5 Things You Should Know About Energy Vampires.

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5 Things You Should Know About Energy Vampires.

There are two kinds of vampires… those you’ll see in movies and books, and then is the real kind – Energy Vampires!

For a couple of weeks, I published an article about implementing the Law of Giving & Receiving in your life. One of the tips was to get rid of Energy Vampires. But what is an Energy Vampire, and how to get rid of them? – That’s what we are going to talk about in this article.

What is an Energy Vampire?

Cutting into the very core and basic, an Energy Vampire is a person who is sucking all life, energy and vitality out of you. Even if you just spend 5 minutes with them, you feel completely drained of energy.

Just like regular vampires are sucking blood to survive, leaving the person dying. Energy Vampires feed of our energy, leaving us exhausted. Energy Vampires may not be able to kill us, but they will definitely make unexplainable tired.

Energy Vampires are Most Likely Not Aware of How Toxic They are.

I have met quite a few Energy Vampires in my life, and none of them is really aware of how toxic they are! They most like don’t know anything is “wrong” with them – and don’t really understand why people don’t want to spend time with them.

Some Energy Vampires have mental issues, like narcissism or obsession, which only makes the issue even worse. If someone is narcissistic, obsessed or clingy, they are no near to be able to understand how exhausting they are. Now, with mental issues, I’m not referring to mental illnesses, per se… It’s often the result of something that happened in their life that had made them develop unhealthy and toxic behaviour.

Mental issues or not, since Energy Vampires lack insight into their toxic (and annoying) behaviour, it would not be a good idea to confront them. I have confronted a few Energy Vampires in a polite but assertive way, and it had never ended well. They get super defensive and angry with me. If mental issues are going on, especially if a diagnosis is involved, they start playing the blame and the guilt games. The only right thing to do is walk away without looking back in those situations.

Why You Should Stay the Eff Away From Energy Vampires.

Since Energy Vampires have often don’t know how toxic they are, and when confronted, they’re inclined to get defensive, it’s really difficult to help them! 

Energy Vampires often have a victim mentality and even, what I call, self-learned helplessness.

There can be two reasons for this; a mental disorder or something that happened in their past that made them this way… or a combination of both. They just can’t seem to take responsibility for their own actions and can’t see what they are doing is wrong. 

Energy Vampires will keep “sucking” on their “prey” until the prey walks away. They won’t leave you until you leave… or kick them out if they have moved in with you. And when you walk away, they will keep attacking you and blaming you for abandoning them and telling you how horrible a person you are. In reality, they react this way because they lose someone to feed on when you leave. Their reaction is purely for selfish reasons… like pretty much anything else they do.

As Lightworkers, we are inclined to attract Energy Vampires. They’re like a mosquito attracted to our Light and want to feed on our Energy. Lightworkers can sometimes walk through life with blinkers because we tend to see the good in everyone – and wants to help those who suffer. It’s the “I want to fix you” personality trait in Lightworkers that gets us into trouble. The fix-up-project trait somehow always gets us in trouble 🤔

Energy Vampires despise some being narcissistic, looking for someone to rescue them from their misery. They want others to solve their problems and hand them the easiest way to get what they want on a silver plate.

Another thing I have experienced with Energy Vampires is, they only accept one answer. They don’t really care about what you have to say – all they want is for you to affirm and validate them in whatever they want to hear. If you, on top of that, will hand them what they want without them having to do anything, then you’re their “favourite person” in the world. Remember, Energy Vampires are only looking out for themselves and don’t really care about anyone else.

Protect Yourself.


If you’re saving everyone on your way, they would never learn how to deal with the situations on their own. People who suffer from Self-Learned Helplessness have learned that if they whine and complain long enough, someone will eventually solve whatever problem they’re in. As Lightworkers, we can guide and support a person while going through a tough time, but we need to let them solve their own mess. If not, they’ll just fall in the same situation over and over again – and still feel they depend on someone else to solve it for them. It’s really doing them a disservice!

Energy Vampires are attracted to Lightworkers; that’s just a fact! So it’s up to Lightworkers to set boundaries and say no to their demands without feeling bad about it. We need to limit the time we spend listening and engaging with their neverending problems and issues!

I don’t think it’s possible to avoid Energy Vampires entirely since they often don’t reveal themselves at first. Also, walking around trying to avoid people isn’t very healthy and can create unnecessary paranoia. That itself can be exhausting and lower our own Energy Frequency.

You can try to shield yourself with white Light and protect your energy that way. The same goes with crystals like clear quartz, black tourmaline, obsidian, smokey quartz, hematite and pyrite. I actually found black or black-ish crystals works very well for energy protection. 

If you need something less spiritual or new age, the key is assertiveness and being firm about what you want to tolerate and not tolerate. It’s also important to set boundaries and limit the time and energy you spend on Energy Vampires.

Some Energy Vampires finds their way to you on Social Media. When this happens, don’t be afraid of blocking them or just mute them… I think blocking is a rather drastic action, so on Instagram, I restrict people, but if they keep going on, and on, and on, I will eventually block them. I’m not using Facebook, so I don’t know if it’s possible to restrict people on Facebook, but I know you can mute them. However, they will only be muted in your feed and stories… not in DMs/Messenger. It’s, of course, easier to block someone on Social Media than it is in real life.

Recover From Energy Vampires “Bite”.

You will need to pull the plug for a while!

You need to rest and recharge your batteries!

You’ll eventually burn out if you just keep going and ignoring your exhaustion.

When I spend time with Energy Vampires and my energy is completely drained, it usually takes a couple of days to be fully recharged. However, it also depends on who it is and how long time I have spent with this person. If it’s my mother, it usually takes almost a week to recover. She is a narcissist and a psychopath and abused me for the first 15 years of my life. A part of the recovery is the childhood trauma that shows up and my migraine. I have to mention that I have been in therapy since I was 16 because of what happened in my childhood. In my everyday life, the trauma is pretty much gone. But like any other PTSD patient, some events or people can trigger the trauma again. 

It usually takes 2-3 days to recover from a day with an Energy Vampire. The very best thing you can do is just pull the plug and sleep. You can ask Archangel Michael to cut any energetic cords to anyone draining your energy and/or visualising taking a bath in white light. Going for a walk in nature with your dog would help too… especially if you walk near the seaside. Water has a cleansing effect on our energy. Cuddling in bed with your cat can also help. A cat’s purring has a sound frequency that’s very healing for the human soul. It makes us relax and brings us to an almost meditative state. Having a dog or cat by our side also gives us a sense of protection while we are recharging. Our dogs and cats will protect us if they feel we are in danger. Don’t underestimate a cat because of its size. 

For most people, taking 2-3 days off to recharge is not possible for most working adults. The only thing to do here is to rest when you get home from work. The downside of this is the recovery process would take longer. If the Energy Vampire is at your workspace, you would have to set boundaries and be upfront with the person you want them to leave you alone and ask them to respect your request. It’s never fun to do, but it’s the only thing to do if you don’t want to keep running away and hiding from them.

If the Energy Vampire is in your family or your household, you would have to limit the time, energy and effort you spend on that person. You might have some insight into why the person is so needy, which you can use to help the person to get professional help. You just have to be very careful (and creative) in how you’re going to sell the idea of therapy to the Energy Vampire. Another method has some hobbies where you can recharge, like reading, gaming, writing, or something like that. You can tell the Energy Vampire that when you’re on your computer, they should leave you alone because you need me-time. Or you could have a rule about not talking or disturbing when watching television. My dad has that rule, actually!

How about you – How do you recharge? – and What’re your tips for dealing with Energy Vampires?

I would love to know in the comments on Instagram. -> You can find the link to the post below!

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