12 Things That Happens Your First Year as a Lightworker.

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12 Things That Happens Your First Year as a Lightworker

If you’re reading this article, you’re new to Lightworkers or want to recognise yourself. I’m trying to write this with a bit of humour and #SoRelatable. Somehow spirituality and personal development can get very seriously quite quickly, but it doesn’t have to be.

But before we start, I just want to acknowledge that we’re launching the Bøglund Lightworker Institute today 🎉🎉🎉

It’s on purpose it’s not a huge bang, but just quiet and peacefully!

Last night (with 28 delays due to tech issues), I send out the Lightworker Goodiebag to those who already had signed up for our email list. It had a value of $149.95 and was a one-time offer for the Early Birds. I have an even bigger surprise up in my sleeves for the Early Birds that will be announced later in 2021. Unfortunately, this big surprise will only be available for those who signed up to our email list BEFORE Monday 21st of June.

However, there are still amazing goodies and surprises on it’s way to anyone on the email list at the moment of send-out. I love spoiling my Tribe! So even though you might have missed the Lightworker Goodiebag send-out, don’t despair, more exclusive stuff is on its way to everyone on our email list.

#1 – You’re Becoming a Researcher.

Suddenly you spend a great deal of time googling ‘Lightworker’, reading everything that comes up. You’re searching for lightworker hashtags on Instagram and Twitter and joining Lightworker groups on Facebook.

#2 – You No Longer Feel Alone… Almost…

You have spent most of your life feeling like an alien, an outcast, being a nerd – and now have you found a group of people who are like you. But you still have a feeling of not fitting into the world.

#3 – Information Overload.

Like anything else in this world, there is a ton of information about Lightworkers that takes you in all sorts of directions. It can be overwhelming and difficult to know where to begin and end.

#4 – One Source or Teacher is Not Enough.

Everyone who teaches anything is teaching from their perception. You’ll need to put your own perception together inspired by different sources and teachers.

#5 – Forgiveness.

The easiest way to move on from anything is to adopt this mantra: 



Some people just don’t know any better, and that’s okay.

#6 – Want To Share Your Newfound Knowledge With E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E!

Your Facebook wall and Instagram feed are long lists of articled, posts, and videos about Lightworkers. Lightworkers had also become your new favourite topic to talk about with all your friends, whether they’re interested or not.

#7 – You Start Seeing Lightworkers Everywhere.

You’ve read the ‘Personality Traits of a Lightworker’ lists on the internet so many times that you have memorised them. Whenever someone opens their mouth or does something, you immediately label them as a Lightworker or not a Lightworker.

#8 – You Begin to Make Other People Your Personal Fix-Up Project.

If they just could see what you could see in them! You want to enlighten them by helping them to see the Light. You really just want to help, so why won’t they accept your help?

#9 – You Are Getting In Contact With Your Innate Superpowers.

You’re getting more sensitive.

You’re getting more empathic.

You’re getting more intuitive.

You’re getting more interested in manifestation.

You feel your psychic abilities start to develop.

You’re feeling a deeper and deeper desire to save the world.

#10 – You’re Wondering If You Have Psychic Powers.

Not only are you reading everything relating to but Lightworkers – you’re also starting to look into psychic abilities. Healing, Clairvoyance, Taking with Dead People, Working with Angels…

#11 – “Who Am I?”

This whole Lightworker thing can quickly turn into an obsession to figure out who you are… You have spent a lifetime feeling you didn’t fit into this world, and finally, you recognise yourself as a Lightworker. The term ‘Earth Angel’ suddenly becomes a shiny object.

A Simple Plan to Find the Purpose in Your Life

#12 – Watch Out for Your Ego.

I have met countless people who claim that they no longer have an ego because they have been working on themselves for years and on a spiritual path. 

This is not true! 

Everyone has an ego! We need our ego for our survival.

A statement like that also shows very evidently that their ego is very well alive because they see themselves above or better than the rest of humanity.

Being seduced by the term ‘Earth Angel’ is also an act of your ego! 

Be careful that your quest of finding a sense of belonging doesn’t turn into a party lead by your ego. Everything that is inspired or motivated by fear, pain, or anxiety are lead by the ego… without exception.

12 Things That Happens Your First Year as a Lightworker

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