Financial Freedom and Spirituality.

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Financial Freedom and Spirituality – that is a topic that somehow had become very close to my heart. Not that I’m material at all, but I’m very against when people offer spiritual services just for the sake of the money.

When I started in this business niche in 2008, people got really defensive when they were asked to pay for the spiritual services, they requested… at least, that’s how it was in Denmark at that time. I know countries like the US and the UK are way more open for paying for spiritual services. I have no count on, how many time I had got a scolding on Facebook or in my inbox by strangers, who wanted my help, but wouldn’t pay for it, because “money is non-spiritual” and “you had got your gifts for free from God, so, therefore, you should give it for free to those who need your gifts.” B-f**king-S! It can really piss me off! People who know me, knows I don’t get angry that easily. Actually, I’m usually the last person to get angry in pretty much everything since I always see the Light of Love in anyone, and naturally are very forgiving. So, when I get angry, then there is a very good reason!

It’s so disrespectful and so selfish to say that kind of stuff. You aren’t going to the hairdresser, and expecting her to cut your hair for free, do you? What about if someone had got the gift of an amazing singing voice, like Whitney Houston, do you think she would perform for free just because everyone else told her to do so since God gave her that voice?

The Secret about Money.

I started to study the metaphysical side of money, while I was at business college. I have always been fascinated by the resource and how much money influencing our life.

First of all, Money is nothing else than energy. Money is the physical manifestation of the exchange of energy that happens when two people exchange something of value. Humans created money in the antiquity to make it easier to exchange goods and services. There is absolutely no wrong with that. It’s just a tool.

Second, the price of something is based upon the value of the goods or the services. The higher value -> the higher price. If you aren’t willing to pay the price, then you are subconsciously not valuing the goods or service as much as the provider – so why should you then have it?

Third, the higher the price we have paid for something, the more likely we are to use it. Our level of gratitude also increases, the higher the price we pay. Again, the higher the price, the higher the value! That’s how our mindset works.

Fourth, when it comes to services, of any kind, including spiritual services, the value is based on time, energy, work, training, experience, and self-worth of the provider. So, when you don’t want to pay a healer, clairvoyant, tarot reader, etc. for their service, you’re telling them (between the lines) that you don’t value their time, energy, training, experience, their work and them, but you still want them to help you. Isn’t that selfish and disrespectful?

The #1 Block for Financial Freedom.

If you think money and finances just are about investments and cool cash, you’re so wrong. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The Universe doesn’t care a single bit of how great you are to your job, how many hours you put into it, your training, experience, etc. If your mindset about money and finances is low vibe, your financial situation will without a doubt suck.

Let’s take Trump as an example. I actually took him out of my teaching as a case, when he starts running for the presidency, cause I didn’t want to send energy in his direction. I simply don’t like the guy. However, he is a brilliant example of how to manifest fast, powerful, and do what others might think is impossible. He had been a billionaire, bankrupt, billionaire again, bankrupt again, and so on… and suddenly he became president, pretty much against all the odds. Why do you think?

Yes, there are conspiracy theories about manipulation and fiddling, and we can also discuss the health of his mental state of mind, BUT he believes in himself. He doesn’t listen when people go against him or tell him something is impossible. He will find one way or another to get what he wants.

It’s all about the mindset, self-worth, self-esteem, and dare to take some risk.

Financial Freedom is Not About How Much You Make.

It really doesn’t matter at all, how much that stands on your bank account. What matters is your ability to have a sincere feeling of Freedom within your current financial state. You will not get happier if you make more money. Being a millionaire will not give you the Freedom you’re genuinely seeking. It’ll might do some things easier, but it would not heal your struggles.

Look at the lottery winners who had won millions of dollars – within a couple of years, all the money are gone, and the lottery winners are suddenly in much higher debt than they were before they won. It’s because their mindset wasn’t aligned with having millions of dollars. They’re still suffering from a lack of mentality. So when they finally get all those money, they spend them as fast as possible because their subconsciousnss mind isn’t safe with being wealthy.

When I’m teaching money manifestation, I will never teach you how to win the lottery or make “fast money.” I have seen how bad it can go, and I don’t want to do you any disservice. What I’m teaching you is to build lasting income streams that increasing your capital in a peaceful speed, while having a healthy mindset around money, to make sure you don’t sabotage your own wealth.

It really doesn’t matter how much money you make. What matter is how you are treating your money, and your ability to create Freedom and Peace in your current financial situation. You’ll be surprised how fast your money flow will increase when you make peace with your money, and start treating them with respect.

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