High Vibe Life: How to have a High Vibe Life, when Life is Challenging You.

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This article was written for my old website SabrinaJensen.com. All the old articles are of today 17th of September 2021 moved to Boglund.com, and the SabrinaJensen.com website will close down soon!

Last week was tough for many sensitive souls. It was a full moon in Aries. Aries is the first sign in the Zodiac, so the Aries is all about initiative and move forward without looking back. The full moon asks us to pause and reflect, which is the complete opposite of the nature of the Aries. So when the full moon happens in the Aries, we can react to situations in a very emotional (close to a trip to crazy-town) way without having all the facts. It’s so easy to say or do something when we are very emotional that we would regret later on. It can create unbalance in our life. A lot of Lightworkers had experienced “the Dark Night of the Soul” or mini-depressions last week because of this astrological event.

It made me wonder, how can we maintain a High Vibe Life, when the outer circumstances begin to f**ck with our emotional system? It is our emotional system that ultimately determines our energy frequency, and thereby, what we’re manifesting into our lives.

It is a fact that we can’t control the outer circumstances. We can’t control the moon cycle. We can’t control the cycles of the planets around the Zodiac. We can’t control what other people are saying or doing, or what situations that suddenly appears. All we can control is the way we choose to react to it, and how fast we can raise after having been down.

Secret #1. Instead of Controlling. Forgive!

We need to accept that stuff happen, and we can’t be in control over everything. But, we still have 100% responsibility for our own life! So even someone says or do something that frustrates you, it is still your full responsibility to handle the situation in a way that still keeps you in the state of High Vibe energy.

The next step is to practice in forgiving and not take anything personally! People are only capable of acting from their perception capability. We’re all each other’s mirrors, so when someone mistreats you, know that it’s never about you but about what you mirror back to the person.

When it comes to Universal influences, like moon cycles, Saturn-return, Mercury Retrograde, Universal year numbers, Universal month numbers, energies in the room, etc. you’re still responsible for how you react upon it – and how far you allow it to go to crazy-town. Here is it important to turn the forgiveness towards yourself. Forgive yourself for feeling off. Forgive yourself for being on an emotional rollercoaster. Forgive yourself for bury yourself in your duvet, and sleep your way through it. If you need to pull the plug and go to bed, then let yourself do that. Sleep is a very spiritual and healing practice! Everyone wants the best for you, and if you need to take some day off to get through some emotional jumble, then do it! It’s way better to take it up-front than suppress it, and then suddenly it comes forward with full force.

Be Grateful For Every Difficult Moment, Failure And Challenge. They’ll Shape You More Than Any Win Or Effortless Encounter. #thesecret #manifestation #spiritjunkie #theuniversehasyourback Click To Tweet

Secret #2: Ask for Help.

This one is important, very important! When you keep your emotions for yourself, it’s easy for them to get more and more inflamed. Thoughts start running around in your head like a hamster in a hamster wheel, and it’s driving you nuts. It’s just going around, and around, and around… and before you know it, you end up in crazy-town, where you start saying and doing things, you usually never would. The only way to get stopped this circus is to talk with someone about it! It can be a good friend, your mom, your spouse, your mentor, or maybe a private Facebook Group (Facebook calls it for “Closed Groups” because it’s only those who are in the group that can see what is shared in it.) In my Facebook-video from last Sunday, invited I all my followers to send me an email (even at 10 pm) if they have an emotional breakdown. It’s important for me that they feel they have a safety net in me. Much of that turmoil can be eased by talking with someone about it and being open to being helped.

I’ve always had a hard time letting anyone into my emotional life, or just asking for help. It started because there had never been anyone there to help me when I needed it most. My needs and emotions had never ever been considered by anyone. It has always been about the other person. As times goes, I got the belief that my feelings and needs didn’t matter so I could as well suppress them head-on so I wouldn’t get hurt later on. I don’t want anyone in my network, no matter how close or how distant they’re in my network, that ever would say that I’m not there for them when they need my support. I definitely count my followers as a part of my network too!

Secret #3: Get back in the saddle.

One of the most fundamental when it comes to metaphysics is the ability to transmute negative circumstances into something positive. When we are experiencing challenges in life that get us down on our knees, then it’s essential to get back in the saddle as fast as possible. When I learned to horse-back ride back when I was 6, one of the first things my teacher told me was “If you fall from the horse, you’ve to get back in the saddle immediately, no matter how much it hurts! The more time it takes from you falling off to you get back in the saddle, the bigger chances would there be for you to develop anxiety and never get back in the saddle again.” It’s a lesson I’d carried with me forward ever since. Anxiety and fear start to enter when the mind can remember that the last thing that happens was bad. But if you can transform the bad to something positive, you’ll experience the same effect as getting back on the horse, and have a successful experience because this time you stayed on and you decided when you wanted to get off.

I can’t endure being in the negative emotions for more than few minutes at a time because my emotions are super intense. A part of my anxiety is to feel my emotions (positive or negative) completely, cause they’re so intense. I’m afraid of the intensity! So, I had become an expert in transmuting the energies in any situation, so it turns into something positive instead of something negative. Last week, when it was a full moon in Aries, was it a situation about my relationships with other people which I was confronted with and had to attain a clarification about. It was not at all funny to being caught in that emotional roller-coaster, but I knew it was temporary, and I knew there would be wisdom and experience I should take away from it. After I got clarity about the relationship, I felt freer than I had done for many years. Few days after I wrote an entire chapter on 30 pages within 3 hours, and made a video for my Facebook-page… and right now I’m writing this article to help you.

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