3 Things that Drives Me (and One Thing that Pisses Me Off)

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3 Things that Drives Me (and One Thing that Pisses Me Off)

This will be the first article I’m gonna add to the Sabrina’s Corner section in the Resource Hub. I have decided to create this section because I wanted to have a place where I can open a tiny bit about my life and be an Incarnated Seraph Angel. 

Before I get started on this article, I will want to point something out.

  1. I am not religious and don’t practise religion.
  2. Everything I’m writing in the Sabrina’s Corner section is based on my own memories, experiences, and what I know to be the truth.
  3. I will manually approve all comments, so hate, trolls and other bullshit won’t be published. (That goes for every page and article btw.)
  4. This section is meant to be fun, easy and cosy.

In this article, I will bring you a little bit closer into my world… or rather temper. As I review the outline for this article, it became clear how much my Seraph self influences my everyday life.

Drive #1 – Burning Passion, Light and Love.

First thing first – Seraphim means the “Burning Ones”, referring to a Seraph angel literally BURNING with Love and Passion for what you know as God. Our Love and Passion are so strong and powerful that if any other angel from a different realm or hierarchy is looking directly at us, they will get blinded by our Light. If we appear in our truest and purest form in front of a human, our Light would simply turn that human into dust. So, Seraphim have absolutely nothing to do with humans and Earthly matters. We’re created to be Guardians of God’s Throne (the home of the Source of Love), worship the Source, and record all the Source’s Secrets and Laws and store them in a sacred and secret place.

My Angel Name is Seraphiel which means The Flame of God! This means I’m a really powerful and strong angel, which definitely also comes across in my incarnation into this human body.

Passion, Love, and Light are my Life Force. Without it, I can’t breathe, and I get physically ill. Keep in mind that I’m talking about the Divine and Celestial kind of Passion, Love, and Light – and not the romantic kind. 

EVERYTHING in my human life and well-being needs to be rooted in authentic, genuine, pure Passion, Love and Light. If one of them is missing, it won’t work. 

I’m very assertive about this! 

If the Passion, Love, and Light aren’t there, it’s not gonna happen! 

I’m not getting involved and won’t spend time on it.

Drive #2 – Freedom To Do Whatever I Want, Whenever I Want, Wherever I Want, with Whomever I Want.

When I’m using this statement, I have noticed people have A LOT of opinions about me being arrogant and selfish.

First, being selfish isn’t necessarily a bad thing! It truly depends on your reasons behind it – are you an ecocentric jerk, OR is what you call selfishness really Self-Love, and thereby Self-Care?

Freedom is also a Life Force for me. Without my Freedom, I can’t function! 

However, with Freedom comes responsibility.

When I have the Freedom to do Whatever I want, Whenever I want, Wherever I want, with Whomever I want, I tend to be way more productive, do better work, happier, more at peace, and healthier. So I really don’t care if someone calls me selfish for this. This is about my own mental health and physical well-being.

I will also point out that I TRULY believe that everyone should be free to do whatever they want, whenever they want, wherever they want, and with whomever they want. This is the core essence of the Universal Law of Free Will. The only reason why most humankind doesn’t feel this freedom is because they had bought into limiting beliefs passed on through generations.

Drive #3 – Helping Lightworkers to Shine Even Brighter and More Powerful.

So back in the Angelic Kingdom, I have been teaching angels praising the Source and always shining brighter and more powerful for aeons. Incarnating into this human body, I brought my purpose with me. The only change is I’m now teaching Lightworkers to Shine Even Brighter and More Powerful. 

Using my Divine Flame of Love and Passion for teaching others to Shine Brighter and more Powerful is one of the reasons why I was created. I don’t have all the answers for humanity, but I can help you merge with the Divine and become a channel of the Power of Love. You see, every single living being has Life Purposes. As a Lightworker, you have 3 types of Life Purposes.

  1. Personal Life Purposes
  2. Global Life Purposes
  3. Divine Life Purposes

Your Life Purposes has been uniquely chosen for you and your journey, not only in this lifetime but over the course of all your lifetimes; past, present, and future.

I have a Burning Passion and Love for helping Lightworkers to embrace their native Superpowers and truly become Channels of Divine Love and Light. 

Pissing Me Off: Self-Learned Helplessness and Victim Mentality.

If you have followed me for awhile, you will know I have absolutely no patience for victim mentality and, what I call, self-learned helplessness. This sometimes makes me sound like a bitch and insensitive to whatever people are going through. That is, however, not the case! 

Again, I think this is the firey Divine Love and Passion that live inside of me! I am empathic and sympathetic for what others are going through. I just really don’t have time for bullshit, self-pithiness, and cry-babies. Just listening to people complaining about how terrible everything is, gives me long boobies 🙄 or at least it feels like it… 

I don’t think there is one single being on this planet who doesn’t have some struggles and doesn’t have something they are dealing with. We all have something!

The difference is how you deal with whatever that’s going on in your life.
Are you going to pull the victim card and want everyone to affirm you in how miserable everything is?
OR are you going to put your big boy/big girl pants on and take it as an opportunity to learn, grow and heal? 

I’m rooting, supporting, and cheering for each and every one of you who choose the last one. It is for you I’ve created the Bøglund Lightworker Institute! It’s for you, I’m writing these articles and developing new amazing projects and products.

There are few things I don’t engage in:

  • Bullshit
  • Self-Pity
  • Self-Learned Helplessness
  • Victim Mentality
  • Complaining
  • Blaming
  • Pointing Fingers at Others
  • Judging People to Feel Better About Oneself
  • Self-Righteousness
  • Egocentric and Narcissistic Behaviour
  • Dragging Other People into Your Mess

I don’t have it in me to engage or even get involved with this kind of negativity and toxic behaviour. I can’t even be around those people without getting a major migraine.

So there you have it… 3 things that drive me, and one thing that pisses me off.

3 Things that Drives Me (and One Thing that Pisses Me Off)

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