Almost Everything will Work Again if You Unplug It for a Few Minutes.

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Almost Everything will Work Again

We all live busy lives!

The entire world is buzzing all the time. We had become so used to the constant noise that silence and unplugging from the world became uncomfortable. 

How many times do you look at your phone doing a day? Doing an hour?

How long would it take before you get stressed if you were somewhere with no WiFi and terrible 4G/5G? Even the 3G sucks? Or if there was no connection at all?

We have never been as far from each other as we are now, yet the world has never seemed smaller. We all have been in and out of lockdowns for over a year and social distancing no longer just was for introverts and highly sensitive people. Yet, we’re still connected with the world through social media, our phones, iPads, and computers.

Social Media.

I’m a huge advocate for taking social media detox frequently. Simply unplug from social media for a week or two. The first couple of times is always the most difficult. It’s where we truly discover how addicted we are to checking Instagram and Facebook every 3 minutes. 

In all honesty, I’m grateful I grew up in the 90s with no social media and with no constant news feed. I prefer to be present in the here and now and experience what life offers in this present moment.

For many years, I believed that the only way I could reach my target audience was by constantly posting on social media. I posted about 3 times á day on Instagram, and then it was re-posted to Facebook and Twitter. I also believed I had to be on every single platform all the time. The second a new platform launched, I would join.

Today I have limited it to Instagram and Twitter, and occasionally Facebook. Personally, I hate Facebook, so I’m never really checking in. The updates on Bøglund’s Facebook page are auto-scheduled from PLANN. I get annoyed pretty much every time I’m checking my Facebook. Instagram is, without a doubt, my favourite platform (yes, I know Facebook owns Instagram). Both Bøglund Lightworkers and I are on Instagram.

Stay Updated with the World.

I don’t watch the news or read news sites. I haven’t done that the most of my life. So the way I get my news is from the TV2 News app and DR Nyheder app. It’s the two main broadcast networks in Denmark, and both are neutral in political viewpoints. I have turned on the notifications for Breaking News and Top 5 Stories of today on both apps. 

I use Twitter for getting updates//notifications about what’s going on in the world from reliable sources. Like updates from:

  • The local police
  • The National Road Directorate
  • The Prime Minister’s Office
  • WHO
  • Danish Health Authority
  • TV2 Breaking News
  • DR Breaking News
  • BBC Breaking News
  • CNN Breaking News
  • etc. 

I have always joked, “it’s limited how much death, destruction, and terror someone can put into 140 characters…” and the pictures don’t show up in the notifications on the phone. 

I’m highly sensitive to pictures and videos, so if I’m watching, something bad (real or fiction) can cause nightmares for days! True story: My dad LOVE Midsomer Murders. I had to stop watching the show with him when I still lived with my dad because I got nightmares every night for a week… after watching Midsomer Murders. I’m not kidding! It sounds like a joke, but it’s the truth! So if I can’t watch a crime fiction show, how in the world could I possibly watch the real thing?

Take Care of Yourself First.

As a Lightworker, you would need to focus on keeping your Light shining as much as possible. So if something is bringing you down, making you sad, or causing you to have nightmares, it’s time to remove those things from your life. It’s okay to admit your limitations!

We are so used to unplugging or rebooting our electronics if it doesn’t work, so why not do it to ourselves? FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is a real thing. We are almost addicted to always checking our phones, social media, emails, online forums, the news, etc.

Computer-Free Weekends.

In 2016 I implemented Computer-Free Weekends in my life. It’s not always possible if I’m behind with deadlines, but most weekends my computer is closed. That includes my iPad, by the way, in the sense of being online, working and on social media. I do, however, like to read books on the Kindle app.

It’s too easy to continue working all weekend to get even more done! But that is not healthy. We need to take a break and some days off regularly if we don’t want to burn out. That counts for all people. We need to pull the plug from work regularly, or we will burn out.

The iPhone…

… or whatever smartphone you have…

Our iPhones (smartphones) are tiny computers in our pockets or handbag. Those little devices can do almost everything by now, and they keep getting more and more “intelligent.” If we want to, we can control our entire home, car, kitchen, etc., from our phones. We can even check our home’s security cams from our phones while we are away. 

We literally have the entire world in our pocket or handbag! That little device keeps buzzing all day long with new notifications from various apps, calendars, emails, text messages, and phone calls. I think the hardest device to unplug is our phones. Our entire world is on our phones. 

What I’ve done to protect my mental health is to disable all the notifications that are not super important. 

I hate talking on the phone, so it only shows as a banner at the top of the screen if someone calls. My phone silent calls from unknown numbers. 

 Almost Everything will Work Again Almost Everything will Work Again


  Almost Everything will Work Again Almost Everything will Work Again

There is a very good reason for this! I have a weird phobia of phone calls. I’m getting a panic attack every time MY phone rings. It doesn’t happen when other people’s phones ring. Several things are going into this, and it’s in my medical journal for my anxiety diagnosis.

It’s a Matter About Your Mental Health.

We must make sure to take care of our mental health. Everything is buzzing all the time. We have to be able to pull the plug to have some downtime.

I recommend you start with a weekend or when you have some days off. Try to implement Computer-Free Weekends. You can include the iPad too. 

I also run Social Media-Free Weeks or Months, depending on what I need. If I had spent way too much time on an app or website, you know, loosing-sleep-too much, I start with a [insert app/website]-Free Weekend. If that isn’t enough, I go with a Week or a Month. Due to stress, I was actually off social media for almost 1½ years in 2016-2018. It helped tremendously for my mental well-being.

Let me know on the Instagram post below: How do you unplug from today’s world of constant updates and notifications?

Almost Everything will Work Again

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