3 Steps to Immediately Attract Your Heart’s True Desire (Even If the Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work for You.)

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This article was written for my old website SabrinaJensen.com. All the old articles are of today 17th of September 2021 moved to Boglund.com, and the SabrinaJensen.com website will close down soon!

Have you ever wondered what it takes to boost your manifestation, so you immediately could get your desired outcome?

The hype about the Law of Attraction and manifestation during the last decade had made even more people curious to find out if they could manifest their dreams. I totally understand why so many people can’t get it to work for them. There is SO much wrong information out on the internet, in books, e-books, and in Amazon’s Kindle store about manifestation and the Law of Attraction. Everyone can publish something today and pronounce themselves as an expert. If you learn from those people, it’s obvious you get mediocre results… if any…

I’ve been studying Manifestation, the Universal Laws (including Law of Attraction and 600+ other Universal Laws) and Metaphysics since I was 7 years old. It counts to over 20 years experience and knowledge. I don’t believe you never can study enough; there will always be new knowledge, new stories, new angles, new perceptions… It’s kind of arrogant to think you know EVERYTHING about a subject, no matter how many years you have been studying it.

We need to be humbler and be willing to learn more.

The first 3 Steps to Immediately Attract Your Heart’s True Desire (Even if the Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work for You) is:

#1 Know What You Want

#2 Let the Universe Works Its Magic

#3 Take Guided Actions

The rest of the steps will I soon share in a brand new online Masterclass so make sure to sign up for my High Vibe Lightworker Tribe to be the first to get the invite when the Masterclass launches.

#1 Know What You Want

Before you can get anywhere, you need to know where you’re heading. It seems obvious, and still, so many people choose to focus on what they don’t want and what they want to be different, instead of focusing on what they truly want.

When you’re focusing on what you don’t want, you’re sending energy in that direction and feeding it. So, my advice is to shift the perception and start focusing on what you truly want. Try to dig a bit deeper than the money, the soul mate, the car, the house, the job wishes.

How do you genuinely want to feel?

Many of those I had asked this question answer with “I just want to be happy, Sabby!” – It’s a beginning, but you still need to dig deeper. Unfortunately, the most of us have become so used to stay at the indifferent frequency, that we don’t have any idea how to dig deep and we had forgotten our true Divine Life Purpose – BE LOVE.

In my teaching, I use Unconditional Freedom, Peace, Joy, Love & Enlightenment as the desired outcome, which also is our heart’s true desire. Our heart’s true desire is the one and the same as our true Divine Life Purpose – BE LOVE.

Admittedly, that can very easily be very fluffy! The secret is; none of your heart’s true desires are EVER attached to a physical object or person.

#2 Let the Universe Works Its Magic

I had said it before, and you will with guarantee hear me say it again. The Universe has a plan that is much greater than you’re capable of imaging. The HOW is none of your business! One thing is to take guided actions and make the necessary changes to welcome your manifestation; like creating a budget, cash flow budget, and a saving account if you want financial freedom. But when you try to write the manuscript, dictating HOW you want it to happen, within your chosen timeframe – AND who you want to do what you request… That’s manipulative, controlling AND a gigantic saboteur in your manifestation.

To be honest with you, I think everyone has been guilty in trying to manipulate and control something into happening. And every time is the greatest gift… a learning lesson. Like a child will learn very quickly to not play with the flame on the candle.

Controlling and manipulating with your manifestation and Law of Attraction will backfire, without exception. Maybe you don’t get burned, and actually, do manifest what you wanted… for later find out that manifestation brought a lot of pain, struggle and other shit along. THAT’S WHY the Universe put it on hold, and not manifesting it organically.

You can do your vision boards, visualizing, affirmations, oracle cards, etc. But none of it will work if you don’t surrender your desire and let the Universe take charge.

#3 Take Guided Actions

In the last decade where I’d been teaching in manifestation and the Law of Attraction, two of the most common questions are “What action step should I take?” and “I can’t hear my angels//the Universe, how can I then follow their guidance?”

First and foremost, every baby born on this planet, in all directions of time, are born psychic. We’re all Lights of Love, creations of the Source of Love (God), so why in the world should the Source cut the communication the second you popped out of your mother’s Vajayjay?

Listen, you might not see or talk with dead people, and you might not see angels. But, there is way more into Divine communication than clairvoyance and clairaudience. Your intuition, your gut feeling, that little voice in your head that told you to check Instagram and suddenly your eyes are drawn to a visual and caption with the words you just needed to hear.

We forget to give credit to the Universe’s creative ways to put us right in front of that exact thing, that is right for us at that moment where we needed it. Talk about Divine Timing. Coincidences and luck don’t really exist. Everything is meticulously planned by the Universe – all we have to do is to listen to that little nugget of information from our intuition.

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