Be Your Authentic Self – Be who you really are.

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Do you dim your Light, your personality, your joy, etc. because you’re afraid of what other people might think about you?

Do you even dare to be yourself? I mean, your true authentic self?

We’re living in a society that really likes to dictate everything in our day-to-day life. We’re influenced by the fashion industry, the beauty industry, the latest health trend, a new weight-loss trend, all the way down to the people in our every-day life.

Someone once asked me this question “Sab, who’s life do you live? Yours or someone else’s?” – It really made me think! What we think is our individual lifestyle is not that individual when it comes down to it. Matter of fact, the absolutely highest percent of our life is influenced by someone else who tells us how we should live to be successful, be healthy, be fit, have a dancer’s body, have financial freedom, etc. Even our own family and friends are influencing our life, by telling us what’s right for us.

Get used to people telling you what’s right for you – but don’t listen! There is only one person who knows what’s best for you, and that the person you see when you look in the mirror. No one else.

Be Yourself, Everyone Else Is Taken.

Agree, it is a cliché! But it’s also true! I believe a lot of Lightworkers and Earth Angels across the globe are hiding their true colors, and ultimately that Divine Light which is the very reason for their incarnation into this lifetime. The purpose of your life is to shine YOUR Light, and by doing that, bringing Love, Peace, Freedom, Joy & Enlightenment back to Earth.

A High Vibe Life doesn’t only mean to make a life for yourself in which Freedom, Peace, Joy, Love & Enlightenment are the most dominant thoughts, emotions, and actions. You can’t live a High Vibe Life or be a Lightworker if you only thinking about yourself, and how you can get everything you want. That is selfish, and far from High Vibe.

If you want a High Vibe Life with Freedom, Peace, Joy, Love & Enlightenment, then you must find a way in how you can provide the same thing for the world. That is the Light you are here to share. That is your Divine Life Purpose. That is your Light Work.

You Are The Only One Who Can Shine Your Light.

The only way you can shine your Light and do your Light Work is to be authentic and true to who you really are. I don’t talk about getting a Soul Realm Reading to find out whether you’re an Earth Angel or not, and if so, which realm you’re from. Nor do I talk about getting your astrological chart or numerological chart read. It can help you to some extent, but it is not necessary to be authentic. Those tools can affirm something you already know, and put the puzzle pieces back in the right place. But it doesn’t tell you who your authentic self is. I know, since I’m trained in astrology and numerology, and a whole lot of other things. As you saw in my article from last week, I also do Soul Realm Readings. But all those things don’t really matter if you are insecure and have low self-esteem. It isn’t a magic wand that suddenly makes you super confident and ready to be a Rockstar. There is a time and use for everything, but these tools are not the answer to find your true authentic self.

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I Am Who I Am…

It took a lot of time before I was ready to publicly announce that I’m an Incarnated Seraphim Angel. I mean, some people might get offended, others might think I have lost it, some people from my past might say “I KNEW she was crazy!”

But I don’t really care, any longer. It’s not my job to convince anyone about anything. I won’t force anyone to like me or be a people pleaser.  I had been bullied, called the most hurting and awful things. I had been betrayed, beaten up and ridiculed. I had been taken advantage of for so many years by so many people, who never had returned the favor… and left me on my own when I needed a friend the most.

The more I rested in being who I truly am, the more I’m focused on making sure that my life and everything I create, do, and say are coming from a place of Love, the more I just don’t care any longer what others have to say. If you don’t want to dance with me, then find someone else to dance with, but I am not letting you take away my Light and Love.

I could easily do my work without addressing the whole Incarnated Seraphim Angel thing. That doesn’t impact how I showcase my authentic, true self. But I like to be honest and up-front, and I feel uncomfortable when I have to hide something because I fear what other’s might think.

What To Share, And What Not To Share.

There is a fine line between when and what to share. I do not share my private life on social media or anywhere else, for instance. I learned this very early on in my life; I grew up in a social environment with quite a few famous people, and I still have celebrities in my private network.

I’m not impressed by fame, and I have never got star-struck. It’s so easy for me to see right through all that and focus on the person “behind the mask.” How I see it is, press, media, and public persona are a part of their job. However, I do recognize that they’re in the spotlight and some people want to know “everything about them.” I always treat them as my friends, no matter how close we are, and I have will always have their back even when we aren’t speaking any longer. I’d been raised by the rule “What’s said and done at the dinner table, stays at the dinner table!” I treat famous people as regular people, and I do also respect their privacy, so I keep my mouth shut. It’s really none of anyone’s business, what I know about other people, famous or not. I have duty of confidentiality, because of the work I have – which I also practice in my relationships. Nor do I want to use my relationships with famous people in my branding or work, because I do not want to profit from someone else’s fame or popularity.

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Another line is; Confident Boost vs. Bring Value To Other. Confidence should come from within, not from external influences – not even the way you look. If you want to have tips to find your true authentic self, and how you can share your Light to bring value to others, then make sure you’re joining my emailing list below right now. The tips will be in the email I’m sending out tomorrow, January 16. It will only be sent out that one time I hit the “send” button.

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