5 Lightworker Lessons from And Just Like That…

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5 Lightworker Lessons from And Just Like That…

And Just Like That… is the third show in our Lightworker Lessons from [netflix or HBO show]. 

And Just Like That… is a spin-off of Sex and the City where we now follow Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) and Charlotte (Kristin Davis) in their 50s. Samanta has moved to London and isn’t really in contact with the rest of the group after some disagreements with Carrie.

For me, Sex and the City have been one of the shows I had to catch up on in my teenage years and early 20s, as I did with Friends. I was a few years too young to watch Sex and the City when the first couple of seasons aired. So, I have a limited edition Sex and the City DVD box set so it was easier to catch up. It was before streaming services 🤪 I have also the Sex and the City movies on DVD – so I definitely jumped on board as soon I was old enough 😁

So I was very excited when I heard they were doing a spin-off.

NOTE: I’m trying really hard to not spoil anything from the shows I’m making these articles about. 

Let’s dive in.

Lightworker Lesson #1 – Some Friendships Aren’t Meant to be Forever.

In the very first scene, we are told that Samantha is gone… not gone gone, she has just moved to London. We also get the sense of some tension regarding Samanta. Later in the episode, Carrie and Miranda are sharing with us why Samanta is missing. There is very little texting between Carrie and Samanta in the show. VERY little! But it leaves enough room for the friendship to might be rekindled again…

The Lightworker Lesson here is to accept that not all relationships are meant to last forever.

We sometimes have a tendency to cling to people we know just because we don’t like to be alone. We would rather stay in a relationship that doesn’t work than move on. 

The problem with staying in relationships that don’t work anymore is it very quickly can turn into a toxic relationship.

Just like Carrie and Samanta are taking time apart and keeping the contact to a minimum, give the relationship an opportunity to heal. Instead of ruining a relationship completely by letting it turn into a toxic relationship, it’s much, much better to let yourself, the other person and the relationship air breathe. 

In other words, if you have any desire to save a relationship from getting completely ruined, consider taking indefinitely time apart.

Lightworker Lesson #2 – Be True to Who You Are, and Be Willing to Change.

Being true to who you are, and being willing to change is one of the major storylines for several characters. 

Miranda meet Che (who is non-binary) and begin to explore her sexuality and the LGBTQIA+ community.

Rose (Charlotte’s 13 years old daughter) asks to be called Rick and tries to navigate in the world of what gender she/they will identify as. Charlotte and Harry try to find the right way to respond to Rock’s reveal.

Carrie also has a storyline of finding herself and settling in her new life as a widow.

There is a very clear message in And Just Like That…

It’s never too late or too early to find out who you truly are. Be honest about who you are, and let go of something when it no longer fits who you are.

Che is doing a standup show in episode 3, which I truly recommend you to see! It holds a strong and powerful message.

The Lightworker Lesson here is, to be honest to yourself about who you are. The world will always be busy telling you how you are supposed to be. This is a wakeup call to embrace your true identity,

Lightworker Lesson #3 – You Shouldn’t Let Yourself be Forced into Relationships.

Seema (Carrie’s real estate agent) invites Carrie to her family’s Diwali celebration. Like in many other families, Seema’s parents are on her neck about why she hasn’t married and started a family yet.

I think this is something many can relate to.

Not only if you’re unmarried and have a certain age, but also parents and older family members interfering and commenting on your personal life and life choices. We have to keep in mind that our parents and loved ones are interfering or commenting on our personal life, it’s because they’re looking out for you and want you the best. The problem is, their advice is coming from their own perception of “how to live”, which often comes from their parents, that comes from their parents, that comes from their parents. Culture, of course, also plays a part. 

Seema does the right thing of not letting her parents force her into marriage and having a family life. She is in her 50s and is free and single… The mistake Seema does is telling her parents about a fake boyfriend to get them to shut up. But because the boyfriend doesn’t exist, she spins herself into a web of lies.

It would be much better to ask her parents to butt out and respect her decision and let them know that she doesn’t want to talk about it or hear about it.

Lightworker Lesson #4 – When Something Bad Happens, It’s an Opportunity to Improve Your Life.

I think it’s already revealed on the internet that Big dies in the first episode, leaving Carrie a widow. Everyone who had watched just a few episodes of Sex and the City knows that Big is a finance man, so Carrie is well taken care of when Big dies.

Thankfully, it doesn’t take a death to get a wake-up call that leads to a life change. It’s very easy to be lulled into routines and living life on auto-pilot. And Just Like That… is talking about COVID-19 and lockdown, and how the characters deal with it, including new habits. 

No matter if it’s death, corona lockdown, sexuality, divorce, or something else that happens in our lives, we can always choose to look for how our current situation could be an opportunity to improve our lives. It’s my full belief that you can find at least 10 good things in 1 bad situation. You just need to train your brain and mind to look for them. In big life-changing events where it can be very difficult to see the positive things, it’s even more important to look for the good things. Like good memories, blessings, how the other person made you a better person – but also keep in mind that the other person wants you to be happy.

Lightworker Lesson #5 – Just Because Someone Died Doesn’t Mean They are Gone.

I didn’t expect spooky stuff would happen in And Just Like That… nevertheless Carrie’s reading lamp over her bed starts turning on and off, while she was about to sleep. She got it fixed by an electrician. Yet the same night after she gets the lamp back from the electrician, it begins to turn on and off again. Although Carrie isn’t necessarily super spiritual she likes to think that it’s Big who is messing with the light.

Most Lightworkers are aware of the “afterlife” – that when we die, it’s only our body that dies, our soul continues to live. It’s just in another dimension. 

NOTE: If you like, I could do an article about what happens after we die? Let me know in this article’s post on Instagram. Because Instagram is the only social media I’m using, and because I’m checking Insta several times throughout the day, it’s more likely I’m seeing your comments and messages on that platform than anywhere else.

When someone dies, some people open up to the idea that their loved one’s soul is still around. It’s not uncommon. If we go back to belief systems prior to the established religions and belief systems, it was very common that people believed that the souls of the dead continued to live in the afterlife. Depending on where they lived, the afterlife looked a little bit different, but the blueprint is very much the same. Back in ancient times, people were way more in touch with their intuitive abilities and spiritual awareness. They were more spiritually enlightened than humanity is today! While there always had been war and political battles, ancient times were still more peaceful because there wasn’t as much constant noise as there is today. No television, no radio, no internet, no social media, no newspapers, and only very few books. So people spent a lot more time with their thoughts and were better at communicating with their Gods. In today’s world, most people are terrified of spending time alone with their thoughts which is why they are always talking with someone or having TV, music, YouTube, or social media running in the background.

The afterlife, or as I call it, in-between lives, has become something many people are afraid of, both because of scary movies and books, but also because they have forgotten how to connect with loved ones that no longer is physical among us. 

You don’t have to be clairvoyant, psychic, medium or have any certain belief system to be able to connect with deceased loved ones. A person’s soul is pure energy that is able to move around, take form, and make weird things happen. Deceased loved ones that mess with electronics are EXTREMELY common. Spirits of deceased people (also called ghosts) have for whatever reason a partiality to electronics… even if the person died centuries before the invention of electronics. It might be because electronics are so closely connected to physics that it’s easier to manipulate. I don’t know – it’s something quantum scientists would have to do some research on. 

Back to the Lightworker Lesson… this is more a reminder about your deceased loved ones are no further way than a thought. 

You can ask them for signs, or connect with them in prayers, meditation, or silence.

It can be done very easy:

Take a moment of silence and centre yourself by taking a deep breath – all the way down to your belly button. Sometimes it helps to put a hand on your lower stomach and the other hand on the middle of your chest. Continue with this deep breathing exercise until you’re relaxed and stress-free.

In this space of silence, relaxation and stress-free bring up a good and happy memory of your deceased loved one, preferably your favourite moment with that person. Close your eyes and recall those memories and make them as vivid as possible. Then ask your deceased loved one whatever you want to ask them about or tell them what you need to tell them. It can be either out loud or inside of your head. That’s up to you. I always do it out loud, unless I’m in a public place 😉 Then listen to what they have to say. Don’t force anything, just relax and listen.

If you don’t get any answers then move on with your day, and try again when you are in bed before you fall asleep.

It is SUPER important to never force anything when connecting the deceased loved ones. The more you force something, the more you’re going to block it. Just like you never should force a manifestation.

If you don’t get any reply from your deceased loved one, you can ask them to send you a sign. DON’T tell them what kind of sign – let them be creative!

As you move on with your life and keep yourself engaged with what’s right in front of you, when you absolutely least expect it, something that will remind you about your deceased loved one will show up. OR they will start messing with your electronics or hidden stuff will suddenly be on your dinner table. 

My personal experience is, those of my deceased loved ones who liked to do pranks or tease people when they were alive, are the ones who are going to mess with the electronics and make hidden stuff appear.

– and by hidden stuff, I mean pictures or items you already know where to find. NOT lost items! That requires another technique.

The more the deceased loved one was a prankster when they were alive, the more “spooky” stuff they can do to get your attention. Over time, you’ll learn to know their signature signs and recognise when that specific person is messing with you.

Well, this article turned out to be longer than I expected!

I want to know from you, what Lightworker or Life Lessons do you take away from And Just Like That…? Let me know in the comment field on the Instagram post below.

– If you haven’t watched the show, you can find it on HBO along with all seasons of Sex and the City! Hm, I think I know what I’m gonna watch for my next show marathon 🙈


5 Lightworker Lessons from And Just Like That…

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