8 Tips to Live a High Vibe Life.

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This article was written for my old website SabrinaJensen.com. All the old articles are of today 17th of September 2021 moved to Boglund.com, and the SabrinaJensen.com website will close down soon!

More and more people searching for a High Vibe Life, meeting High Vibe People, and really just feel High Vibe. I see a growing request for this when I log on Facebook and Instagram. My work is all about living a High Vibe Life and being a High Vibe Lightworker, no matter how your life had been so far. There is no such a thing as a pre-written destiny, and you’re screwed if your life had started off at the wrong note. Sure, that is what your ego and fear-based mind want you to believe. But anything that comes from your ego and fear-based mind is rarely true. However, it can manifest into physical form and seem true, if you believe it enough. It’s a scientifical truth that the total sum of your most dominant thoughts, emotions, and action WILL create the life and reality you’re experiencing – no matter if it’s good or bad. That’s why I do what I possibly can do to educate you and anyone else in how to live a High Vibe Life.

I’m going to share 8 Tips with you on how to live a High Vibe Life. The first 4 Tips will be given to you in this article, and the last 4, which really will boost your High Vibe Life, will be sent to you tomorrow in an email. So make sure you’re in my High Vibe Lightworker Tribe – You can join for FREE right under this article, in the sidebar or in the top bar. The email with the last 4 tips will only be sent out that one time.

Let’s get started.

#1 Be Aware of How You Want To Feel.

All the material and physical things doesn’t really matter if you are feeling like crap inside. A lot of people wrongly believe that certain things would make them happy, and give them the life they are dreaming of. They’re all in it for the shiny object. While it is possible to manifest physical and material things quite easily, it would never give you that piece of happiness and joy you’re looking for deep down inside. It’s our genuinely-deep-down-inside emotions that create the frequency in which we’re vibing from – so a High Vibe Life means having High Vibe Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions as the most dominant

We’re so used to live in the low vibe energies of fear, anxiety, and pain that it can be hard to know what High Vibe energies really are. That’s why I’m focusing all my work on helping you to reach the Highest Energy Frequency Humanly Possible (THEFHP), which means your most dominant thoughts, emotions, and actions should be:

  • Unconditional Freedom
  • Unconditional Peace
  • Unconditional Joy
  • Unconditional Love
  • Unconditional Enlightenment.

When you vibing from THEFHP, a High Vibe Life becomes the most natural thing, and any other High Vibe things would easily follow, including High Vibe People.

Sounds impossible? Well, you had come to the right girl. It’s my mission to help you to achieve this goal.

#2 Take an Honest Inventory of Your Life – What Isn’t Aligned with Those Emotions?

You’re manifesting all the time 24/7/365 since your soul was created by the Source of Love (God). So when there is something in your life that isn’t the way you like it to be, you must take ownership of it, and change whatever that doesn’t work.

Unconditional Freedom, Peace, Joy, Love & Enlightenment is maybe a bit too high frequency to start out with. Instead let’s just focus on Freedom, Peace, Joy, Love & Enlightenment.

What in your life isn’t aligned with the feeling of Freedom?

What in your life isn’t aligned with the feeling of Peace?

What in your life isn’t aligned with the feeling of Joy?

What in your life isn’t aligned with the feel of Love (this is not the romantic, intimate kind of love, but the universal humanity kind)?

What in your life isn’t aligned with the feeling of Enlightenment?

How can you change or remove those things from your life?

#3 Take an Honest Inventory of Your Life – What Supports Those Emotions?

It’s also important to look at all those things that support THEFHP and be grateful for them. They are real proof that you’re on your way to living a High Vibe Life. The goal is, of course, that your most dominant thoughts, emotions, and actions sum up to be THEFHP. Depending on where you are at your journey, it can take some time to get there – so be patient with yourself and take one step at the time. I’ll guide you along the way.

What in your life supports your sense of Freedom?

What in your life supports your inner Peace?

What in your life supports your inner Joy?

What in your life supports your sense of being Divine Love?

What in your life supports your inner Enlightenment?

The reason to I trying to make it very specific when it comes to the Love part is most humans thinks of Love as the romantic, intimate kind of love, which is pretty much depended upon another human being. That’s why Romantic Love can be so incredibly painful, cause jealousy and anger. It’s not that kind of love I’m referring to in THEFHP. At a later point, I might write a book about High Vibe Romantic Relationships. THEFHP is caused by you and you along! No external influences, no other people, only you. A High Vibe Life means, no matter what is going on in the world, no matter what other people say or do, no matter of your financial situation, your job, your relationships, etc. you STILL at a natural and peaceful internal state of Freedom, Peace, Joy, Love & Enlightenment. When you manage that, you’ll be untouchable!

#4 Surrender, But Don’t Be Passive.

Let it go, and surrender to a Power far Greater than you. Let go of the control, the need to figure everything out beforehand. Just surrender it!

A gigantic mistake I see over and over again when it comes to manifesting is people not doing their part of the work. Like if their manifestation magically should appear out of the blue and land directly in their lap. You must do your part!

I’m super impatience myself – I want things to happen NOW, not tomorrow! But that isn’t always how things are going to work out. The greater the desire you have, the greater the manifestation, the more pieces need to come together. Sometimes that just take xx-time, and we must be patient. We don’t know the Universe’s plan to make our desire come true, but we can know for sure, it’s far better than we ever would be capable of imaging.

Because I’m such impatience myself, I find things move way faster when you keep yourself occupied with something exciting. The impatience starts to kick in when you’re bored. Instead of watching Netflix and complaining why you don’t have what you want, it’s way better to spend time on doing your Light Work and keep working on having your most dominant thoughts, emotions & actions at THEFHP. It’s like a muscle that needs to get exercised over, and over again.

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