In a world with constant updates, it can be difficult to take a break. In this article I have collected 5 lessons about stress-free living.
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5 Things I Have Learned About Stress-Free Living

The world is stressful, no doubt about it! There is always something that tries to get our attention away from what truly matters. In 2016 I went on sick leave with stress and anxiety and was off duty for 1½ years. Then again, in 2019, I was forced to take another sick leave due to a serious illness I’m still recovering from. In retrospect, I think the stress and anxiety from 2016 were a red flag, warning, and heads-up for the illness in 2019. I clearly see how the two are linked now.

In this article, I will share 5 Things I Have Learned About Stress-Free Living after being diagnosed with stress and an anxiety disorder in 2016 and getting severely ill in 2019.

Lesson #1 – Prioritise Your Own Health First.

Lesson #2 – You Don’t Owe Anything to Anyone.

Lesson #3 – Take a Break for Social Media and Online Communities.

Lesson #4 – Delegate the Things You Don’t Have To Do.

Lesson #5 – Computer-Free Weekends.

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