A Simple Plan to Find the Purpose in Your Life

Do you want to fulfil your Purpose in Life, but have no idea what your Purpose is… or how do fulfil it?

A Simple Plan to Find Your Purpose in Life – Digital Training Program will reveal all your Life Purposes through investigating your Soul’s true mission and desires. Why YOU are sent to Earth, right here, right now!

This Digital Training Program has been made to Uncover the TRUE Meaning of Your Life, Bring Purpose into Every Area of Your Life, and Bring Inner Peace and Geniune Happiness into Your Life.

A Simple Plan to Find Your Purpose in Life is a 6-weeks long Digital Training Program for Lightworkers who wants to find their Life Purposes and Live a Fulfilling Life.

🌟 6 Downloadable Modules. You’ll receive a new module Every Week for 6 weeks. (WORTH: $100)

🌟 1 Downloadable Workbook. (WORTH: $50)



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Is this you…

🔦 You have a strong longing for making sense of your life…

🔦 You know you’re destined for more than just living your life on auto-pilot…

🔦 You want to make difference in the world… you just don’t know how…

🔦 You can feel a strong call inside of you to make a change…

🔦 You want to get an understanding of why certain things happen to you…

🔦 You’re tired of just sitting and waiting for life to get better…

I know you are struggling with feeling wanting more purpose… feeling that your life matters.

But it doesn’t have to be this way…

🌟Imagine how your life could be different if you were fulfilling your Life Purposes every day…

🌟 Imagine that EVERYTHING that ever had happen and will happen in your life gives you the opportunity to grow and develop into a better person.

🌟 Imagine you can make a living and a successful career by following your deepest passion in life.

🌟 Imagine your finances will increase from your Light WORK.

🌟Imagine all your relationships are fulfilling and serving a higher purpose.

🌟Imagine you can create your Future to be in complete alignment with what brings purpose and fulfilment into your life.

One of the absolute most asked questions I have received in the almost 14 years I have worked professionally as a Spiritual Teacher and Spiritual Mentor is:


Finding and fulfilling your Life Purpose is a journey! – And a Powerful One!

If you are a Lightworker, you have Light WORK to do. It’s literally in the term LightWORKER! There is no such thing as a Lightworker who doesn’t work with the Light. If you aren’t doing your Light WORK, you aren’t a Lightworker! You’re on a spiritual awakening journey.

3 Types of Life Purposes:

There are three types of Life Purposes.

Personal Life Purposes:

EVERY SINGLE LIVING BEING has multiple Personal Life Purposes. Personal Life Purposes are strongly linked to your personal and spiritual development in this life.

It’s the life lessons.

It’s healing the things that happen over, and over again in your life.

It’s healing your trauma from the past.

It’s healing your fears, pains, and anxieties.

It’s your relationships, finances, health, and happiness.

You get the point.

We all have Personal Life Purposes – and we all have tons of them!

Global Life Purposes:

I call Global Life Purposes for Light WORK because that’s exactly what they are!

It’s only Lightworkers who have Global Life Purposes!

The majority of Lightworkers have only 1 Global Life Purpose. But it’s possible to have up to 5 Global Life Purposes depending on how advanced your soul is and how far your soul is in its Spiritual development.

Global Life Purposes are the changes we make in the world. It is what we actively are doing every single day to make the world a better place. Our Global Life Purposes are literally our job as Lightworkers.

The Divine Life Purpose.

Only very, very few souls have a Divine Life Purpose. A soul can only have 1 Divine Life Purpose.

It’s only souls who are on their last or second to last reincarnation before they ascend to become an Ascended Master. Like Jesus, Mother Mary, Buddha, Gandi, Mother Thersa, etc.

Another type of soul who has a Divine Life Purpose is even rarer. Those souls are called Earth Angels! Earth Angels are super rare, and not even close to being the results you get if your look up “Earth Angels” on Google. First and foremost, Earth Angels are NOT actual celestial angels… or at least not all of them… There are only about 10,000 real celestial angels incarnated right now. The rest of the Earth Angels are souls that literally come from other planets or solar systems.

Since soon-to-be Ascended Master and Earth Angels make up about 0,000000014561% of the population of the world, I have decided to skip the Divine Life Purpose in this Digital Training Program, and only focus on…

Your Personal Life Purposes…


Your Global Life Purposes…

… because you MUST know all of your Life Purposes if you want to live a fulfilling and truly happy life.

A Simple Plan to Find Your Purpose in Life will show you very easily how to do that…

I have parted the plan up into 6 modules:

🗝 WEEK ONE: In Your Daily Life (Will you receive immediately after purchase)

🗝 WEEK TWO: In Your Mental Health

🗝 WEEK THREE: In Your Work-Life

🗝 WEEK FOUR: In Your Finances

🗝 WEEK FIVE: In Your Relationships

🗝 WEEK SIX: In Your Future

As a Lightworker, your Personal Life Purposes and Global Life Purposes are an equally big part of your life, as all of them are written in your Soul Contract prior to your reincarnation into this lifetime.

Since the goal of this Digital Training Program is to help you live a fulfilling, happy and purposeful life, you would need to work your Life Purposes into all areas of your life, I have created each module to focus on one life area,

A Simple Plan to Find Your Purpose in Life – Digital Training Program is For You If:

🌟 You’re willing to get your sleeves up and start making the change in the world you’re called to make.

🌟 You’re willing to take responsibility for your own life, happiness, and what happens to you in life.

🌟 You’re willing to see everything that happens in your life and all your relationships as an opportunity to grow and develop as a person and as a soul.

🌟 You want a plan on how to fulfil your life purposes in all areas of your life.

🌟 You’re ready to work on your personal and spiritual growth.

🌟 Want to align your career and job with your Light WORK, and actually make a living while making the world a better place.

A Simple Plan to Find Your Purpose in Life is NOT for you if:

⛔ Thinks that SOMEONE should do something about all the bad things that happen in the world, but don’t think that someone is you.

⛔ Don’t want to take responsibility for your own life, happiness, and what happens in your life. If you want to keep blaming everybody else for what’s happening.

⛔ Believe it’s enough to pray and send energy to people, animals, and situations in need, but don’t really do more about it.

⛔ You aren’t willing to learn and grow from everything that happens in your life.

⛔ You rather want to share your opinions on Facebook or online forums, than actually do something about it.

⛔ You don’t believe in Free Will.

⛔ Believe in prewritten destinies and everything is God’s will.

A Simple Plan to Find the Purpose in Your Life

Are You Ready to Fulfil Your Life Purpose?




ONLY $47

How Does It Work?

A Simple Plan to Find Your Purpose in Life is a Digital Training Program! This means that all modules are sent right to your email address EVERY week over the next 6 weeks.

Each email will contain a link where you can access the module’s content.

Each module comes as a PDF which you can download to your computer, smartphone, tablet, or even print it out.

How is A Simple Plan to Find Your Purpose in Life – Digital Training Program different from others on the market?

The Digital Training Program is delivered directly to your Digital Training Program, and you can download each module to your computer, smartphone, tablet, cloud service, or even print it out. It means there is no need to sign up for additional platforms.

So many people have brought online courses they never use because they forget all about the Digital Training Program. By having all the content saved as downloads; it’s more likely you’ll find time to use the program.

Are You Still Unsure if A Simple Plan to Find your Purpose in Life – Digital Training Program is the Right Fit for You?

🤔 It’s too expensive.

My prices are based on how much time, energy and effort I have put into a product. If you feel the product is too expensive, I’m not the right person to help you.

To help you out a bit, I have created a 2 Months Payment Plan.

🤔 I don’t have time to read it.

Each module comes as a PDF you can download to your computer, smartphone, tablet, or even print out if you like. You can bring the modules with you everywhere you go and study at any time you like.

🤔 I don’t understand English.

While I never recommend using Google Translate, it is possible to quickly translate the text into any language you may desire.

🤔 I prefer the lessons as videos and audio.

 I don’t do video and audio content. All my content has always, and will always be text-based.

🤔 I don’t really trust/know you enough to spend that much money on a product of yours.

There is plenty of FREE content in the Resource Hub and on Instagram if you don’t feel ready to buy just yet.

🤔 I want 1:1 sessions.

Look here if you want 1:1 Sessions

Let’s Sum Up:

🌟 6 Modules. You’ll receive a new module Every Week for 6 weeks. (WORTH: $100)

🌟 1 Workbook. (WORTH: $50)



ONLY $47