7 Lightworker Lessons from The Witcher Season 2

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7 Lightworker Lessons from The Witcher Season 2

Last month, I started a new series here on the Resource Hub, where I’m challenging myself to find Lightworker Lessons in a show on either Netflix or HBO. This month, we will dive into The Witcher on Netflix.

For me, the fantasy genre has always been something I had passed by. Not because I have anything against it – not at all! The only reason I’m not into fantasy is that I have more than enough magic, monsters, powers, creatures, mystical beings, mysteries and weird things going on in my own life. When I’m watching TV it’s often to get a break from the “fantasy-like” things that are a part of my everyday life.

However, I have a theory about why some people are very passionate about the fantasy, sci-fi, and superhero genres. It’s my theory that people who are very passionate about these genres are so because it reminds their soul about a past life (or several) where they were in more alignment with their soul’s true identity… maybe even life in a different realm, planet or solar system.

The Witcher is a Netflix show based on the books of the same name by Andrzej Sapkowski and computer games. Lauren Schmidt Hissrich is the creator and showrunner of the show.

In season 2, we meet Geralt (Henry Cavill) and Princess Ciri (Freya Allan), who finally found each other. Ciri is Geralt’s Child of Destiny after he claimed the Law of Surprise for saving her father’s life in season 1. Ciri is the heir to Cintra’s throne, and since her entire family died in the battle in the final episode of season 1, she only has Geralt as her protector and father figure. He brings her to Kaer Morhen, which is the Witchers’ home.

Yennefer (Anya Chalotra), who is a sorceress who very often has a selfish agenda, has lost her magic in the battle in the season finale of season 1. It’s a huge test on Yennefer because her magic is what she cares about the most, and now it’s gone. She is on the run for most of season 2 because she is a quarter-elf.

Yennefer and Geralt have a very complicated relationship. No doubt that they both love each other deeply, but there is always something lurking in the background.

Lightworker Lesson #1 – Always Trust Your Intuition.

As a Witcher, Geralt is trained to trust his instincts and gut feelings. Like when he can sense the presence of a bruxa that is hidden in the house where he and Ciri are staying for the night in episode 1.

There are many scenes where Geralt and the other Witchers are getting quiet because they are listening to what their intuition is telling them. Geralt is also training Ciri in doing the same.

While the chances for us to be attacked by a monster in real life are very slim. However, monsters in our life can come in the form of our inner demons (which we all have to some extent), it can be Energy Vampires, the Dark Nights of the Soul, and really bad or evil people.

In most cases, the “monsters” are the pain and suffering we experience when we have been involved in a toxic situation or relationship for too long. There can be many reasons why we end up in such situations, but one thing they all have in common is we don’t listen to our intuition or gut feeling.

Lightworker Lesson #2 – Fear is an Illness.

In episode 1, there is a beautiful scene where Geralt and Ciri are sitting around a bonfire in the woods, where they’re talking about fear.

“Fear is an illness. If you catch it and you leave it untreated, it can consume you” – Geralt

“How do you treat it?” – Ciri

“You face it. Facing your fear is not easy. But I am here for you.” – Geralt. 

When you’re reading the articles here in the Resource Hub, you’ll find many articles about how the Fear-Based Mind consumes our lives if we let it. The Fear-Based Mind, or the Ego, is all about keeping us captured in our most dominant fears, pains, and anxieties, which will manifest themselves into even more reasons to feel fear, pain and anxiety. It’s one big hell-loop that never ends… Unless you decide to face your fears, heal your pains, and overcome your anxieties. 

Just as Ciri has to take many beats on the assault course at Kaer Morhen, you’ll also have to take a lot of beats when you’re healing your fears, pains, and anxieties. 

Truth be told – all my research indicates that the real reason why we’re incarnating and keep reincarnating is that Earth and life on Earth is the only place in the multiverse that provides the right conditions to heal our most dominant fears, pains, and anxieties. As long as we have fear, pain, and anxiety in us, we will keep reincarnating. Only a truly pure soul can ascend!

This is also why healing our most dominant fears, pains, and anxieties will always be the most challenging thing we ever do! The fear of facing the fear is a major (mental) block between you and your freedom.

Lightworker Lesson #3 – Other People Can Manipulate You By Using Your Fear and Desperation Against You.

Fear is not only creating a never-ending hell-loop unless you face the fear and break free, it also gives other people a powerful weapon to use against you! 

There are so many selfish people with ill intentions out there, and they will always go after the ones with naive and desperate minds. 

We all have fears, and we all have deep fears, but selfish people with ill intentions can not feed on people they can’t manipulate – and they can’t manipulate people who aren’t desperate, who trust their bullshit radar, and who always trust their gut feeling.

This is why I’m teaching my Lightworkers to be assertive, self-love and self-esteem! 

People can only manipulate you if they can get into your head and they know what fears of yours they can play on. They can present themselves as your very best friend who will solve all your troubles or make life easier for you… if you just do this, and this, and this for them.

If someone truly wants to help you and make your life easier for you, they will do so with a compassionate and genuine heart. Sure, you might need to hire them if helping you is a part of their profession, but then the fee you pay them is the deed that balances the Law of Giving & Receiving. If you pay them for the help you have hired them for, then you’re no longer in any debt to them – so don’t let them get into your head.

In episode 3, Yennefer (Anya Chalotra), Fringilla (Mimî M. Khayisa), and Francesca (Mecia Simson) are visited by someone wearing a robe in their nightly dreams.  They are led to a hut in the forest, where they are met by the Deathless Mother, who is using their biggest fear and pain to manipulate them into doing her bidding. I’m not going to spoil what fears and pains the Deathless Mother, also known as Voleth Meir (Ania Marson) but the Deathless Mother really brings a lot of headaches to many of the characters in this season.

Lightworker Lesson #4 – You can Achieve Anything You Put Your Mind to.

One of the main themes of season 2 is Ciri’s journey from a child princess to a young warrior. She is afraid of the Black Knight and of her powers because of how she can destroy everything around her. The more she spends time with Geralt, the more she looks up to him and the other Witchers. She wants to become a Witcher and almost succeeds in having Vesemir (Kim Bodnia) turn her. Geralt won’t let her become a Witcher, and he doesn’t want to put her in any potential danger. He fully owns up to his role as her protector. But, he eventually realises that he can’t hold her back from training and then starts training her himself. Which also turned out to be a very good decision considering what happens later on in the season.

In episode 3, Lambert (Paul Bullion) and Coën (Yasen Atour) mock Ciri because they consider the training Geralt let her do to be too easy. So they, behind Geralt’s back, take Ciri to the Witcher assault course. Ciri is being knocked down from the obstacles many, many times and she is all brushed up. Yet she keeps going – it’s like she is obsessed with getting through the whole course without being knocked down. She is spending hours on her training every day because she wants to be able to defend herself, kill the Black Knight, and be like the Witchers.

The lesson here is that you can do anything you put your mind up to. Sometimes it requires blood, sweat, and tears, but if you want something bad enough then you have the power to make it happen.

Many Lightworkers are their own biggest block in achieving what they desire because they rather want to sit on their hands waiting for a magical Fairy Godmother to solve their situation. But the only way to get from where you are right now and where you want to be is to get your shit together and start practising whatever you need to practice in order to get your desired outcome. 

Willpower, determination, and continued practice are the keys to achieving your goals. 

Lightworker Lesson #5 – You can Access the Secrets of Your Soul.

In Ciri’s quest to find out who she truly is and to unwind the secrets her family had kept from her, she gets help from Triss (Anna Shaffer), a sorceress that had been called to Kaer Morhen to help Ciri manage her powers. Triss offers to help Ciri by conducting a ritual that would let them enter Ciri’s subconscious mind. 

Something that’s possible to do in real life by experienced, professionally trained Spiritual Teachers who know exactly what they’re doing! 

This is NOT something you should mess around with or try to do at home‼‼
I’m not going to tell you what this practice is called in real life because I don’t want you to Google it or watch YouTube videos to try to learn to do it!
Stay far away from this kind of practice until you have been personally trained by an experienced Spiritual Teacher.
It’s dangerous, and you will most likely do more harm than good, so no – just no! 

I only perform this kind of practice when it’s absolutely necessary in order to help my client.

Inside Ciri’s subconscious mind, the two ladies discover something truly terrifying that makes Triss leave Kaer Morhen as fast as she can. Ciri is confused and does not truly understand what’s going on and why Triss is freaking out so much.

Lightworker Lesson #6 – You Can’t Always Trust Those You Think You Can Trust.

In the Temple of Melitele, where Geralt had brought Ciri with the hope that she could learn about her powers, Ciri is attacked by Rience (Chris Fulton), a lawless fire mage – or Fire-Fucker as Yennefer calls him, to capture Ciri and bring her to his unknown master. While fighting Rience and his men, Geralt asks Yennefer to bring Ciri to safety, for then watch Yennefer steal Ciri from him

Doing her time with Yennefer, Ciri learns more about her power since Yennefer had lost her own, so she has to depend on Ciri’s powers. 

Geralt seeks out his old friend, and one of my favourite characters in the show, because he makes me laugh all the time, Jaskier (Joey Batey), to help him find Ciri and Yennefer. While Jaskier is still hurt by how things ended the last time he saw Geralt, he agrees to help. Jaskier is a talker and reveals some information to Geralt that makes them connect the dots and realise what Yennefer wants with Ciri, which just makes Geralt even more upset. 

For some reason, Jaskier really reminds me about the Donkey from Sherk, I don’t know why 😅

The lesson here is that Geralt was blinded by his love for Yennefer and trusted her with the most precious he has… Ciri… for then witness Yennefer betray that trust by stealing Ciri to get her magic back.

Just like we spoke about in Lesson #3 – There are selfish people who are only looking out for themselves and don’t mind using the people who care about them to get what they want. Yennefer always has her own interests first, no matter the cost! Even if the cost is the innocent child of the man, she loves.

It’s so important to not only notice but also acknowledge the red flags and take notice when people show you their true colour. Just because you love someone, doesn’t mean you can trust them. 

Could Geralt have done anything to prevent Yennefer from taking Ciri? 

I’m not sure since he was busy fighting the Fire-Fucker (I really love that name 😅) and his men and just wanted Ciri in safety. It’s a tough spot to be in.

Lightworker Lesson #7 – When Those We Care About are Caught in a Fantasy, Put Your Own Needs Aside and Help Them Out.

The final episode of season two is very action-packed – and I’m trying to wrap my head around explaining this lesson without giving away any spoilers.

Instead of talking about the episode, I think I will go straight to the lesson. 

The way I view things in the fantasy genre is by seeing them as metaphors for things in the real world. The chaos that unfolds in the final episode of season 2 of The Witcher is beyond the chaos and truly dangerous for all the characters involved. There is a fine line between death and life, and Geralt is faced with a tough decision he can’t avoid. 

Everyone who had experienced the Dark Nights of the Soul would probably recognise some elements from the season finale!

For those of you who don’t know what the Dark Nights of the Soul means, it’s a condition you get in when anxiety and depression take over your life and turn it into literally living hell.

The term comes from ancient Egypt, wherein in their election of a new Pharaoh, they put the candidate in a stone coffin for a week – 14 days, and did not let him out. Food and water were proved to him through a hole in the coffin, and I think they’re probably also another hole further down for when he has to use the toilet – at least I hope so 😖 Anyway if he survived the week – 14 days in the coffin alone with his own thoughts, he would become the new Pharaoh. 

It might sound easy-peasy!
But then you forget he is in a closed coffin, alone, with no entertainment, no one to talk with – just him and his thoughts. 

A lot of men died inside of the coffin, scared to death by their own thoughts!

In other words, our own fears can be so strong that they can kill us!

In the modern world, the Dark Nights of the Soul refers to a period of time where a person is so possessed by fear that they are living in a different reality that is so very different from the real world. It’s a very heavy depression, added with so much fear and anxiety that the person is literally fighting for their life. Every day’s a battle to survive this living hell because what one really wants to do is to end it by death!

As you might know, if you have been reading my other articles, emails or following along on my insta, I have survived 2 rounds of the Dark Nights of the Soul, and trust me – I won’t wish it upon my worst enemy! It’s truly terrifying, and it takes a long time to recover! In the modern world, the Dark Nights of the Soul is not just a week or two. It can be months, even years, before it ends.

So how do I see the lesson of the Dark Nights of the Soul in the final episode of season 2, since there is no one who is suffering from an extremely heavy depression? 

I do, because of the chaos in the big fight scene at Kaer Morhen… the demon that feeds on fear and pain and can kill you if you don’t get help to be pulled out of the fantasy or daydream you are lulled into.

Fantasies or daydreams can have two faces, the rose-coloured, happy fairy tale version (as the one we see in the episode) or the truly terrifying version with inner monsters everywhere. – and trust me, those monsters appear more real than you think! 

The rose-coloured version is often escapist from facing the darker and more terrifying one with the monsters. Sometimes it’s easier to escape to la-la-land than face our deepest and most cruel fears. – and if we try to get out of la-la-land, we get scared right back into the land of rainbows, sunshine and unicorns by the monsters and demons that are waiting for us outside. But eventually, the la-la-land will crumble, and the demons and monsters will eat you alive if you don’t face them head-on and fight them! 

That’s when we need our friends and our family to be strong for us and help us to fight the demons and monsters while trying to pull us out of the fantasy we are living in.

This is how I made the link to the Dark Nights of the Soul.

I want to hear from you!

What Lightworker Lessons did you find in season 2 of The Witcher?

Let me know in the Instagram post below – also, note that I’m moving all my content from @boglund_lightworkers to my personal account @sabrinaboglund during the weekend. It’s too overwhelming for me to run two insta accounts, so @boglund_lightworkers will become a backup account.


7 Lightworker Lessons from The Witcher Season 2



If you ever experience the Dark Nights of the Soul – and I truly pray that it never would happen for you – but if you do, your friends and family won’t be enough to get you pulled out from there! 

You would need professional help! You would need a Psychiatrist, a Doctor, and an experienced Spiritual Teacher on your health care team. While the medical industry isn’t always open to the spiritual world, most Spiritual Teachers acknowledge the benefits of the medical industry. 

In my professional opinion, it would be a good idea to get some psychotropic drugs on prescription for a short amount of time, so you can get some peace while working with the psychiatrist and the Spiritual Teacher. The medication takes the top of the suffering, but it’s not a sustainable solution, and it’s not healthy for your body or brain to be filled with all those chemicals. But for a couple of months to a maximum of a year, it could be a great help. 

That’s my personal experience! I’m just allergic to most psychotropic drugs. But if your body can tolerate it, accept the pill for a short time with the goal of getting off it again as quickly as possible. I see psychotropic drugs as stabilisers during a really difficult time that otherwise can kill you. If a pill a day can save your life while you’re working on healing your Dark Nights of the Soul, isn’t it then worth it? 

The psychiatrist would most likely diagnose you with depression and anxiety, which is fine! It’s way easier for the world to understand than trying to explain what the Dark Nights of the Soul is. 

Here is a list of International Suicide Hotlines in case you need it!

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