Divine Secrets to Successful Manifestations
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Bullet-Proof Blueprint to Successful Manifestation.

Divine Secrets to Successful Manifestations helps you to become a Master at Manifestations so that you can Manifest ANYTHING ANYTIME.

Divine Secrets to Successful Manifestations is a 6-week Digital Training Program for Lightworkers who wants to master the art of Manifestation. Not just one successful Manifestation, but successful Manifestations every time.

Divine Secrets to Successful Manifestation - Bullet-Proof Blueprint to Successful Manifestations.

💫 6 Modules with 6 Lessons in each. You’ll receive a new module Every Week for 6 Weeks. (WORTH: $800)

💫 1 All-in-one Workbook (WORTH: $300)



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Do You Recognise This…

🕵🏻‍♀️ You have been reading almost every book you could get your hands on about the Law of Attraction and Manifestation, and it hasn’t really worked?

🕵🏻‍♀️ You have been watching Youtube videos about Manifestation and the Law of Attraction, and the techniques didn’t work as you hoped?

🕵🏻‍♀️ You’re getting more and more Frustrated with your Manifestations?

🕵🏻‍♀️ You see all these people on the internet getting fantastic results from their Manifestations, and you keep wondering, “Why does it work for them and not me?”?

🕵🏻‍♀️ You have been trying for so long to get your Desired Outcome that you are close to throwing in the towel?

 … or maybe you are new to Manifestation and want the best start possible…

I know how stressful it can be to really want something but not see any satisfying results!

So I spent most of my 20s studying everything I could get my hands on regarding Manifestation! 🤓

I researched Psychology, Personal Development, Metaphysics, Quantum Physics, Neuroscience, and Behavioural Patterns…

Since I was a very little girl, I have been passionate about studying “Success”… Why is one person super successful, and another isn’t?

It gives a total of over 20 years of reach and study!

As a result, I created an Equation that explains EXACTLY how any Manifestations come into form!

The Bøglund Manifestation Equation is designed to help you understand what it takes to make a Manifestation happen. Not just give you what you want!

The Real Problem is…

… people are often more focused on why the Manifestation of their Desired Outcome doesn’t happen than looking at the fact that instead of Manifesting their Desired Outcome, they Manifested the opposite!

You’re Manifesting all the time! – There is no such a thing as not being able to Manifest. 

You are the one who has Manifested your current situation!

You are the one who Manifested the reason why your Desired Outcome won’t come true!

Anything you see around you and within you is the Outcome of your Manifestations. It simply couldn’t enter your life if you didn’t Manifest it.

The Good News is…

By learning my Bøglund Manifestation Equation you would know exactly where in the process things went wrong, and how to fix it so you will get your Desired Outcome!

There are no Desired Outcomes that are lost.
As long you believe in your Desired Outcome, it’s still out there waiting for you. It simply just blocked! – and like it is with all blocks, the barrier can be removed.

The Bøglund Manifestation Equation also gives you the recipe to kick off any new Manifestation with a Plan to Succeed!

The Bøglund Manifestation Equation is the Secret to Successful Manifestations AND fixing the Manifestations you have lost hope on!


The entire program is built around the intention to teach you Instant Manifestation! 


Divine Secrets to Successful Manifestations is a 6 weeks Digital Training Program teaching you each step of the process of using the Bøglund Manifestation Equation and creating a Bullet-Proof blueprint for your Manifestation!

The Bøglund Manifestation Equation is: M= DAS+EF = DE+DT

In Divine Secrets to Successful Manifestation, you will find an entire Module on each Component. If you want the recipe for a Successful Manifestation this is it!

Module 1 – The Science of Manifestation.

This module is all about the Science behind Manifestation, and how the physical and the cosmic are working together to bring you what you ask for.

Module 2 – DT: Most Dominant Thoughts.

The first component of the Bøglund Manifestation Equation is your Most Dominant Thoughts!

In this module, we will work on bringing your Most Dominant Thought in Alignment with your Desired Outcome.

Module 3 – DE: Most Dominant Emotions.

The second component is your Most Dominant Emotions.

Most Dominant Emotions are controlled by your Subconsciousness, which is why we need to work on your Most Dominant Thoughts first. 

In this module, we are taking the work we did with your Most Dominant Thoughts a step further, so your Most Dominant Emotions also are in alignment with your Desired Outcome.

Module 4 – EF: Energy Frequency.

The third component is your Energy Frequency.

Your Energy Frequency is the sum of your Most Dominant Thoughts and Emotions!

Your Energy Frequency is what is being broadcast out to the Universe. 

The Law of Attraction, along with trillions of billions of other Universal Laws, responds to your Energy Frequency and ONLY your Energy Frequency. 

The Universe can ONLY bring you what is in alignment with your Frequency.

Module 5 – DAS: Most Dominant Action Steps.

The fourth component is your Most Dominant Action Steps.

This is where the Make It or Break It happens!

Your Most Dominant Actions Steps are alpha omega for a Successful Manifestation!

The Universe can only bring your Desired Outcome into your life to a certain extent! The Manifestation will get blocked if your Most Dominant Action Steps don’t support your Desired Outcome.

If someone wants to lose weight (Desired Outcome), but only eats junk food and never exercises, then she would never get her Desired Outcome, right?

It’s the same thing with any other manifestation…

It’s not enough to bring your Energy Frequency (Most Dominant Thoughts and Emotions) in alignment with your Desired Outcome. You also need to make sure that your Most Dominant Action Steps support your Desired Outcome!

In this module, we will create a hands-on action plan that will bring in your Desired Outcome.

Module 6 – M: Manifestation.

The final component is the Manifestation itself.

Even if you follow all the steps above, the Manifestation can still be blocked… not by the Universe, not by outside circumstances, not by lack of opportunities or money… but simply because something inside you is afraid of letting it Manifest.

In this final module, we will adjust the last pieces to your Desired Outcome can come true. 

There you have it, the Bøglund Manifestation Equation and the outline of Divine Secrets to Successful Manifestation – Digital Training Program!

The question is now if you want to become a Manifestation Master and be a Magnet for your Desired Outcomes?



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How Does It Work?

💫 Divine Secrets to Successful Manifestations is a Digital Training Program!
This means that all Modules and Lessons are sent right to your email Every Week over the next 6 weeks.

💫 Each email will contain a link where you can access the module’s content from a Google Drive folder.

💫 Each module is parted up into 6 Lessons.

💫 Each step is a PDF document.

💫 The workbook comes as a Google Sheets document. 

You can download the entire module directly into your Google Drive in one click if you have Google Account or Download everything to your computer, which gives you FOREVER access! 

How are Divine Secrets to Successful Manifestations – Digital Training Program different from others on the market?

💫 It’s delivered directly to your email, and you can access the content from Google Drive, where most people already have an account. It also means there is no need to sign up for additional platforms. So many people have brought online courses they never use because they forget all about the online course. By having all the content in their Google Drive (which most of us check several times throughout the day), it’s more likely you’ll find time to use the course.

💫 Divine Secrets to Successful Manifestations is designed from the Bøglund Manifestation Equation. The Bøglund Manifestation Equation is my signature method and the blueprint to understanding and mastering ANY Manifestation.

Are You Still Unsure if Divine Secrets to Successful Manifestations is the Right Fit for You?

Here are some of the most common objections to not purchasing Divine Secrets to Successful Manifestations:

🤔 I can’t afford it.

My prices are based on how much time, energy and effort I have put into a product. If you feel the product is too expensive, I’m not the right person to help you.

🤔 I don’t have time to read it.

All modules are parted up into 6 lessons, each 3-4 pages. This makes it easier to consume and read on the go. 3-4 pages take about 10 minutes to read if you read slow.

🤔 I don’t understand English.

While I never recommend using Google Translate, it is possible to quickly translate the text into any language you may desire.

🤔 I prefer the lessons as videos and audio.

I don’t do video and audio content. All my content always has, and will always be, text-based.

🤔 I don’t really trust/know you enough to spend that much money on a product of yours.

There is plenty of FREE content in the Resource Hub and on Instagram if you don’t feel ready to buy just yet.

🤔 I don’t have a Google Account // I don’t know how to use Google Drive.

It’s free to create a Google Account, and it’s free to use Google Drive, so it’s just a matter of signing up and using it. As an alternative, they always have the opportunity to download the files as PDFs.

🤔 I want 1:1 sessions.

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Let’s Sum Up:

Divine Secrets to Successful Manifestation - Bullet-Proof Blueprint to Successful Manifestations.

💫 6 Modules with 6 Lessons in each. You’ll receive a new module Every Week for 6 Weeks. (WORTH: $800)

💫 1 All-in-one Workbook (WORTH: $300)



ONLY $499

Purchase Now

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