COMMITMENT 101: How to Succeed, Even If You Don’t Have Time

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Most people have dreams for the future… BIG DREAMS! But what separates winners from losers is commitment and the willpower to never give up, no matter how difficult a situation can be.

The truth is if it was easy will we already had done it. It’s very easy to project our challenges onto something or someone else, but it won’t help anything… except giving you an excuse for not having what you want.

The easiest way to get something is to commit to it, and do whatever it takes. To show you the power of commitment will I share a story with you.

Yesterday, I shared why I started The Magic Life on my Instagram, which also inspired me to write this article. Starting something as big as a business requires commitment. The idea of The Magic Life isn’t new – it’s something I had tried to make happen since 2011. I tend to act on my ideas very fast, sometimes way too quickly. What I realized about The Magic Life was, that the idea needed to grow and I needed to grow as well. I wasn’t able to pull it off in 2011 nor the years after.

The dream isn’t always enough. It’s a beginning, but most often we need many other factors coming into play before the magic starts to happen.

I knew Denmark wasn’t big enough for the vision I have for The Magic Life. Or it doesn’t have anything to do with Denmark, but more the number of people speaking Danish. I want to help as many people as possible, so that’s why I decided to do it English. It was a big step – was my English good enough to go international?

But the moment I decided to go for it was this spring. After six months on sick leave, I felt the desire to get back in business. Not full time, not yet. But start to build it up and create my upcoming products. As I had mentioned before, I genuinely think the sick leave as a blessing in disguise. I was forced to prioritize my health and change my life completely. What I thought should happen with The Magic Life – the detailed plan I created – was no longer the right fit.

The Epiphany.

There are two parts of this; I wanted to create the business of my dreams and help as many people as possible, and I needed to have my health as my first priority. No more being busy. No more hustle. No more trying to fit in the box.

As always when I need to clear my mind, I went for a walk. How can I pull this off? What should be my signature business style? How could I use my story to help others?

At that moment, I had an epiphany!

What if The Magic Life focused on what I am passionate about?

What if I took my definition of a Magical Life and made it into the vision of my way to help other Spiritual Babes?

I’m pretty sure, that we all have our own definition of a magical life. It will be way too abstract to trying to reach all those areas. For me was it all about narrow it down to a few focus points as possible.

I realized, IT IS very spiritual to want more prosperity, success, and freedom in our lives. It only becomes non-spiritual if we are using it in selfish, hurtful and egocentric ways.

I realized that I wasn’t the only one who was on a recovery journey and was trying to design the life of my dreams.

I realized, by sharing my story could I reach out to other Lightworkers who want to transform fear to Love and want to live a High Vibe Life.

The Commitment.

The only person to make this happen, and that’s me.

The question was very simple: Would I keep living my life as I always had done OR would I create a High Vibe Life in freedom, peace, joy, love, and enlightenment?

It was a no-brainer – I chose the second option! And I’m willing to do whatever it takes.

When you want to make a change in your life or manifest something into your life, the Universe is going to test you, by asking you one question “How much do you want it?” You will be tested every day on your commitment. Manifestation is co-creation between you and the Universe.

So ask yourself: “What can I do today that will bring me one step closer to my desired outcome?

I do this every morning, even the days I don’t feel that well. You need to make it a habit of working on your manifestation every day. When it becomes a habit, you won’t longer think about it because it’s had become an incorporate part of your daily life. It’s when you set it free so that the Universe can make its magic.


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