7 Mistakes Most People Make When Manifesting a Specific Person.

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7 Mistakes Most People Make When Manifesting a Specific Person.

Manifesting a specific person isn’t more complicated than manifesting anything else. Yet this is an area MANY people struggles with their manifestation. In this article, I will address 7 mistakes people make when it comes to manifesting a specific person.

Mistake #1 – Want to Manifest Someone to Fix Them or Rescue Them.

Lightworkers are very inclined to view others as their fix-up project. Lightworkers are very empathic and sensitive, so we tend to pick up on others’ energies and know when someone needs help, comfort or support. The problem is that while a Lightworker can see a person suffering or struggling with something and wanting to help, the person might not be aware of it. Or the person doesn’t feel ready to be helped.

No one wants to be viewed as someone who needs rescuing, and Lightworkers’ “I’m gonna fix you so you can be happy again” mentality can be very intimidating. The intention is sweet and kind, but it’s not the right way to go about it. It will only push the person away from you.

Mistake #2 – Looking for a Knight in Shiny Armour to Come and Save Them.

Reality fact: Prince Charming isn’t coming to save you! And the Fairy Godmother isn’t coming to make all your problems disappear and gain all your wishes. So you need to take back your power!

When you’re looking for a knight in shiny armour to come and save you, the energy you’re sending out is very low-vibe and unattractive. No decent person wants to be with someone who needs rescuing.

There is a term for this, Self-Learned Helplessness!

It’s when someone lives in a victim mentality waiting for someone to save them. But here is the thing; Everyone is busy with their own life, and everyone has their own issues they are struggling with. No one in their right mind will get into a relationship with anyone who’s looking for rescuing!

Mistake #3 – Holding Too Tight on One Outcome.

When it comes to manifesting a specific person, your intentions are already set on one specific person. It’s kind of the idea. The problem with being that specific is it doesn’t leave much room open for the Universe to work within. 

It’s almost too specific if you only want to accept one specific outcome with one specific person. This is here where manifesting a specific person becomes tricky.

For example, suppose you already had decided that you want to get married to this specific person, without even having met the person yet or having any kind of conversation with the person. In that case, you might get caught in a trap. 

Suppose you want to manifest a specific person. In that case, I will recommend that you are more open to what kind of relationship you’re gonna have. Manifesting a friendship with your specific person is a much better approach than trying to manifest a marriage or even just dating them. A friendship can always develop into more at a natural pace as you’re getting to know each other. A new person is also more receptive to a friendship than a romance.

Let the type of relationship unfold itself, and be okay with however the relationship becomes.

How to Manifest a Specific Person

Mistake #4 – Getting Too Attached to an Illusion.

I’m not always advising visualisations and guided meditations as the best approach to manifest a specific person.

Your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between what’s real and what’s not.

Visualisations and guided meditations are designed to create new neurotic patterns in your mind. By feeding your subconsciousness with the same images, words and internal movies, you’re subconsciousness will eventually believe it to be true. 

The problem is that your visualisations and guided meditation are created in your mind and have no root in what’s actually going on in the real world.

You can fool yourself into believing you’re in a romantic relationship with your specific person and live your life as if the relationship was real. However, because it’s not and your specific person has no idea you’re playing make-believe about them, you’ll suffer one heartbreak after another when reality kicks in.

With social media, it’s so easy to keep an eye on what others are doing, so if your specific person is dating someone else, you’ll react as if you were cheated on… with good reason! Your emotions and subconsciousness believe the relationship is real and respond to everything as if it was real.

When you’re getting too attached to an illusion, a daydream, a visualisation, etc., you’re only setting yourself up for heartbreak. 

Another downside of visualisation is your feelings for your specific person is waaaaaaaaaaay more developed than their feelings for you when you’re meeting each other. So the balance would be very uneven from the beginning.

Suppose it’s someone you don’t know in reality, like a celebrity. In that case, your imagination will fill in the blanks, so your specific person suddenly becomes the perfect match for you. Unfortunately, you will get disappointed when you start to get to know the person and realise that they aren’t that perfect.

Visualisation about someone can be just as bad as self-harming behaviour. There is always someone ending up getting hurt! And that one is you!

How to Manifest a Specific Person

Mistake #5 – Trying to Map Everything Out.

Ohhhh… Hands up if you’re guilty of trying to map everything out 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️ We want to know everything beforehand to be prepared. Unfortunately, the Universe doesn’t work like that. 

It’s impossible to know every step of the way… and the path is not set in stone anyway. The future is forever changing as the result of our most dominant thoughts, emotions and actions. 

In manifesting a specific person, the Universe works A LOT behind the scenes re-arranging people, events, situations, etc., to make an encounter possible and give room for conversation. So you can imagine it would take some time to get everything re-arranged so your manifestation can get through, not to mention the following two mistakes…

Mistake #6 – Ignoring Free Will.

Everyone has free will! But, at the same time, everyone is you pushed out. So what does that mean? How can everyone have free will and be you pushed out at the same time?

Everybody has free will because we have a consciousness and a mind. We are living, thinking beings with emotions. We’re all on our own journey of recovering from our own pain, fears and anxieties. Sometimes we just don’t want to do something or be with someone because it doesn’t feel right. AND THAT IS OKAY!

Don’t push or force anyone to do anything they don’t want to.

At the same time, people are reflections of yourself! 

If you see something in another person you don’t like, you react to it because it reflects something inside of yourself you don’t like. If you see something in another person you love, you react to it because it reflects something inside of yourself you love.

Everyone is you pushed out is another way of saying that everyone is a reflection of yourself with an acknowledgement that the same Source of Love creates everyone. We’re all brothers and sisters. Everyone’s soul is a Light of Love created by the Source of Love.

Mistake #7 – Forcing, Controlling, and Manipulating to Get it Your Way.

Forcing, controlling, and manipulating is never a good idea, no matter what your endgame is. 

It’s disrespectful to others, and it’s narcissistic! 

You MUST respect others’ free will, even if their free will doesn’t benefit you! 

Also, you must wait for the Universe to re-arrange everything before your manifestation can happen. It won’t happen faster by you trying to “make things happen” or twisting and turning things in your favour. Forcing, controlling and manipulating will only do two things:

1 – block the manifestation.

2 – push anyone and anything away from you.


On the scientific level, disrespecting someone’s free will, forcing, controlling, and manipulative behaviour are signs of distrust and actions from the Fear-Based Mind. When your Fear-Based Mind leads you, you’ll attract more stuff into your life that matches your Fear-Based mindset. Either the manifestation of your specific person will get blocked, or the manifestation will happen, but you would end up disappointed and hurt.

My best advice is to surrender the manifestation of a specific person to the Universe and then move on with your life in the faith that you’ll meet your specific person eventually.

7 Mistakes Most People Make When Manifesting a Specific Person.

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