5 Winning Tactics For the Universal Law of Giving & Receiving.

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5 Winning Tactics For the Universal Law of Giving & Receiving.

We did it… We reach the last article in our 4-part mini-series about the Universal Law of Giving & Receiving. I will add a list with all the articles at the bottom of this article if you need to catch up.

I have promised to give you some tactics for using the Law of Giving & Receiving, and I want it to be practical and easy to adapt to your life. So, I will give you a tactic for each of the 5 life areas we are working with in Bøglund Lightworkers

  • Mental Health & Well-Being
  • Lightworkers
  • Light WORK
  • Relationships
  • Self-Growth

The more specific a question is, the more resourceful answer you’ll get! It was one of the lessons I learned when I did Angel Tarot Readings for clients. Fluffy questions get fluffy answers. Specific questions get specific answers. The Law of Giving & Receiving makes sure you receive the same energetic value you give to others.

Tactic #1 – Mental Health & Well-being: Pull the Plug.

By pulling the plug, I mean get off social media, online forums, your inbox and walk away from places where people are talking all the time. Our brain and mind need a break from constant updates and notifications. We need to be able to pull the plug without fearing missing out… because, let’s be honest… if it really was that important,  it will eventually find its way to you anyway.

Why is this relevant to the Law of Giving & Receiving? 

Well, we spend so many hours every day focusing on other people’s problems, what’s going on in the world, what’s going on online, and listening to people chit chat about anything on their minds. Our brain needs a break! We need a break!

We need a break to focus on our own stuff so we can hear our soul and our own needs. Only by doing so will we know what we need and can ask for it.

The attention and presence you give to others, you also have to give to yourself! If you keep ignoring what your soul is trying to tell you, you’ll break down! You will hit the wall of depression and stress. There must be a healthy balance in how you’re treating yourself and your psyche. 

The challenge here is the world is a greedy place, so if you don’t pull the plug yourself, the world will continue taking from you.

Tactic #2 – Lightworkers: What Goes Around Comes Around.

I don’t want to repeat myself from the other articles in this series and ask you to practice saying no so you can keep a healthy balance between what you receive and what you give! Instead, I will focus on your Superpowers as a Lightworker! 

Yes, you heard right! Your Superpowers! What specific Superpowers you have is very individual. There are, however, Superpowers we all have; one of them is Manifestation.

Manifestation belongs in the category of Mental Alchemy. It’s really a science, and much, much more than The Secret© and the Law of Attraction.

One of the major mistakes people make when it comes to Manifestation is only focusing on what they can get out of it. You probably already know that most people can be incredibly egocentric and selfish. Manifestations led by the Ego will always come with a high price!

Manifestations led by the heart and Love, on the other hand, will always come apparently “free” because the energy balance is already taken care of. When I say apparently “free”, I mean that a lot of things can and will happen in a Manifestation process. All Manifestation processes are really opportunities for learning, development and personal growth. If you’re doing Manifestation correctly, you’re increasing your Energy Frequency to match your desired outcomes – and the only way to increase your Energy Frequency is to grow as a human, as Lightworker, and as a soul.

The more you’re willing to invest (give) of yourself to receive your desired outcome, the better results the Universe will give you through your Manifestation.Divine Secrets to Successful Manifestations

Tactic #3 – Light WORK: Charge for Your Work.

I have been around this one many times, too, in previous articles. Yet, we live in a world where there is a common belief that money isn’t spiritual, and spiritual people should help others for free to show how selfless they are.

It’s a big load of bullshit!

Money is one of the fastest, easiest and most effective ways to balance out the giving and receiving energies between the side. Don’t forget when you make sure to balance out the giving and receiving energies in any interaction in your life, you avoid making karmic debt! Win-Win!

Money is energy like anything else. It’s an exchange energy manifested in paper and coins to make the transaction of value easier. Money is the perfect example of how the Law of Giving & Receiving works: You pay (GIVE) money for something you want; you will RECEIVE your goods when the payment succeeds. The provider GIVE you your goods when they RECEIVE your payment. The payment is the agreement of the worth of the goods.

One of the hardest things as a service provider is to put a price tag on your services. It’s a bit easier when it’s physical products because of the expenses the provider had to pay beforehand to sell you the product. But service providers are basically selling their time, expertise and whatever they are trained and certified in.

The truth is, your Net Worth is a direct reflection of your Self-Worth!

If you don’t value yourself, your skills, talents and time, it’s really difficult to ask anyone to pay you for anything.

I started my first spiritual-based business when I was 18 – I know all about how difficult it is to put a price tag on your work and services. You can search the internet till your eyes and head start to hurt to find the answer to your question “what should I charge for my services?” 

Let me make your life a little easier.

The minimum you should charge for your services (spiritual or not) is $100-200 per hour! You can always increase the fee when you feel ready for it. I like to add $5 to some of my fees every year. Why? Because the more you practice your services, the better you become! Experience! The better you are, the more likely people will recommend you to their friends, family, and social media! More clients and customers but the same amount of time.

There are hairdressers who are so talented at their work that not only are they very expensive, but they also have a waiting list so long that you have to book your appointment a year in advance. If you are sick that day or have to cancel, then it’s just bad luck because they are so fully booked, that they can’t fit you in anywhere.

If you’re just starting out, this business model won’t work for you yet. It takes years to get to the point where you can charge high fees and have a year-long waitlist.

You should be careful not to sell yourself too expensive. That can backfire tremendously! – and that can be a hard one to recover from. Be realistic and make sure that the quality of your work reflects the amount of money you’re charging.

That’s why I suggest starting at $100/hour and increasing by a few dollars every year!

Tactic #4 – Relationships: Be Equal With Anyone You Have Any Kind of Relationship.

Life is your classroom, and other people are your opportunities to learn and grow! If you go through life with this statement in mind, a lot of things get a lot easier.

It’s no secret that forgiveness is a Personal Life Purpose, aka Life Lesson, we all have in our soul contract. Trust me; there will always enter new opportunities to practise forgiveness in your life! The trick is to make sure that you keep toxic people to a minimum. 

The imbalance between how humans perceive each other is one of the main reasons people can be judgmental and why some people are getting into such a big conflict that it starts a war. We tend to forget that underneath our skin colour, weight, culture, religion, nationalities, and social statuses, we are all created the same: bones, flesh, cells, molecules, and energy. 

It shouldn’t really matter if you are dining with the Queen or a homeless person; you should treat them with the same respect and politeness and expect the same thing in return. Listening and asking appropriate questions and sharing a bit about yourself and what you’re up to. 

Our relationships also provide lessons in setting boundaries and staying true to yourself. Relationships are also about learning to ask for help and accept it when offered… even from strangers! If a stranger reaches out to you because they can see you need it, then gladly accept. Strangers, who can see your pain or struggles, are really just friends you haven’t met yet 😉

You need to be the one who makes sure that you receive as much as you give to others, along with that you give others as much as you receive for them. If you don’t, you will create karmic debt with that person. Karmic debt can be really tricky to get rid of, so, like any other kind of debt, it’s a good idea to ensure it doesn’t happen in the first place.

We can not control what other people are doing, so their karmic debt is their business. You’re only responsible for your own! 

If you know someone who just keeps taking from you, and always wants more and more, now is the time to cut them loose. They won’t change! It’s your responsibility to end the relationship now because the other person won’t. They just keep sucking until you have no more to give.

Remember; always make sure to give to others as much as you receive from them, and ensure you receive from them as much as you give to them. It’s all about balance!

Tactic #5 – Self-Growth: Keep a Healthy Energy Frequency.

The last tactic… we are almost at 2000 words 🙈🙈

The Law of Giving & Receiving really only care about one thing… Energy! All the infinite amounts of Universal Laws only care and react to Energy! The Universe doesn’t give a flying eff about what you wear, how you style your hair, how you make money, or how you spend your time. The Universe doesn’t even care about religion, nationality, language, or how you look.

The Universe only speaks one language… ENERGY!

This is where science meets spirituality,

The Universal Laws respond to your Energy Frequency. Your Energy Frequency is the sum of your most dominant thoughts and emotions. Your manifestations (wanted and unwanted) is the outcome when you add your most dominant action steps to your Energy Frequency. No hocus pocus…

When it comes to the Law of Giving & Receiving, it’s all about keeping a healthy balance between what you give and what you receive. Since your Energy Frequency is the sum of your most dominant thoughts and emotions, an unbalanced Energy scale often indicates that you have low vibrating thoughts and emotions.

If you have trouble balancing the energy in the different areas of your life, I recommend you start working on your most dominant thoughts and emotions. I don’t believe repeating affirmation cards is the solution… but if it works for you, go ahead! I just use affirmations for other things. Anyway… to change your most dominant thoughts and emotions, you’ll need to replace them with some more beneficial thoughts and emotions. The “problem” is just that because your most dominant thoughts and emotions live in your subconsciousness, they can’t just be replaced because you want them to. My personal and professional experience is, you need to take a leap of faith and do something different than you usually do. Get new experiences, and slowly your most dominant thoughts and emotions start to change. Our thoughts and emotions are, at the end of the day, our thoughts and emotions are created by the experiences we have in life… and now we are back at Life being your classroom and people your opportunity to grow and develop.

If something doesn’t work in your life, it’s up to you to replace it with something new until you get the results you desire. Sometimes you have to replace it many times until you find the right fit. That’s okay! It’s a sign that you’re growing and learning as you go through life.

Here you go… The final article in our mini-series about the Law of Giving & Receiving! If you want to catch up on the previous articles, then you can find the links here:

I would love to hear what you will bring with you from this mini-series on Instagram @boglund_lightworkers – You’re also more than welcome to request ideas for new mini-series. You can do that by sending me a DM on Instagram as well.

5 Winning Tactics For the Universal Law of Giving & Receiving.

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