go to the interview and be prepared. You also need to be looking for ways to get your Dream Job. The Universe can’t send you an email with the time and place for your Job Interview. Other action steps are: Studying Researching Attend Relevant Events Research out to Relevant Communities. Etc. The Universe, the Divine, the Angels, the Source (red. God) OFTEN works through other people. M: Manifestation: Don’t Get in Your Own Way. Manifestation in itself is very neutral. Everything around you and in your life is Manifested because of your Most Dominant Thoughts, Emotions and Actions. The Universe, the Divine, the Angels, and the Source (red. God) don’t have any other choice than give you what matches your Most Dominant Thoughts, Emotions and Actions! More than often, people tend to get in their own way right before their Desired Outcome is about to Manifest and thereby unintentionally block the Manifestation. Another common block is when people unintentionally sabotage their Manifestation because they deep down don’t feel deserving or worthy of their Desired Outcome. So when the opportunity to get your Dream Job shows up, you don’t act on it because you don’t think you’re good enough or that you can do it. Eventually, the opportunity will then be offered to someone else. The third common block is if you have mapped the entire Manifestation out and you’re expecting the Universe to follow your playbook. Control, Manipulation and Force will block the Manifestation instantly. The Manifestation part is very simple the result of your Most Dominant Thought, Emotions and Actions!  But it’s also taking responsibility for your part in creating your current situation and how you react to setbacks. Sure, there are things in this world that are outside our responsibility, like the Worldly consequences of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the world economy, climate changes, etc. It’s also not your fault if your workplace needs to make a mass firing because of an economic crisis… However, it is your responsibility how you choose to react to it and what actions you take to solve the issue. Do you complain and blame others for what happened to you, or do you take charge of the situation and start looking for ways to fix it? The answer to that question does also affect your Manifestation. Are you playing the Victim Card or the Winner//Success-Card? The choice is entirely up to you! If you want my help to Manifest your Dream Job, please check out Divine Secrets to Successful Manifestations or sign up for my Client-Waitlist! If you found this article helpful, please share it on your Social Media, and tag me @sabrinaboglund    View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Sabrina Bøglund | Psychic Manifestation Expert for Lightworkers (@sabrinaboglund) [...]
29. September 2022Reading Time: 8 minutes Unfortunately, it’s very common for Lightworkers to end up in Unhealthy Relationships. For some reason, we are like Magnets for Toxic People. By knowing this… and admitting it, we can change it. The key is to be aware and honest with yourself. Getting out of a Relationship with a Toxic person can be very difficult because they often have you in an Invisible Prison and use your Fears, Pain, and Anxieties against you to control you. You may not be afraid of them, but you’re afraid of what would happen to you and everything you care about if you leave them. My mother is a Narcissist with Psychopathic Traits. She verbally and physically abused me for the first 15 years of my life. I got out when I was 15, and the only times I have seen her since then was in court. Since my nephew was born, I have tried to be courteous with her, but it usually doesn’t take her more than 5 minutes before she starts her verbal abuse. I have learned to set boundaries and walk away when she crosses my boundaries. Unless it has anything to do with the exchange of important Information, I don’t want to have anything to do with her. I got PTSD, an anxiety disorder, self-harm, and am prone to depression… all due to my mother being a very Toxic Person. What I’m trying to say is that I have both knowledge and experience in dealing with Toxic People and having Unhealthy Relationships… trust me… my mother is not the only Toxic Person or Unhealthy Relationship I have had to deal with. As I said in the beginning, as Lightworkers, we are Magnet for Toxic People. #1 – Your Self-Esteem Decreases Every Day. A Relationship is usually Unhealthy because there is a lot of trash-talking and rude behaviour going back and forth.  You need to remember it takes two to tango! So you are just as much a part of the issue as the other person. You can always leave, even though it doesn’t feel like it. One of the components Toxic People are using to prevent you from leaving them is by talking down to you, belittling you, and making you believe that you can’t live without them. The more you hear the same things, the more you start to believe them to be true. The more a Person calls you bad things, criticising you, belittling you, etc., the more they will get into your head. The more a Person is in your head, the more influence they have over your Self-Esteem. In other words, they can mess around with your subconsciousness and neurological patterns regarding how you feel about yourself. “I AM” is the most powerful word in the Universe because when you start a sentence with “I AM”, you’re speaking on behalf of the Source of Love (red. God).  So if someone manages to get in your head, and make you believe that you’re stupid and no one likes you, then you’ll begin to affirm to yourself, “I AM stupid, and no one likes me!”. The more you say it, the stronger neurological pattern will form in your subconsciousness and will eventually manifest itself. Let’s do a quick exercise: Try to take a moment and listen to all the Negative Self-Talk that’s going on in your head.  Try to pay attention to how you speak about yourself and how you feel about yourself.  Write everything down. Now, for each sentence, write who said that to you, to begin with, or who made you feel that way… and maybe, if you know, why they said that to you. Next, I want you to be really honest with yourself when you answer this question. What happened from when the person said that the first time to you started to believe it to be true? See, people are trash-talking all the time… that doesn’t mean that we automatically believe all the bullshit they say about us is true.  So what made you believe that the things you just wrote down are true? 👆🏻 This is what keeps your Self-Esteem Low, thereby blocking Good People, Good Relationships, and Good Manifestations from coming into your life.  #2 – They Make You Believe that You Are the Problem. One thing Toxic People are really good at is projecting their bad behaviour onto you. You are the reason why they are drinking. You are the reason why they are doing drugs. You are the reason why they beat you. You are the reason why they are angry. You are the reason why they struggle in life. You are the reason why they don’t have what they want. It’s always you and never them. Sounds familiar? Since Lightworkers are born People-Pleasers and prone to Codependency, it’s very easy for Toxic People to capture you in their never-ending drama, where you are the problem, and they are the victim. Let me just put records straight – YOU ARE NOT THE REASON! It is, and never will be, your fault that they are treating you like shit. They’re using psychological terror and mental abuse to put you down to make themselves feel superior to you, and to justify their bad behaviour to themselves. Toxic People always suffer from some sort of Mental Illness, Disorder, or Trauma… No one is born Toxic! Something happened to them that turned them Toxic.  However, it’s NOT your job to fix them! Most of the time, they won’t acknowledge that they have a problem and instead project onto you by saying that you made them do it. You can’t help someone who refuses to take responsibility for their own bad behaviour, and you can definitely not help someone who blames everything on you. They need professional help… and that is not you, Lightworker! #3 – They Guilt-Trap You and Manipulate You. Toxic People loooooves to Manipulate, Control, Force, Guilt-Trap, and Bully you into doing whatever they want.  They almost behave like little royalties who think the world surrounds them and are entitled to do, say and act as they want to.  The truth is, Toxic People have EXTREMELY Low Self-Esteem, and their attempt to Control, Manipulate, Force, Guilt-Trap, and Bully you, is to bring you down to make themselves feel better. Control, Manipulation, and Forcing are Signs of their Personal Life, and Internal Life is a Complete Mess. So by Controlling, Forcing and Manipulating others, they feel that they at least have Control over life. Guilt-Trapping and Bullying are Signs of Very Low Self-Esteem! They are projecting their own Low Self-Esteem upon you by making you feel bad so they themselves can feel better than you. Unfortunately, it works! This is why I’m making a huge effort to help Lightworkers get more Assertive!  The only way to prevent Toxic People from messing with your head is by Standing Up for Yourself and What you Know is True. Leave them and Remove them from Your Life, and Start Healing Your Wounds. If you don’t do the necessary work to Heal Your Wounds, you will just Continue Attracting Toxic People into your life because the Wounds are controlling your Energy Frequency. #4 – Your Energy Frequency Decreases Every Day. Your Energy Frequency is the Sum of Your Most Dominant Thoughts and Emotions!  If you spend too much time with Toxic People or are in an Unhealthy Relationship, all the Toxicity and Unhealthiness start to mess with your Thoughts and Emotions. Toxic People and Unhealthy Relationships tend to get in our heads and leave a mess. I’m sure you already have had experiences where you met someone and immediately were repelled because you didn’t like the person’s vibe. I’m also sure you have felt the same repelling when you scroll on Social Media, and a bad-vibing person shows up on your feed. We can feel others’ Energy Frequencies miles away, and so can others feel ours. This is how Toxic People pick their targets. So it’s crucial that your Most Dominant Thoughts and Emotions are as Positive as possible and that you have the Self-Confidence, Self-Respect AND Assertiveness to Stand Up for Yourself and find the Strength to Leave if someone Begins to Talk Shit to You. Your Joy, Happiness and Abundance depend on your Energy Frequency… not other people! #5 – You Get Stuck in an Unnecessary Hell-Loop. We have two major challenges going on here: Lightworkers are like magnets to Toxic People because they have attracted to Lightworkers’ native desire to help others. Toxic People see Lightworkers as the perfect opportunity to take advantage of, so they get fulfilled their own selfish needs. When our Energy Frequency is first infected by Toxic People, it’s like a virus that’s difficult to get rid of. Toxic People and their negative bullshit and trash-talks had got into our heads and travelled into our subconsciousness and suddenly began to influence our Most Dominant Thoughts and Emotions. The problem arises when all the crap Toxic People are saying begins to get into your head and influences your view of yourself.  Always keep in mind that your Most Dominant Thoughts and Emotions create your Energy Frequency! Your Energy Frequency, combined with your Most Dominant Actions, is what’s Manifests in Your Life. So all the Shit-talk, Bullying, Controlling, Manipulation, Lying, Forcing, Guilt-Trapping, Physical Abuse, Mental Abuse, and Psychological Terror decreases your Self-Esteem and Energy Frequency for every minute you spend with a Toxic Person or Unhealthy Relationship. The Lower your Self-Esteem and Energy Frequency are, the more likely your life to turn into a Living Hell, and everything that happens in your life is just an affirmation of how awful everything else. Another very dangerous problem is that if we are used to being around Toxic People and having Unhealthy Relationships, we’re more likely to attract more into our lives. We can leave the Toxic People and Unhealthy Relationships that are in our lives right now, but it is just a matter of time before we Manifest Ne Toxic People and Unhealthy Relationships. Do you want to know why? Because we are so used to being treated badly! Good People and Healthy Relationships make us feel uncomfortable because we aren’t used to being treated well. When Good People come into our lives and show Interest in Making Friendships with us, we become uncomfortable, insecure, and honestly don’t know what to do with ourselves… so we end up Sabotaging the Relationship with the Good Person before it even starts. In other words, we keep ending up in Unhealthy Relationships with Toxic People because, deep down inside of us, we don’t feel Worthy enough to be with someone who is a Good Person. We don’t feel Worthy enough to be treated nicely. This “Unworthiness” and Unconscious Sabotaging of Healthy Relationships with Good People comes from years of abuse by Toxic People. The longer you have known Toxic People or had Unhealthy Relationships, the more difficult it is for you to let Good People into your Life.  There is really only one cure for this, and that’s therapy. You need to get cleaned up in your Neurological Patterns and create New and Healthier ones, so you no longer attract Toxic People into your Life. Getting out of any kind of Unhealthy Situation or Part Ways with someone or something Toxic requires that you make a firm decision to get out, and you stick with that decision no matter what happens next. The other person WON’T change, and your current situation will continue to happen until you walk away. It’s difficult, ESPECIALLY if you have Low Self-Esteem and are on a Low Energy Frequency. That’s why it’s a Good Idea to seek Professional Help, either from a Therapist, Life Coach or Spiritual Teacher… or all of them. The most effective healing is when you combine different forms of treatments, so you’re working on different parts of your Body, Mind, and Soul Recovery. You must understand that no matter how much we want to help you out of your Hell-Loop of Toxic People and Unhealthy Relationships, we can’t do anything until you break out of your Living Hell and commit to staying away from Toxic People and reach out to Good People who are educated to help you. You need Professional Help to Recover, and that is Okay to Admit.  If you don’t break out, your Hell-Loop will Continue as it always had, while your Self-Esteem and Energy Frequency will keep decreasing – which makes it impossible to Manifest anything into your Life that will bring you Joy, Happiness, TRUE Love, Abundance, and Excitement.  Joy, Happiness, TRUE Love, Abundance and Excitement can’t Coexist with Fear, Pain, Anxiety, Frustration, and Depression. If you found this article Helpful, Please Share it on Social Media so it can Help More People. Also, feel free to tag me @sabrinaboglund so I can give you a shoutout on my account. I’m on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Make sure to be on my Email List to receive Today’s VIP Bonus, 3 Warning Signs You May Have a Toxic Relationship – And How To Change It!, when I send out the Weekly Email around 7 PM GMT+2/CEST     [...]
22. September 2022Reading Time: 9 minutes Some people wish to Manifest a Specific Person, while others simply just want to Manifest a Relationship. By now, I think I have covered everything about Manifesting a Specific Person, either in FREE Articles here in the Resource Hub or in my Digital Training Program, How to Manifest a Specific Person. Of course, along with the FREE VIP Bonuses I had sent out to my Email List every Week when I published a new article about Manifesting a Specific Person. Now it’s time to move on and focus on Manifesting a Relationship in general.  When I’m teaching how to Manifest a Relationship (specific person or not), I’m talking about any kind of relationship. Friendships, work-related relationships, travel buddies, romance, family, mentors, teachers, clients, customers… you name it.  In other words, Manifesting a Relationship really just means Manifesting a person or a group of people into your life whom you wish to spend x amount of time with for a certain purpose. Manifesting Relationships, no matter what kind, can be tricky, for there are often feelings involved, and we tend to add a lot of pressure on the relationship. In this Article, I will address some of the most Common Mistakes I see that cause Blocks in Relationship Manifestations. Block #1 – You Ignoring the Others’ Free Will! While you definitely need to watch more out for interfering with someone’s Free Will when you’re trying to Manifest a Specific Person, you still need to keep Free Will in mind in any relationship. Manifesting a Relationship leaves the room open for anyone who fits your Energy Frequency to enter your life.  Now, remember, you don’t Manifest what you want – you Manifest the outcome of your Most Dominant Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions! So sometimes we think we’re Manifesting a Relationship, but what we actually Manifest is someone who can help us learn and grow from an important life lesson. If you believe that when a person shows up in your life, who matches your description of who you want to have a relationship with, automatically also wants to have a relationship with you, you need to take a step back! Just like with Specific Person, the person you attract has Free Will and may not be interested or ready to have the same relationship with you as you want to have with them. You need to be careful not to step over any boundaries. Let’s shift the perception to where it suppose to be: You never really know when, where, and how you meet the person. This is why I always treat anyone with kindness. I see strangers as friends I haven’t met. No matter how terrible a day I have, I’m always kind to others. Always! Other people, including the person you’re going to have a Relationship with when the Manifestation is fulfilled, are looking at how you’re treating others before they decide to talk to you.  If someone doesn’t want to talk to you, you must respect that without asking for any reason. They are Free to do whatever they want… no matter how well they fit what you want to Manifest. When it comes to Free Will, it’s ALWAYS a good idea to flip the mirror from time to time. Don’t you observe the people in the room before you approach them? Don’t you take notice of someone’s behaviour if they catch your attention? Don’t you avoid talking with someone because they are rude or assholes to someone else? People do the exact same thing to you! ESPECIALLY if that person is a part of the Universe equation for making the Manifestation of your Desired Relationship come true. The catch is that neither you nor the person knows that you’re part of the same Manifestation Equation. Block #2 – You are TOO Specific on What You Want! One of the most dangerous things to do when it comes to any type of Manifestation is to be so specific that you have mapped the entire process out, step by step, and have a rock-solid picture of how you want the outcome to be. It doesn’t matter what you are trying to Manifest – this approach will block it immediately! In Divine Secrets to Successful Manifestations, I teach you how to use the SMART model in your Manifestation.  The SMART model is: Specific Measurable Actionable Realistic Time-based Within the Realistic part is leaving room for things to unfold for the Highest Good for everyone, including others’ Free Will, Life Circumstances, Global Events, Karmic Influences, Soul Contracts, Universal Laws, and anything in between. No human has the full picture and never will have the full picture. It will turn our brains into pudding. Also, when you feel the need to map out any detail and focus on getting exactly the outcome you see in your mind, you’re radiating a Vibration of Fear and Control. It shows that you don’t trust the Universe, and you are imposing your Will and Desire upon anything and anyone else!  This behaviour will repel everyone and everything that may be important for actually Manifest the Relationship you Desire. Block #3 – You are too Vague in What You Want! When I did Angel Tarot Card Readings and Psychic Readings, I always told my clients to be as Specific with their questions as possible since the more Specific the question was, the more Specific the answer would be.  If you ask Fluffy questions, you get Fluffy answers! The same goes for Manifestations! – You don’t want to be too vague in what you are trying to Manifest! You need to find the line between being Specific and not too Specific. 👈🏻 This is the key to solving this problem. I’m teaching you how to do this in Divine Secrets to Successful Manifestations and How to Manifest a Specific Person If your Desired Outcome is too Vague, like “I want to have a Boyfriend/Girlfriend!” Wanting a Boyfriend/Girlfriend doesn’t say anything about what type of person you want to have a Relationship with. It doesn’t say anything about how Healthy the Relationship should be. So you might Manifest a Boyfriend/Girlfriend, but the person might be an Energy Vampire or drag you into a lot of mess… or the person might be the right fit for you… in other words, you don’t know what you get. Another classic example is “I want to have new Friendships”, but you forgot to narrow in on what kind of Friends you want. Block #4 – You are Looking for Prince Charming // Knight in Shiny Armour. This block is a bad one! If you’re looking for Prince Charming or a Knight in Shiny Armour, you’re suffering from something I call Self-Learned Helplessness!  Self-Learned Helplessness is one of the worst states you can be in because it keeps you locked up in your Fear, Pain, Anxiety, and Suffering… and you hold the keys to your own prison. The problem is, instead of opening the lock yourself, you’re waiting for someone to come and save you from your misery. When people try to help you, you have 999,999,999,999,999 excuses, reasons, and explanations for why you CAN’T do something. Not only do you push people away with this attitude and victim-mentality, but you’re also attracting more stuff into your life that keeps you in the position of needing rescuing. – And you eventually become so used to being a victim that getting out of it makes you uncomfortable, and you start sabotaging any opportunities for a better life, including relationships with good people. I have left people behind because I got tired of listening to their never-ending complaints, and when I tried to help them, I got a billion excuses why they couldn’t do it. I have enough stuff to deal with in my own life. I don’t need to be dragged into someone else’s mess if they aren’t even interested in doing their part in healing their situation and getting a better life. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. We want to help, but at some point, we realise that it’s impossible to help someone who doesn’t want to help themselves… and then we leave. Looking for a Prince Charming or Knight in Shiny Armour (no matter Gender) is A LOT of pressure to put not only on another person but also the entire Manifestation.  Not only will this attract some very questionable people into your life, but it will also keep you in a position where you’ll need Rescuing. Victim-Mentality and Self-Learned Helplessness are just not very attractive. They are so incredibly low on the Energy Frequency scale that they will immediately block any Positive Manifestation from happening. If you’re looking for Prince Charming in your Relationship Manifestations, you’re also looking for him to fix any other problems in your life. On top of that, people who are suffering from Self-Learned Helplessness and Victim-Mentality are often Energy Vampires themselves, which makes them an Unhealthy Relationship with others! Block #5 – You are Still Attached to Your Ex or Stuck in the Past. This is a very common block. If you aren’t over your Ex or are Stuck in the Past, it’s very difficult to attract a New Partner into your Life. You’re simply not ready yet! You need to give yourself time to Heal and Recover before you push yourself out into new Relationships. I’m sure you already know this, and you also know that Relationships made while you still are attached to your Ex won’t last. I recommend focusing on Healing the past and Healing your Broken Heart BEFORE you start Manifesting a New Relationship. If you still want to give it a go with Manifesting Relationships, I will recommend that you focus on Manifesting Friendships instead of Love! Block #6 – You are Trying to Control, Force, or/and Manipulate the Outcome. A Golden Thumb Rule for Manifestation is: The More We Want Something, the More Likely we are to Block It! The WANT tends to make us get in our own way! Controlling, Forcing and Manipulating behaviour often gets us in the habit of mapping out every detail, ignoring others’ Free Will, and breaking countless Universal Laws. Controlling, Manipulative and Forcing people are also EXTREMELY toxic to be around and can be very selfish and narcissistic. THIS WILL, without any doubt, BLOCK any Manifestation of Good People. You’re simply scaring them away! What you may Manifest are Pushovers, People-Pleasers and Naive People who feel comfortable with being associated with people who Control, Manipulate, and Force! 👈🏻 These are very Unhealthy Relationships! Block #7 – You Have Karmic Lessons or Karmic Debt from Previous Life-Times.  All of the above blocks are something you have created in this lifetime – which means they can easily be fixed. – And by easy, I mean it’s easier to find the cause and thereby know where to make the necessary changes to remove the block. On the other hand, if you have Karmic Lessons or Karmic Debts that block your Relationship Manifestations, the work suddenly becomes a little more difficult!  In order to remove a block, you would need to know what caused it and then figure out how to solve it. If the block is Karmic, the Cause happened in a Previous Lifetime and now turned into a Karmic Lesson or Karmic Debt. Karmic Lessons are often a part of your Life Purposes, so by fulfilling your Life Purposes, you will learn whatever you need to learn in order to fulfil the Karmic Lesson. Karmic Debt is often caused by: Breaking the Universal Law of Giving & Receiving  Being a Killer Sentenced an Innocent Person to Death Took any active part in the Witch-Hunt and Witch Persecution, and something like it.  Abuse and Violence against Others Narcissist, Psychopathic, Sociopathic and Paedophilia Behaviour that have Hurt Others Racism and Slavery Homophobia turning physically and violent … and so forth… I think you get the picture… Remember, this is something that happened in a Previous Lifetime! If you’re doing something like those things in this Lifetime, and you don’t stop doing it and healing whatever INSIDE of yourself that causes you this type of behaviour, you’re creating Karmic Debt for your future Lifetimes. Solving Karmic Debt requires that you balance your debt out with the EXACT soul you hurt in a Previous Lifetime. But most people don’t remember anything about their Past Lifetimes. So the only way to access that information (if you don’t remember yourself) is by Past-Life Regression, reading your Book in the Akashic Records, or reading your Soul Contract. That is usually something you would have to pay a professional to help you with. It is important to keep in mind that anything Karmic is NOT Fate or Destiny! It’s your opportunity to clean up the mess you made in the past. If you don’t clean it up in this Lifetime, it will just follow you into the next. The GOOD News is, you WILL cross paths with anyone you have Karmic Debt with in this Lifetime, which gives you the opportunity to solve it. These relationships are called Karmic Relationships – and those are the WORST kind of relationships to have. They are no fun! But they are necessary in order to heal the cause. If you have Karmic Debt with someone, you will most likely be very attracted to them, but they will be very repelled by you because their Soul remembers what you did to them in Previous Lifetimes, which equals a block. Karmic Lessons can block your Relationship Manifestation until you have learned what you needed to learn for the Karmic to dissolve. Karmic Lessons, Karmic Debt, and Karmic Relationships is a topic for itself, which we will have to wait to dive into at a later time. If you want to get some tips to Remove these Blocks, you are in luck. In this week’s VIP Bonus, I’ll give you some bullet-proof tips on removing the Blocks that prevent you from having the Relationships Your Desire. The ONLY way to get access to this VIP is by being on my FREE Email List. If you haven’t signed up yet, you can do it HERE and never miss any of the FREE Weekly VIP Bonuses. 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15. September 2022Reading Time: 5 minutes It’s time for the 6th Law in our monthly Universal Law Series. So far, we have covered: The Universal Laws 101 The Law of Attraction The Law of Giving & Receiving The Law of Light The Law of Free Will The next Universal Law I will introduce you to is the Universal Law of Liberty. And before you ask any questions, YES! It does sound a bit like the Law of Free Will! – But as you also will know if you have read my other articles about the Universal Laws, some Laws look and sound the same, but they are still very different, and each has a unique purpose in the complex system as the Universal Laws. The Universal Law of Liberty states: All beings are Free to Express their Pristine, Innate Nature, so long as; it does not Harm Anyone or Anything. Anyone or Anything that Interferes with that Expression Violates this Law will be Karmically Responsible. The Universal Law of Liberty is an Archetypical Law with Sub-Laws like: The Universal Law of Freedom The Universal Law of No-Judgments The Universal Law of Equalities #1  – The Law of Liberty vs The Law of Free Will. The Law of Free Will and the Law of Liberty look very alike.  HOWEVER!!! The Law of Free Will states that ”No one or Nothing can Interfere with Someone or Somethings Free Will” – This very simply means that in order for something to occur in your life, you must have given it permission to happen.  No matter what the circumstance is or how much you feel, you’re stuck in a situation… you still have chosen to let it happen. The Law of Free Will also protects us from letting anyone force something upon us, manipulate us, or control us unless we let them. It doesn’t always feel that way, I know. But somewhere in the equation, we let it happen. Most often is the answer in this line: ”No choice is also a choice” What about the victims of the war in Ukraine? – where is their Free Will?  Yes, Putin is breaking so many Universal Laws on so many levels. He is collecting enormous amounts of Karma and a direct ticket to a special place in Hell.  But the Ukrainians still have the choice of whether they want to stay and fight for their countries or if they want to flee.  We can’t control what other people do, but we are in 100% control over how we choose to react. 👈🏻 That’s the Law of Free Will. The Law of Liberty, on the other hand, allows you to express your true nature as long as it doesn’t harm anyone else. And if someone interferes with your right to be who you really are, they will be punished with added Karma. So, where the Law of Free Will provides you with the right always to choose, the Law of Liberty provides you with the right to show who you truly are! #2 – The Law of Liberty Lets You be Who You Truly Are. The center core of who you truly are is LOVE! Your soul is created by the Source of Love (red. God), which is a MASSIVE ball of extremely bright Energy. The Source of Love constantly creates billions of billions of small starlights called the Lights of Love, which later can become Soul. It’s a long and more complex process, but the bottom line is: YOUR SOUL IS A LIGHT OF LOVE! How you choose to express that is completely up to you – Remember, you have Free Will The Law of Liberty also becomes very important when it comes to sexuality, gender identification, racism, religion, and any other reasons why others will harass you.  Last month was Pride Month 🌈 which is something the Law of Liberty is supporting about. The Universe doesn’t care who you sleep with… all It cares about is you being a Light of Love.  Most of the hate of sexualities and gender identification is created by the church and narrow-minded men who want to control people. If someone didn’t obey, they were killed. The same happened with people like me; if I had lived back in the 1600s, I would have been burned at the stake for witchcraft before I reached adulthood. The Law of Liberty gives us the right to be true to who we are, as long we don’t harm anyone. And since you’re a Light of Love, hurting others shouldn’t even be on your agenda. The Law of Liberty also protects us from others’ hate, judgement, and interference because if they interfere or attack us, they will be held responsible by adding more Karmic Lessons and Debt to their Soul Contract. Depending on how bad their actions are, they can also get a direct ticket to Hell. When someone is attacking, harassing or throwing shit at me, I always remind myself that only people in terrible inner pain and low self-esteem will go after me. And I also remind myself that every time someone attacks me, they will get added Karma and that Universe will take care of the rest. #3 – Violating the Law of Liberty WILL cause Karmic Debt! It’s quite ironic, actually… All those men of the church who, throughout history, had judged, attacked, beaten up and executed people who didn’t live “according to the bible” and forced/scared people into believing in the bible have been dealing with Karmic Debt and Karmic Lessons ever since they died. Some of those men have even been sent to Hell and served their sentences there. It’s not Christianity… It’s all religions that were forced upon people, and those who didn’t fit in were punished. The downside of all this is that the Law of Liberty can’t prevent bad people from striking again… they have, after all, Free Will and, like you, the Freedom to choose how they want to live their life. While the Karma is added immediately, some people respond to their added Karma by becoming even worse to numb the pain and suffering the Karma is causing. When someone is attacking, harassing or throwing shit at me, I always remind myself that only people in terrible inner pain and low self-esteem will go after me. And I also remind myself that whenever someone attacks me, they will get added Karma and Universe will take care of the rest. The same goes the other way around, of course… If you’re taking jabs at someone for expressing who they are, then the Law of Liberty will add some extra Karma to you. #4 – The Law of Liberty Asks You to Mind Your Own Business. How other people choose to live their life is really none of your business, just like it’s none of anyone’s business how you choose to live yours. If you get offended by Drag Queens, then it’s your problem, not the Drag Queens!  You have no right to bully others into living a certain way just because their lifestyle, sexuality, life choices, etc., make you uncomfortable. Unless they’re treating your or someone else’s life, abusing and hurting others, or otherwise engaging in criminal activities, M.I.N.D. Y.O.U.R. O.W.N. B.U.S.I.N.E.S.S.!!! Every time you judge someone, remember you have one finger pointed at them, and three fingers pointed at yourself. I may not be the right person to answer how to be less judgmental and mind your own business since I’m very tolerant and acknowledge people for who they are rather than what they are. I know it’s not any of my business how people choose to live their life, and I’m fine with that. I’m also a very curious person, so when I meet new people, I want to learn about what communities they engage in and what makes them them. Instead of attacking and judging people who are different from me, I want to learn about what makes them different, and I want to understand where they are coming from. It’s very second nature to me to study people… and read them 🙈🙈🙈 I think it’s important to remember that just like you want to be free to live your life the way you want to, so does everybody else. So if you can’t accept others’ way of living, you have no right to complain about people interfering with yours. If you want 5 Ways to Use the Law of Liberty, then make sure to be on my Email List, when I send this week’s FREE VIP Bonus out at 7 PM CEST/GMT+2 tonight. I want to hear from you; How good are you to honour the Law of Liberty? Let me know in the Instagram post below.     Vis dette opslag på Instagram   Et opslag delt af Sabrina Bøglund | Manifestation Expert for Lightworkers (@sabrinaboglund) [...]
8. September 2022Reading Time: 9 minutes You may ask why this article is placed under Mental Health & Well-Being and not under the Manifesting a Specific Person tab in the Lightworker category.  It’s very simple!  A Parasocial Relationship is something that can happen when Manifesting a Specific Person, but it is a Mental Health issue and has nothing to do with Manifestation per se. Manifestation doesn’t really have anything to do with Parasocial Relationships. I have a Lesson about Parasocial Relationships and how to avoid them in How to Manifest a Specific Person – Digital Training Program, so I won’t go deeper into it here. In this article, I will give you 5 Reasons why Parasocial Relationships will DESTROY your Manifestation… not just of a Specific Person, but any type of Manifestation that involve another person. #1 – A Parasocial Relationship is a Delusion Appearing Real. A Parasocial Relationship is a ONE-SIDED relationship where you show emotional feelings, interest, time, and energy toward someone who doesn’t know you exist or have very little knowledge of who you are. This kind of relationship is often showcased when a fan thinks they are dating a celebrity, either because they live more in a fantasy world than the real world or they are being scammed by a catfish. But it can also easily happen with someone you “know” from your workplace, school, or somewhere you like to hang out. Basically, a Parasocial Relationship is dating your Specific Person in your mind, but where you live more in the fantasy than in the real world. Social Media feeds the mind of a Parasocial person because it’s so easy to get a peek into your Specific Person’s life. With the small glimpse you see on your Specific Person’s Social Media accounts, you can puzzle things together to make them fit into the story you tell yourself in your fantasy. #2 – A Parasocial Relationship Happens When You No Longer Can Distinguish Reality from Fantasy. I’m always VERY careful when it comes to Affirmation and Visualisation work, ESPECIALLY when it comes to clients or students who want to Manifest a Specific Person! Developing a Parasocial Relationship is something that happens in your mind.  It’s a fantasy…  … a daydream… … a fairy tale… When I study people with a Parasocial Relationship, two versions keep repeating themselves… The Teenager-Obsession. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a teenager. I have seen adults do this too.  Some teenagers fall in love with a celebrity to the extent that they think they are getting married to the person and starting to plan their future wedding. Most teenagers grow out of it as they enter adulthood.  However, some adults still have this kind of Parasocial Relationship with a Specific Person. Again, it doesn’t have to be a celebrity. They honestly believe that they’re dating the person, and they’re about to get married.  These people have very low self-esteem (and some want to be famous if their Specific Person is a celeb), and they believe that being with this person will show the rest of the world that they are superstars. Knight in Shiny Armour – Syndrome This version of Parasocial Relationship is often based on extremely low self-esteem, often in a difficult place in their life (illness, newly divorced, pain, etc.), lonely, and suffering from, what I call, Self-Learned Helplessness. They are simply looking for a Knight in Shiny Armour that will come and save them from their misery.  – In both versions and any other versions, the person creates an illusion of their Specific Person based on what they see and read online and on social media and how they see their Specific Person engage with other people. Then they fill in the gaps with whatever fits their perfect version of their Specific Person. If you spend too much time in Visualisations or using Affirmations that sound like “ Loves Me Unconditionally!” or “ and I are Happily Married!”, you will eventually brainwash yourself into believing those things are true.  On top of that, you’re trying to impose your Will and Desires on your Specific Person, which is breaking The Law of Free Will. You have to remember that you’re the only one who is aware of what’s going on in your mind. You’re the only one who knows about your fantasies and daydreams.  It’s not real life! – and getting stuck in a fantasy and expecting the real world to form itself around you and your fantasy, so your imaginary relationship with your Specific Person becomes a reality, is not only unrealistic, but it’s also very selfish! Visualisations should end when the practice ends and not continue the rest of your day. And Affirmations should be held on your own half the playground. In other words, keep your Specific Person OUT of your affirmations! #3 – Your Energy Frequency will Drop Very Far Down into Desperation, Obsession, Frustration, and Jealousy. Parasocial Relationships are often created because you feel powerless and don’t know how to develop a relationship with your Specific Person in real life.  Instead of following the proven steps and methods that are given to you by Manifestation Teachers in either 1:1 Sessions or in Programs like How to Manifest a Specific Person, you decide to do it your way. And since you don’t know what to do, you let your Ego come up with an action plan. When you go to the extent of creating imaginary relationships with someone and keep yourself in the fantasy, things get weird. Your fantasy world and the real world will inevitably collide, and the real world always wins.  All you will get out of it is heartbreak, frustration, and pain. Creating an imaginary relationship with someone is an act of the Fear-Based Mind. You may think it would help the manifestation to have this daydream, but actually, it has the complete opposite effect. Your imaginary/parasocial relationship ONLY exists inside of your head. So when you look around in the real world, you are constantly met with evidence that’s not in alignment with your Desired Outcome. Your reaction to the world’s lack of proof turns into frustration, desperation, obsession and jealousy. ESPECIALLY if your Specific Person is someone you’re in love with.  In your mind, the two of you are dating and have a life together, but every time you open Instagram, you see your Specific Person with someone who isn’t you. You’re having a NORMAL reaction to something that isn’t real. You react in the same way as if your Specific Person actually was cheating on you… except for the very fact that your Specific Person has NO IDEA what’s going on with you. Then your mind spins a billion excuses for why your Specific Person does what they do and why they can’t show their real love to you. Suddenly the both of you become “victims” of the evil world. All this caused your Energy Frequency to drop lower, and lower, and lower… AND if your Specific Person learns about your imaginary relationship with them, they will run as fast away from you as they possibly can.   #4 – Parasocial Relationships can Make You Mentally Ill! A Parasocial Relationship is an unhealthy obsession that has gone way too far! You’re making yourself mentally unstable and eventually mentally ill if you’re engaging too long in Parasocial Relationships.  You will lose all sense of what’s real and what’s fantasy. When we create something imaginary and keep reliving this fantasy, it’s a sign that we don’t really believe the outer world will provide us with our Desired Outcome. The fantasy world becomes more attractive than the real world because it has what we want, and if we wish for something new, we can just get it with the blink of an eye. The real world doesn’t work that way! In the real world, when we want something, we need to bring our Most Dominant Thoughts, Emotions and Actions in alignment with our Desired Outcome and keep our Energy Frequency a match for as long as it takes to Manifest.  On top of that, we must honour the Universal Laws and other people’s Free Will. Parasocial Relationships are imposing your Will upon someone who barely knows you exist… if they know it at all. Some people with Parasocial Relationships go as far as to become real-life stalkers… one thing is to stalk someone on Social Media… Another thing is showing up on their doorstep, tracking everything they do all day, and trying to “accidentally” bump into them on the street.  I was once told about a woman who kept an excel sheet on not only a man’s whereabouts, addresses, places to go, etc., but also his parents, siblings, and work associates, to know exactly what this guy was doing every day. On top of that, she photoshopped his picture into hers, so it looked like they were spending time together, and she posted it on Instagram. Everyone who questioned the relationship and called her out for being a liar was blocked from her account. She only wanted people around who affirmed her in her delusion.  Another danger is catfish. If a catfish finds out that you have an imaginary relationship with someone, they can simply open a social media account and pretend to be your Specific Person. Catfishes have scammed desperate (and naive) people for ridiculous amounts of money. But the desire to have the Specific Person in your life can be enough to believe the catfish because the chat feeds into the illusion… and catfishes are masters in saying all the right things. Parasocial Relationships are an evil spiral that keeps going until you stop it! Parasocial Relationships can turn into: Depression Anxiety Eating Disorder Self-Harm Schizophrenia Bipolar Disorder Paranoia and Delusional Disorder Narcissism Sociopathy Some people with Parasocial Relationships will also lock themselves away from the real world so they can stay in their fantasy world. Anything that’s done or said in the real world that doesn’t support their illusion is considered evil, and they hide from it. Their fantasy world is the only thing they will accept as real. #5 – You will Push People Away From You because You are Behaving Like a Nutjob! It’s not a secret that the Universe, the Angels, God, etc., are working through people. When you want to Manifest something, they activate a number of people who have the abilities and resources to help you achieve your Desired Outcome. It’s then up to you to reach out to those you feel the most pulled toward and ask for their help.  If it’s someone you don’t know, you’ll probably have to pay for their assistance in one shape or form.  E.g. I give free advice, Divine Guidance and healing to my sister when she asks, but I will never do that work for free if someone outside of my inner circle asks. Instead, I refer to my products and services… If someone doesn’t want to pay for my help, I don’t have time to help them. That’s that simple!  It’s all a matter of respect and boundaries. Since the Universe works through people, the Manifestation of your Specific Person will most likely happen through some sort of interaction with other people. Unless your Specific Person is your GLS delivery guy, the chances for your Specific Person showing up on your doorstep out of the blue are very slim. Try to go back and read the paragraph about the woman with the Excel sheet… How did you feel when you read that? What thoughts went through your mind when you read it? That is EXACTLY how everybody else will react if you’re imposing an imaginary relationship, not just upon your Specific Person but also on everybody you tell about it! It doesn’t matter if it’s strangers online or if it’s your family and friends. People will think you have lost your marbles. The more you try to convince people about this imaginary relationship, the more people will think that you have jumped on the Mad-Train to Crazy-Town. People aren’t stupid. They know bullshit when they see it! Instead of having people helping you Manifest your Specific Person, you’re pushing them away by behaving like a Nutjob. Furthermore, if your Specific Person learns about your imaginary relationship with them and the extent you had gone to make your delusion become a reality, your Specific Person is long gone. Think about it… If you flip the mirror and look at it from your Specific Person’s point of view. Having someone who is so obsessed with you that they create an imaginary relationship with you and try to impose it upon you without even asking about what you want… It’s super creepy! People with Parasocial Relationships are toxic for themselves and everyone who has been dragged into their delusional reality. I won’t call them Energy Vampires, but they are definitely toxic. Everything about them is a lie, and everything they do and say is an attempt to manipulate reality and the real world to fit into their fantasy world. Instead of doing the “hard work” and following the natural order of steps of how to get to know someone, they just take their illusion and try to manipulate everyone into that picture. If there is something people don’t like, then it’s: Being Forced. Being Controlled. Being Manipulated. Being Lied to. No being Heard. Have their Free Will taken away from them. BONUS: My #1 Recommendation to Manifest a Specific Person. Keep things casual! It’s WAY more effective to Manifest a Friendship with a Specific Person than a Romantic Relationship with them. Why? Because platonic relationships are easier to step into, think about how many platonic relationships you have had with all genders throughout your life… and then think about how many romantic relationships you have had. The math is a strong indicator here. Also, the very best romantic relationships (and healthy marriages) start as friendships that grow closer and closer over time. No matter who your Specific Person is, if you’re trying to Manifest a Romantic Relationship or Marriage with someone who barely knows who you are, you WILL scare them away. But entering a platonic relationship with a hidden agenda of turning into something more is also going to scare them away.  You need to back off with the romantic/marriage stuff and ONLY focus on manifesting the meeting and a potential platonic relationship. No pressure. No expected outcome. Let your Specific Person be FREE to choose whether or not he/she/they want to be in your life. If this article added value to your life, or you know someone who would benefit from it, please share it with your friends and on Social Media. Please tag me @sabrinaboglund, and I will reshare your post on my account. I’m @sabrinaboglund on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. NB: The VIP Bonus to this article is the 3 TOP Visualisation Mistakes You Should Avoid. This VIP Bonus will be sent out to my Email List at 7 PM CEST/GMT+2 today, the 8th of September 2022   Vis dette opslag på Instagram   Et opslag delt af Sabrina Bøglund | Manifestation Expert for Lightworkers (@sabrinaboglund) [...]
1. September 2022Reading Time: 6 minutes I’m passionate about 2 things; Manifestation and Helping Lightworkers to have the Life they Desire while Fulfilling their Life Purposes! It’s a little over a year since I started sharing Weekly Articles here in the Resource Hub. So for the new Lightworkers who just recently got familiar with my work or for people who are just waking up to their Call as a Lightworker, I wanted to give you some newbie tricks to embrace your new journey as Lightworkers who manifests. Manifestation for Lightworkers is a bit different than Manifestation for non-Lightworkers because Lightworkers have a different Energy Frequency and Life Purpose than non-Lightworkers. A Lightworker’s Soul is also more Evolved and closer to Enlightenment than a non-Lightworker’s. And the third major difference is that Lightworkers often have been through some very difficult times, even as a child, where they had to fight back. Almost every Lightworker has experienced being bullied in school! Lightworkers also tend to suffer from Fix-it Syndrome, where they are trying to fix everybody else’s problems instead of setting healthy boundaries. While this list is created for Newbies, it can be used for anyone who wants to Manifest from their Heart. Genius Manifestation Hack #1 – Start Small – Baby Steps! One of the BIGGEST Mistakes I see over, over and over is people trying to Manifest WAY over their current Manifestation capability. Manifestation is like a muscle – the more you train it, the stronger it becomes. The idea of going from living your whole life, turning every coin to Manifest becoming a Millionaire within the time your patience can extend itself to is simply not going to be successful. Or let’s say you want to Manifest Love; if you’re single and no one in your circle has caught your interest, then it’s a bit too ambitious to want to be married within a year. You need to take one step at a time! The big desire is not impossible – but Manifestation is not a Magic Wand! It’s a process of changing, improving, growing, and actions. You need to break a big desire down into smaller goals and take them one by one, like climbing a ladder. Genius Manifestation Hack #2 – ONLY Use I AM Affirmations. Keep the Ball in Your Own Field! I have a very ambivalent relationship with Affirmations. They can be extremely powerful! BUT They can also cause so much damage from brainwashing yourself. I have worked professionally as a Manifestation Teacher and Coach for 14 years, and I’m still unsure if I believe Affirmations are a good idea in Manifestation work.  They are powerful in Self-Esteem and Assertiveness Work but can really hurt you and your Manifestation if you don’t step carefully. IF you decide to use Affirmations in your Manifestation Process, you should stick to the following rules: ONLY use I AM Affirmation. Focus ONLY on something you have 100% influence over. Keep your Attention and Focus on Yourself and Your Life. Be Realistic. Here are some examples you can use without brainwashing yourself: ✅ I am Powerful! ✅ I am Strong! ✅ I Trust the Divine Guidance! ✅ I am Protected! ✅ I am Loved! ✅ I Believe I Can Do It! Here are some examples that will cause you more harm than good: ⛔ loves me more than anything in the world. ⛔ Everywhere I go, people love me. ⛔ For every dollar I spend, the Universe gives me $10 in my bank account. ⛔ will give me my dream job before the interview is over. You can find more safe Affirmations in this Insta Carousel Post 👇🏻   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Sabrina Bøglund | Manifestation Expert for Lightworkers (@sabrinaboglund) The key to Healthy Affirmations is to keep them within what the world around you can’t disprove by showing you real evidence that you’re fooling yourself.  If you affirm to yourself that “Abundance flows easily and effortlessly into my bank account!” and when you check your bank account, you can see that it didn’t happen, then you will get discouraged… or ignore the reality and desire to live in delusion by spending money you don’t have. There is nothing wrong with the “Abundance flows easily and effortlessly into my bank account!” as long as the reality can support it OR you are building new income streams. Your actions need to be able to support the affirmation. In Manifesting a Specific Person, it is especially important not to include your Specific Person in the affirmation since that violates your Specific Person’s Free Will. Violating a person’s Free Will is not an act of Love and Compassion for the person. It’s an act of selfishness and insecurity. The same goes for wanting to Manifest a Specific Job in a Specific Company.  You need to find the balance between being specific and flexible. If you are too locked on one way, and only that way, you will Block the Manifestation, and you can get delusional. Genius Manifestation Hack #3 – You Can’t Manifest for Others, but You Can Inspire Them to Start Their Own Manifestation Journey. This is a question I get a lot… So many of you want to know how to help someone you care about manifest Healing, Money, Success, and Work. While the intention is Beautiful and shows that your heart is in the right place, you can’t Manifest on behalf of someone else. The only way it would work is if you Manifested something physical yourself and then gave it to the person you want to help. But Healing, Health, Success, Work, etc. aren’t something you can give them physically. Of the examples you ask about, Money is the only physical thing you can give them. Still, it won’t work in the long run since the person in need isn’t on an Energy Frequency where they can keep the flow of money coming into their life. Then they will depend on you, putting you in a super unhealthy situation. Not only can’t you Manifest on behalf of someone else, but it’s also not your job to fix their situation! Many Lightworkers suffer from Fix-It syndrome, where they feel they need to fix other people and situations. It’s caused by the Lightworker’s low Self-Esteem, and they feel that the more they can fix, the more people will need/like them. They confuse “Need” with Love. So if this is the case, you need to focus your attention on improving your Self-Love and Self-Worth while inspiring the person in need to start their own Manifestation Journey. You can even do your Self-Esteem work together. People with illness, lack, or otherwise suffering often need a little push in the direction of trying to improve their lives with a positive mind. They need a hope they can believe in and a hand to guide them through the first couple of steps to improve their situation. But the only way they can raise their Frequency and maintain a nice flow of whatever they want to manifest is by doing the work themselves. Genius Manifestation Hack #4 – NEVER Force Your Will Upon Someone Else! Sometimes we want something SO much that we often forget that there are other people involved who also have something to say! The Universe, the Divine, God, and whatever you believe in, often works through other people.  A million dollars aren’t just going to show up in your bank account out of the blue. It has to come from somewhere… and somewhere usually includes other people. A sale won’t happen unless people decide to buy. Your Dream Partner won’t just show up on your doorstep because you say so. Many steps need to be taken before you find that person, usually because someone led you to them in one shape or form. You won’t get your Dream Job unless those who can give you the job believe you are the right for the Job. You can’t meet a Specific Person unless the person wants to meet you too. And you can definitely not Manifest a marriage with someone if they barely know you. The more we want something, the more likely we are to try to control, manipulate and force things into our favour. Patience is one of the greatest lessons in Manifestation work. Without Patience and Faith, we tend to get into some sabotaging behaviours to get our desired outcome faster. The Universe works in a funny way… the more we try to MAKE something happen, the more it gets blocked. The second you remove your foot from the speeder and let the Universe do her thing, everything starts to move quicker. Forcing Your Will upon someone else is very bratty, selfish, and disrespectful to others. And because of that, they won’t help you or have anything to do with you! Genius Manifestation Hack #5 – Focus More on Your Self-Love and Self-Worth than Getting What You Want! The fastest and quickest way to Manifest your Desired Outcome is to keep your Energy Frequency in alignment with your Desired Outcome. In order to do that, you must make sure that your Self-Esteem is as High as Possible. And I mean Real, Authentic Self-Esteem!  Not acting narcissistic, “I’m better than everybody else, and I’m here to show it!” 👈🏻 That’s not Self-Esteem or Assertiveness. It’s quite the opposite, actually! The better you feel about yourself… The more inner peace you have… The more joy you have in your everyday life… The more freedom you create in your life… The more body appreciation you have for yourself… The more you feel at peace with your current situation, no matter what it is… … the High your Energy Frequency will be!  Many Manifestation Newbies make the mistake of believing that they first can feel good about themselves, have inner peace, joy, happiness, freedom, etc. when they get their Desired Outcome. That approach will turn your life into a hamster in a hamster wheel. You need to create self-love, inner peace, joy, happiness, freedom, etc., within your current situation and living circumstances BEFORE you can even begin to become a magnet for your Desired Outcome. Inside and out! Now it’s your turn! What Manifestation advice will you give a Newbie? 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25. August 2022Reading Time: 5 minutes It’s time to put on your Nerdy-Geek glasses 🤓 because this week, we will talk about Metaphysics. Metaphysics can also be spelt meta physics, but I prefer to write it as Metaphysics. I’m referring to Metaphysics in some of my articles about Manifestation, Universal Laws, and when I’m talking about Energy Frequencies. But I don’t think I ever have written an article or post on Instagram specifically about Metaphysics. So this is what I’m going to do in this article. I’m TRYING to keep this article short and simple… Emphasis Trying! 🙈 #1 – Metaphysics is Science. It’s very easy to believe that Metaphysics is some sort of a New Age slash Spiritual idea, but it isn’t! Metaphysics is science and works very closely together with Quantum Physics. Metaphysics translates into Above Physics! So, where “traditional” Physics works with Energies, Particles, Atoms, Molecules, Protons, Neutrons, Electrons, Time and Space, etc. Metaphysics is working with what is ABOVE. This is probably why Metaphysics gets mixed up with Spiritual, New Age, and even, Religious stuff. Some may even go so far as to say that Metaphysics is the Science of God. I won’t because God is a different force. So what is Above Physics, you may ask? Well, Above Physics means it doesn’t have any physical form or can take physical form. Quantum Physics is about Energy taking form in one shape or another. When I’m talking about Energy Frequencies and Manifestation, that’s Quantum Physics. Metaphysics is what happens BEFORE it can turn into Energy and thereby Energy Frequency. Metaphysics isn’t able to Manifest or come into form alone. It needs help from Quantum Physics. Most humans experience Metaphysics as: Philosophies Thoughts Emotions Feelings Ideas Epiphanies Channelling the Divine Divine Guidance Nightly Dreams (before they happen in real life) aka Deja Vú It’s only a few of many ways in which Metaphysics plays a part in our life. But what is common for all of them is they have no physical origin AND can’t Manifest themselves into the physical world.  The Nightly Dreams that turn into a Deja Vú moment don’t have a physical origin when you’re having the dream, and there is absolutely nothing you or anyone else can do to make it happen in real life. That’s one of the rare moments that the Metaphysics directly breaks the wall into the Physics. It may also be why we react in such a unique way when we have a Deja Vú experience. When we talk about Thoughts and Emotions in the same sentence as Metaphysics, it concerns the deep Thoughts and Emotions that just show up in our heads out of nowhere. Usually, it happens when you’re doing something that you feel is meditative but isn’t meditation. Like Cooking, Gardening, Being at the Beach… something where your hands and body are occupied, and your mind just relaxes. It’s when you can reach a state where you can connect directly with the Metaphysical realm. #2  – The Spiritual Realm is Just a Corner of Metaphysics. The Spiritual Realm is located in the Metaphysical realm, but the Spiritual Realm is not the same as Metaphysics. Just like Denmark is a country located on the planet Earth, the Spiritual Realm is a place located in the Metaphysical realm. It’s very difficult to place, let alone find the right word to describe the “home” of Metaphysics. There is nothing physical in something that is Above Physics, after all. Anyway, the Spiritual Realm, while it’s located in the Metaphysics, can break the wall into the physical world by having Angels, Spirit Guides, Spiritual Beings, and Celestial Beings communicate with people and even make an appearance. It’s very rare that you actually can see someone from the Spiritual Realm since it requires a lot of Energy for them to manifest into anything the physical eye is capable of seeing. It means that they often need to drain some of your Energy to make that physical appearance. So it’s only on extremely important occasions that this happens. The Spiritual Realm, and God for that matter, often works through other people to answer your prayers. That doesn’t mean that someone who can help you should deliver the help on a silver plate or be demanded to help you. It simply just means that through the Metaphysical channels, the Spiritual Realm is “activating” those who can help you and guide you both on a path where you will meet… It can be a physical meeting, online, social media, or even bringing an ad in front of you with the solution to your prayer. Also, keep in mind that everybody has Free Will, so no one is obligated to help you or in the way you want them to help you As a Spiritual Master Teacher and psychic, I can often feel when I’m “activated” to help someone. I usually don’t know who they are, and in most cases, it doesn’t really matter. I’m receiving Divine Guidance for creating a product or service that focuses on a specific problem. Like How to Manifest a Specific Person and Divine Secrets to Successful Manifestations – both are the outcome of a Divine Guidance to help someone with that prayer.  The same goes for some of the articles in my Resource Hub. I have planned all the articles for the rest of 2022. HOWEVER, if I get “activated” by the Divine, I can postpone an article to make room for the one that is inspired by Divine Guidance. I’m trying to stick to my content plan and instead want to schedule the Divine Guided article to a date that is free. But sometimes, the “push” from the Divine is too strong, so I have to fit it in. This type of communication is Metaphysical. I don’t play any active parts in it – and there is no physical interference.  The Quantum Physical part starts when I take the Divine Guidance from the Metaphysics and begin to find a way to fit it into my calendar. It stays in the Quantum Physical Realm from the moment I begin to map out whether it should be a product or service, or an article, till I hit the “Publish” button and release it into the world. The product, service, or article is the physical Manifestation of a Divine Guidance that happened on a Metaphysical Level, activated by someone’s prayer to the Divine. NB: Digital and Online products and services and articles are physical manifestations. #3 – Metaphysics Plays an Important Part in Your Life (even if You aren’t Aware)! Since Metaphysics is Above Physics, you are mostly not aware of the influence the Metaphysics has in your life. We often don’t pay much attention to where our Break-Through Ideas and Epiphanies are coming from… or what exactly caused our Deja Vú. Often with Deja Vú, we are so shaken up and in a WTF-state that we spend the next couple of minutes trying to figure out what just happened and trying to make sense of it. It’s totally normal!  I have periods where I experience many Deja Vús throughout the day. I had a couple of weeks at the beginning of this month where I had between 3-7 Deja Vús throughout the day, every day. At the most random times, of course. I have learned not to put too much energy into figuring out what it means because things usually show up and reveal themselves eventually. I don’t think Metaphysics is meant to be understood in detail and how exactly it influences our life since there is a reason behind why it isn’t part of our physical Universe. I believe the full concept and details of Metaphysics are supposed to stay one of the Universe’s many mysteries. But Metaphysics is an important source for what you’re channelling.  It’s the source that is feeding us with innovative and ground-breaking new ideas.  It’s the source that pulls us to think outside of the norm. It’s the source of Epiphanies. … and more importantly, the first step for any Energy Frequency change is to reverse the process! Use your Thoughts to improve your Emotions and eventually increase your Energy Frequency. When your Energy Frequency is higher, Quantum Physics will help the Metaphysics to change the Non-physical and Above Physics interactions in your life. By knowing these things, how have you experienced Metaphysics in your life? Let me know in this post on Insta 👇🏻👇🏻   Vis dette opslag på Instagram   Et opslag delt af Sabrina Bøglund | Manifestation Expert for Lightworkers (@sabrinaboglund) [...]
18. August 2022Reading Time: 8 minutes As the 5th article in our Universal Laws series, I have picked a Law, which MANY people tend to forget, even though the concept is very well-known.  The Law of Free Will. Yes, you read right. Free Will IS a Law! Let’s first do a recap: By now, we have covered: The Universal Laws 101 The Law of Attraction The Law of Giving & Receiving  The Law of Light Now it’s time to dig into Free Will and why it’s a Law. The Law of Free Will have two descriptions: This is the one from my Records of Universal Laws: “Divine will Grants Each Entity the Right to Direct and Pursue his or her life and the Quality of that life as it was Presented, so Long as he or she DOES NOT Violate this Same Right of Other.” The version I use in my Teaching and here in the Resource Hub and Insta is: No one or Nothing can Interfere with Someone’s or Something’s Free Will! Same thing, just two different ways to say it. Without further ado, let’s get started! #1 – The Law of Free Will is Really a Cosmic Law. I am referring to the Law of Free Will as a Universal Law to keep things more simple and not throw a lot of new terms around for novices. But the Law of Free Will is really a Cosmic Law, which means it can’t be bent or broken. Cosmic Law is another term for Divine Order, which is fundamental for the structure of the Universe. Without Divine Order, everything will fall together and turn into a massive mess. #2 – Ignoring the Law of Free Will will Cause Tremendous Karmic Chaos! While you can’t break the Law of Free Will per se, you can choose to ignore it. Again, you have Free Will; it’s up to you to decide if you will use your Free Will to ignore the Law of Free Will. The Law of Free Will is one of the few Laws that can bite its own tail 😵 If you choose to ignore the Law of Free Will by forcing your Will upon someone else or micro-managing others without caring about their Free Will, you will create a domino effect through a long line of Universal and Cosmic Laws which eventually will end with giving you some really bad Karma. Karma comes in different shapes and forms.  There is traditional Karma that comes and kicks you in your butt when you least expect it. Then there are Karmic Lessons which are Karma from past and present lives that are so bad that in order to balance the Karma, it needs to be turned into a Life Lesson you need to pass before you can get rid of it. Lastly, we have Karmic Debt which is unbalanced Karma between you and someone/something else. Karmic Debt can also be carried on from lifetime to lifetime, where you keep meeting the reincarnation of that person/soul till the Karma is balanced out. The Universal Law of Giving & Receiving is designed to help you avoid Karmic Debt, but it’s up to you to use the Universal Law of Giving & Receiving.  The more you ignore the Law of Free Will, the more Karma you will create. The more Karma you have, the more difficult and miserable your life will be. #3 – The Law of Free Will Inspires to Respect and Honour Other People and their Choices in Life. I love the Law of Free Will because it speaks to how to be a Good Person. When you are following the Law of Free Will, more people tend to like you and be in your company. If you ignore the Law of Free Will, more people tend to distance themselves from you because they don’t like to be around you. The Law of Free Will has a Sub-Law called the Universal Law of Choice, which states: “No Matter what Situation Someone is In, they Always Have the Power to Choose!” As I mentioned in my Introduction to the Universal Laws article, many Universal Laws look very alike, but they are still different in function and purpose. The Universal Law of Choice is so closely related to the Law of Free Will and the Law of Cause & Effect that it won’t make sense to write an article for the Law of Choice alone. The article about the Law of Cause and Effect will come in the spring of 2023 😉 The Law of Free Will reminds me of the bible quote, “Do to others as you would have them do to you!” I’m not religious and don’t belong to any religion, so bear with me if the quote isn’t verbatim with what is written in the bible. See, if you want others to Respect and Honour YOUR Free Will, you must do the same to others. I don’t care who they are or what they are doing or have done. You must Respect their Free Will. It’s their choice to do what they do, and then they must take the consequences of their actions. It’s not your job to be the judge of others’ doings. The Law of Free Will especially comes to its right in Manifestations of a Specific Person. One of the most difficult parts of Manifesting a Specific Person is to distance YOUR Will from your SP.  It’s so easy to impose your Will on your SP because you’re so obsessed or desperate for a relationship with that person that you forget to consider your SP’s Free Will. He/She/They might not be in a place in their life where there is room for you, or he/she/they may not be interested in the same kind of relationship that you want. The outcome might then be that you have pushed your SP away simply because you let your Will overrule his/hers/theirs. If you Respect others’ Free Will no matter who they are, you’re leaving room for much more pleasant outcomes of your interactions with those people, whether it’s in the physical world, on Social Media, or anywhere else you’re facing other people and their actions. Every time you feel the need for judgement coming up, remind yourself of the Law of Free Will, so you don’t create unintentional Karmic Energy Cords for that person. I mean, what sane person wants to have Karmic Energy Cords to someone like Trump or Putin? – then, it’s better to neutralise the Energy by Respecting his Free Will to do things and say things you don’t agree with, and point your focus on the people you agree with or like. People who know me, are often hearing me say: ”You are Free to do it, as long as I don’t have to! I will still be here when you’re done!”  – and this is not a trick or female cunning. I honestly mean it from the bottom of my heart! … and I don’t like female cunning! I think it’s tacky, manipulative, vile, and disrespectful.  This is about leaving room for people to find their own way, learning the lessons they need to learn in their own time and space, and letting them fulfil their dreams and desires… even though it might not align with what you want from them. By watching others grow, develop, and fulfil, you will learn new things yourself and maybe even get inspired to make some changes in your own life. #4 – Manipulation, Forcing and Controlling are Directly Effing with the Law of Free Will! If you want to push all the Good People away from you and create Karma that expands far into your next 7 reincarnations, this is the way to do it! Unfortunately, a lot of people fall into the habit of Manipulation, Forcing and Controlling because they are so desperate to get it their way!  It’s very simple; All acts of Manipulation, Forcing and Controlling are caused by the person’s Desperation and Frustration. The more a person is trying to Manipulate, Force, or/and Control, the more Desperate and maybe even Frustrated the person is to get it her/his/their way. It’s very easy to spot. Desperation and Frustration are both very low on the scale of Energy Frequencies! You can feel how it repels you on a physical level when you meet a desperate or frustrated person. Even online, you can feel repelled. It’s simply the Vibrations from their Energy you can feel. Manipulation, Forcing, and Controlling are interfering with someone’s Free Will on so many levels, not to mention that it’s an unforgivable and selfish action to force YOUR Will upon someone else.  There is a special place in Hell for people who continuously Manipulate, Forcing and Control their way through life. Not because it’s shitting on the Law of Free Will, but because that kind of person is vicious, narcissistic, greedy and awful. #5 – The Law of Free Will applies to Humans as well as Spiritual Beings, Celestial Beings, the Divine, and God! While Universal Laws don’t have anything to do with Spirituality or Religion, they do overlap since Universal Laws apply to EVERYONE, especially if the Law is Cosmic, as the Law of Free Will. In this article, we have mostly focused on Free Will in encounters with other people. But we also have to keep in mind that the Divine, Celestial Beings, Spiritual Beings, and God have Free Will too. First, God’s Will is a load of bullshit people use as an excuse for not owning up to making the necessary changes they need to make in their life. Sorry, not Sorry. Free Will works slightly differently for the Spiritual and Divine world than it does for the physical world because of the Human Ego. The Spiritual and Divine world doesn’t have an Ego. One of the main reasons people feel that the Divine or God doesn’t help them is simply because they haven’t asked for Divine Intervention! You don’t have to get down on your knees and fold your hands in prayer to ask the Divine, the Angels or God for help. All you have to do is say, “Hey God, please help me with _____. Thank You, amen.” The same goes with the Angels or any other Divine, Celestial, or Spiritual Being. The second mistake is expecting the Divine to hand it to you on a silver plate. The Divine, God, the Angels, and the Spiritual Beings are 90% of the time working through other people. They will bring someone who can help you in front of you, either in a physical meeting, or the person will somehow show up in your Social Media feed, or a friend will recommend this person to you. Then it’s up to you to take the next action and ask for the person’s help or purchase their services. Third, there is never a prayer left unanswered. Most of the time, it’s “unanswered” because you don’t like the answer and then choose to ignore it. Other times, it’s “unanswered” because what you’re asking for isn’t for your Higher Good or in alignment with your Energy Frequency.  The Divine knows your Soul Contract, your Soul Book, and Your Life Purposes. So instead of giving you what you want, the Divine can use their Free Will to help you to grow and develop as a Person and as a Soul. It’s not that the Divine is denying you what you want; it’s more a way to tell you one of two things: You’re not ready yet. Something better is in store for you. Since you have Free Will, too, you can choose whether or not you will follow the Divine’s help or continue to try to make something happen. Since the Divine, the Angels, the Spiritual Beings, and God doesn’t have an Ego, it’s impossible to Force, Control, and Manipulate Your Will upon them! #6 – The Law of Free Will is Deeply Connected with the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. In the Spring of 2023, I will write an article about the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. The Law of Cause and Effect is, in fact, connected to a lot of Universal Laws since the Law of Cause and Effect is all about the consequences of our actions, for better or worse. The Law of Cause and Effect states: “For Every Action, there is an Equal and Opposite Reaction. For every Effect, there is a Cause.” The Law of Cause and Effect is one of the Laws people have an ambivalent relationship with, mainly because we do understand and know that our actions have consequences, but we don’t like it when it’s ourselves who has to face the music. The Law of Free Will and the Law of Cause and Effect work very closely together. Every time you make a decision, you activate the Law of Cause and Effect every time you make a decision. … and remember, no decision is also a decision! 😉 If you Respect others’ Free Will and protect your own Free Will from being invaded by manipulative and controlling people, the Law of Cause and Effect will work in your favour and help you achieve what you want.  But if you Disrespect others’ Free Will and force your Will upon someone, or if you put up with someone’s manipulations, controlling and/or forcing, the Law of Cause and Effect will make sure you’ll get added Karma as a consequence of your behaviour. On top of that, that type of behaviour will also Cause a lot of other problems, challenges, setbacks, etc. as an Effect. If you’re on my Email List, you will Receive a FREE VIP Bonus around 8 PM GMT+2 (CEST) with 5 Ways to How to Use the Law of Free Will. CLICK HERE– if you aren’t on the Email List yet. 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11. August 2022Reading Time: 8 minutes Manifestation is not a Magic Wand you can use to make your Dreams Come True! That is a very ignorant and, to be honest, selfish way to perceive Manifestation.  Sure, you can Manifest your Desired Outcomes. That’s, after all, what I’m teaching you to do in all my Manifestation articles and in Divine Secrets to Successful Manifestations! Manifestation is bringing something into physical form or making something happen. The undeniable fact is, the Universe, God, the Angels, you name it, don’t really care if what you’re Manifesting is something you want or don’t want. They are just giving you what Matches your Energy Frequency. Your Energy Frequency is the Sum of your Most Dominant Thoughts and Emotions! When Your Most Dominant Action Steps support your Most Dominant Thoughts and Emotions, you will Manifest whatever that is in Alignment with that. You can Learn More about how to bring your Most Dominant Thoughts, Emotions, and Action Steps in Alignment with Your Dreams in my Digital Training Program, Divine Secrets to Successful Manifestations. When I have 1:1 clients, I always ask them to be as Specific as they possibly can, whether it’s a question for a Reading or if it’s something they need my help with as a Manifestation Expert or Spiritual Master Teacher. Fluffy questions give fluffy Readings. Fluffy goals/desires/requests give fluffy outcomes. The more Specific you can be, the better the Reading or Outcome will be. You must be crystal clear on what you Want to Manifest if you want to get your Desired Outcome! If you aren’t, you will Manifest random stuff or half-solutions. It’s not enough to want to be a millionaire, or want to be happily married, or want to be successful. To get a Satisfying and Successful Outcome, you have to be WAAAY more Specific! Here are some of the misfortunes that can hit you if you don’t get clear about what you want. Misfortune #1 – Your Manifestations are All Over the Place! NOTE: Talking about being Specific, I will use Money as an example to make it easier to follow along in this article. I haven’t met a person who didn’t want more Money! 😉 But remember, Money is just an example. You can replace Money with whatever you want to manifest. It’s not enough to want more Money or become a Millionaire. It’s waaaay too fluffy! What is More Money or be a Millionaire? When will you know you have achieved your goal? More Money can be anything from finding a penny on the street to winning the big Jackpot. Being a Millionaire can be anything from just hitting a million by luck in a lottery or closing a big sale to living a life where the millions keep ticking in your bank account while you’re living the life of your dreams. What I love about Money Manifestation is how easy it is to track the success rate. You can open your bank account on your phone right now and see how well you’re doing in your Manifestation process. Other types of Manifestations don’t always have the same opportunity to track the success rate. If you want to manifest More Money but don’t get Specific on a figure, you have no way of knowing when the Manifestation is a Success, AND More Money will come higgledy-piggledy into your life. Remember, finding 1 penny on the street IS a Manifestation of More Money! It’s just not a Manifestation you’ll be satisfied with, right? We are most likely to think that the 1 penny is a sign that the Manifestation of More Money is on its way, while the Universe might already have delivered the final outcome. More Money can also be Manifested as a little there, a little here, and a little over there…  It’s confusing! – and you won’t have any idea when you have succeeded! Misfortune #2 – You will Manifest a Lot of Random Stuff that You Don’t Really Want! Most people are Manifesting Random Stuff on Autopilot because they are unaware of how their Most Dominant Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions are creating and forming the life they’re experiencing.  EVERYTHING you see around you, past, present, future – and EVERY experience or circumstance you have been in, past, present, future – are the Manifestations of your Most Dominant Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions at that time. Your Life, and anything and anyone in it, is a Manifestation of your Most Dominant Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions. That’s simple quantum physics and neuroscience! So if you’re living your life on auto-pilot and letting outside circumstances and other people influence (or even control) your Most Dominant Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions, your present life and future will unfold as a Manifestation of that. You may Manifest a job, but it’s not really the job you want. You may Manifest more Money, but it’s not really a figure that will make any difference in your life. You may Manifest a Romantic Partner, but it’s not a good match or healthy relationship. You may Manifest better Health, but you may only feel better for a week. Wanting to Manifest Happiness is one of the BIGGEST mistakes you can ever make. Not because it’s wrong to Manifest Happiness… I mean, we all want to be happy, right? The mistake is that Happiness is waaaaay too wide! You need to narrow it down to something more Specific.  Happiness is an Energy Frequency, not a Manifestation goal! So if we go back to our example of Manifesting More Money, we first have to keep in mind that Money can’t buy Happiness, and having More Money doesn’t mean all your problems are gone. Money opens up new opportunities and can make your life easier in some areas, whereas other areas of your life need to be reviewed.  You can use Happiness as a compass when you’re changing your Most Dominant Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions to match the Money Goal you want to Manifest. Misfortune #3 – You will Get Frustrated with the Universe! One of the most Important Keys to a Successful Manifestation is to have Complete Faith in the Universe. Our Faith will be tested many times during a Manifestation Process because impatience is a part of normal human behaviour. But if you’re unclear about what you EXACTLY want to Manifest, and it’s something fluffy like More Money, your Faith will be tested even further! It’s completely unnecessary and all the result of your lack of determination! You will get more and more Frustrated with the Universe because you don’t see the (satisfying) results you desire. The problem is NOT the Universe! The problem is that More Money isn’t specific enough for anyone to know when the desire is achieved with satisfaction. Always remember that finding 1 penny on the street IS a Manifestation of More Money whether or not you are satisfied with it. Frustration is also a major block to Manifesting anything good into your life – and the more you lack Faith in the Universe, the more likely you are to sabotage all your Manifestations. Frustration is a VERY, VERY low ranking Energy Frequency. Misfortune #4 – You will Blame the Wrong People for the Lack of Your Manifestation!  Along with Random Manifestations you aren’t aware of because you’re living on auto-pilot, unsatisfying halfway results, and slowly increasing Frustration with the Universe, you will also be prone to blame others for the lack of your Manifestation. This is a nasty rabbit hole to fall into. It’s often politicians, the government, world leaders, successful businesses (owners) – or anyone else who is in a position of power and influence who gets blamed for others’ misfortune. It’s so important to remember that the life you experience is a Manifestation of your Most Dominant Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions. So if anyone is to blame for the lack of your Desired Outcome in your life, then it’s yourself! It’s YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to make sure your Most Dominant Thoughts, Emotions and Actions are in alignment with having the Money you desire!  This is another reason why More Money is too fluffy. It’s close to impossible to adjust your Energy Frequency and actions for More Money! If you, however, change the goal to receive $10K into your bank account every month, then it’s way easier to adjust your Energy Frequency to be in alignment with that goal and change your Most Dominant Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions to support it. It won’t happen overnight, but you will see far better results. This will also change your perception of the world, and you’ll no longer feel the need to blame others for your misfortune. The more you take responsibility for everything that occurs in your life, the more you realise that what happens outside in the world only influences you as much as you let it influence you. You also realise that you must stand up for yourself and be the change you wish to see in the world. Instead of blaming others for what doesn’t work in your life or the world, it’s much more effective to take responsibility and stand up for what you believe in. That includes making an effort to make the world a better place… It is your job, after all, Lightworker! Misfortune #5 – You Can’t Bring Your Energy Frequency in Alignment with Your Dreams! Your Energy Frequency is the Sum of your Most Dominant Thoughts, Emotions and Actions. As mentioned above, it’s a lot easier to Manifest $10K every month than it is to Manifest More Money!  Manifesting 10K every month follows the SMART model. It’s Specific. It’s Measurable. It’s Actionable. It’s Realistic. It’s Time-Based. When you open your bank account, you will know exactly whether or not you have Manifested $10K that month. I won’t recommend starting your Money Manifestation journey by trying to Manifest a million dollars. 1. It’s not realistic if your current monthly income is under $30K. 2. Your Trust and Faith in the Universe aren’t Strong Enough. 3. Your Money Mindset isn’t strong enough. 4. There is a big risk that you end up in more debt than you already have. $10K per month is a safe starting point. You can go lower if you feel 10K is a bit too unrealistic. Now is your job to align your Most Dominant Thoughts and Emotions with a monthly income of $10K, thereby adjusting your Energy Frequency. I’m teaching you how in Divine Secrets to Successful Manifestations. Since More Money isn’t any near close to being SMART, then it is very difficult to bring your Energy Frequency in alignment. Fluffy goal, fluffy outcome, remember! Misfortune #6 – It’s Impossible for You to Do What It Takes to Bring Your Dream into Your Life! Manifestation is not a Magic Wand that bidibidobidiboo makes all your dreams come true! Whatever your Most Dominant Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions are, is what is Manifesting as your Reality, Experiences, and Circumstances. This means if you want to Manifest More Money, you must take guided actions that will bring More Money into your life. The most common “guided actions” for getting More Money are playing the lottery and hoping to win the big Jackpot or/and working more hours. Since More Money is so indefinable and fluffy, it’s very difficult to take the RIGHT guided actions. Playing the lottery is, in my opinion, a waste of money since the chances of losing money is way higher than winning them. Also, studies show that Jackpot winners are more likely to end up in extremely deep debt within a couple of years after winning the Jackpot. Working more hours isn’t the right way to make More Money since it will jeopardise your Physical and Mental Health. When you instead focus on Manifesting $10K every month, it becomes a lot easier to map out an action plan with ways to achieve those 10K every month. It’s all about working smarter, not harder.  You can look into what your salary should be and then ask for a raise if you’re being paid less than you’re worth. – This, of course, could mean you should work on your Assertiveness and Self-Esteem. This also will benefit you later on as your bank account starts to grow. You can look into what other income streams you can add. I recommend having 7 independent income streams. If one income stream runs slow or ends (e.g. losing your day job), then you still have 6 other income streams to support you until you get the 7th back in place again. Guided Actions are not Divine messages that tell you exactly what you should do to get your Desired Outcome. Guided Actions are the Action Plan you create to achieve your Desired Outcome while making sure Your Most Dominant Thoughts and Emotions are in alignment. Happiness is, as mentioned earlier, an Energy Frequency. Your Most Dominant Thoughts and Emotions determine if you have sincere Happiness in your Life. So if you want to Manifest $1oK every month, you must make sure that every step in your Action Plan contributes to and supports sincere Happiness. I will also add Good Health (physically, mentally, and emotionally) to the list of what your Action Plan should contribute and support. Well, this article became quite long, but I feel the topic’s importance justifies how long the article is. … and remember, these examples apply to anything you want to manifest, not just money! Which one of the misfortunes have you experienced in your life? Let me know in the comments below.     View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Sabrina Bøglund | Manifestation Expert for Lightworkers (@sabrinaboglund) [...]
4. August 2022Reading Time: 4 minutes Money can be an inflammatory topic to bring up when it comes to Spirituality and Manifestation! Because of that, Money is one of the biggest cases of Paradoxical Intention.  When I did Angel Tarot Card Readings and Psychic Readings, one of the most asked questions was about Money. Yet there are still people in the Spiritual community who very vocally let everybody know that money isn’t Spiritual and it’s un-spiritual to want more Money. Even worse, some even attack people who are running Spiritual Businesses with “It’s un-spiritual to charge Money for Spiritual Services. Spiritual Services should be given to people for free because abilities are a gift from God!” It’s such a big load of bullshit! Have you ever heard someone say that about talented artists, singers, actors, hair stylists, or any other profession where a person is born with a talent or gift? So why should it be any different for Psychics, Clairvoyants, Healers, Mediums, Readers, Coaches, Mentors, etc.? Your Relationship with Money. Your Relationship with Money is one of the most important Energetic Relationships you have! Not because of the 💰💰💰 itself, but because Money is such an integrated part of your survival. You need Money to buy food, mortgage, electricity, clothes… well, pretty much everything. Money is Neutral! Money has become the most significant exchange currency because Money is easier to carry around than cows, horses, and chickens and because Money is a Neutral currency! Money was invented 5,000 years ago as an easier way to exchange goods on the local market and between travellers from far away. Back then, the worth of goods was measured by their weight; today, it’s measured by value, demand, and benefits.  I’m pricing my offering based on how much time, energy and effort I have put into the offering, the value it will bring to the customer/client, and the average market price in my niche. And I don’t offer discounts or sales on any of my products and services simply because I believe it’s most fair that everyone pays the same price. What is Your Relationship with Money? What are your Most Dominant Thoughts about Money? What are your Most Dominant Emotions about Money? What is the first thing you do when you receive your monthly Paycheck? What is the first thing you do when you receive unexpected Money? How do you feel about paying full price for something? The answers to those questions show very clearly your Relationship with Money.  Another way to test your Relationship with Money is by answering these two questions. If someone treated you the same way as you treat Money, would you then want to hang out with them? If someone spoke and thought about you the same way as you speak and think about money, would you then want to hang out with them? Lack-Mentality is the Biggest Block! If you only focus on what you don’t have and that you can’t afford what you desire, then you will manifest more lack into your life! Remember, everything you experience in your life is the Manifestation of your Most Dominant Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions. So if your Financial Situation sucks and you don’t Manifest the Money you Desire, it’s because your Most Dominant Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions aren’t aligned with Wealth and Prosperity. Some countries have a lower GDP, and the local currency is low. But that doesn’t mean you have to be limited by your country’s financial situation. Just because something outside of your power is limited doesn’t mean it has to limit you. You just need to think outside the box and come up with a solution that supports your Money goals and is legal. You must be willing to work around the obstacles there are in your life. I’m running Bøglund Lightworkers despite being a Migraine patient, having PTSD, an anxiety disorder, and being prone to depression. I’m running my own business, so I have the freedom to be in charge of my own schedule… and take time off when I’m not feeling well.  It’s up to you to find a way to make Money despite health, country, language, etc. obstacles.  In Denmark, we have a saying that goes; “Hvor der er vilje er der vej!” Translated into English, “Where there is a will, there is a way!” Money Manifestation is all about making your own fortune and making the necessary changes that support a lifestyle with your Money goal. Money Manifestation Tips If you need quick Money, the easiest way to find them is by going through your subscriptions and cancelling the subscriptions you aren’t using right now. Another important tip is working on not spending all your money the second you receive them. I recommend transferring 10% of your monthly income to a savings account. The third tip I will give you is to work on the discomfort you’re having around Money, spending Money, and charging Money.  When I’m purchasing something expensive or asking professionals for help, I always see it as an Investment in myself or my business. I would NEVER expect someone to help me for free. I respect their time, energy, knowledge and training/education way too much. It also goes the other way around. I don’t work for free either, and I refer people to my products and services if they ask for my help. If people don’t want to pay for my work, I can’t help them. Actually, I find it quite disrespectful when people ask for my help or guidance but won’t pay me.  Having a Spiritual Practice is not charity. If you don’t charge for your services and help, you are messing with the Law of Giving & Receiving, which will block the inflow of Money in your life. If your give, and give, and give and never allow yourself to receive, even if it means you have to demand payment for your work, you will continue to Manifest lack in your life.  If you are employed somewhere and have a set salary, you have the opportunity to ask for a raise, find another workplace that pays you better, or have a side hustle. You must be confident in finding ways to increase your income. Every time you say “I can’t __________!” you’re feeding the Lack mentality, and therefore your “I can’t”’s becomes self-fulfilling prophecies. You must know your worth, and then make sure that your Net Worth reflects it! Your Net-Worth is a direct reflection of your Self-Worth. So to increase your Net Worth, you should start working on your Self-Worth.   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Sabrina Seraphiel | Manifestation Expert for Lightworkers (@sabrinaboglund) [...]
28. July 2022Reading Time: 5 minutes We’re halfway through 2022, and soon we will return to work and school after our Summer Break, which makes it the perfect time to review your Goals for 2022. How well is it going with achieving your 2022 goals? Have you achieved some of your goals? – or none of them? Today we will look into some things you can do to super-boost your 2022 goals. Success Tip #1 – Be Very Focused on What You Want to Achieve. If you’re trying to accomplish too many things at once, you most likely won’t succeed in any of them. You’ll stretch yourself too thin! My recommendation is to focus on max. 5 Main Goals. For each of the 5 Main Goals, you can break it into 3 Sub-Goals for the Quarter. Then break the 3 Quarter Goals into 4 Monthly Action Steps. Let’s say one of your Main Goals for 2022 is to lose 20 kg. Then one of the Quarterly Sub-Goal would obviously be losing 5 kg per quarter.  Monthly Action Steps: Losing 1,5 kg. per month Walk 10,000 steps per day. Do daily Self-Love and Body-Love affirmations in front of the mirror. Now do the same for the 2 other Sub-Goals. By breaking Main Goals down into Quarter Goals and Monthly Action Steps, it becomes more manageable and easier to implement into your daily life. It’s important to keep your mind at peace if you desire successful results for your goals. Stress, frustration, desperation, and odd dodge to get what you want, will only slow or block your process. Success Tip #2 – Eliminate Your Blocks. Your blocks are usually not what you think your blocks are! Many people think outside circumstances, things, or people are the reason why they can achieve their goals. – but that isn’t true! Sure, the prices of gas, groceries, and everything else are sky-high right now, and we are all affected by the war in Ukraine. Along with still being in the aftermath of COVID. But Global crises only have as much influence over you and YOUR achievements as you let them. The first thing would be to stop watching the News every day. I prefer to get my News-Updates as notifications on my iPhone, and then I watch 21Søndag to get the highlights of the week. If you want to live a High Vibe Life and create a life of Happiness, Joy and Love for yourself and your loved ones, you must stop feeding your consciousness with all the bad things that happen in the world. Highlights are enough. When you move your focus from death and destruction to focus on what you can do right now to achieve your goals, with the resources available to you, you bring yourself in a much better alignment with your Desired Outcome. The BIGGEST Blocks that prevent you from getting what you want are your own Fears, Pains, and Anxieties… and Global crises and psychopathic world leaders are just feeding into those fears, pains, and anxieties. It’s not time, money, resources, network, etc., that blocks you from achieving your goals. It’s not fate or destiny, or even God’s Will, that prevents you from getting what you want. It’s all your excuses and “reasons” for why you can’t do what it takes. … and there is no such a thing as “I don’t have enough time!” – Time is all about prioritising, so if you don’t have time to do what it takes, then you don’t want enough! You’re not losing 20 kg if you sit still all day because you’re busy with work, right? Success Tip #3 – Know Your WHY. It’s not enough to have a goal like “I want to be a millionaire!” if there isn’t a passionate WHY behind it. Being able to pay your bills and travel first class doesn’t really cut it. You need to dive deep and look at the true reason behind wanting to be a millionaire. Is the reason driven by your Ego or Fear? – or is it driven by your Soul or Divine Love? There is no wrong or right answer here, you just need to be honest with yourself. In my Manifestation Training Programs, I have some exercises that help you to discover your True WHY and reveal if your WHY is the low vibe or High Vibe. One of the rules I live by is only to do what I’m passionate about. If I’m not passionate about something, it’s just not gonna happen! It’s that simple! I’m also creating my goals based on what I want to feel in life, and passion is one of my life sources. Without passion for what I’m doing, I can’t breathe, and I feel stuck in a black pit. Whether you choose your Goals first and then later tap into your WHY or you create your Goals based on WHY you want them, it’s up to you. Want to be a millionaire and having Financial Freedom are two very different approaches. The first is created by your Ego, and the latter is created by Divine Love. Success Tip #4 – Take Actions Every Day. In tip #1, I told you to break your Main Goals down into Quarterly Sub-Goals, and Monthly Action Steps. This tip is about implementing the goals and action steps into your daily life. If you don’t take action on your goals, then they are nothing else than just a dream! When we don’t take action on our goals, it’s usually because we are afraid of the changes that will follow when we achieve our goals. It’s a paradoxical intention! We really want to achieve our goals but are afraid of how our lives will change when we have our desired outcome. That fear is very prone to prevent us from doing what needs to be done and thereby block the Manifestation. This is another reason I believe it’s better to part your goals into smaller, more manageable sub-goals than go from zero to a hundred in one step. You can take daily action in two ways. You can use your list from Tip #1 and work on your Monthly Action Steps, or you can ask yourself this magical question: “WHAT CAN I DO TODAY THAT WILL BRING ME CLOSER TO MY DESIRED OUTCOME?” Whatever comes to mind is your Divinely assignment to achieve your goal. Collaboration with the Universe is the key! Success Tip #5 – Master the Art of Getting What You Want. Getting what you want is not acting like a spoiled brat throwing a tantrum! It’s about working in synergy with the Universe and becoming a Manifestation’s Master. No matter what goals you have for 2022… No matter what you want to achieve… No matter what your Desired Outcomes are… … it can come true if you’re in Vibrational Alignment with your Desired Outcome and take Supportive Action Steps to make the Manifestation come true. I don’t believe in one-time solutions since most goals require maintenance.  Would you be satisfied with losing 20 kg this year for then gaining it all back again in a short time? The goal should then change from losing 20 kg to maintaining your Desired Weight. Or let’s talk about money… Would you be most satisfied with manifesting $1,000,000 in 2022 or have a continuous inflow of millions for the rest of your life? … or until you change your goal? Manifesting $1,000,000 in 2022 is a one-time thing, and we all know that you will spend that money way faster than you got them, right? So within a couple of months, you are more broke than you were before you got your 1M bucks. Why? Because you very quickly developed some very expensive habits. This is why Financial Freedom is a better approach than wanting to become a millionaire. Financial Freedom invokes the continuous inflow of millions; wanting to become a millionaire doesn’t. As you can see, it all comes down to how you approach your goals. If you want my help to have a Successful Outcome for your 2022 goals, I will recommend you to check out DIVINE SECRETS TO SUCCESSFUL MANIFESTATIONS.  Which of these tips will you try?  Let me know in the comments on the Instagram Post below.     View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Sabrina Seraphiel | Manifestation Expert for Lightworkers (@sabrinaboglund) [...]
21. July 2022Reading Time: 7 minutes Last month, we started this Monthly Universal Laws series, where I’m introducing you to Universal Laws you should know. There are hundreds of billions of different Universal Laws. All play a little part in a bigger picture. They are cogwheels that make the whole Universal Maschine running. If one is unbalanced or blocked, everything else is affected.  So picking one Law out, e.g. the Law of Attraction, and making that Law the centre for all teaching of, e.g. Manifestation, is a huge mistake! – and the reason why you can’t get a successful outcome. #1 – There are 3 Types of Laws: In my work, I’m working with 3 types of Laws. The Universal Laws The Cosmic Laws The Archetypal Laws The Universal Laws. The Universal Laws contain the knowledge that all living beings have the vitality and the strength to gather from themselves all the things necessary for their growth and fruition. This means that you have the strength within yourself to get everything you need for your growth and success! And so has everybody else! – Any living being, past, present, future, all have this strength! The Universal Laws have the understanding and knowledge of how everything comes into being. You may know you have all the answers and you have the perfect plan, but you only know what your mind is capable of perceiving. And your perception will always be limited because of your Egos fear-based mind. The Cosmic Laws. The Cosmic Laws are the only things in life that never change. The Cosmic Laws don’t break or bend.  The Cosmic Laws are also known as Divine Order. Divine Order is inevitable, like Death, Birth and the School of Life. Sometimes something is meant to go wrong in order for you to learn what you need to learn to get your Desired Outcome. We are putting our kids in school for at least 10 years so they have the necessary skills to succeed in life and have a good life, right?  It’s the same with the Universe and the Cosmic Laws.  The Universal Laws are the cogwheels that keep the Universe running, the Cosmic Laws the frames that keep everything in unbreakable Divine Order. The Archetypal Law // Sub-Laws. This is a prototype for the echoing reflections of other Laws and which serves as the skeleton or framework for other Laws.  The first archetype law is the Law of One. Second is the Law of Two. The third is the Law of Three.  This apparent division is never-ending so long as the Law of Description is in effect. The Laws falling under the Archetypal Law are also called Sub-Laws. The infamous Law of Attraction is a Sub-Law to the Law of Magnetism.  The tricky part with this type of Law is that if you don’t understand all of them and know how they work, you won’t succeed. One is not enough to get the wheels in motion. #2 – The Universal Laws are Omnipresence. The Universal Laws are everywhere, anytime… Time and place, as we know it as humans, only exist in our world. Time is human-made since we are the only ones who grasp the idea of past-present-future.  As you will see, as this monthly series of introductions to Universal Laws continues, all Universal Laws are influenced by your Energy Frequency and your Actions. It’s energetical cords that link everything together. When you change your Actions, new cords get activated and thereby, what information the Universal Laws receive.  Where there is energy,  so are there Universal Laws. #3 – No one is Above the Universal Laws. There are no loopholes or ways to bend the Universal Laws, and there is definitely no one who is above them.  The Universal Laws apply to Everyone, no matter social status, net worth, profession, health situation, skin colour, nationality, age, religion, etc. The only thing the Universe cares about is your Energy Frequency, what Choices you make, and what Actions you take! When it comes to the Universe, EVERYTHING is Energy. No money, religion, the position of power or social status can hide your Energy from the Universe. Quite the opposite, actually! Trying to hide your Energy Frequency or trying to bend or break the Universal Laws are acts of the Ego’s Fear-Based Mind.  Seeing yourself superior to the Universal Laws is also an act of the Ego’s Fear-Based Mind. Seeing yourself as superior is a sign of fear of losing control and distrust in the Universe. What about God? In my work, I refer to God as the Source of Love. Partly because I don’t belong to any religion. Partly because I want my work to be communicated in a Universal Language, hence why I also write in English and not Danish. And Partly because the Source of Love is very straightforward to work with from a scientific viewpoint. The Universal Laws also apply to the Source of Love or God because It/He is a part a component in the big Universe Maschine. In order to answer prayers and guide people, the Source of Love/God needs to follow the Universal Laws. This is why you must Invoke and Pray for Divine help or guidance if you desire Divine intervention in your situation. The Universal Law of Free Will states, “No one and Nothing can Interfere with Your Free Will.” That, of course, also means that you can’t interfere with others either. #4 – They are Not Preventing You From Getting What You Want! I know people who have been through so much shit that they almost have given up. They always give me the same “It’s just not my fate!”-excuse. There is no such thing as fate and destiny! You are in full charge of how your life unfolds! You have Free Will, and you are Free to do whatever you want to do! But all actions have consequences, some good, some bad, some right in the middle. Every action has its effects, and every effect has its action. Remember, no action is also an action! – and avoiding making a decision is also making a decision. We have all been in situations where we felt we had no choice because if we didn’t do what was asked of us, something terrible would happen to ourselves or someone we care about. This happens because someone got into your head and used fear to control you. Fear can be very powerful, but only if you let it get into your head. The truth is, even if it feels like you have no choice, there is actually a way out of the mess. You just need to silence your Fear-Based Mind, think creatively and outside the box and be brave enough to get out without hurting yourself or others. When it comes to Manifesting more Money, a Successful Career, a Relationship, Having a Child, etc., it’s not the Universal Laws that stop you from having what you desire. Most likely, your Desired Outcome blocked your most Dominant Thoughts, Emotions and Actions don’t support your Desired Outcome. That’s very simple to fix since it’s a matter of bringing your most Dominant Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions in alignment with your Desired Outcome. Other times, the Desired Outcome is blocked because something in your Soul Contract, Soul Book or Karmic Records doesn’t support your Desired Outcome. In these rare cases, it’s more complicated since the Desired Outcome is either Karmic Blocked or your Soul Lessons are in play. It’s often the case of infertility. It’s often a Lesson in your Soul Contract! It’s not fate or destiny because you can still have a child. You just can’t conceive it yourself. So maybe adopting a child to give it a better life than its birth parents could give it is the solution to having a child and making a difference for someone. If something is blocked and your Desired Outcome doesn’t seem to come true, it’s never the Universe or the Universal Laws that prevent you from having it. It’s because you aren’t in alignment with your Desired Outcome, and you haven’t learned the necessary things to take the right actions to bring it into form. #5 – Some Laws Look Alike, but are Not the Same. Some Universal Laws have Sub-Laws or are a Sub-Law.  The Law of Attraction is a Sub-Law to the Law of Magnetism. In fact, the Law of Magnetism has 8 Sub-Laws underneath it. All equally important. The Law of Threefold Return has 3 Sub-Laws, including the Law of Cause & Effect. Then there is a Universal Law like the Law of Paradox, which recognises the movement of energies in four dimensions simultaneously. The Law of Paradox combines the Law of Cause & Effect, the Law of Inertia, the Law of Macrocosm & Microcosm and the Law of Vibration. If you don’t know the differences between Archetypal Laws and their Sub-Laws, they can all sound very identical. Let’s take the Law of Magnetism and its 8 Sub-Laws. I’m not going to teach you these Laws. – I will only list what they mean, so you can see how easy it is to confuse them without the proper teaching and knowledge. The Law of Magnetism states, “You can only attract the same kind of energy that you put out.” The Law of Attraction states, “Like attracts Like! – This Law dictates that your Thoughts, Words and Deeds will Attract similar Thoughts, Words and Deeds from those you have Contacted with.” The Law of Pure Desire states, “Your Desire must be Pure and Motivated by Love and Passion. An element of Ego cannot be present. An element of Urgency or Lack cannot exist. Total Detachment and Surrender must be exercised.” The Law of Harmony states, “Create Loving Relationships with Everyone and Everything you come into contact with, and the Universe will Pay you back in Kind. All things in Moderation. Be Balanced in your Time. Honour Yourself as well as Others.” The Law of Coalesce states, “When you think on something, it will attract like thoughts.” The Law of Affinity ensures that “All Conditions and Situations the Soul Desires for Mastering Material Reality are drawn to the Attention of the Individual Intellect by Virtue of the Oneness of Universe Energy.” The Law of Visualisation states, “You must See it in your Mind before you can Achieve it.” The Law of Manifestation states, “For something to exist, it must exist in Thought or Consciousness first. When it comes to your own Individual Experience, it means that your own Consciousness Creates your own Personal Reality.” The Law of Paradoxical Intent states, “The more Desperate you are to Achieve a Certain Outcome, the more does that Needy Energy Toxifies the Desired Outcome and pushes it away.” Do you see how they are linked together, and very similar and yet different? How many of these 9 Laws have you confused for being the Law of Attraction?   I would love to hear from you; What do you take away from this article? – Let me know in the comments in the Instagram post below.   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Sabrina Seraphiel | Manifestation Expert for Lightworkers (@sabrinaboglund) [...]
14. July 2022Reading Time: 4 minutes Earlier this week, I launched the long-awaited Divine Secrets to Successful Manifestation – Digital Training Program, which teaches you how to use the bullet-proof Bøglund Manifestation Equation, M = DAS+EF = DE+DT, to get successful outcomes of your Manifestations… EVERY TIME! If you know me just a little bit, you would know I have no time or energy for bullshit! So my Manifestation teaching is completely bullshit-free. I have been working professionally with Manifestation for 14 years, so I have seen many versions of how to sabotage a Manifestation. The sad part is that people who are sabotaging their Manifestation aren’t often aware of it, so they continue doing the wrong things. While I can’t fix the problem for you, I can highlight the TOP 3 BIGGEST MISTAKES THAT SABOTAGE YOUR MANIFESTATION! Mistake #1 – Be Seduced by Shiny Objects. The biggest NO-NO in Manifestation is trying to Manifest something because you think it will make you feel better or think it will be the solution to all your problems…  Shiny Objects are things, persons, places, events, situations, careers, money, etc., which you believe will make you feel better – OR, in worse cases, to prove to others that you can have it and others can’t. Money is often a Shiny Object because many people believe all their problems will be solved if they have millions in their bank account! Sure, many things become a lot easier if you are rich, but rich people have problems too, which money can’t help them solve. In How to Manifest a Specific Person, we talk about being very careful not to put your Specific Person up on a pedestal. It can be very dangerous for your Mental Health if you idolise a person so much that you believe that person would be everything you need to have the life of your dreams. Any Manifestation that’s dangerous for your Mental Health and Physical Health will be blocked by the Universe! However, no Manifestation is ever lost… it’s just blocked until you adjust your Most Dominant Thoughts, Emotions and Actions to be in Alignment with your Desired Outcome… without messing with your Health. To be clear, there is nothing wrong with wanting to become a Millionaire or Manifest a Specific Person…  It’s not what you want to Manifest… It’s WHY you want to Manifest it. The trick is to know the difference between Be Specific About What You Want and Be Attached to One Way Only! Shiny Objects fall under the category of Attachment! You find your Shiny Objects because your Ego believes that your Shiny Object can heal your Deepest and Darkest Fears, Pains, and Anxieties. 👈🏻 AND That is the exact reason why being Seduced by Shiny Objects is not only sabotaging your Manifestation but blocking it too! It wouldn’t be a surprise if you were under the spell of Shiny Objects. They are everywhere, from ads on Social Media to commercials on TV, Influencers, Reality Shows, potential business partners who promise you the moon… The beauty industry makes trillions of dollars every year because they seduce their customers with Shiny Objects. The Lottery is basically designed to seduce people with money as the Shiny Object. Reality Shows use the short ticket to fame as Shiny Object. Mistake #2 – Forcing, Controlling or Manipulating Others. Forcing, Controlling and Manipulating others can be, not always, caused by the quest of getting a Shiny Object. Forcing, Controlling and Manipulating others is ALWAYS an act from the Ego’s Fear-Based Mind. We only feel the need to Force, Control and Manipulate if we don’t think we can get our Desired Outcome in any other way. The whole “I NEED TO MAKE IT HAPPEN NOW!!!!”-energy is very repulsive and will block the Manifestation instantly. If you want Instant Manifestation, you must approach it in a very different way! Like a 180º turn. “I NEED IT NOW!” reeks of Desperation, Fear, and Greed… Three Emotions that will lower your Energy Frequency down in the mud.  If you want to be a Manifestation Superstar, you MUST stop acting like a spoilt brat and instead work on healing the deep-rooted cause of that Desperation, Fear and Greed. Mistake #3 – Waiting for a Miracle. I don’t know where people got the idea that their Desired Outcome would be granted to them by God or who else they believe will grant their wishes… 🧚🏻‍♀️ The Fairy Godmother… 🧞 A Genie in a Bottle… 👼🏻 The Angels… The bottom line is, if you’re waiting for a Miracle, you can wait from now, and it snows in the Sahara… Miracles don’t work that way. A Miracle is a shift in perception; Choosing to see Love instead of Fear! If you want your dreams to come true, you must bring yourself in Energetic Alignment with your Desired Outcome and take action steps to support your Desired Outcome.  Sometimes it requires a leap of faith and takes an opportunity (that isn’t a Shiny Object) when it presents itself… even if you are not certain if it will succeed. The Universe (and God) often works through other people! – So when people offer to help you or tell you about something that might help you, then accept it. Since Social Media has become such a massive part of our lives, the Universe (and God) is now also working through people on Social Media. Pay attention to what shows up in your News Feed, Suggested Posts, and Explore Page. It could be the next step to getting your Desired Outcome. A Manifestation will NEVER happen unless YOUR action steps support the outcome.  For instance, you’re not losing 15 kg at one time in the gym. You need to commit to your weight loss every day until you’ve reached your goal. It’s the same thing with Manifestation. If you are just sitting and waiting for a Miracle, your passivity will block the Manifestation. Now it’s your turn… Let me know in the comments on the Insta Post below; Which of these 3 mistakes are you making?     View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Sabrina Seraphiel | Manifestation Expert for Lightworkers (@sabrinaboglund) [...]
7. July 2022Reading Time: 7 minutes July is all about Manifestation… or at least it is here in the Resource Hub and on my Insta account. Manifestation is one of my expertise areas and something I always have enjoyed studying. Manifestation is MY nerdy-geek! Before we start the article, I need to address why this is not a Lightworker Lessons from a Netflix or HBO show article. I have been extremely busy the last couple of months, leaving me with very little free time to watch any TV at all… and if I watch TV, it’s to relax before going to bed. Looking for Lightworker Lessons in a TV show is working too.  Back to Manifestation. Manifestation can be tricky because it requires your mind and Energy Frequency to be in the right place. When your mind and Energy Frequency are in alignment with your Desired Outcome, the manifestation will happen smoothly and effortlessly. However, if your mind and Energy Frequency aren’t in alignment with your Desired Outcome, the manifestation will either be blocked or be very difficult to come true. I have a very big announcement next week that, without a doubt, will help you achieve SUCCESSFUL MANIFESTATIONS EVERY TIME. Keep an eye on my Instagram or join my email list to be the first to know + VIP bonuses. Reason #1 – Confusing Manifestation with the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is a Universal Law which was made internationally famous in 2006 when the book and DVD The Secret was released. The Secret made its way into many homes, including celebrities and Oprah’s talk show. The fame and interest in The Secret got reflected in the teachings about manifestation and the Universal Laws. Suddenly the Law of Attraction became 1:1 with manifestation. The problem is that the Law of Attraction is only one of the many Universal Laws in play for a manifestation to happen. Relying completely on the Law of Attraction is ignorant and a waste of time and energy. The Law of Attraction states, “Like attracts Like,” – which means you don’t attract what you want…  YOU ARE ATTRACTING MORE OF WHAT YOU ALREADY ARE! You = Your Energy Frequency. Your Energy Frequency = The Sum of Your Most Dominant Thoughts and Emotions. The Law of Attraction works like a magnet, BUT it only cares about your Energy Frequency! Not what you want and don’t want. Reason #2 – Your Energy Frequency isn’t in Alignment with Your Desired Outcome. Your Energy Frequency is alpha-omega for your manifestation! You have successful manifestations all the time… you’re just unaware of it since most of the manifestations happen on auto-pilot or are something you don’t want. Have you ever experienced the same unwanted thing happening over and over again?  Or does it feel like you’re stuck on a hamster wheel? Or your life and work just become tedious work? Or, no matter how much you work, it just seems like you can never have the financial freedom you desire? Or no matter who you’re dating, they always end up cheating on you? … I hate to be the one to break it to you, but you’re (unconsciously) using the Law of Attraction to attract these things into your life because they are in alignment with your Energy Frequency! Keep in mind, you’re NOT the one who is manifesting the cheating… but you’re manifesting relationships with people prone to cheating! If you keep attracting people into your life who is cheating on you, I’m quite sure you have dishonest and disloyal friends too.  As long as you have a low Energy Frequency, the more you will attract people into your life whom you can’t trust. The same goes with your money situation, work situation, dull life, and any other thing in your life you don’t like… – It’s just a manifestation and reflection of your most dominant thoughts and emotions. No matter what you want in life, your foremost duty is to keep your Energy Frequency as high as possible! – Because when your Energy Frequency is as High as Possible, you can attract and manifest anything you want. It’s all about the energy! Reason #3 – You’re Waiting for a Miracle to Happen. If I had a penny for every time I saw someone make this mistake, I would be a billionaire now! I honestly don’t have an explanation for why some people think all they have to do is to make a wish, and then their dream will come true just like that…  That might work in fairy tales and Disney movies, but in real life, there aren’t any Fairy Godmothers, or Genie in the bottles, or Magic Wishing-Wells… Miracles DO happen! – but often when they are unexpected! I don’t like to say this about myself, but I am a Miracle Baby! My parents weren’t able to conceive. After 6 years of trying, my dad prayed from the bottom of his heart to have a child. 22 months later, I was born! The natural way and with both of my parents’ DNA. It was against all odds, but somehow a miracle went through, and my parents had a successful pregnancy. I’ve gone over that pregnancy many times because, from a medical standpoint, it does not make sense… and looking at how my life and my siblings’ lives turned out, infertility was probably the best call. Another thing that pregnancy is proof of is nothing is set in stone, and Soul Contracts can be edited. My parents were granted this miracle because my dad’s prayer came from the bottom of his heart, and he handed everything over to the Universe so that she could do her magic.  Miracles aren’t something that is granted on-demand or to the ones who need it the most.  Miracles can ONLY happen when you bring your Energy Frequency in alignment with your Desired Outcome and make a daily effort that makes it attractive for your Desired Outcome to come into your life. While you’re doing this, you also have to let go of ANY expectations or demands to what, how, when, where, and who.  My best advice to live a life with Miracles is to create a lifestyle that attracts Miracles. In other words, live a life at the highest Energy Frequency you possibly can. In manifestation, it isn’t enough just to make a wish and then sit back and wait for it to happen. A manifestation can only happen if your Most Dominant Thoughts, Emotions and ACTIONS are in alignment with your Desired Outcome. Your Most Dominant Thoughts and Emotions create your Energy Frequency, and your Most Dominant Action Steps are what bring it to life. If you want to lose 15 kg, it’s not enough to lay on your couch, watching Netflix and eating Pringles while wishing to lose 15 kg. You’ll need to start eating healthier and start exercising. It’s the same thing with any other manifestation. You need to get your butt up from the couch and start taking actions that will bring you closer to your Desired Outcome. One step at a time. Like writing a book… a standard book of 265 pages is about 70,000 words. If you write 1,000 words every day, then you’ll have manifested a book within 3 months. Writing 1,000 words every day also seems less overwhelming than writing 70,000 words in 3 months, right? Reason #4 – You’re Groping in the Dark. When I ask people what they want to manifest in their lives, these are the most common answers: Happiness Success Freedom More Money Be Healthy Travel More Meet their Soul Mate New House New Car And so forth… But none of these examples is very specific… even “I want to be a millionaire!” is not specific enough since “be a millionaire” is not an amount, and therefore not measurable, and second, because it doesn’t say anything about if it’s a one-time thing, or if you want the money to keep flowing into your life. Stating what you want is a fine art between getting very specific about what you want and not so specific that you lock yourself up in a one-way-only situation. You need to dig deeper into what Happiness looks like for you. What does your life look like for you to be genuinely happy? – and what can you do to make that happen? What does success look like for you? – and what can you do to make that happen? How much money do you want to have? – and what can you do to make it happen? If you don’t know what you really want, it’s impossible for the Universe to send it into your life. And it’s impossible for you to make the right action steps that are in alignment and support your Desired Outcome. Reason #5 – You’re Too Attached, Obsessed, and Desperate. THIS IS A BIG NO-NO!!! One of the reasons why I created the How to Manifest a Specific Person Online Training Program was because I often see people getting too attached, obsessed, and desperate when they are trying to manifest a Specific Person. Imagine being that Specific Person someone wants to manifest. Just as flattering it is, it’s also… well… How would you feel if someone was so attached, obsessed and desperate to be with you, and you barely knew who they were? – and even if you did? Yikes, right? That is EXACTLY why the manifestation gets blocked! On top of that, when someone is attached, obsessed and desperate, they tend to get into the habit of controlling, manipulating, and forcing things to happen their way. Again, not very attractive to be on the receiving end. The repulsion you feel about being the Specific Person, an attached, obsessed and desperate person who wants to manifest you, can be applied to anything else. If someone tells me their manifestation is blocked or why it doesn’t seem to work for them, I always ask them two questions… IF SOMEONE TREATED YOU THE SAME WAY AS YOU TREAT WHAT YOU WANT TO MANIFEST, WOULD YOU THEN WANT TO HANG OUT WITH THAT PERSON? IF SOMEONE TALKED ABOUT YOU THE SAME WAY AS YOU TALK ABOUT WHAT YOU WANT TO MANIFEST, WOULD YOU THEN WANT TO WANT THAT PERSON IN YOUR LIFE? Let’s put it into an example… If someone treated you the same way as you treat money, would you then want to hang out with that person? If someone talked about you the same way as you talk about money, would you then want that person in your life? The answer to those 2 questions can tell you if your manifestation is blocked or not. Manifestation is not about getting what you want by all means.  It’s about bringing yourself attractive for your Desired Outcome. Now I want to hear from you… Which of these 5 mistakes are you making?  Let me know in the comments under this post on Instagram     View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Sabrina Seraphiel | Manifestation Expert for Lightworkers (@sabrinaboglund) [...]
30. June 2022Reading Time: 8 minutes First, you might wonder why I’m putting an article about Divine Timing in the Mental Health & Well-Being – content pillar. I understand if it confuses you! If it were just a few years ago, I would have put it under Manifestation. I later realised that Divine Timing really is a matter of Mental Well-Being. We have all heard about Divine Timing, and it can, for some people, be a perfect excuse for not really making an effort on their goals and dreams. “If it’s meant to happen, it will happen!” – kind of mindset. Divine Timing can also be used as comfort in difficult times and grief-process. Regarding Manifestation and making an active effort to get the outcome we desire, Divine Timing can sometimes upset the applecart, especially because Divine Timing is outside our hands. Divine Timing is all about maintaining a healthy balance and synergy in the Universe. There is a Divine Order to things because everything is linked together with tiny-tiny energetic cogwheels. If changes happen in the Universal mechanism, the Universe needs time to restructure the necessary events, situations, people, and opportunities in order for your new desired outcome to Manifest. Let’s dive in and look at some of the most common problems people have with Divine Timing. Problem #1 – Trying to Control When Something Should Happen. Trying to control when something should happen is the #1 problem!  No doubt about it! From a broad perspective, this approach is very spoiled and brat-ish. It’s very selfish, and “I’m the centre of the Universe!”. I know it’s not how you feel, and you might be a bit offended. One thing I have noticed over my time on Earth is that people rarely are aware of how their approach toward things looks from a broad perspective. Most people are barely aware of how their behaviour and vibe come off on other people. However, it is easier to blame everybody and everything else for one’s own misery than to take responsibility and make the necessary changes to become a better person and be more pleasant to be around. When we are trying to control when something should happen, it’s always because somewhere back in our mind, we fear that it won’t happen. The fear subconsciously makes us try to map everything out within a certain time frame. The problem is that no human can know every twist and turns on the journey, and no human knows what the broad perspective looks like. We are narrow-sighted because the human mind is not capable of comprehending so much perspective. Solution: Cut yourself some slack! Try to enjoy the ride and be open to the new opportunities that will present themselves. Maybe, just maybe, something will come along you had never thought of, which will help you achieve your desired outcome even faster. Remember; every time you try to make something happen within a certain time frame, you’re in your Ego’s fear-based mind. It’s a sign that deep down, back in your mind, you don’t really believe it will happen, so you’re trying to force it to happen. Acknowledge this fear, and use it as a sign to look into the root of that fear. You will see so many miracles happen all over your life if you can heal that root. Problem #2 – Trying to Control the Outcome of a Situation. Not only is it a problem to try to put a deadline on your manifestations, but it’s also a problem to try to control the outcome.  The whole idea of trying to map everything out and expecting the Universe to follow your manuscript doesn’t work in the long run. You’ll create soooo many unnecessary blocks for yourself!  If you’re expecting the Universe to follow your manuscript, you’ll walk through life with blinkers… not able to see when new opportunities arise or grab a chance when it presents itself. Once again, your narrow-sightedness will prevent you from achieving your goal or desired outcome. Just like when you try to control WHEN something should happen, controlling the outcome is also an act from your Fear-Based mind.  Think about it, if you had faith that everything would work out for the highest good of everyone, would you then try to control the time frame and the outcome?  Solution: I’m someone who needs structure, and everything is organised in order for my brain to work properly, so I, too, have a tendency to try to control the outcome. But I have also learned over the years that it doesn’t work in the long run. We need to come to a level of humbleness and acknowledge that we are limited from seeing the whole picture – and that is okay! It’s beyond what the human mind is capable of. What you need to do instead is to loosen up a bit and see it as a journey. Just as the best road trips are the ones where you take it as it comes and sees what shows up on the way, the manifestation of your desired outcome should be the same. The more pressure you add to it, the more you will block the manifestation from happening. Problem #3 – Trying to Micro-Managing EVERYTHING. Micro-Managing is one of the worst things you can do… not only when it comes to manifestation or achieving your goals but also in life in general! I LOVE when someone is a goal-getter and super passionate about something! – I think you know that already if you have followed my work and my Insta account for a while. But micro-managing is not only an obsessive behaviour, and SUUUUPER annoying for everybody around you. Especially those who are directly involved with the achievement of your desired outcome or goal. But it’s also a MASSIVE, massive act of doubt and fear that you won’t receive your desired outcome. Remember, much of this happens on a subconscious level, so you might not be aware of what’s happening. However, I also hope this article gives you a feeling of understanding of what’s happening. I also hope you now begin to see how Divine Timing has more to do with Mental Well-Being than manifestation and spirituality. It’s a mental process of releasing the mental blocks our unconscious fears are creating to have a sense of control instead of letting things flow more naturally and be open to opportunities you never could dream about. Solution: One thing is to be a control freak, and another thing is to take it a step further and start micro-managing everything. Then it had gone from being a subconscious fear to being an obsession. The first step is to admit it! The second is to dive into your past and find out WHY you need to micro-managing. I’m quite sure that if you’re micro-managing in this, you’re also micro-managing in every other area of your life. Micro-management is something you need to take seriously, and it is something you need to work on. It’s also something you would have patience with because it is not going to go away overnight. It can take years, depending on how much a habit it is for you. I would recommend that you use this mantra below every time you take yourself in micro-managing… or just trying to control the time frame and how something should happen. EVERYTHING I NEED IS COMING TO ME AT THE EXACT RIGHT TIME AND ORDER.  I’m going to post this mantra on my insta one of the following days, and I will also share the Mantra as a Screen Saver for your phone as an extra bonus 🎁🎁 in today’s Weekly Email. Problem #4 – Don’t Have Enough Faith in the Universe. This is the core issue of the problems people have with Divine Timing. Lack of trust in the Universe.  Here is the challenge… No one knows exactly how it all comes together. It’s beyond the human brain’s capacity to understand all the links and cords of energy that are linking everything together.  But what we do know is that the future isn’t set in stone. Quite the opposite, actually. The future is the outcome of the most dominant thoughts, emotions and actions. YOUR future is the outcome of YOUR most dominant thoughts, emotions and actions. But the World’s future is the outcome of the Global, Collective, most dominant thoughts, emotions and actions. This is why Lightworkers are so important for the health and survival of this planet and for humanity. Everything is in motion and can change until the moment it manifests in physical form… and even then, it is still moving and changing because energy never rests. Since your future is the outcome of your most dominant thoughts, emotions and actions, then if you want something different from what you have now, you must first change your most dominant thoughts, emotions and actions.  The second step, and this is where Divine Timing gets into the picture, are the adjustments the Universe has to make as a domino response to your change of thoughts, emotions and actions. The Universe needs to restructure the events lined up in front of you so it now matches your new desired outcome. Think about it as a GPS. The only difference is that manifesting your desired outcome or achieving a goal has A LOT more moving pieces than what route has less traffic. If I shared a little secret with you, which you probably don’t want to hear, it would be; that the reason why it takes such a long time for your manifestation to happen or achieve what you desire is not due to Divine Timing. The real reason why it takes time is that YOU are not in an energetic alignment with your desired outcome… in other words, your most dominant thoughts, emotions, and actions are not in alignment with what you want to achieve. Solution: I really learned to trust the Universe when I learned how my Rain Magic worked. Yeah, in all humbleness, I can control the weather a little bit… or, at least, I can stop the rain when I’m outside. While Rain Magic doesn’t really have anything to do with Divine Timing, it still holds a valuable point. The more I’m trying to force the rain to stop and the more I focus on it to stop, the less chance there is for it to work. But when I know in my heart that it would work and doesn’t really put much energy into it, it works 85% of the time. You see, by taking away the pressure for the rain to stop and having faith in the Universe, I leave room for the Universe to do her thing and work her magic.  If you can approach your goals and desired outcomes with the same inner peace and faith, you’ll very soon experience things that suddenly move very fast. Problem #5 – Getting Too Much in Your Head. One thing all these problems above have in common is messing with your head. They will all keep you in your head and make you try to overanalyse anything to get you what you want faster. It’s just not gonna work since you’re overlooking one very important thing, which inevitable will block the manifestation… You’re getting in your own way! Every time you’re trying to control when something should happen… Every time you’re trying to control the outcome of a situation… Every time you’re trying to micro-managing something… You are getting in your own way! … and you aren’t even aware of it because you’ve blindfolded yourself! Another thing all the problems above have in common is that they are all rooted in some unconscious fear of not achieving what you want… that you deep down don’t really believe in it. If you have the “I need to see it before I can believe it!”-mindset, your life will become very difficult because you’re driven by your Ego’s Fear-Based thoughts, emotions and actions. If you need to SEE something before you can believe it, then it’s because you don’t have faith it’s there and on its way to you. Because you don’t have faith in it, you will get in your head to come up with all kinds of ideas of how to make it happen… which, of course, prevents the Universe from doing her magic. Solution: The solution is to develop an “I believe it, and therefore I can see it!”-mindset.  One of the reasons why I’m always so calm when I want to achieve something is because I KNOW it will happen eventually. I don’t know how or when, but I know it will! Remember, I have an OCD brain, and I need structure and have things organised in order for me to function properly! I have learned that overanalysing things won’t make things go faster, but it will slow everything down! I have also learned that we can create all sorts of sceneries in our minds, which never was an issue in the first place. I’m simply handing my desired outcome or what I want to achieve over to the Universe and have faith that everything will work out eventually. Sure, I have days when I get impatient and get too much in my head, but I’m also aware that this is just my Ego and fear of talking. The Ego can sometimes behave like an overtired toddler. The VERY best way to get out of your head is to keep your mind busy with something else. It’s when your mind is bored it comes up with all sorts of “what if…”-sceneries. I keep my mind busy by focusing on what’s right in front of me and what I can do right here and right now. I also follow my intuition and inner guidance. It’s so important to listen rather than command. Now I want to hear from you… Can you recognise any of these problems in your life? Let me know in the comment field of the insta post below.     View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Sabrina Seraphiel | Manifestation Expert for Lightworkers (@sabrinaboglund) [...]
23. June 2022Reading Time: 6 minutes A couple of weeks ago, I asked my followers on Instagram if they were interested in a “What You Should Know” series about the over 1000 Universal Laws. As you can see in the screenshot below, it was a clear Yes! I have already posted articles about the Universal Law of Giving & Receiving and you can find many articles in the Resource Hub about the infamous Law of Attraction.  I will post a more detailed article next month about What the Universal Laws are and why they are inevitable in every single person’s life.  No one is above these Laws, and no one is capable of breaking them. Any attempt to do so will create blocks in the person’s life, and the person will create a shit ton of karma and karmic debt for themselves. This is how it’s gonna work! Introducing “What You Need to Should About the Universal Laws”-series. I will share a new article with some basic information about a specific Universal Law each month. There are billions-of-thousands Universal Laws, so we’re not going to run out of material any time soon. As you might know, I’m sending a Weekly Email to my email list shortly after posting that week’s article. In the Weekly Email, I’m always gifting my subscribers with Exclusive Content, which is usually a PDF with a practical guide. In the weeks where I’m sharing an article in the “What You Should Know About the Universal Laws”-series, the Exclusive Content will be a guide with 5 Ways to use that specific law. This, of course, means that today’s Exclusive Content is 5 Ways to Use the Universal Law of Light. Let’s get started with What You Need to Know about the Universal Law of Light. #1 – The Law of Light can Defeat Darkness. Just like a fleshlight becomes handy when you’re walking into a dark place with no lighting, the Law of Light is designed to be your “flashlight” when you meet darkness in your life. The Universal Law of Light states: LIGHT WILL ALWAYS DEFEAT DARKNESS BY REVEALING INFORMATION NOT PREVIOUSLY SEEN, AND IT’S THIS FORCE THAT EMPOWERS HUMANS.  This is not really Enlightenment since true Enlightenment operates on a much higher Energy Frequency. It’s merely a way to turn on the Light to see everything more clearly. #2 – The Law of Light is a Universal Law of Divine Love. When we talk about Universal Laws, Metaphysics, Lightworkers, Universe, and Spirituality, Light ALWAYS refers to Divine Love! NB: There is a Cosmic Law called the Law of Divine Love! The Law of Divine Love is NOT the same as the Law of Light. The Light refers to the Light of Love! 👉🏻 Love translates to what you know as God. The Light of Love is what most people know as the Soul. Since everybody has a soul, the Light of Love lives inside every living being. Some people are very much in contact with their souls, while others lock up their souls in darkness and evil. To explain how it all is connected on a more scientific level is too advanced to share in a Free article on the Internet. All you need to know is the Light is within you because the Light of Love is your soul! #3 – The Law of Light can be Your Secret Weapon Against the Dark Nights of the Soul. In the last couple of weeks, we have spoken about the Dark Nights of the Soul and how to avoid them. To follow this theme, I picked the Law of Light for this month – even though I’m well aware that it would be more natural to start with a grand introduction to the Universal Laws.  You have to wait until next month to get that article 😉 Remember, the Law of Light states: Light will always defeat darkness by revealing information not previously seen, and it’s this force that empowers humans. When you experience the Dark Nights of the Soul – the Law of Light can be your “flashlight” if you’re making an effort to shine Light on the cause of your stress, depression, burnout and anxiety. The Dark Nights of the Soul is often caused by letting your deepest, darkest fears, pains, and anxieties take so much control over your life that it makes you physically ill. The Dark Nights of the Soul is like Living Hell! – and it can potentially kill you if you don’t seek professional help from a psychiatrist! If you want to survive the Dark Nights of the Soul, it’s crucial that you make an effort to bust through the Darkness by turning the Light on and perceiving all these horrible things from the point of Love and Light. THAT is one of the hardest tasks you will ever encounter in your life – but it can be done. #4 – The Law of Light is in Lightworkers Energetic DNA. I have spent quite a lot of time and energy explaining that to call yourself a Lightworker, you must do your Light WORK. It always surprises me when people call themselves Lightworkers but aren’t doing the Light WORK every day. A “Lightworker” who isn’t engaging in their Light WORK is not a Lightworker… it’s just a person in spiritual awakening that hears their call to become a Lightworker. The other part of the word Lightworker is LIGHT. Basically, the term Lightworker means a Person who works with the Light! As mentioned above, Light refers to Divine Love. So to be a Lightworker, you MUST work with the Divine Light in your everyday actions. That’s your responsibility and part of your Life Purpose. Lightworkers use the Universal Law of Light every day because we are so in tune with our soul and our Light WORK. The Universal Law of Light is second nature for us. #5 – The Law of Light can Help You See Everything More Clear. The core essence of the Universal Law of the Light is to see everything more clearly. Think of it as a metaphysical fleshlight! When everything is dark and shitty, the Law of Light can help you shift your perception of things. One of my favourite Lightworker Superpowers is Mental Alchemy. One of the uses for Mental Alchemy is to take a shitty situation and turn it into something amazing.  Once again, easier said than done, I know! That’s why these skill sets and Superpowers are important to learn and master! For now, I will leave you with the encouragement to train your mind to turn the Light on whenever you find yourself in the Darkness or in a shitty situation. #6 – The Law of Light can Remove Toxic People and Situations from Your Life. Toxic people and situations have the ability to drag us down into an endless pit of fear, pain, suffering and anxiety. Like a Living Hell-Loop.  Lightworkers are like magnets for Toxic People and Energy Vampires. They are attracted to our kindness and our desire to help. The problem is, they’re never satisfied and always wanting more and more, until they have sucked us dry for everything we have. Toxic People and Energy Vampires also tend to drag us into toxic situations because they only look out for their greedy and selfish needs. Other times, our deepest and darkest fear, pain and anxieties, along with childhood trauma, create an endless circle of toxic situations… sometimes it feels like the past curses us. No matter if it’s Toxic People or a Toxic Situation, the Universal Law of Light can remove all the darkness! You must move your attention away from the dark and toxicity and focus on Love and Healing for YOURSELF and YOUR life. It’s okay to be selfish when it comes to your health and well-being and protecting yourself from bad people and situations. NB: You can’t completely avoid bad and toxic situations in life… it’s a part of your growth and development as a person and soul to learn the lessons they have to offer. But you sure as hell can avoid toxic people and energy vampires! – and you do so by kicking them out of your life the second you notice their darkness. No second chances here! Trust your gut when it tells you the person in front of you is bad. #7 – The Law of Light is the Doorway to Miracles. Miracles are very real and can happen to everyone… if they are willing to look at the right place.  If you’re looking for miracles like the ones you find in fairy tales, you’ll look for a long time.  True Miracles are a shift in perception.  True Miracles are when you see Love over hate. True Miracles are when you see Healing over suffering. True Miracles are when you see Light over darkness. Now, I want to hear from you! What are your takeaways from this article? Let me know in the comments of the Instagram post below   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Sabrina Seraphiel | Manifestation Expert for Lightworkers (@sabrinaboglund) [...]
16. June 2022Reading Time: 5 minutes Last week, I shared an article about what you must know about the Dark Nights of the Soul. From the DMs I have received on Instagram I can see this is a topic that’s a bit scary for many of you. Yet, it’s important that we have this talk, and you become aware of this phenomenon.  The Dark Nights of the Soul is not a joke! It’s really serious and dangerous business! Before reading this article, I recommend you start with the article from last week. Tip #1 – Listen to Your Body and Mind. The body and mind are two wonderful and magical creations and very important tools in navigating through life! If you have pushed yourself too much for too long, it would not be uncommon if your body is forcing you to lay down and relax by manifesting influenza. In the same way, if you keep ignoring your body and mind’s signals to relax, slow down, or get out of unhealthy situations, your body and mind will eventually burn out. You’re literally burning your light on both ends!  If you keep pushing yourself when you’re in the burning out phase, the body really doesn’t have any other choice than to force you to make changes in your life – and that’s when depressions and anxieties are manifested. Keeping pushing yourself when your body and mind have started to give you signs of stress, burnout, depression, and anxiety is self-harming behaviour! I know that because I have survived several Dark Nights of the Soul, and I started cutting when I was 11! – I will actually say, ignoring your body’s signs of stress, burnout, depression, and anxiety is worse than cutting because the scars will heal up. The wounds that stress, burnouts, depression and anxieties leave on your soul, mind and body won’t heal completely. There will always be a little crack that can rip up the scars. Tip #2 – Take Time Off and Pull the Plug. It’s always easier to avoid than recover!  One of the most powerful ways to avoid the Dark Nights of the Soul is to pull the plug on everything in your free time. Another powerful habit I will recommend you to adopt is to schedule OFF time into your calendar.  My version of this is Computer-Free Weekends, which I started in 2014-ish. It simply means that EVERY weekend, the computer is turned off and stays turned off all weekend. My challenge is that every time I’m sitting at the computer, I’m ALWAYS working on something. If it’s not work-work, then it’s organising something, planning something, creating graphics for Insta, researching something, training and online courses… always something that is one shape or form is work-related. Over the last couple of years, I’ve also tried to transfer that to my iPhone and iPad. Part of my work is my Instagram account, so I have most of my content pre-created and auto-posted by Plann, so all I have to do every day is to answer comments and DMs. Having my content auto-posted gives me the freedom to spend my time on something else while still having a fierce and updated Instagram feed. A third powerful habit I will share with you is to be present when you’re together with friends and family or in any other social setting. I personally find it rude when people are on their phones all the time instead of engaging with the people right in front of them. Bottom line; you need your off-time and alone time. So try to find ways where you can stay off social media, not work in your free time, and just relax in your own company. Tip #3 – Prioritise Your Mental Health & Well-Being by Setting Non-Negotiable Boundaries. Here is the thing, there will always be someone who will ask you to do something… There will always be someone who will need your help… There will always be something you need to do… There will always be something that needs improvements… There will always be something or someone… ALWAYS! Therefore it’s up to you to set healthy boundaries to ensure you don’t burn out or worse! – other people won’t do it for you. Not because they are bad people, but because everyone is always worried about what’s going on in their own life. Everyone is always looking for ways to make their own life easier and better and isn’t necessarily focused on your needs.  Others can only know and respect your boundaries and needs if you open your mouth and tell them your needs and boundaries! People aren’t mind-readers, so you have to tell them. At the end of the day, it’s your responsibility to make sure your boundaries and needs are maintained!  Your Life, Your Responsibility! Tip #4 – Remove Toxic People and Situations From Your Life. One very powerful way to take responsibility for your life, mental well-being, and health is by removing toxic people and situations from your life! It’s not an easy thing to do, and, depending on how toxic the relationship or situation is, a lot of fears and anxieties will appear in your mind. Fear and anxieties are toxic people and situations way of preventing us from getting out. They use fear to control us! Fear is one of the lowest Energy Frequencies in the Universe and can very easily spin into Living Hell. Living Hell often turns into a never-ending Hell-loop where the same kind of toxic people and situation keeps showing up in your life… they might look different, but the outcome is always the same. The longer you allow yourself to stay in this Living Hell-Loop, the more likely you will experience the Dark Nights of the Soul. So here is the question I would like you to ask yourself… What are you most afraid of? – remove the toxic people and situations in your life? Or – have your life turned into a Living Hell-Loop that potentially can kill you? Tip #5 – Seek Professional Help the Second You Notice Signs of Depression or Anxiety. As mentioned last week, the Dark Nights of the Soul is a really, really intense depression and anxiety which is so bad that it has killed many people. The pain, suffering and darkness consume the body to the extent where the body manifests horrible illness that can be fatal… or a person may commit suicide because the pain, suffering and darkness become so overpowering they don’t see any other way out. NB: Please reach out to a suicide hotline, if you are this depressed! It’s always easier to prevent than repair, so PLEASE make sure to contact your medical doctor or a psychiatrist the second you can feel any indications of stress, burnout, depression or anxiety.  In this case, it’s better to make one phone call too many! Better safe than sorry! This is a serious matter because the Dark Nights of the Soul CAN kill you if you don’t stop it as soon as possible. Let me know in the comments on the Insta-post below, what are your tips to avoid the Dark Nights of the Soul?     View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Sabrina | Manifestation Expert for Lightworkers (@sabrinaboglund) [...]
9. June 2022Reading Time: 6 minutes This week and next week, we are going to focus on something very serious and not at all light and fun! Dark Nights of the Soul. You have probably heard me talk about it before in my other articles or in my posts on Instagram since I have survived a handful of the Dark Nights of the Soul. Surviving the Dark Nights of the Soul is absolutely not something to take for granted. If you don’t get the proper treatment and help, it CAN kill you. #1 – The Dark Nights of the Soul is a Really, Really Bad Depression and Anxiety. To understand the Dark Nights of the Soul, I will give some background story. Back in ancient Egypt, a part of the coronation ceremony of a new Pharaoh was putting him into a stone coffin for 14 days. Alive! For 14 days, he was all alone in the dark with his thoughts. He was fed by a tiny tub in the coffin but had no contact or communication with anyone. If the potential Pharaoh survived the 14 days, he would be crowned as the new Pharaoh. It might sound like an easy task, but a lot of men died during those 14 days they were locked into the coffin. Not by hunger or thirst… but by their own thoughts. They were frightened to death by the thoughts in their head! This shows how powerful your thoughts are! Your thoughts alone are capable of killing you! In the modern western medical world, the Dark Night of the Soul looks like and is treated like severe depression and anxiety that may be deadly. Notice, I’m not necessarily saying suicidal! Sure, suicide can be one way it can be deadly. But this level of depression and anxiety can cause a whole lot of health issues that too can be deadly.  #2 – It Feels Like Living Hell… The Dark Nights of the Soul feels like Living Hell because… well… it is! There is no such a thing as the biblical terms for Heaven and Hell after death! What happens after death is a whole other article.  The idea of Heaven and Hell is actually more relevant when we are alive on Earth since Earth is the only place in the entire solar system where concepts like Heaven and Hell exist. Earth is also the only place with religions. Just as you can create Heaven on Earth, and your life can be Divine – your life can also turn into Living Hell!  Living Hell is manifested when your most dominant thoughts, emotions and actions are so painful and full of fear and suffering that you can’t see the light in the Darkness. You have lost all hope for the future and feel completely alone. Like living in a nightmare, you can’t wake up from.  No matter how much you want to blame the outside circumstances, other people, politicians, the economy, etc., it’s up to you how you choose to deal with it and how much you will let it influence you. When it comes to the Dark Nights of the Soul and Living Hell, there have been sooooo many opportunities for you to get out before you hit ground zero. But you decided to stay in it, maybe because you felt you didn’t have any choice. The thing is, there is no such thing as “no choice” – when you feel you don’t have a choice, it’s because you are too afraid to stand up for yourself or fight against whatever is holding you trapped.  The good thing about this is, since you allowed Living Hell to manifest into your life, you can also manifest it to go away. We will look more into that in this Week’s VIP Bonus. NB: The VIP Bonus is a weekly gift to my email list. It can be accessed from anywhere else. It Can Happen to Everyone! The Dark Nights of the Soul is usually a manifestation of ignoring red flags for way too long. Burnouts… Stress… Untreated Anxiety… Unhealthy Relationships… Toxic People… Rushing through illness… These are just a few examples of how the Dark Nights of the Soul manifests in your life. What usually happens, for myself included, is we get so much entangled in all that’s happening around us, responsibilities, commitments, etc., that we forget to pay attention to the red flags. We just push through, hoping all the bullshit will go away on its own so we can continue to rush through life with blinkers. Sounding familiar? #4 – It is NOT a Punishment! It’s SO important to remember that the Dark Nights of the Soul is NOT a punishment! It’s one of the few elements of Living Hell that isn’t here to punish you for being a bad person or evil. The Dark Nights of the Soul is the type of Living Hell where the purpose is to teach you Self-Love and Self-Awareness. It’s a lesson in listening to yourself, your body and red flags.  It’s a wake-up call! In most other cases of Living Hell, the purpose is to punish bad people and evil for their bad deeds, selfishness, harm, greed, etc. Most people believe Hell is somewhere bad people go after they are dead, but that is not true. If someone is on Samael’s List, their time in Hell starts the second they are written on the List and will continue until the person (red. soul) has sentenced their time in Hell. It doesn’t matter if the sentence started while they were still alive. However, they won’t get back into the soul eco-system (red. reincarnation) until the sentence is served. Thankfully, people who are having Dark Nights of the Soul shouldn’t worry about being on Samael’s List. It’s usually not the case!  Most of the time, the Dark Nights of the Soul is a (forced) healing process and not a punishment. #5 – You MUST Seek Professional Counselling. As you can see, the Dark Nights of the Soul is a scary mix of severe depression and anxiety! The Dark Nights of the Soul is usually a couple of months (sometimes years) where you’re facing your deepest, darkest and most scary inner demons and pain. But it can go on for years! As I said in the introduction, I have survived the Dark Nights of the Soul a handful of times; one thing I have learned the hard way from my Dark Nights of the Soul is to call my doctor the second I feel that something isn’t as it is supposed to be. Usually, we can stop it before it spins out of control. If I have been ignoring it a bit too long, and it has begun to spin out of control, I’ll call my doctor and ask for a referral to the psychiatry!  Here is the thing; I have never been admitted to a mental hospital! But I have been in conative treatment since I was 16 due to mental, physical, and emotional abuse in my childhood because my mother is a narcissist with psychopathic traits.  It’s no secret that I have been taking Lamotrigine since I was 21 and anxiety medication since I was 27. I’m diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety, a mixed personality disorder (OCD, Evasive, and Quiet Borderline) and prone to depression.  All due to childhood trauma! On top of that, I’m psychic, Highly Sensitive, Empathic, and Intuitive. There is no filter to block anything out unless I’m really focusing on zooming out… or taking medications that turn me into a Zombie, which I prefer not to take.  I have my “Zombie”-pills in my handbag and in a drawer next to my bed, just in case something should happen. My psychiatrist recommends I only take the “Zombie”-pills in emergency situations because they make me feel like a Zombie, and it takes me a couple of days to recover from Zombie-mode. My Dark Nights of the Soul has always been about my childhood trauma! – and as my psychiatrist says, there is nothing wrong with my head or mental state of mind. All my diagnoses and mental troubles are rooted in deep emotional pain.  In my case, it’s not mental!  It’s emotional! – Which makes it close to impossible to treat with medications. However, I don’t feel like a victim, and I’m not acting like a victim! I’m taking responsibility for the emotional trauma my childhood had caused me by being in therapy and taking my medications. The most important responsibility when we are talking about the Dark Nights of the Soul, is to call your doctor or otherwise seek medical attention when you feel you’re in a dark place or on your way to a dark place. The Most Important Thing to Take Away from This Article! … is to reach out for help BEFORE you hit into the Dark Nights of the Soul! And if you’re already there, seek professional help ASAP! – Tomorrow may be too late! In next week’s article, we will talk about how to avoid the Dark Nights of the Soul! Now it’s your turn! Have you ever experienced the Dark Nights of the Soul?    View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Sabrina | Manifestation Expert for Lightworkers (@sabrinaboglund) Let me know in the comments on the Insta post below! – Also, remember that my DMs on Insta and Facebook are always open if you need to chat! I can’t offer you professional assistance, but I can be a (virtual) support. [...]
2. June 2022Reading Time: 8 minutes It’s time for another ‘Lightworker Lessons from a Netflix or HBO show!’ This month, we are diving into the final season of Grace and Frankie. If you’ve followed me on Instagram and watched my Insta Stories, you’ll know that I LOOOOOVE Grace and Frankie! – and I want to be Frankie when I grow up… except the bong and the pot, of course. If I have a bad day or just need a nice pick-me-up, I always watch a season of Grace and Frankie 🙈 Season 7 is the final season of Grace and Frankie and has been on its way for a while. Like many other show/movie productions, Grace and Frankie has been affected by COVID-19 restrictions and lockdown. Unfortunately, it’s quite easy to see that the filming happened in the middle of the pandemic, and new safety rules must be followed. The storyboard and manuscript also feel a little rushed together like they were behind schedule and needed to catch up with the deadline. Again, it’s not just Grace and Frankie that suffers from this, but most of the shows that were filming during the pandemic. I wasn’t a big fan of the storyline of season 7. First, Nick’s (Peter Gallagher) fraud in the season finale of season 6, which naturally was one of the openings in the first episode of season 7. But also using the most of the season on finding and preventing Frankie’s death. It gets a little… long-winded… And where is Bud and Allison’s baby? However, I managed to find some Lightworker Lessons. The thing is, when I pick shows for the Lightworker Lessons from a Netflix or HBO show, I haven’t watched the season before. I’m watching it for the first time while looking for Lightworker Lessons. It’s part of the challenge 😉 Short Introduction to Grace and Frankie. Grace (Jane Fonda) was married to Robert Hanson (Martin Sheen) for 40 years, with two daughters, Brianna (June Diane Raphael) and Mallory (Brooklyn Decker). Robert is a retired divorce lawyer who has been secretly romantically involved with his business partner, divorce lawyer Sol Bergstein (Sam Waterston), for half of his marriage with Grace. Sol was married to Frankie (Lily Tomlin) and had two adoptive sons, Bud (Baron Vaughn) and Coyote (Ethan Embry). The first episode of season 1 opens with Grace and Robert attending a dinner at a restaurant with Sol and Frankie, where Robert and Sol are telling the ladies that they are in love and have been for 30 years and want a divorce so they can be together. That, of course, doesn’t go well, and both ladies have strong reactions. At this point, Grace and Frankie can’t stand each other. Grace is a fancy upper-class lady with a skincare brand under her name, and Frankie is an artist and hippie. Because of the circumstances, the ladies end up moving together in a beach house the two families have together. Over time Grace and Frankie become best friends and confide in each other since they are going through the same life-changing events. Lightworker Lesson #1 – Try to Understand a Person’s Reasons… Even if They Did a Bad Thing.  In the 3rd episode, we are taken to a family brunch, which isn’t uncommon for the show. There are MANY family brunches in Grace and Frankie, which are never boring. This one is so awkward for so many reasons. You can cut iron with the tension that’s going on… and like always, Brianna is stirring the pot for her own amusement. The hidden secrets are flying across the table, and the children-in-law are very clearly uncomfortable with the situation. Two of the biggest conflicts for this family brunch was the Bergstein made-up Jewish holiday to avoid attending stuff they didn’t want to attend. Hanson’s secret was that Grace killed Bud’s bunny by yelling at it, and Robert got rid of the body by dumping it in the ocean. They then told Frankie and Sol that the bunny had run away. So the Hansons are pissed at the Bergsteins that they made up a Jewish holiday to avoid attending stuff, and the Bergsteins are pissed at the Hansons for killing Bud’s bunny and lying about it. Both cases involve lying to cover for something! While making up a holiday to avoid attending stuff is nothing but a poor excuse for not being honest, lying about a child’s dead pet is a bit more serious because a child’s feelings for the pet are involved.  But this is something that happened in the past, and nothing will bring the bunny back… and having we all lied to avoid attending something we didn’t want to? The Lightworker Lesson here is that when you catch someone in their lies, then try to understand their reasons for lying in the first place. When you know the reason, it is sometimes easier to forgive. Some actions are unforgivable for sure. I’m always saying, you don’t have to forgive what they did, but you have to forgive the person! – if for nothing else, then for setting yourself free.  As Lightworkers, we are like walking-living-breathing lie detectors and can spot a liar miles away. But many of us also choose to give some people the benefit of the doubt and see how it unfolds. We need to try to understand people’s motivations behind why they do what they do in order to understand the person… and in the end, why they chose to lie to us. Lightworker Lesson #2 – Real Friends Helps You Through Difficult Life Crises.  As mentioned before, one of the major themes for season 7 is Frankie’s death. Frankie’s Psychic calls Grace to tell her that Frankie will die in 3 months. Grace, who doesn’t believe in psychics at all, tries to brush it off. She, by accident, tells Frankie what the psychic had said, and Frankie is freaking out in the best Frankie-style. Frankie wants to know why she will die and who is going to kill her since she doesn’t feel ill. AND she is trying to plan everything into happening within those 3 months. Grace tries to be supportive and keeps telling Frankie that she won’t die. But deep down, Grace is afraid too. Whenever someone talks about Frankie’s death, Grace starts to have anxiety attacks. One of the things that makes Frankie such an amazing character is that she is eccentric, she speaks her mind, is goofy, and creative, and says and does some very crazy things sometimes… high or not. So, of course, Frankie will spin out of the rails if she thinks she is going to die in 3 months – and she does because she believes 100% in anything the psychic says. I won’t necessarily put Grace in the category of being a Lightworker. Frankie is, Sol is, Bud is, Mallory is, but Grace not so much. However, Grace does what every Lightworker would wish their friends do for them when they go through a Life Crisis or fighting illness. Grace did not abandon Frankie, but she stood by Frankie’s side to the end, helping Frankie through this – even though it caused Grace to have anxiety attacks. Most of the Lightworkers I have spoken with over the years all tell the same story. They have always been there for their friends and helped them through whatever they went through, but the moment the Lightworker went through something, all their friends disappeared. It’s so hurtful to realise that people you thought were your friends only pretended to be your friends to get something from you. The second you needed something from them, they left you. Lightworkers will NEVER leave a friend in need! Never! – which is why we get so confused and hurt when people we thought were our friends leave us when we need them the most. Lightworker Lesson #3 – You’ll Never Know When or If Your Bad Actions are Exposed.  The Hansons were, before the divorce, an upper-class lawyer family who thought they were better than others because of their money. Money = Status! – kind of situation. One of the Hansons former housekeepers is now running for office in the district council, and as part of her campaign, she is telling that she used to work for an upper-class family who accused her of things she never did and fired her for it. Grace recognises the woman on the posters and runs to Robert because she believes that THEY are this family and is afraid they will be exposed as horrible people. The solution is to donate some money to this woman, hoping she won’t mention their names. There are two lessons in this; one for everybody and one for Lightworkers. Let’s take the one for everybody first; How you treat others will become a part of your reputation – and deep down, your reputation is everything. If your reputation first is damaged, it’s difficult to heal it again. People talk, and eventually, if you’ve done something, it will come out in the daylight in one way or another. No one can go through life without their skeletons in the closet will come out. The Universal Law of Light, Law of Unforeseen Consequences, Law of Accountability, Law of Justice, Law of Balance and Law of Karma are all activated in this matter. My rule in life is to always behave toward others with kindness, understanding and respect. Even if it’s housekeepers… Housekeepers have knowledge about cleaning and housekeeping that I don’t, and I respect them for their expertise. Lightworker Lesson #4 – Use Your Life Experiences in Your Light Work. The other side of the table is the second lesson in the Hansons vs the housekeeper turned politician. One of the most effective ways to find (and do) your Light Work is by looking into your life experiences. One of the reasons why we’re going through the things we’re going through is to gain us knowledge and experience we can use to help others in a similar situation. If you’re looking for a meaning for why you went through living hell, then this is where you should look.  What knowledge and experiences have you gained from the situation which you can use to help others? This is the Lightworker’s way of dealing with life circumstances!  This is not turning the other cheek, and it’s not accepting what’s happened as okay. It’s simply just a way to shift the perspective into a Higher Purpose and use it in your Light Work. Become a voice and a beacon for those who are in a similar situation. Lightworker Lesson #5 – Talk About It to Heal It.  In episode 14, Grace has a very emotional talk with her absent brother about their father, who drowned in the ocean when they were kids. Grace’s brother is too young to remember much about their father, and Grace doesn’t want to talk about it. But with Frankies interfering, they eventually talked about their father and what happened on the beach. It was revealed that the reason why Grace doesn’t want to swim in the ocean is because she is afraid after witnessing what happened to her father. It’s also revealed that Grace gets anxiety attacks when someone is talking about Frankie’s death because she is afraid of losing Frankie. A lot of things about Grace’s behaviour and the stick she has up in her ass can be explained by that traumatic experience of losing her father way too early.  By opening up and talking about what happened and sharing her memories of her father with her brother, a long-needed healing process started for both of them.  The lesson here is to talk about the bad things that happened in the past to bring healing and light into the situation so that you can get closure on it.  No one can change what happened in the past, so either you can choose to dwell with it, bury it and move on, or take the time to progress it and talk about it.  A grieving process takes time to progress, and you should give yourself the time you need to get through it. Lightworker Lesson #6 – Death is Not the End, Just a New Beginning. Frankie’s death has been such a big theme this season, so it was quite expected that she would die in the final episode. The question was just how! Frankie had made her peace with her death; she just wanted to know how… – and this is EXACTLY why healthy people shouldn’t know when they’re going to die. That kind of information will always freak people out. In my opinion, it was ethically wrong of Frankie’s psychic to tell Grace and Frankie that Frankie would die in 3 months. If I receive information like that about anyone, I keep my mouth shut. People are better off not knowing when they kick the bucket. However, Frankie does die in front of everybody at Coyote and Jessica’s wedding. What no one expected was Grace died too.  In Heaven, they are met by the Angel Agnes (Dolly Parton), who admitted that Grace’s death was a mistake, and she had to send Grace back to life. Frankie, however, couldn’t be sent back.  But Agnes also understood that Grace and Frankie couldn’t live being separated, so she turned around in her chair, so Grace and Frankie could escape. Coming back to life, Grace and Frankie started with a new beginning. Interestingly, the first episode in season 1 is called “The End”, and the final episode in the final season is called “The Beginning” 🤔 What happens after death is a whooooole another topic, which we don’t have time to get started in this, already, very long article. However, Death is not the end. When you die, your soul goes to the soul realm to rest, so your soul can get back into the soul eco-system, aka reincarnation. It’s an infinite circle until your soul achieves so much Enlightenment that it can Ascend. Now, I want to hear from you!  What Lightworker Lessons did you find in season 7 of Grace and Frankie?  Let me know in the comment field on the Insta post below.     View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Sabrina | Manifestation Expert for Lightworkers (@sabrinaboglund) [...]
26. May 2022Reading Time: 7 minutes As Lightworkers, we are usually Highly Sensitive and Introvert. We feel everything so much, and we want everyone to be happy. When other people are happy, we’re happy. When someone isn’t happy, we want to do everything we can to make them feel happy – even if it has nothing to do with us. So how can the sweet and gentle Lightworkers be badass?  One word! Assertiveness! Step #1 – Know What You Represent. Besides wanting to make the world a better place and make sure that everyone is happy… what do you represent? What are you passionate about? What kind of channel do you want to be in the world? Who do you want to be in this world if you could be anything you want to be? Being a Lightworker is much more than just wanting to make the world a better place. You must put your words into action and do something about it.  Knowing what you represent isn’t so much about your Light WORK – it’s your morals, values, and what you believe in. Step #2 – Know Your Why. Without a “WHY”, you won’t get anywhere… I want you to think of your “WHY” as the fuel or the drive to what you’re trying to accomplish. It’s not just in the matters of being badass, but really in anything in life. When I shared my story about being abused as a child on national television, my “WHY” was to be a voice for all the children who share a similar story. Most kids growing up with domestic violence can’t ask for help or tell anyone what’s going on at home because it can jeopardise their life, and kids are extremely loyal to their parents. So I went on national television to share my story to give the other kids a public voice. Because I had my “WHY” in check, it was easier for me to defend myself when the shitstorm from my mother and brother hit me… and it was easier for my dad, my sister, and everyone else who was caught in the middle of this. The “WHY” is important because it helps you to get through the rough days, the days where you want to give up, and it gives you the inspiration to continue. It also helps you to have the courage to do things you normally would be too afraid of, like making a phone call or sending an email to someone in a powerful position, or reaching out to someone you don’t really know, but as you know can help you. Step #3 – Know Your Strengths. You aren’t supposed to do everything yourself. There are Lightworkers who have the same mission as you but are called to fulfil it in different ways. That’s why there never is any competition between Lightworkers. When you know what your mission is, your call, your Light WORK, then it’s time to look at your talents and what comes naturally to you. In my case, I’m a writer and a public speaker! – these are the ways that come naturally for me to help others. I don’t make video content because I, honestly, don’t like it and aren’t passionate enough about it to deal with the discomfort. And we both know that if I’m not passionate about something, it is not gonna happen. So I let those who love making video content do video content while I stick with writing and speaking in front of a live audience. Also, I’m a businesswoman, and I’m super solution-oriented. I’m good at coming up with ideas and mapping out a plan to make them happen. Step #4 – Know Your Weaknesses. To be badass also requires you to be mature enough to know (and admit) your weaknesses. When something is your weakness, you have two options.  Learn it. Delegate it to someone who has already mastered it. We all only have 24 hours, and 8 of them should be dedicated to your sleep. While I believe you always should make an effort in educating yourself and gaining more skills, I also believe that you should stick to your expertise and let others use their expertise.  The good thing about talents and strengths is we can complete each other. When you know your weaknesses, you can use that knowledge to find someone who mastered them and thereby help you be complete the task. When we can supplement each other, we stand stronger than if we should do everything on our own. Step #5 – Be Humble. You can be the most brilliant, smartest, creative genius on the planet. Still, without humbleness, you’ll just come across as a jerk. As Lightworkers, we have skills, abilities, and superpowers others don’t have, but that doesn’t mean we are better than anyone else. The reasons for our incarnations are just different from people who aren’t Lightworkers.  Being a badass isn’t about being better or more brilliant than anybody else. It’s about being assertive, confident, and having a mission. The key elements in being a badass are to stand up for something and know your “WHY”. The need to be better, more brilliant, smarter, creative, etc., are all needs of the ego, the Fear-Based Mind. When you are humble about your skills, talents, abilities and superpowers, you’ll most likely attract more opportunities to share them with the world. When you’re humble, you’re coming from your heart. You have awareness about what you’re good at, but you don’t let your ego take charge. Let take me an example; I’m an Incarnated Seraph! That is not a secret anymore, and it’s not something I’m hiding. I’m very upfront and honest about it… and damn, it has made my life a trillion times easier. But being an incarnated seraph doesn’t make me any better than anyone else. I have flaws, too, and there are things I’m terrible at or simply don’t get. I’m humble about the things I can do and my abilities. I don’t feel any need to be a show-off or prove myself to anyone. It’s not my job to make anyone believe I’m who I say I am! As Lightworkers, we all need to be better at letting people solve their own mess. It’s super difficult because Lightworkers are natural fix-upper’s. We are inclined to fix others and their mess to make their life easier for them because we believe we have the power to make their life better and easier. Lightworkers’ tendency to turn everything and anyone into their personal fix-up project is not Light WORK… it’s an act of the ego’s need to feel needed. We need to know when it’s time for others to solve their mess and get their life back on track. Our job is to hold their hand and lend a shoulder to cry on… to be supportive… but it’s up to the person to fix their own life. Step #6 – Be Assertive. There is a fine line between being humble and being shy!  If you’re good at something, let the world know! If you have amazing talents, let the world know! Remember, it’s not bragging if it’s the truth! Be proud of yourself and who you’re! – all I’m asking for is not getting into your ego! Assertiveness has got a bad reputation because it has become associated with loud, rude, and egocentric people. Of course, no one wants to be a jerk! The thing is, that kind of behaviour is not assertive! It’s insecurity dressed as being a self-righteous narcissistic jerk. Real assertiviness is: Genuine self-confidence. Genuine self-esteem. Genuine self-love. No need for approval or validation from anyone. Not giving a shit about what other people think about you. You’re not here to please anyone. You’re here to do a job. Prioritising your own needs and health before anything else. Being able to say no without feeling the need to explain or apologise for it. Knowing your worth and not being afraid to ask for a wage that reflects that. Have courage enough to reach out to the people who can help you achieve your goals. The worst thing that could happen is if they say no! If so, you just move on to the next person in line. Your relationships are created on mutual respect, loyalty, honesty, care, and support. Do you see the pattern? Assertiveness is resting yourself and having peace about who you are. It is honouring and having inner peace with who you are without others’ approval. Step #7 – Be Realistic. The truth is, nothing is too big or too small for you to manifest. You can have anything you want! However, the reason why you don’t already have anything you want is because of your limiting beliefs and ideas. It’s not that the Universe works against you or something isn’t possible… the problem is your mindset and what you think is possible. I have learned the hard way that it’s a good idea to be realistic with yourself. You can have anything you want, and the Universe is more than open to giving it to you – but you might not be at the right time and place for it to manifest just yet. If you should be honest with yourself, are you then genuinely ready for all the success, money, love, happiness, and so forth that you desire, or does it scare the bejeezus out of you? If something scares you, there is a high chance that you’re going to sabotage it for yourself in one way or another. The solution for that is to be realistic! Not with what is possible in your outside circumstances, but what is realistic for you where you are right now. What is realistic with your current health? What is realistic with your current finances? What is realistic with your current living situation? What is realistic with your current knowledge and skills? When you’re looking at what is realistic where you are right now, you’re opening the doors for finding a solution. You have complete power over yourself, so if you want to change any of these circumstances, then you can do it. It might not be realistic for you to make $50.000/mo right now, but it doesn’t mean it won’t be realistic when you grow your skills within your chosen field, get more experience, and grow more confident in yourself. Did you know that your self-worth is reflected by the digitals of your net worth? You shouldn’t wait for the outside world to change to go after what you want. You should focus on growing your self-esteem and your skills.  When you can look yourself in the mirror, and know that you every day do the very best you can to be the very best version of yourself, and you’re unapologetic about who you are, then you’re a badass. I want to hear from you: What are you doing to be more badass? Let me know in the comments under this Insta-post 👇🏻👇🏻     View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Sabrina | Manifestation Expert for Lightworkers (@sabrinaboglund) [...]
19. May 2022Reading Time: 4 minutes Lightworkers are more than often sensitive and empathic. It’s one of our superpowers because it helps us to understand when and how our help is needed. We can sense when someone or something needs our help, and very often, we would also understand how we can help in the best way possible. Never underestimate this power! Our sensitivity and empathy are something that has been a blessing in disguise for most of our lives. You might have been teased or even bullied in school, called cry-babies, or told: “not to be such a baby!” You might even have come to the point where it was easier to hide away with a book you could escape into because the world around you became so overwhelming. Or you might do like me, escaping into alternative worlds through dancing, theatre and music. For boys, it could be escaping into computer games.  When I went down to the dance studio, all by myself, and turned on the music, I could dance myself into a world where I could forget about everything for a moment and just let the music guide my body. For a moment, nothing else existed outside of my little dance bubble. Is that something you can relate to if you replace dancing with something you like doing? It’s not easy to be sensitive and an empath in this world because the energies in this realm are so intense and, quite frankly, of extremely low frequency. The energies on Earth are consumed by fear, pain, suffering, anxiety, and stress. This is, of course, something EVERY sensitive and empathic person will pick up on. One thing I see very often in sensitive and empathic people, Lightworker or not, is how the sensitivity and empathy sometimes can ruin their self-esteem. It’s usually due to being teased or bullied in the past and because they feel so overwhelmed by everything that’s going on in the world. So in this article, will I share 3 things that most people get wrong about being sensitive and an empath. #1 – Thinking that There is Something Wrong With Them. It hurts me when someone thinks that there is something wrong with them, no matter what the reason is. Let me put records straight once and for all; unless you’re batshit crazy, mentally unstable, delusional, narcissistic, manipulative, psychopathic, sociopathic, or murder, etc. – nothing is wrong with you! And no sensitive or empathic person will become any of those things because we care way too much about other people, animals and the world to want to hurt anyone.  So get that thought out of your head immediately! Sensitivity and empathy don’t make you crazy or insane! Your nervous system is just reacting to a world that is crazy and insane. What you need to do is work on your self-confidence and self-love. Learn to embrace your sensitivity and empathy. Listen to what you’re picking up, and trust what your senses are telling you. The more confident you become in your senses and what you’re picking up on, the more you’ll realise that being sensitive and being an empath is a gift. #2 – Focusing Only on the Limitations of. Another thing I often hear sensitive and empathic people say is how much of a burden it is for them to be sensitive and empathic. It can very quickly turn into excuses for not doing something you don’t really want to do, or even worse – turn into anxiety. Limitations are not the purpose of sensitivity or empathy. It’s not meant to prevent you from living the life you want to live. It’s meant as a tool and a gift you can use to have more awareness of what’s going on around you. If something is too overwhelming, then it’s a sign that your sensitivity and empathy are in control over you and not you over them. This simply means that you train yourself to be in control over your sensitivity and empathy, so they don’t knock you out. As I said, being sensitive and being an empath is a superpower! Especially if you learn to channel it in the right direction. The first step is, as before mentioned, to get comfortable and confident in your sensitivity and empathy. The next step is to make an evidence list every day with ways your sensitivity and empathy had helped you (and maybe others) throughout the day. Try to jot 3-5 things down every day. You need to shift your perception from limitation to superpower. The best (and fastest) way to do that is by writing evidence down every day. Your Subconscious Mind responds to experience and evidence, and not so many words. It will take some time to adjust if you’re used to only focusing on how your sensitivity and empathy are limiting you. #3 – Forgetting to Shield Themselves. I have this thing with always locating where the restroom is when I am in a new place. Why? When I was in school, I developed a “survival” technique to escape to the toilet if I needed a break from everything. Usually, I don’t have to pee… I just need 5 minutes alone in peace and quiet to centre myself if I’m getting too overwhelmed. We all know that if there is one place where we can be left alone, then it’s in the restroom. Just don’t be out there too long, so people don’t ask questions 😉 There are countless ways to shield yourself: Light shield of Energy. Meditation. Crystals. Metals. Wearing something with a mirror effect. Amulets. Oils. Plants. Etc., etc., etc. I, personally, am TERRIBLE at remembering to use these shielding techniques… which is probably why I escape so often to the restroom 🙈🙈 I’m wearing crystals, and I’m listening to music with AirPods in my ear as ways to shield myself.  I believe the best way of shielding yourself is to find a way that makes it naturally for you. Something you like to do! So you don’t do it because you’re afraid of being drained of energy or overwhelmed, but because you like your shielding technique. I love using crystals as a part of the jewellery, and I love music. I also love wearing capes and my big floppy hat, which I also feel shields me. And lastly, I’m asking for angelic protection on the go. This is quite easy because I’m communicating with the angels all day long, talking to them like a friend who is always by my side. I have very sensitive ears, which are difficult to shield when I’m out and about, which is one of the reasons why I escape to the bathroom. The same thing with my sensitive eyes.  You would have to figure out what’s working for you and what is natural for you to do. Keep it simple and easy. Now I want to hear from you… How do you shield yourself? Share it in the comments under this insta post.     View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Sabrina | Manifestation Expert for Lightworkers (@sabrinaboglund) [...]
12. May 2022Reading Time: 8 minutes Some people are more assertive than others. It’s something in our personality! But just because being assertive doesn’t come naturally to you doesn’t mean you can’t be assertive. For me, assertiveness does come somewhat easy because I have a leader, solution orientated, no time for bullshit-type of mindset. Let’s be honest, I can be quite bossy, strong-willed and straightforward with people who exhibit self-learned helplessness or wait for a Fairy Godmother to bibbidibabbidiboo all their problems away and replace them with their dreams come true. I have a very strong bullshit radar, and I do not tolerate liars, manipulation, forcing, disrespect, disloyalty, pettiness, and victim-mentality. I’m not going to play that game! I don’t want to waste my time, energy, or resources on people who aren’t good and honest people. But it was first in my late-20s I actually began to practise assertiveness!  Assertiveness has always been inside of me, but because of domestic abuse and violence in the first 15 years of my life and later bullying in school, there wasn’t really much room for practice assertiveness… or that was at least what I thought. I could have stood up to the bullies in school, but my self-confidence was too low, and I lived in constant fear of not being good enough. I did everything I could to make sure that everyone liked me because I was afraid of the consequences if they didn’t. At home, I was way too afraid of my mother even to consider standing up to her. I did everything I could to protect my brother and sister, but I didn’t manage to protect myself from her abuse and violence. I was also afraid that if I did stand up for myself, she would kill me… literally! She had tried to kill me more times than I could count. It was first when I was 15 that I managed to stand up to her AND get out of the house to never come back. I have only seen her a handful of times since then, and I have absolutely no interest in having a relationship with her! She is a narcissist with psychopathic traits. I’m not negotiating or trying to fix things with someone like that! I’m highly allergic to narcissists and can spot them miles away. The Dark Nights of the Soul Changed Me… I have survived a handful of Dark Nights of the Soul. The Dark Nights of the Soul is like a depression times 70. It’s so dangerous because it’s a person’s own fear, pains, and anxiety that gets so extreme that the person either dies or comes out on the other side transformed. I would never wish the Dark Nights of the Soul on anyone! Most people die during the Dark Nights of the Soul. It’s so dangerous! I don’t know why I have survived so many Dark Nights of the Soul, but I also know it can easily turn into an obsession if I’m trying to find the answers. So I let it be what it is. The last Dark Nights of the Soul I had was extremely close to killing me! During my recovery, I had a Revelation. A part of that revelation was to become Assertive and channel the Flame of Love inside of me. I had to become who I truly am and no longer let the fear of what others think of me get in the way. … and here we are… Lesson #1 – Stand Up for Yourself! Assertiveness is a practice! It’s something we need to keep practising every day for the rest of our lives.  The best and easiest place to start is to stand up for yourself! You’re teaching others how to treat you by how you’re treating yourself and your ability to stand up for yourself. If you don’t have enough self-respect to stand up for yourself, there is a very little chance that others will respect you enough to respect your wills and wishes. If people don’t listen to you and overrule your wills and wishes, then it’s simply because they don’t have respect for you. They see you as their bitch whom they can push around at their pleasure. They’re using you to get what they want – you’re just a pawn in their game! Many Lightworkers are under this “spell” and wearing blinkers because they don’t want to admit that others are using them. As a Lightworker, you must learn to stand up for yourself and treat yourself with the same kind of respect you want others to treat you with. People will continue to treat you as a pushover until you learn that. Lesson #2 – Take Control Back of Your Life and Time! Lightworkers are here to help! Helping others is a life source for us because it’s a part of our Global Life Purpose… and we need to be working on our Life Purposes in order to feel fulfilled in life.  In other words, YOUR TRUE HAPPINESS DEPENDS ON YOUR ABILITY TO FULFIL ALL YOUR LIFE PURPOSES! Since there always will be someone who needs your help, there will always be something or someone who will try to control you… there will always be someone who will tell you how to live your life… However, no matter who they are or what it is that’s trying to control you and your time, they can only do so if you let them. You ALWAYS have Free Will! It’s a Universal Law!  – and NO ONE is powerful enough to overrule any Universal Law! If you don’t feel you have a choice, it’s just an illusion your Fear-Based mind is showing you to keep you trapped in an unpleasant situation. It’s your own Fear that keeps you locked up in an invisible prison where you believe you don’t have any Free Will. On top of that, all the people who want to control you or want you to do something are using your Fear against you by letting you know the consequences if you don’t do as they want. It’s a kind of emotional blackmail! Those who are doing this to you usually aren’t aware that they do it since this type of behaviour has been accepted for centuries… all because people were too afraid of standing up to the men they considered in power. Assertiveness is not letting anyone or anything take away your power, control and Free Will in any matter! Is it easy? No, not in today’s world.  The world we’re living in today is a continuous manifestation of the Collective Energy Frequency, which, unfortunately, has been extremely low-vibe for millennia. Remember, your Energy Frequency is the sum of your most dominant thoughts and emotions. The Collective Energy Frequency is the sum of the entire world’s most dominant thoughts and emotions. So, in a world where the most dominant thoughts and emotions are fear, pain and anxiety, you must rise above that and use assertiveness to take back control over your life, time, energy, and resources. Lesson #3 – Say “No!” without Feeling Apologetic about it! If there is one thing Lightworkers are guilty of, then it would be their hard time saying “No!” – even when they know that “No!” is the right answer! Just as I recommend practising standing up for yourself every day, I also recommend that you practise saying “No!”, and do it without explaining yourself or feeling apologetic about it. That’s the hard part, actually! Lightworkers have a huge conscience, and we don’t like to let anyone down.  Lightworkers tell themselves that the reason it’s hard for them to say “No!” to someone is that they have a big heart, and it’s their purpose in life to always be at service. That’s another illusion. The real reason why it’s hard to say “No!” is because we are afraid of the consequences if we decline! Again is it our fears that control our decisions… When you’re assertive, you don’t feel sorry about saying “No!” You definitely won’t feel any need to justify your decision. You listen to your own needs and wants and make your decisions based on keeping your Energy Frequency as high as possible. You set boundaries and make sure that those boundaries get respected… not only by others but yourself as well. If something isn’t in alignment with my Life Purposes, Life Mission, Increasing my Energy Frequency or something I’m passionate about, it just isn’t gonna happen. It’s that simple! I can become very strong-minded if someone doesn’t respect me when I say “No!” and tries to force me to do something. The more someone tries to force me, pressure me, or manipulate me into doing something, the more I will bridle! It’s pretty much impossible for anyone to get me to do anything I don’t want to… and do you know what? It gives me more time to focus on my Light WORK, my passions, and the people I care about! Lesson #4 – Know When to Walk Away! We can’t save everybody, nor should we…  The truth is, people can only be saved if they truly want to be saved! You may see someone suffering from a terrible situation which indicates that they want to be saved. But more often than not, people won’t really do what is required to heal or help themselves or the situation… sometimes it’s like talking to a door. The problem is that those people have become so addicted to the fear, pain and anxiety that they’re afraid of what will happen to them when it’s healed. They find some sort of safety in their misery because that’s what they know. You just can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped! Don’t let them flatter your Ego by making you believe that you’re their saviour and only you can end their suffering. It’s doing them a disservice because you’re feeding their self-learned helplessness, which is most likely part of why they ended up in a mess in the first place. The same goes with relationships. If a relationship doesn’t make you happy anymore, or if you realise that the relationship is toxic, it’s time to end it. No excuses, no “but”s, and definitely no “if I’m just trying to be even sweeter/helpful/kinder/smarter/etc. then they might change….” You’re only making those excuses and explanations because you’re afraid of what would happen when you end the relationship. Trust people when they have shown you their real colours because that is the only time when they don’t lie to you! So when it’s time to walk away from a person, relationship or situation? It’s when… It no longer contributes to the fulfilment of your Life Purposes. It has outgrown its part of your Life Mission. You aren’t passionate about it. It doesn’t increase your Energy Frequency. Your gut feeling asks you to walk away. It makes you depressed, frustrated and/or stressed. It’s triggering your pain, fear and anxieties. It drains you of Energy and joie de vivre. Lesson #5 – You Don’t Owe Anything to Anyone! The only one you owe anything to is yourself! What you owe yourself is to make sure that you are doing everything in your power to have the very best life you possibly can get! Assertiveness is one of your many Personal Life Purposes, and it’s not an easy one to master because there are so many obstacles on the path. There are two types of assertiveness… The fake assertiveness, where a person is a self-righteous jerk that belittles other people in order to come off more self-confident… The genuine assertiveness, where self-confidence and self-esteem come from within. There is no need to try to be above anyone else. There is no need for competition. There is no need to bully or mock others. I’m talking about genuine assertiveness. Assertiveness doesn’t have anything to do with what other people are thinking about you. Assertiveness is what you think about yourself, your self-respect, your boundaries, and your ability to maintain those boundaries when they’re tested. For me, that’s really the essence of being assertive; have self-respect, set boundaries, and maintain those boundaries! Not by being a selfish jerk, but because you value and prioritise your own mental health & well-being, your happiness, your physical health, your time, your Life Purposes & Mission, your emotional health, your spiritual health, and your inner peace. Now I want to hear from you: How has your life improved after you became more assertive? Let me know in the comments under this Insta Post.     View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Sabrina | Manifestation Expert for Lightworkers (@sabrinaboglund) [...]

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