12 Things That Happens Your First Year as a Lightworker
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12 Things That Happens Your First Year as a Lightworker.

If you’re reading this article, you’re new to Lightworkers or want to recognise yourself. I’m trying to write this with a bit of humour and #SoRelatable. Somehow spirituality and personal development can get very serious quite quickly, but it doesn’t have to be.

But before we start, I just want to acknowledge that we’re launching the Bøglund Lightworkers today 🎉🎉🎉

It’s on purpose. It’s not a huge bang, but just quiet and peaceful!

Last night (with 28 delays due to tech issues), I sent out the Lightworker Goodiebag to those who already had signed up for our email list. It had a value of $149.95 and was a one-time offer for the Early Birds. I have an even bigger surprise up in my sleeves for the Early Birds that will be announced later in 2021. Unfortunately, this big surprise will only be available for those who signed up to our email list BEFORE Monday 21st of June.

However, there are still amazing goodies and surprises on it’s way to anyone on the email list at the moment of send-out. I love spoiling my Tribe! So even though you might have missed the Lightworker Goodiebag send-out, don’t despair. More exclusive stuff is on its way to everyone on my email list.

#1 You’re Becoming a Researcher.

#2 You No Longer Feel Alone… Almost…

#3 Information Overload.

#4 One Source or Teacher is Not Enough.

#5 Forgiveness.

#6 You Want To Share Your Newfound Knowledge With E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E!

#7 You Start Seeing Lightworkers Everywhere.

#8 You Begin to Make Other People Your Personal Fix-Up Project.

#9 You Are Getting In Contact With Your Innate Super Powers.

#10 You’re Wondering If You Have Psychic Powers.

#11 “Who Am I?”

#12 Watch Out for Your Ego.

Want to go more in-depth? – Click below to get the full guide.


12 Things That Happens Your First Year as a Lightworker

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