Divine Timing: 4 Tips Every Lightworker Should Know Especially If You Don’t Have Time to Wait for Divine Timing

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This article was written for my old website SabrinaJensen.com. All the old articles are of today 17th of September 2021 moved to Boglund.com, and the SabrinaJensen.com website will close down soon!

Divine Timing is something that can be a huge challenge for even the most faithful person. No matter what you’re trying to manifest, you can’t escape Divine Timing. It can be annoying, especially if you are urgent about your manifestation.

#1 Divine Timing is a Lesson in Patience.

There go several things into this; first of all – when you are urgent about having something, you’re sending out the energy of desperation, which will block the manifestation immediately. However, this doesn’t mean it is blocked forever – it’s only blocked as long you’re desperate or are urgent about getting what you want.

The Universe has a plan for you.

The Universe knows us way better than we know ourselves. It knows our Divine Life Purpose, it knows what is aligned with your Life Purpose, and it knows what would be the very best thing for us. The Universe wants us to have a happy, successful, prosperous, purposeful, and fulfilling life. The Universe wants you to have your heart’s desire.

The big difference between you and the Universe is, the Universe has the Big Overview, while your view is limited to your experiences, knowledge, and belief system. For not to mention that your ego loves to kick in everywhere it can. It’s your ego that takes the lead when you are starting to get impatient and no longer want to wait for the Universe to makes it magic. Or if you think your plan is better than the Universe’s. When your ego takes the lead, you’re ruled by fear-based thoughts and emotions, which leads to fear-based actions. It very often would take you on a detour instead of speeding up the process.

Your Manifestation should be aligned with your Life Purpose.

We’ve all life purposes, some big, some small – some involving our personal development, some involving making a difference in the world. The Universe will never gain you something, that wouldn’t serve your life purpose, or what you are learning at the moment. Life is about learning and developing, and every day brings new opportunities to grow.

Sometimes, what we are trying to manifest, is not the right fit right at the moment… we’re just not ready for it! Even though we think we are. It would be like sending a child in kindergarten to the exam in High School and expecting the child to pass with high grades.

#2 You must Count Free Will into the Equation.

You can’t interfere against the Free Will of anyone or anything. You can’t force things to happen if everyone involved doesn’t agree upon the outcome! If you do try to force something to happen, you’ll cause some pretty bad karma, which you’re going to pay the price for – and you’ll never know when the bill arrives. It counts even if the Universe doesn’t give you the resources you need, and the people involved don’t agree upon it.

Your own Free Will does also plays a role.

One thing is to want something; another thing is to be willing to do what it takes to get it. If you already know how to make $10K/month, you’ll wouldn’t need to wait for it to happen. You’re already aligned with that goal, and it happens quickly and effortlessly. (almost ?) If you already know how to live a fulfilling life, you’ll have a fulfilling life by now.

So one of the reasons you don’t have what you want is because you haven’t made the necessary changes to be a perfect match with your desired outcome. Instead of getting impatient, spend the time working on yourself to make you ready and aligned with your desired outcome – then we’re back to personal development. If you want to make $10K/month, then it is your responsibility to get all the training you need to develop a foundation for the manifestation to root and grow. If you aren’t willing to invest time; money; energy effort; and other resources in gaining the knowledge, experience and things you need for manifesting your desired outcome – you’ll never be able to receive your desired outcome

#3 Ask for Signs

A lot of the impatience comes from not seeing any proof of manifestations. At any moment can you ask the Universe to send you signs, like:

“Dear Universe and Angels.
Please give me signs in this physical world that is easy for me to notice, recognize and understand, that shows me the manifestation of is on its way to me.
Thank you and amen.”

Then let it go. The Universe knows exactly which signs to send you, and are more than happy to do so. Let yourself be surprised by their creativity!

#4 Let Go and Hand it Over to the Universe.

You must get out of your way. Every time you are trying to control the outcome, you say to the Universe that your plan is better than the Divine Plan. Because of your Free Will the Universe hands you the wheel put you in charge. Are you ready for that? Are you prepared to figure everything out on your own and accept that delay in your manifestation it causes?

The Universe already knows what to do, and at the moment you hand it your desired outcome, it starts to work behind the scene. The Universe can activate other people, circumstances, opportunities, and situations to help you fulfil your heart’s desire. It’s a resource you don’t have! Nor should you try to have it, cause that would be manipulation and causes bad karma.

If you’re trying to manifest a romantic relationship with the perfect life partner, you have to take into consideration that the other person also has a free will, and also needs to be ready to be with you and be a good partner for you. Those things can’t be forced! The Universe knows when everyone involved is ready for the manifestation to happen.

So hand it to the Universe, let go and follow the Divine Guidance you receive every day.

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