5 Lightworker Lessons from Emily in Paris Season 2

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5 Lightworker Lessons from Emily in Paris Season 2

I always start planning the new year in October-November. I’m always outlining the big perspective of the Content Calendar for the Resource Hub and for Instagram, a year ahead. 

One of the ideas I have been playing with for many months is to review shows on Netflix and HBO from a Lightworker’s point of view. What can we, as Lightworkers, learn from the different shows?

One of my missions is to bring spiritual concepts down to earth and make them more relatable. I want people to understand that being a Lightworker, or being spiritual for that matter, is not something fluffy hocus-pocus thingy for weird people. I also want people to understand that there is nothing special in being a Lightworker or spiritual.

I want to explore my theory of using shows from Netflix and HBO as a tool to share lessons Lightworkers can learn from. That doesn’t necessarily mean the characters in the show are Lightworkers! But I believe it might be easier to understand the lessons, by witnessing them on the screen. 

My plan is to share Lightworker Lessons from a new show or season every month. – If you have any suggestions for future “Lightworker Lessons from…” let me know in the comment field under this article on Instagram. I will share the post at the end of this article.

Emily in Paris – Season 2.

Emily in Paris – Season 2 is the first show in this series of hopefully many “Lightworker Lessons from…”.

I loved the first season of Emily in Paris! I wrote the second season into my pile of content ideas as soon I read there would be a second season. 

So why not start with the first season?
Because I am terrible at watching the same thing twice. 

My attention span is too short, and my memory is too good. I only have to watch a season once, and I would have memorised the entire storyline, who said what, what people are wearing, and where all the funny things are. When that’s memorised, I’m bored and not paying attention.

Another reason is, I’m a bit short on time and don’t have the time to watch 8 seasons of a show to write an article in one month. It took me a couple of weeks to get through the second season of Emily in Paris.

To catch up on Emily in Paris.

Emily, played by Lily Collins, is a marketing executive in her late-twenties from Chicago. She is assigned to a luxury marketing company in Paris. There are a lot of cultural meetings between this American woman and these fancy French people.

Of course, Emily falls in love with her neighbour (Gabriel), who happens to date one of Emily’s new friends (Camille). The break-up and in a heated moment, Emily and Gabriel hook up believing that he was moving to Normandy to start a restaurant. That changes when the new owner of the restaurant in Paris Gabriel works at, asking him to be a partner. 

Emily also makes another friend, Mindy, who is, to be honest, a better and more honest friend than Camille. Mindy is from a wealthy family in China but ran away to Paris after an embarrassing performance in the Chinese Popstar. Mindy moves in with Emily after Emily persuades Mindy to follow her music dreams and let people hear her amazing voice.

Lesson #1 – Take Responsibility for Your Actions.

The first lesson is when Emily and Gabriel are having sex. On one side, she really likes Gabriel and he returns the feelings. That’s definitely some feelings going on between the two of them. But on the other side, Emily had become really good friends with Gabriel’s ex-girlfriend.

Emily is a good person, and her conscience really takes a toll on her.

The problem is, she kept avoiding dealing with the consequences of having slept with her friend’s ex-boyfriend. There are girl codes for a reason, right?!

Camille found out on her own, and all hell broke loose. I don’t like Camille, because I don’t like manipulative people with hidden agendas. But EVERYONE deserves to know if their friend had been sleeping with their ex. You may not want to know, but it’s better than finding out on your own.

As Lightworkers, we also end up doing things that are not always the right thing to do. We’re just humans after all!

It’s all a part of our personal and spiritual growth. What matters is how we choose to deal with our screw-ups. Taking responsibility, even though it might not seem like your fault, is always the best approach to handle anything in life.

Lesson #2 – Watch Out for Your “Friends” Hidden Agendas.

This lesson comes as a follow up to taking responsibility. 

When Camille finds out about Emily and Gabriel’s little fling, she flips. Understandable! But the way she is dealing with it is immature, and it turns out to be a real manipulative selfish game she’s playing. 

I’m trying hard not to spoil anything! However, Manipulative and selfish games with hidden agendas are something most Lightworkers experience very often. Not always in romantic relationships, but more in everyday life, business, friendships, people trying to be your friends, wanting something from you.

With Camille, she is just playing dirty. First ignoring Emily, for them wanting to be friends again, so she can sneak her way back to Gabriel, who has no clue about… no wait… I’m going to spoil something because I find it so disguising.

Camille is going completely bat-shit-crazy when she finds out about Gabriel and Emily and makes a scene at Emily’s birthday party. She is ignoring Emily for weeks and insisting that the meetings between her family business and Emily’s marketing firm are done in French, well-knowing that Emily is working on their account, and Emily doesn’t speak French very well. Camille tells her parents about Emily and Gabriel, and then they’re plotting revenge. Camille is reaching out to Emily to be her “fake” friend again, and making Emily agree to do a pact that no one of them would get involved with Gabriel again. Gabriel doesn’t know about this pact but seems relieved, yet confused, that the girls are friends again. While Emily keeps her end of the pact by saying no to Gabriel every time he asks her out, Camille swoops in and gets back together with Gabriel. 

If you’re really going to make a pact of not seeing the same guy because you want to save your friendship, it should count for both of you. All that hidden agendas, hidden motives to get what you want no matter who you have to hurt in the process… and even make your “pawns” think you are their friend, is not cool! Thankfully, Lightworkers don’t have the conscience to play that level of dirty – but we’re often considered easy “pawns.”

One of the biggest lessons Lightworkers should learn is knowing when it’s time to walk away! Away from toxic people, and toxic relationships. Away from people who play with hidden agendas or motives. Any time you notice red flags or that something is off!

Lesson #3 – If You Want Success You Must Take a Leap of Faith.

Now we will take a peek at Mindy’s singing career… In season 1, she was a nanny who at the end of season 1 moved in with Emily, so because she wanted to pursue her singing career.

She gets a singing gig in a drag club… but singing is not all she does in the drag club. Two guys ask her to join their band, which turns out to be buskers. Not exactly what she had expected. But she swallows her pride and starts singing on the street.

Emily brings one of her colleagues with her to see one of Mindy’s street performances with the intention to hire Mindy and her band for an event for one of the marketing firm’s fancy clients. He approves and Mindy and her band are hired.

The Lightworker lesson here is to take a leap of faith!

Nothing is as impossible as it might seem at first. If you want to succeed… if you want to get the desired outcomes of your manifestations, you must take a leap of faith and make a move in the direction of your desired outcome.

Lesson #4 – You Can’t Predict the Future. Something Unexpected May Come Up.

So, how can I angle this one without spoiling anything… 🤔🤔🤔

I don’t think I can, actually…

So let me get straight to the lesson instead.

We all have so many plans for our life, what we want, where we see our career heading, and so forth. The reason we get out of bed in the morning is that something drives us and motivates us.

However, sometimes things aren’t going the way we planned, because something unexpected came up. That is definitely what happens for Emily and her career in season 2. It’s often our work and career life, where we have the most plans. 

While it’s amazing to have dreams and ambitions to work toward every day, it’s always a good idea to take a step back and let the Universe do her thing. Sometimes the Universe has something better in store for you – something that’s beyond imagination! Let her do her magic, and take a leap of faith!

Lesson #5 – Always Be Honest About Your Past – You’ll Never Know if it Comes and Bit You in the Butt.

This lesson was added because I feel it’s an important message.

Mindy flees to Paris after a big screw up on Chinese Popstars. She had been hiding in Paris as a nanny until Emily met her in season 1, and encouraged her to start singing again. Mindy isn’t either on good speaking terms with her wealthy parents. Mindy wants to make her own money, and be independent!  <- That’s something I fully approve of!

The problem is, only Emily knows about Mindy’s past! When the boys from her band (which one of them has started to date Mindy) find out that Mindy is from a wealthy family they are not taking it very well. I think the biggest issue is that they found out by online articles was going viral of her Popstar performance. If she told the boys herself, I don’t think it would have been such a big of an issue.

And now we are back again with taking responsibility for our actions and being honest about it. Especially if there is anything online about you, that could come back and bite you in your butt!

We’re all on social media these days and we are posting content from our lives. We NEVER know what would happen in the future, so if there is anything online about you, be honest about it. The same thing goes, if you ever have done any type of media, like TV, Radio, Modelling, Interviews, anything… you might not be proud about it and maybe regret that you said yes to it – but we have ALL been young! We have all done something that is embarrassing. It’s always better to share the story yourself, on your own terms, instead of someone digging something up and spinning their own stories. 


Do you have any suggestions for shows on Netflix or HBO that could be fun to make a “Lightworker Lessons from ________” article about?

Please let me know in the comment field under this post on Instagram 🙏🏻

5 Lightworker Lessons from Emily in Paris Season 2

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