7 Things Lightworkers Do Nobody Else Understands.

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7 Things Lightworkers Do Nobody Else Understands

Whether you have been a Lightworker your entire life or it’s something you choose to become over the years, you might have discovered that Lightworkers sometimes do some odd things. It’s important to address that being a Lightworker IS NOT a religion or belief system. It’s a term that describes people who have a desire to make the world a better place and want to do something about it. Lightworkers are also very often Highly Sensitive, Empathic, and have a heart of gold. Lightworker refers to what you’re in your heart and soul… your morals… not the way you look, social status, education level, sexuality, what you believe in, or if you had messed up in the past. I have seen people with a criminal record who decided to turn around, improve themselves and eventually start to do Light Work because they found the Light in their hearts.

In this article, I will address some habits of Lightworkers that most other people don’t understand.

Lightworker Habit #1 – Having a Positive Outlook in Even the Most Challenging Situations.

Always having a positive outlook is one of the things that is most confusing for people who aren’t Lightworkers. The Light in Lightworker refers to the Light of Love. Our job is to spread and share Love with the world and other people. Just to clear any confusion, we are talking about Divine Love.

In order to heal any situation, we need to shine Love into the darkness and locate a solution that is good for everyone involved. It requires training to shift into a positive outlook when you’re standing in shit to your knees (metaphorical speaking). However, when you have learned that skill, everything becomes much, much easier.

Keep in mind; that there is a difference between always seeing the positive in any situation and being naive. I don’t want you to talk through life wearing blinkers. A part of having a positive outlook is being aware that sometimes we need to dig in the dirt before finding something positive.

Lightworker Habit #2 – Believing in the Power of Love.

In my teaching, we are working with three terms of Divine movements.

The Source of Love, which most people know as God.

The Light of Love, which most people know as the soul.

I don’t like to use religious terms more than necessary because I don’t want to create any conflict. However, the Power of Love can be a little more difficult to describe without using one specific religious term… the Holy Spirit. But even the Holy Spirit can’t really cover the whole essence of the Power of Love.

The Power of Love is an energy force. It is the movement and exchange of energies. The Power of Love is what makes the infinite number of Universal Laws work no matter what, like the Law of Attraction, the Law of Giving & Receiving, the Law of Karma, the Law of Free Will, and so forth.

The Power of Love is the Call in your Heart.

The Power of Love is your Intuition.

The Power of Love is your Healing abilities.

The Power of Love is your Passion.

Lightworker Habit #3 – Putting Everybody Else’s Needs Before Our Own.

I have been talking about this a lot in the Resource Hub – Lightworkers’ inclination to turn other people into their personal fix-up projects. It comes very naturally for Lightworkers to help other people, especially if they have been Lightworkers since birth. Some are more inclined than others. There are several reasons why Lightworkers put everyone else’s needs before their own. It really depends on the individual Lightworker.

One reason is that our hearts are so big that we simply can’t stand when someone is suffering, so we will do everything we possibly can… which is fine, as long as it doesn’t turn into an obsession with fixing the person.

Another reason is many Lightworkers have been through some very painful stuff and suffered a great deal themselves. Instead of focusing on their own healing, they rather want to focus obsessively on someone else’s pain.

The third reason is because of the pain the Lightworker had suffered in the past; they get devoted to making sure someone else never will feel the same pain as they did… and it turns into an obsession.

There are many, many more reasons – and again, it’s very individual.

Lightworker Habit #4 – Have a Hard Time Saying “No!” Without Feeling Guilty About It.

I honestly don’t know why Lightworkers, including myself, have such a hard time saying “no!!” to people… and when we do, we feel we are letting them down. My theory is that our people-pleasing inclination gets triggered when someone is asking us about something.

I don’t think it’s 100% insecurities or a need for validation. When a Lightworker starts to say “no” and puts up boundaries, they usually work on themselves and finally have found enough confidence to stand by their boundaries.

I think it’s the Love and compassion burning inside us that really wants to help, yet we know we need to be adults and take responsibility for our time, energy and well-being.

Lightworker Habit #5 – Spend More Time Trying to Solve a Problem Rather Than Complaining About It.

While the People-Pleasing habit isn’t a healthy one, focusing on solving problems rather than complaining is a really good one. 

Focusing on solving a problem goes hand-in-hand with having a positive outlook even when things look really bad. You can call it optimism if you like. I prefer calling it having faith. 

When we have faith that everything happens for a reason, and there is always something to learn or gain from any situation, it helps us focus on the solutions rather than the blocks

Complaining is always very negative energy to be around. You don’t have to be psychic or even a Lightworker to feel discomfort around someone who is always complaining. It’s super annoying to listen to, and it can drain your energy completely… leaving you feeling that you need a nap. If complaining can do that to “normal” people, imagine what it can do to sensitive and empathic Lightworkers. The more sensitive we are, the more of a sponge we become regarding energies in the room.

Lightworkers are problem-solvers, which is also one reason why turning people into a fix-up project happens in the first place. We just need to make sure fixing others’ problems doesn’t turn into an obsession.

Lightworkers see the solution to issues, and we are willing to dig deep after answers to solve the problem. We are simply shining our light into a dark room.

Lightworker Habit #6 – Honestly Believe We Can Make a Difference in the World.

Making a difference in the world is the drive behind every Lightworker. It’s what makes us Lightworkers. We not only believe we can make a difference, we KNOW IT! The more difficult the job is, the more excited we become. Again it is important it doesn’t turn into an obsession. Always keep a healthy balance!

One Lightworker is not supposed to take on all the world’s issues. There are millions of Lightworkers worldwide – and we all have our own passions, drive and interests. Our passions, drive and interests are directly linked to our Life Purposes/Light WORK – the difference we are here to make! The WORKER part in the Lightworker term refers to the difference we are called to make. When every Lightworker works on their Light WORK, we are all making the world a better place simultaneously. It’s like a chain effect – the more Lightworkers doing their Light WORK, the stronger the chain, the better results.

Lightworker Habit #7 – Getting More and More Sensitive.

It’s very common when someone starts out on a path of personal development and spiritual growth that they will become more and more sensitive to the energies around them. They start picking up on emotions and feelings. 

As Lightworkers, we need our sensitivity, empathy, and ability to pick up on stuff others don’t. The information in the energies we’re picking up on reveals important details we need to approach a situation. We’re having a positive outlook and focusing on finding a solution because we already had picked up on the energies for that solution. We know it’s possible; we just need to dig through some of the dirt before we can find the key.

The downside of this Superpower is how overwhelming everyday life is…

Too much noise…

Too many colours…

Lighting that is hurting our eyes…

Too many people in one place…




How something feels on our skin…

… and so forth…

Our Sensitivity Superpower gives us the ability to see, hear, know, feel, smell, sense, and taste things other people can’t. The only choice we have is to learn to live with it and know our boundaries.

I want to hear from you in the comments on the post on Instagram.

What things do you do, as a Lightworker, that nobody else understands?


7 Things Lightworkers Do Nobody Else Understands

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