FINANCIAL FREEDOM: How to Attract More Money.

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Money seems to be a hot topic when it comes to manifestation. Money is, together with health, dream job/career, relationship and happiness, the most requested desire for manifestation.

When I started as a spiritual teacher and manifestation teacher back in 2009 was I often criticized for working with money manifestations. I was met with the “money is not spiritual” or “money is evil” beliefs, every time I was trying to share my insight about money manifestations. Before you can manifest anything, you must get rid of limiting beliefs and the idea that something is bad or evil.

Money is energy.

The truth of the Universe is, that money is nothing else than energy. It’s a neutral force of energy created to balance the exchange between the giver and the receiver. That energy can take form in many ways; as favors between two friends, exchange goods, money, etc.

To attract more money and have financial freedom, you must get aligned with the flow of exchange energy and be willing to pay and to receive. Not just one over the other. Lack mentality will block your flow immediately.

If you aren’t willing to pay for what you want, how then can you expect others to pay you or expect to attract money into your life? The Universe often works through people, so you must be willing to cooperate to receive your desired outcome.  On the other hand, if you aren’t willing to receive when someone is offering you to pay for you, to help you, or to accept a bonus from your boss, then you a sending a signal to the Universe, that you are not able to receive. Like anyone else who keeps offering to help, at some point, the Universe says, “Well, she doesn’t want our help anyway, so let’s help someone else.”

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Money is not the goal.

You must ask yourself, WHY do you want the money? WHY do you want to buy those things with the money? WHY do you want to travel for the money?

It will always come back to how you want to feel. The emotions behind it…






When you focus on how you want to feel and live in the presence of those emotions in this very moment, you can’t anything else than starting attracting whatever that will keep you in those emotions, including money. There is nothing more unattractive than desperation, so get to a place where you can be at peace with your finances, and live in joy.

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Start where you are.

If you want financial freedom, you must start creating financial freedom right where you are. It doesn’t matter if you’re in debt, being on welfare, or you’ve $10K monthly income. You can start wherever you are right now. It begins with becoming money conscious!

Create a budget, so you know what you have every month, and then track everything that goes in and out of your bank account. In that way, you can sort out all the expenses you don’t need anymore or subscriptions you don’t use anymore.

Also, no matter how much income you have every month, set at least  25% in your saving account!

Most importantly; if you have debt, make sure to pay it off. The longer time you take to pay it off or ignoring it, the more expensive it gets, and you can end with a collection case, which is anything else from freedom, peace, and joy. Call your bank or those you owe money to and make a monthly payment plan.

First, when you have your current finances in check and feel freedom and peace when you’re looking at your bank account, first then you can start attracting even more financial freedom and financial flow into your life.

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