4 Self-Love Concepts Only True Spiritual Babes Understand

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This article was written for my old website SabrinaJensen.com. All the old articles are of today 17th of September 2021 moved to Boglund.com, and the SabrinaJensen.com website will close down soon!

Self-Love can work like a magic wand. We love dreaming about how our life will be when we finally have all the prosperity, success and freedom we’re dreaming of. However, if we don’t love ourselves and honor ourselves, it can be complicated to attract the life we would like to live.

After I became sick, I learned how important it is to not only prioritize my health, but also the way I treat myself. I know I’m not the only person who ended up on sick leave with stress and anxiety. Both are common diseases! What scares me the most, is the social status we had given stress. Hustling and stress had been socially acceptable on the cost of our well-being. Is it really worth it?

It’s time to take better care of ourselves.

#1 Alone Time.

Some people hate to be alone, while others hate to be around people all the time. No matter if you are an extrovert or introvert, you’ll need time alone. It would help you to have tranquility for a moment. It will give you clarity and help you to see things from a broader perspective. My absolute best ideas come when I’m alone, often in the shower.

We are living in a busy world with information overload. We have our smartphones within an arm’s length and checking social media several times during the day. We are online on our computers during the day.

Sometimes is it healthy to go offline, both from our electronic devices and from the real world and be alone with ourselves in meditation or go for a walk.


#2 Be Creative

Creativity is a way to express yourself. You don’t have to be the greatest artist on the planet, but it will help to calm your mind if you could come up with a creative hobby.

I love writing, so my creative hobby is writing my books or writing articles for my blog. Writing is my work, but it doesn’t feel like work because it’s a way for me to express myself. If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably seen my quotes. Digital Design is another hobby of mine. I relax by creating them. I do all my graphics by myself, including my website. I could outsource it, so I had more time to create my training programs, but I don’t want to because I relax by doing it.

Other ways of being creative:

  • Making music
  • Dancing
  • Sawing
  • Designing
  • Cooking
  • Drawing
  • Interior Decoration
  • Crafts
  • Nail Art
  • Etc


#3 No Excuses, Only Honesty

Excuses have only one purpose, to cover the truth. Sure, it’s not always pleasant, to tell the truth, but it will give you way more peace in mind because you don’t have to come up with explanations for why you can’t do something. Excuses are just tacky!

I think the whole thing of just telling the truth is way scarier inside of our heads than the real outcome of the situation ever would be. We are so afraid of being judged that we rather want to come up with something than just being honest. However, none of us like it when other people give us excuses for why they can’t do anything. We know when someone gives us a reason, right?

Here is the thing; We can’t control what other people do, say or think, that’s their business – not ours. Yes, some people will judge you by telling the truth, but that is because of their insecurity and their need to control others. It has nothing to do with you! Save your mind power by telling your truth, and don’t misuse your creativity to come up with excuses.

#4 Be Selective With Your Friends.

While most people want everybody to like them, we have to realize that we can’t please everyone. Nor should we. The only person you should please is yourself. I know it sounds selfish, and maybe you think the whole idea of self-love is selfish, but it’s selfish to try to please everyone else in the hope that they will love you even more. You need to set your limits at a healthy place, so people don’t take advantage of you. Trust me; I had learned this the hard way.

We tend to be like the four people we spend the most time with. It doesn’t really matter if it’s friends, family or coworkers. I like to trust my guts when I select who I want to spend time with and how I don’t. People’s energy informs you about who they truly are way before they open their mouths. The difference is, people’s mouth doesn’t always tell the truth, while their energy never lies. You don’t have to be psychic to be able to read people’s energy. Trust your intuition and your first impression! Within the first 5 seconds will it tell you everything you need to know about that person.


How do you practice more self-love in your life?

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