7 Lessons I Learned From Being an Incarnated Seraphim Angel

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This article was written for my old website SabrinaJensen.com. All the old articles are of today 17th of September 2021 moved to Boglund.com, and the SabrinaJensen.com website will close down soon!

This is my birthday week. I’m turning 30, October 10th ??? I have such a hard time relate to the fact that I’m turning 30. I do have a minor crisis over it?

But it also made me think back on some of the lessons I’ve learned as an Incarnated Seraphim Angel. This is my first incarnation, and I’m working really hard to make sure I don’t reincarnate. Human life is not something for me. I do not like to be incarnated as a human and live a human life, but I have a mission to fulfil and a job to do. This article is more personal and based on my life.

#1 Miracles DO happen, But You Can’t Mess with the Divine Order.

My birth was a miracle! But sometimes, I doubt if it was a good miracle. My mother was not capable of getting pregnant. It was a closed case, nothing to do. 

The morning after my paternal grandfather’s passing, in January 1987, my dad was getting ready to leave for work. He said, “Dad, if you are there, please give me a baby! Please give me a sign that you’ve heard my prayer.” A few seconds later flew a big, old sweater across the bedroom and landed on the floor 2 meters away from the huge wardrobe. There was absolutely NO WAY that sweater could have felt down on its own, OR landing on the floor 2 meters away. That is impossible according to any physics! 

October the 10th, 1989, was I born on a very rainy Tuesday in Aarhus, Denmark. The doctors kept an eye on my mother during her pregnancy, and it’s still an unsolved mysterium HOW she was able to get pregnant. My parents were married eight years before I was born.

Looking back on my life and my younger brother and sister’s life, I can’t help thinking, “There was a very good reason why my parents couldn’t get pregnant, and interfering with that Divine Order had caused some very challenging lives of my siblings and me.” My parents’ wish got fulfilled, but my siblings and I are paying a huge price.

Today, I’m not speaking with my mother and brother. I rarely see my sister anymore. But I have a close relationship with my dad.

#2 Angel Wings Work Different on Earth.

Angel Wings are very different from what humans envision to be. Angels do not use their wings to fly with. We’re not birds. Actually, angels are not physical beings, so we don’t need something to carry us. Our wings are a thick energy field of Unconditional Divine Light and Love. Almost like an aura, just thicker and unchangeable.

My wings are sparkling Gold, 6 meters tall, and 6 meters wide. They are HUGE!!! I hate standing in a line, not because I’m impatient, but because people are stepping on my wings, and it hurts! I just have to eat up the pain – can you imagine how people would stare if I said to them, “Hey, you’re standing on my wings!”?

I’m using my wings to shield myself from harsh energy or provide comfort and safety. If I’m hugging someone for more than 30 seconds, my wings automatic start to embrace that person or animal in an angel hug. Regular greeting hugs are too short to be able to unfold my wings and embrace another person. The Angel Hug is very healing, emotional, and intimate.

#3 Many Humans are Seduced by Wishful Thinking.

I’m often surprised by how many people are seduced by spirituality and manifestation because they think it can solve all their problems. That is not what spirituality and manifestation are. 

Spirituality is an awareness that everything is energy. Spiritual means ‘In Spirit,’ and Spirit is energy. Science had proved that everything is energy.

Manifestation means ‘turning in to form.’ Manifestation is, in other words, energy that had come into form.

There is nothing mystical or hocus-pocus in that. It’s just pure science.

What humans need to learn is to look inside of themselves for the solutions to their problems, and not outside. Everything is created in their most dominant thoughts, emotions, and actions.

#4 You Don’t Have to Change Yourself to Fit In

As a Lightworker, and especially as an Earth Angel, you DO feel different. You’re experiencing life on a whole different frequency than others.

Others want you to fit in, and make you believe that you only will be accepted if you become like everyone else. The problem with that, is you’re losing touch of who you really are, your mission, your Light, and your spiritual abilities.

You need to be in touch with yourself, knowing what your mission is, know your Light, and be in contact with your spiritual abilities, in order to do your Light Work.

Learn to love and embrace yourself for who you are.

#5 The Physical World is Way Scarier than the Spiritual World.

Sometimes, when people talk about how scared they are of dying and death, I can’t help but think, “why are you afraid of death, when life in the physical world is way more terrifying?”

When people die, they ARE going to a much better place – unless they had done something terrible evil in their lifetime… like Hitler – He is definitely not in a better place.

The collective perception of Heaven and Hell is not something that happens when you die. It happens right now. It’s the quality of your life. If something feels like ‘living hell,’ it’s because you ARE in living hell. If something feels ‘Divine’ or ‘Like Heaven,’ it’s because you’re in Heaven.

What happens after death is a mysterium for many people, and honestly, I think most people want it to be a mysterium. I know what happens after death, and I have to say it falls flat compared to the humans’ theories. 

All I can say is, there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of! I, personally, think the Physical World and being alive as a human is way scarier! Because of 3 things that ONLY exist in this realm; Fear, Anxiety, and Pain! Those things do not exist in the Spiritual Realm.

#6 It is Not Lightworkers & Earth Angels Job to Fix Other people.

I don’t think Lightworkers & Earth Angels are cursed in any way, even though it sometimes feels like that. If there were a curse, it would be the never-ending need to serve others.

Many Lightworkers & Earth Angels get into the habit of seeing other people as their fix-up project.

It’s unhealthy for yourself.

… and it’s annoying for anyone else.

One of the essential lessons for Lightworkers and Earth Angels is to overcome their need for people-pleasing and to fix other people. Our job is to guide, motivate, and inspire others to be Love and Light. Not to fix their problems.

#7 You MUST Practice Your Light Work Every Day!

No matter if you’re a Lightworker, or an Earth Angel, or both; it’s not enough just to want to be it and call yourself for a Lightworker or Earth Angel because it sounds fancy. Being a Lightworker and Earth Angel is not the same a being your Zodiac sign! You have a job to do, and you must do something every day that is aligned with your Divine Life Purpose.

You can find your Divine Life Purpose in the gift under THIS ARTICLE.


I think the most important lesson I have learned as an Incarnated Seraphim Angel is to be true to myself and own who I am. As soon as we start trying to fit in is the moment we start losing touch with our Divine nature. It’s don’t just apply on Incarnated Angels, but actually every single incarnated soul – no matter of the soul’s origin.


7 Lessons I Learned From Being an Incarnated Seraphim Angel


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