5 Fun Ways to be More Productive.

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5 Fun Ways to be More Productive.

We all have busy lives, so making time to do your Light WORK and fulfilling your Life Purposes may not always be possible. Your Light WORK and Life Purposes are crucial parts of your life, but it is, however, up to you to prioritise to do them! In my opinion, the very best way to make time for your Light WORK and fulfilment of your Life Purposes is to make them a part of your daily routine and maybe even your work-life.

You should work smarter, not harder – and that always comes down to scheduling and productivity.

I am a massive procrastinator, I get like 100 new ideas per minute, and my attention span is *Look! A butterfly* very short. I get distracted very, very easily! In conversations and physical activities, I’m quick to get my focus back in check… when I’m working on the computer – not so much. I can be deeply concentrated on writing on a product, and suddenly my brain needs to know if penguins have knees. No matter how hard I try, my OCD brain can’t let go until I have Googled it, and before I know it, I have spent 2-3 hours reading articles and watching YouTube videos about penguins and their anatomy. The closest thing I ever had to do with penguins was watching them in the Zoo, so it’s completely irrelevant information to research. 

… oh, and for the record… Penguins do have knees 😉

Here are my 5 tips to be more productive in a fun way.

Tip #1 – Have a 90 Days Plan!

Planning is the tool for freedom and productivity! – and no, it’s not my OCD brain that’s talking! 

Hear me out!

Within structure lies freedom because your brain needs direction to follow. When you have created the structure, your brain can focus on being creative within those structures.

Without structure, your brain goes to la-la-land, and you’ll get absolutely nada done because you don’t know where to begin or end!

I have a Yearly Planner, a Quarterly Planner, and a Monthly Planner. I make the Yearly Planner in October-November. I make the Quarterly Planner during the 2nd last week of every quarter, and I make the Monthly Planner on the 1st of every month. Within these plans, my brain knows where we will go to the final destination.

With a 90 Days Plan, you’re taking your goal and breaking it up into 3 smaller goals. One for every 30 days. You are then breaking the small goal up into specific action steps you would have to take in the next 30 days to reach the small goal.

You can use this template:


Tip #2 – Be Realistic with Your Time and Resources!

The 90 Days Plan would help you create a tangible action plan by breaking your goal into smaller pieces. The next step is your ability to be realistic!

The major reason so many people are stressed is that we tend to overestimate how long it takes to do something and how many resources we have. It’s okay to be limited due to health issues, as long you don’t make it an excuse for not doing things. 

I have health issues too, but I don’t let that stop me from going after what I want. It may slow down the process a little bit, things may take a longer time, and sometimes I need to find a different way to do things, but it would never hold me back. The truth is, I always get what I want! Sometimes it just takes a little longer than I wanted it to, and sometimes the journey turns out to be different than I had planned. But that’s okay! 

We need to stop being so damn hard on ourselves! It’s better to do a little every day than trying to run a marathon and burnout with stress!

When you’re realistic with your time and resources, you’ll experience daily achievements and success experiences. That will motivate you to continue tomorrow to get another successful experience. One small success. When you feed your mind with success, your motivation increases and your Energy Frequency.

All you need to do is 1 thing every day that will bring you closer to your desired outcome. That’s all!

Tip #3 – Create the Right Settings!

We all like to work in different ways! 

When I’m writing, I sometimes like to sit at my desk, while other times I like to write from my bed. It really depends on my mood… and my back… 

However, if I’m creating entire new teachings and working on the science or psychic part of my job, I need to get on my feet and move physically around… even go for a walk with my AirPods in – both to block out the noise but also to signal to others that I don’t want to be disturbed. Sometimes I walk around in my home, giving a lecture (with no audience) just to process the information and turn it into something I can communicate to others. I need to translate it into wordings people actually can understand so what I’m saying doesn’t fly over their heads. I’m the type of person who needs to talk my way through any progress before it really lands somewhere I can put it into practical action. It’s my brain’s way of sorting things into order.

It’s no good for your creativity or productivity if you’re forcing yourself to work from a certain place or in a certain way. Your body will start to complain, you will move around trying to find a better position, and before you know it, you have lost your focus. You need to find out how you’re working best and then use that as the blueprint of your working settings.

You can also look into how to set the right mood for your productivity.

  • What time of the day do you work best? – When are you most productive?
  • Music or no music? – What kind of music? – Create a working playlist.
  • TV or no TV in the background?
  • Lighting.
  • Sitting position.
  • Water, coffee, or tea next to you.
  • What about some food or snack?
  • Put your phone on “not disturb” mode, and have it facing downward.

Tip #4 – Make it a Good Experience!

The more fun we have, the more likely we are to keep going. It’s easier to keep focus if you think it’s fun and interesting what you’re doing.

Think about it… when you’re thinking about your favourite things to do in the world, isn’t it because you have a good experience doing them?

I’m way more productive when I’m having a good time working! I’m trying to make it a wonderful experience and enjoying every bit of it. 

Of course, there will be bad days and days where nothing really works… days where you just feel like staying in bed all day and binge-watching a show on Netflix. We all have those days – and I think it’s important to listen to your body when those days show up. I’m making a deal with myself when that happens; if I manage to finish my to-do list for that day, I order takeaway and allow myself to binge-watch the show the rest of the day.

Even on bad days, if you’re passionate about something, then it’s easier to get out of bed and get productive – and still have a good experience.

Of course, are every task equally exciting… some tasks can be very shitty or dull, in fact… but the job still needs to get done. In those situations, you can use Mental Alchemy to transform the situation from being shitty to something that turns out to be a good experience. 

If there is one thing I hate doing, then it’s cleaning. Yes, I have a tiny bit of OCD, but I really hate cleaning. So when I’m cleaning, I need to make it fun and exciting; if I don’t, I will have 117 excuses why I don’t have time to do it. So, I’m turning on the most cheesy, guilty-pleasure playlist I can find on Spotify, increasing the volume of my Google Home speakers in every room of my home, and then having my own little party going on. I just can’t keep a straight face, for not to mention sitting still when cheesy, guilty pleasure music is playing. I need to act out and make a joke out of it! And suddenly, the cleaning becomes a whole lot more fun.

Doing finances is another part that can be a bit boring. My solution for that is tracking your cash flow budget and your income and saving goals. When it comes to finances, everything is a lot more exciting when the numbers in your savings account and income flow are increasing.

The best way to get boring or shitty things done is very much turning it into a game or making a party out of it – depending on what the task is.

Tip #5 – Use the Carrot, not the Stick!

You are a Lightworker, which means you’re a sensitive soul with a big heart! You want to make the world a better place, and you are willing to do everything you can to make sure everybody is happy. But you also tend to neglect yourself and your own needs.

That’s a Lightworker in a nutshell!

Let me give you some insight into the analytics of my websites over the last 1½ decades.

The articles that are written with a Carrot perform waaaaaaaaaaay better than the articles written with a Stick! WAY BETTER!


Because Lightworkers are interested in having things getting better, improvement, healing, love, and vision.

The Stick seems terrifying and can cause a lot of anxiety and discomfort in Lightworkers. They feel like using consequences, and worse-case scenarios is threatening.

The Carrot can sometimes be a shiny object, but the way I’m using it in my articles is; that if you do this, and this, and this, then you will get your desired outcome. If you look at the title of my two digital training programs.

You can see the titles are a Carrot. If you do this, you will find your Life Purpose – or if you do this, you will manifest your specific person.

This article is also written as a Carrot to help you become more Productive.

Other examples of the Carrot:

The Stick uses consequences or what people fear to get them to do what you want them to do. 

Examples of the Stick:

When you read these titles, how do you respond to them? 

How do you feel when you read the Carrot titles? 

How do you feel when you read the Stick-titles?

Which titles did you click on? – and why did you click on them?

This is a little test to help you to find out what you respond to the best, the Stick or the Carrot. 

In today’s world, the Stick is often represented by using fear, desperation, anxiety and pain to make people do something. The only reason people stay in shitty jobs is only because of the money. They are afraid that if they quit their job and start doing what they really want to do, they won’t make enough money to pay their bills. The Stick has been used to run the world for Millennia, which is why the world’s most dominant Energy Frequency is fear, pain, and anxiety.

However, Lightworkers respond better to the Carrot because the Carrot is the desired outcome. We’re willing to go miles to get our desired outcome – all we need is a little guidance and a helping hand.

This leads me back to Tip #1 – Have a 90 Days Plan! Your Carrot should be your goal or vision that makes you happy and excited. 

Don’t do something because you’re afraid of the consequences if you don’t do it!

Do it because you’re excited about getting your desired outcome! Do it because the outcome will make you truly happy!

I want to hear from you!

In what ways do you bring more fun into your productivity?

Let me know under this Insta post.


5 Fun Ways to be More Productive.

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