8 Ways to Have a Life Beyond Your Wildest Dreams, Even If You Are Busy.

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This article was written for my old website SabrinaJensen.com. All the old articles are of today 17th of September 2021 moved to Boglund.com, and the SabrinaJensen.com website will close down soon!

Hands up if you want to have a Life Beyond Your Wildest Dreams! ?? The chance is very huge since you landed on this article.

One of the things I hear very often when it comes to manifestations and create the lives we want is; “I don’t have time!” I totally get it. We all have busy schedules! But, the difference between a person who is living her/his dream life, and those who don’t is… Prioritizing!

Today I’m going to give you eight quick ways to have a Life Beyond Your Wildest Dreams, Even if you are busy.

#1. Prioritize Your Time.

Every person on this planet has only 24 hours in their day. 8 of them goes to our sleeping time; the rest 16 hours are up to us to manages during the day.

You must ask yourself; how important your desired outcome is for you? You might also want to take a look at, what things in your life that don’t serve you anymore.

You’re in charge of your own time. Don’t give that power to someone else.

#2. Get Clarity

What is it exactly you want? To manifest something in your life, you have to know what you want? Spend some time on Pinterest to get inspiration to how your dream life should look like.

#3. Take Action.

One HUGE mistake I see again and again in my practice is people who send out their desire to the Universe, and then just sitting on their tush and waiting for the Universe to send them their desired outcome. I am sorry to say this, but it’s not the way it works. Manifestations and miracles happen in co-creation with the Universe. Not by the Universe alone.

Make it a goal to do One thing every day that will bring you closer to your desired outcome.

#4. Believe.

Do you believe in your dream? Do you really, deep down, believe that you can have your dream come true?

Here is the thing; It really doesn’t matter what I or any other Law of Attraction Life Coaches telling you, if YOU don’t believe in yourself and your dream, it won’t happen.

#5. Visualize

Every night when you goes to sleep, close your eyes and see yourself living your dream.

What does it look like?

What does it feels like?

It’s okay if you are falling to sleep while you are doing this exercise. It will actually help your subconscious mind to work on manifesting your desired outcome.

#6. Feel The Feeling

Another huge mistake I see again and again when I have manifestation clients is the attachment to a specific thing, like becoming a millionaire, have a body like a Victoria Secret model, be super successful in their careers, have their dream job, find their soul mate, getting married and have children, etc. While there is nothing wrong with all those things, it’s just not the right approach to manifestation.

You must ask yourself: why you want that specific thing? 9 out 10 times has it something to do with what you think you will feel once you have it, right? Many women think they first can get happy when they are married and have three kids. It’s not true! Nor is it true you first can have the freedom to whatever you want when you are a millionaire.

Feelings don’t cost money. They are FREE. If you want to be happy, you can choose to be happy now. If you want to feel free to do whatever you want, you can choose freedom right now. When you tapping into your desired core feeling, you will miracles start to happen. A Course in Miracles says “A miracle is a shift in energy when you choose Love over fear!”

Decide to be happy right now, and keep your focus on things that will maintain that happiness in your daily life.

#7. Let Go!

When was the last time you took an inventory of yourself and your life?

It’s time to let go of all that stuff that doesn’t serve you any longer. Including the stories about bullying, betrayal, people pleasing, taking care of everybody else before you can take care of yourself…

Be honest with me for a moment. Would you ever talk to or about another person in the same way, as you talk to and about yourself? Would you like to hang out with someone who talks to or about you in the same, as you talk to and about yourself?

God Damn NO!

For whatever reason you feel the urge to beat yourself up with unhealthy self-talk or behavior, you need to hand it over to the Angels and the Universe and let it go NOW!

It’s a Law of Attraction Coach and Spiritual Teacher Order!

#8. Unplug from Social Media

Social Media had turned into unhealthy behavior for many people. How much time do you spend on social media every day? Think about how much time you would have if you weren’t online on SoMe all the time?

There is SO much bullsh*t on SoMe. Toxic articles about dead, terror, crimes, animal cruelty, child abuse, etc. Teenagers and young adults who measure their self-worth on how many followers and likes they have.

I, personally had decided to drop Facebook. I update my business page either from Instagram or Hootsuite, which are a SoMe managing tool, and then I only have the Facebook Messenger app on my iPhone and my laptop so that people can get in contact with me. The rest of Facebook is shut down for me. Why? Because I prioritize my health over my business and SoMe. Without my health, I won’t be able to run a business nor create content for Instagram and Twitter, which is the only two Social Media platforms I am active.

Try to be offline from SoMe a whole weekend. No posting, no check-in… nothing for an entire weekend. See how it feels.

Then try for a week, and maybe a month.

I promise you that your mind, body, and soul will be grateful for you taking time off Social Media.

I hope you got inspired by those 8 tips to have a Life Beyond Your Wildest Dreams.

Which one of those tips will you start practice in your own life?

Let me know in the comment below.

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