5 Things I have Learned About Managing My Life and Be Productive.

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5 Things I have Learned About Managing My Life and Be Productive

Since January 2021, have I been writing, and writing and writing on a project. It started as a book idea, but I soon realised that a book wasn’t the right format to release this project. I can’t tell you much about the project just yet. I can say it is something I had NEVER done before, and for just a year ago, I had NO IDEA it was possible. So excited!!!

I have many projects going on. In March 2021, I made an outline for a new book and started to write the book right after the Summer Break in August. Then a new book idea showed up… then another idea to a project… and another idea… and another idea… 

I have a popcorn brain when I’m inspired. 

I also have a tiny bit of an OCD brain. I need things to be in order before I can relax. One of the things that really can test me is when everything is up in the air, and it’s out of my hands. I need order and structure. 

My weird-working brain and recovering from an illness while being completely burned out gave me a perfect opportunity to take my own advice about taking a really shitty situation and finding the gemstones in the mud.

#1 – Focus on What Truly Matters.

Popcorn brain.

A never-ending flow of ideas popping uncontrolled into your head.

Having a notebook and pen next to your bed lets you jot down new ideas as they come to you during the night.

Rushing out of the shower because you just got a new idea, you need to jot down before you forget it.

Other times there is total radio silence. No matter how much you try, you can’t seem to get a connection to any useful ideas.

On top of our internal world, we also have to deal with the external world. Our relationships with friends, family, colleagues, etc., latest news about COVID, work, traffic, etc. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed! Especially if you’re a sensitive and empathic Lightworker who just want everybody to be happy.

With so many things going on all the time, it’s essential to sit down, map out a plan and focus on what truly matters. You’ll need to find out your big goal and then break that goal down to smaller goals. Keep breaking it down to actual action steps.

The goal is to do at least one thing every day that will bring you a step closer to your desired outcome. 

I’m working on a writing project, so my ‘one thing every day’ goal is to write at least 1000 words of content daily for the project.

#2 – Challenges, Problems, and Dead-ends are Most Likely an Opportunity to Stop Up and Reconsider.

I’ve never really believed in failure. Sure, things can go down south and turn into a massive shitshow. But that doesn’t mean everything is lost. It all comes down to what your end-game is… what is your goal? – and how much do you really want your desired outcome?

A Course in Miracles says; a miracle is a shift in perception from fear to Love. That’s true!

When you only see darkness, challenges, problems, dead-ends, etc., everything feels hopeless and overwhelming. But, if you change your focus and start looking at the blessings – that’s where everything change.

One of my teachings says; in any shitty situation is there are plenty of precious gemstones… sometimes, you just have to get down and dirty to find them.

In other words, what seems like a big mess often do so because you’ve kept walking on the wrong path. The Universe will always show us the right direction. Still, we are often too stubborn to change direction, and we are too busy trying to control the narrative. 

First and foremost, there is NO right or wrong way! Second, I highly doubt that anything worth having would come as easily as we like it to. It is a journey, and there would be many twists and turns along the way. 

It would help you a great deal if you got out of your own way and listen when the Universe shows you that you’re heading in the wrong direction. You shouldn’t give up on your big goal, but you would need to reconsider your action steps, strategies, and whom you’re asking for advice. 

Applied to my writing project: 

Like many others, I’ve had multiply dead-ends, plans that didn’t work out, challenges in making things work… I even had to cancel a ton of stuff because it didn’t work out. So this time around, I took an honest audit of my previous projects:

  • What worked and what didn’t work? 
  • How can I improve what works? 
  • How can I changes what didn’t work? 

…and probably the most important question.

  • How can I do my work without jeopardising my health?

I won’t give you my answers to these questions since those answers are private. 

Answering those questions helped me creating an outline of how I could work most smart, be more productive, and taking care of my health.

#3 – Nothing is Impossible – Anything Could Happen!

… sometimes, it just requires some more training, knowledge and even stronger effort!

Humans really need to let go of the ‘Know It All’ approach to everything. Either they want to know every single step beforehand to get what they want, or they think they know every step. Every single living being is incarnated in this time and space to learn and grow. If we already were capable of anything, there wouldn’t be any reason for us to be here. 

If we flip the coin, many people are limited because they can’t see their way out of it. 

Applied to my writing project: 

When someone gets as sick as I was and every day is a matter of stay alive, you’ll really start to consider how to do things differently when you’re ready to get back into daily routines.

I took an honest look at myself:

  • How do I work best?
  • What time of the day am I most productive?
  • What time of the day am I less productive?
  • How many tasks (work/domestic/relationship/etc.) is realistic?
  • What part of my health would challenge my everyday life so much that I need to take that into consideration? (e.g. I’m suffering from migraine attacks)
  • Where am I distracted and losing focus?
  • Where am I sabotaging myself, my life, and my work?
  • In what ways do I get in my own way?
  • What do I need to hand over to the Universe to take care of, so I can focus on what I actually can do something about right now?
  • In what ways do I blocking or ignoring the answers/guidance from the Universe?
  • What is it that I’m trying so desperately to control a certain way?
    • What am I afraid of?
    • What is the worst thing that could happen?

What I’m trying to say is, in most cases, the only thing that stands between you and your desired outcome is…. you! Anything is possible when you get out of your own way. Follow the guidance the Universe gives you and actually taking action steps.

#4 – There Will ALWAYS Be Challenges on the Your Journey.

This is just a simple fact! The earlier you accept it, the earlier can you move on with your life.

There will always be someone or something getting between you and your desired outcome. There will always be someone or something that trying to hinder you from achieving your goals and dream… well, even the life you want to live. 

Not everyone would be your cheerleader, and not everyone would understand why you want what you want. That is okay.

The human mind is always afraid of what it doesn’t understand. So it will do anything it possibly can to hinder that new thing to happen, even if it’s another person doing something new. Often people mean well… Their subconscious mind is really just trying to save you from something it considers dangerous. Everyone perceives everything from their own perception. If something goes against that, they will try to bring the situation back to where THEY are comfortable… even when the situation is about you and your life.

The trick is to anticipate the situation, so they don’t have something on you or arise when they have shot you down – usually a combo of both. 

Applied to my writing project: 

If you look at my social media, you will notice that I like my privacy. I pretty much keep everything under the radar. I rarely share anything about the people in my life, friends, family… The most frequent guest on my personal Instagram is Diva👅 (my sister’s French Bulldog puppy), but she is rarely in the mood for taking pictures 😆

I also like to keep the projects I’m working on under the radar until I know for a fact it would be released. And even then, I keep the exact project secret until the launch period. When I am working on something, it’s very little I tell my family, friends and acquaintances about it. They usually know I’m working on something but not what.

In this way, I prevent anyone’s fear-based ideas and thoughts from getting in my head.

Sometimes I even feel I’m kind of jinxing it if I tell someone about it before it’s certain – whether it’s relationships, projects, goals, routines, etc.

#5 – You’re Never Alone.

This one is super important to remember. When everything is too much, and you feel you’re standing all alone, it can make matters worse. Even the thought “No one understands!” can really mess things up.

You’re never alone! 

Even when no one is around you, you’ll still be surrounded by your angels and spirit guides.

Even when no one is around you, you’ll still be able to reach out to loved ones on a text, phone call, or social media.

Even when no one is around you, you’ll still be able to contact a life coach, psychologist, psychic, and someone specialising in whatever you’re dealing with.

Even when no one is around you, you’ll find plenty of forums and groups of people who are in similar situations. 

There is always someone ready to help you! However, it’s difficult to help you if you won’t accept the help or waiting for someone to reach out to you.

Most of the time, people are so busy with their own lives that they don’t even are aware of what’s going on with you.

Sometimes, the best help is asking others to support and nursing you and give you time to gain your strength back. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?

It’s not others job to fix you or your problems like it’s not your job to fix others and their problems.

Our only job is to provide Love, Care, Support and Comfort. The rest will fall into its rightful place at its own tempo.

Applied to my writing project: 

I had to let go of many friends and relationships over the last couple of years. When I went on sick leave in 2016-2018, with anxiety and stress, I realised that many of the people I considered friends actually only was interested in what I could provide them with through my abilities and powers. 

When I then fell deathly-ill in October 2019, I again learned that some of those I called my friends were only interested in what I could do.

I was so angry with everyone because I felt used and foolish. I usually don’t get angry because I’m a Seraph. That kind of emotional outburst can have some severe consequences to anyone I’m angry at. A person might be an idiot, but I don’t want to hurt anyone. So I usually keep my cool, handing over the issue to the Source (red. God) and let It deal with the situation. 

As a result of a huge amount of broken relationships, betrayal, being taken advantage of, and humiliation for being different, I have developed some serious trust issues. I still believe the best in anyone, and it’s easy for me to forgive and let go… I even have a lot of patience when it comes to other people… but it is very difficult for me to trust someone wanting me the best. My experience is, people want me the best until I have provided what they seek, and then they move on without caring. However, I still have faith that there are people out there who would love and accept me for who I am, not just for what I am and what I can do.

The trust issue has been a bit of a challenge regarding the writing project because I don’t really know who I can trust to help me. Still, I can’t do this alone, so I would have to reach out to someone I believe can help. 

5 Things I have Learned About Managing My Life and Be Productive.

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