Financial Freedom: 3 Financial Freedom Secrets Only REAL Lightworkers Know

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Visualization and positive thoughts are a great start in attracting more wealth and financial freedom into your life. But, it’s far from the golden key to open the flow for consistent prosperity.

When I choose the topics for my articles, it’s always very intuitive and inspired by the situations and questions I meet in my everyday life. There are two topics of great interest right now; Financial Freedom and Anxiety. I had been a bit in doubt about, what topic I should write about today, so I decided to mix it together.

Anxiety is awful, and everyone who has experienced anxiety knows how fatiguing and destroying it can be. I had been really conscious about how much anxiety fills during my anxiety recovery. It really sneaks in and influences all areas of life, even areas that have nothing to do with why you have anxiety. That also counts out finances.

#1 Money is NOTHING…

… but Energy.

I’d said it before, and I’m going to say it again. Money is nothing, but energy. It’s not good or bad – it’s simply neutral! It’s our very own beliefs that determines what we think about money. The absolute best thing you can do is to get a completely neutral relationship to money, where you also respect the energy which money symbolize.

Purely quantum physics; Money is an exchange of energy we use to balance the energy between the giver and receiver, so both always will equal worth of energy available. That’s why it’s very difficult to make money by doing nothing. You have to contribute with something that has an equivalent worth as the amount of money you want to receive. You also need to be willing to receive money and respect yourself and your effort enough to not spend all the money at once. It’s all about finding and maintain a healthy balance.

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#2 Lack-Mentality Will Completely Ruins Your Chances of Success with Financial Freedom.

Lack-mentality and victim-mentality are two of the absolute most harmful frequencies you can vibrate from. If you believe, there is never enough to go around; then you’ll always be sending a signal of lack. When you’re sending a signal of lack, the Universe will reflect it back to you, and you will experience even more situations where you don’t have enough. If you feel that you’re the victim in a situation, the Universe will reflect that back to you, and you will keep experiencing situations, where you’re feeling like the victim.

Every one of us has been through tough times, and I can very well join the choir of being treated unfair and fighting extra hard. But, life is not a competition of who has the hardest time, and who get through life without any obstacles (spoiler alert: NO ONE gets through life without any obstacles.) It’s time to get out of our own ego, who loves to cherish the role of the victim and lack mentality. The egos favourite thing is to separate us from each other, by making us special. It’s a fear-based action to judge others and yourself.

It’s your life and finances, so you have the full responsibility to make sure, that your life and finances granting and contribute to the life you want to live. If there is something you are unhappy about, then it’s your sole responsibility to make sure to change the situation, so you can have the life you’re dreaming about.

One thing is for sure; you’ll never achieve financial freedom… or freedom in any other area of life, if you focus on all the things you don’t have – or having pity for yourself.

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#3 You Must Be Willing To Invest.

Financial freedom is all about balance. If you want to establish financial freedom, you have to be willing to invest in yourself and your future. It would say; take classes, take courses, read books, get coaching, etc. to help you get financial conscious.

Financial Freedom is not about manifesting a million in 40 days. It’s about creating a stable and sustained financial flow through sources of income that is fun, inspiring and motivating. You need to adopt a positive attitude and dare to take some risks and do projects; you had never done before. There is never any guarantee of how things are going to working out when you try things for the first time, but that’s the only way you can improve your status quo.

When I talk about investments, I don’t necessarily talk about stocks and bonds. Investments are also time, energy, resources, and effort. The greatest and most important investments I have done in my financial freedom are 1:1 sessions with my clairvoyant guides, taking classes and courses and developing a system the makes my financial freedom secure for the rest of my life.

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