3 Things You Must Know About Metaphysics.

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3 Things You Must Know About Metaphysics.

It’s time to put on your Nerdy-Geek glasses 🤓 because this week, we will talk about Metaphysics. Metaphysics can also be spelt meta physics, but I prefer to write it as Metaphysics.

I’m referring to Metaphysics in some of my articles about Manifestation, Universal Laws, and when I’m talking about Energy Frequencies. But I don’t think I ever have written an article or post on Instagram specifically about Metaphysics. So this is what I’m going to do in this article.

I’m TRYING to keep this article short and simple… Emphasis Trying! 🙈

#1 – Metaphysics is Science.

It’s very easy to believe that Metaphysics is some sort of a New Age slash Spiritual idea, but it isn’t!

Metaphysics is science and works very closely together with Quantum Physics.

Metaphysics translates into Above Physics!

So, where “traditional” Physics works with Energies, Particles, Atoms, Molecules, Protons, Neutrons, Electrons, Time and Space, etc. Metaphysics is working with what is ABOVE.

This is probably why Metaphysics gets mixed up with Spiritual, New Age, and even, Religious stuff. Some may even go so far as to say that Metaphysics is the Science of God. I won’t because God is a different force.

So what is Above Physics, you may ask?

Well, Above Physics means it doesn’t have any physical form or can take physical form. Quantum Physics is about Energy taking form in one shape or another. When I’m talking about Energy Frequencies and Manifestation, that’s Quantum Physics. Metaphysics is what happens BEFORE it can turn into Energy and thereby Energy Frequency.

Metaphysics isn’t able to Manifest or come into form alone. It needs help from Quantum Physics.

Most humans experience Metaphysics as:

  • Philosophies
  • Thoughts
  • Emotions
  • Feelings
  • Ideas
  • Epiphanies
  • Channelling the Divine
  • Divine Guidance
  • Nightly Dreams (before they happen in real life) aka Deja Vú

It’s only a few of many ways in which Metaphysics plays a part in our life. But what is common for all of them is they have no physical origin AND can’t Manifest themselves into the physical world. 

The Nightly Dreams that turn into a Deja Vú moment don’t have a physical origin when you’re having the dream, and there is absolutely nothing you or anyone else can do to make it happen in real life. That’s one of the rare moments that the Metaphysics directly breaks the wall into the Physics. It may also be why we react in such a unique way when we have a Deja Vú experience.

When we talk about Thoughts and Emotions in the same sentence as Metaphysics, it concerns the deep Thoughts and Emotions that just show up in our heads out of nowhere. Usually, it happens when you’re doing something that you feel is meditative but isn’t meditation. Like Cooking, Gardening, Being at the Beach… something where your hands and body are occupied, and your mind just relaxes. It’s when you can reach a state where you can connect directly with the Metaphysical realm.

#2  – The Spiritual Realm is Just a Corner of Metaphysics.

The Spiritual Realm is located in the Metaphysical realm, but the Spiritual Realm is not the same as Metaphysics. Just like Denmark is a country located on the planet Earth, the Spiritual Realm is a place located in the Metaphysical realm. It’s very difficult to place, let alone find the right word to describe the “home” of Metaphysics. There is nothing physical in something that is Above Physics, after all.

Anyway, the Spiritual Realm, while it’s located in the Metaphysics, can break the wall into the physical world by having Angels, Spirit Guides, Spiritual Beings, and Celestial Beings communicate with people and even make an appearance. It’s very rare that you actually can see someone from the Spiritual Realm since it requires a lot of Energy for them to manifest into anything the physical eye is capable of seeing. It means that they often need to drain some of your Energy to make that physical appearance. So it’s only on extremely important occasions that this happens.

The Spiritual Realm, and God for that matter, often works through other people to answer your prayers. That doesn’t mean that someone who can help you should deliver the help on a silver plate or be demanded to help you. It simply just means that through the Metaphysical channels, the Spiritual Realm is “activating” those who can help you and guide you both on a path where you will meet… It can be a physical meeting, online, social media, or even bringing an ad in front of you with the solution to your prayer. Also, keep in mind that everybody has Free Will, so no one is obligated to help you or in the way you want them to help you

As a Spiritual Master Teacher and psychic, I can often feel when I’m “activated” to help someone. I usually don’t know who they are, and in most cases, it doesn’t really matter. I’m receiving Divine Guidance for creating a product or service that focuses on a specific problem. Like How to Manifest a Specific Person and Divine Secrets to Successful Manifestations – both are the outcome of a Divine Guidance to help someone with that prayer. 

The same goes for some of the articles in my Resource Hub. I have planned all the articles for the rest of 2022. HOWEVER, if I get “activated” by the Divine, I can postpone an article to make room for the one that is inspired by Divine Guidance.

I’m trying to stick to my content plan and instead want to schedule the Divine Guided article to a date that is free. But sometimes, the “push” from the Divine is too strong, so I have to fit it in.

This type of communication is Metaphysical. I don’t play any active parts in it – and there is no physical interference. 

The Quantum Physical part starts when I take the Divine Guidance from the Metaphysics and begin to find a way to fit it into my calendar. It stays in the Quantum Physical Realm from the moment I begin to map out whether it should be a product or service, or an article, till I hit the “Publish” button and release it into the world.

The product, service, or article is the physical Manifestation of a Divine Guidance that happened on a Metaphysical Level, activated by someone’s prayer to the Divine.

NB: Digital and Online products and services and articles are physical manifestations.

#3 – Metaphysics Plays an Important Part in Your Life (even if You aren’t Aware)!

Since Metaphysics is Above Physics, you are mostly not aware of the influence the Metaphysics has in your life.

We often don’t pay much attention to where our Break-Through Ideas and Epiphanies are coming from… or what exactly caused our Deja Vú.

Often with Deja Vú, we are so shaken up and in a WTF-state that we spend the next couple of minutes trying to figure out what just happened and trying to make sense of it. It’s totally normal! 

I have periods where I experience many Deja Vús throughout the day. I had a couple of weeks at the beginning of this month where I had between 3-7 Deja Vús throughout the day, every day. At the most random times, of course. I have learned not to put too much energy into figuring out what it means because things usually show up and reveal themselves eventually.

I don’t think Metaphysics is meant to be understood in detail and how exactly it influences our life since there is a reason behind why it isn’t part of our physical Universe.

I believe the full concept and details of Metaphysics are supposed to stay one of the Universe’s many mysteries.

But Metaphysics is an important source for what you’re channelling. 

It’s the source that is feeding us with innovative and ground-breaking new ideas. 

It’s the source that pulls us to think outside of the norm.

It’s the source of Epiphanies.

… and more importantly, the first step for any Energy Frequency change is to reverse the process! Use your Thoughts to improve your Emotions and eventually increase your Energy Frequency. When your Energy Frequency is higher, Quantum Physics will help the Metaphysics to change the Non-physical and Above Physics interactions in your life.

By knowing these things, how have you experienced Metaphysics in your life?

Let me know in this post on Insta 👇🏻👇🏻

3 Things You Must Know About Metaphysics.

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