High Vibe Life: How to Shift to High Vibe Thoughts When You Have a Difficult Time.

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This article was written for my old website SabrinaJensen.com. All the old articles are of today 17th of September 2021 moved to Boglund.com, and the SabrinaJensen.com website will close down soon!

Let me start out by making it very clear; NO MATTER how long you’ve been practised a spiritual and holistic approach to live, NO MATTER how long time you had been on a personal and spiritual journey, NO MATTER how many self-help books you had been reading, there will always be times where get down, and things get difficult. That is a part of life, and you can only grow through trials and challenges. If everything was always sunshiny and super-duper all the time, there wouldn’t really be any reason for us to be on Earth.

What we know as ‘Heaven’ and ‘Hell’ in biblical sense doesn’t exist as something that happens after death. Death is the transition from the physical realm to the spiritual realm, where everything just is.  As an incarnated Seraphim, I know what happens after death, but that is a controversial topic, that might will challenge the established belief in society. I do not belong to any religion, and my job is simply to deliver the messages and the knowledge that is the truth in the sense of the Universe and the Source (God’s) eyes.

Heaven and hell are not something, what happens after death, but rather in our everyday life. Every day we have the choice, to either be in Heaven or Hell. That’s how it is from the Universe viewpoint because we’re all gifted with the power of Free Will. That means that nothing can happen to us or with us against our free will. So, everything that is in your life, everything that had happened in your life, are there because you’d given it your permission.

Living in Hell.

I know that statement can be very provocative, and your defence system almost is yelling, that you definitely haven’t chosen to be treated badly, that you haven’t chosen to have financial troubles, that you haven’t chosen to be unemployed, that you haven’t chosen to have a decrease, or whatever your situation is. When I’m telling you this, please keep in mind, that I was exposed to physical and psychological violence in the first 15 years of my life. Okay? Let’s get started!

Hell is when our most dominating thoughts, emotions, and actions led by anxiety, fear, pain, depression, hate or anger. You know yourself, that if you are suffering from anxiety or depression, then it feels like hell, right? Wonder why? That because you are in Hell! Once again, Hell is not a place we maybe arrive to after death. It’s a state of being!

Because there is nothing that can interfere against your free will, then you must have chosen fear over Love at some point. You had chosen to listen to your ego rather your Higher Self. You had chosen littleness rather than asking for help from the Universe. Everything happens as an effect to our most dominant thoughts, emotions, and actions. So every experience, relationships, circumstances, health issues, etc. are something we had manifested ourselves. It is our responsibility! Not everybody else’s! It’s your ego and fear-based mind which have the need to blame somebody else.

Living in Heaven.

When you acknowledge how your anxiety, fear, pain, depression, etc. keeps you in Hell, then I hope you get even more motivated to practice a High Vibe Lifestyle. As I said in the introduction; there is absolutely no one who expects you to live 100% in positive thoughts and emotions all the time. That is practically human impossible! Cause we ALL have an ego. We ALL have challenges to overcome. We ALL have areas of our life where anxiety and fear keep us from making our dreams and desires come true. However, it is our responsibility to make sure that anxiety, fear, pain, depressive thoughts, and other negative emotions don’t become dominant in our life.

You can’t change what happened, but you have 100% responsibility for how you choose to react to what had happened. You can ALWAYS choose Love over fear, no matter how unfair and tough your situation is. You can always transform the energy by shift your focus from “I feel so sorry for myself” to “let me find the hidden blessings” – and believe me, no matter how difficult the situation is, if you’re searching long enough and are willing to work on yourself, you will find blessings in every situation. Actually, I will dare to declare that the greatest blessings, you know those true gemstones worth a fortune – is the blessings you find in the most painful and uncomfortable areas of your life.

Ever since I was a baby had I this wisdom with me. I didn’t quite know where to come from, because it was long before I was taught to read – and it was before YouTube and the internet… matter of fact, the internet existed back then, We did actually have a computer (I think it cost $8,000 or something crazy like that) and we had internet in my childhood home back at the beginning of the 1990s Are there any of you, who can remember modem, and that awful beeping sound it made when it connected? ? And the took the half of a day to start? Kids today will shake their heads of the technology from the 90’s. ? Anyway, there was definitely no one who had told me about this wisdom, and I was too young to be able to read it somewhere. I think of it as one of the first gemstone of wisdom, I remember, that I channeled as a Seraphim from the Records of the Wisdom of the Source of Love (God).

The Wisdom is…

This wisdom had followed me my entire life and is the secret to what other people calls my strength. Yes, I had had eating disorders, being a cutter, being on sick leave with depressions and anxiety, etc. I too had been broken! However, I’ve always been able to rise again! This wisdom is the secret to why other people have called me for the phoenix bird. Of course without knowing the secret.

So what is the blessing? Hand on my heart! There is no way I would be able to do, what I do today. Being that Spiritual Teacher that I am. Write the books I write. Translate the Wisdom of the Universe and the Source of Love (God) in a way that makes it easier to understand for the humankind, if I didn’t be exposed to those things in my life! As a Seraphim, my existence has entirely been to watch over the Source of Love (God’s throne) and make records of all the Secrets. I had never been in contact with the humans before, except some very few highly developed Spiritual Teacher, throughout history. Before my incarnation, I had no experience with ego, fear, anxiety, pain, etc. The only thing I knew was unconditional Love by the absolute highest energy frequency (without any hidden agendas, etc.) – which also is a reason why some are experiencing me as quite intense in my personal relationships. So what better way to teach me about fear, anxiety, and pain than sending me to a dysfunctional home with a mother who is a psychopath and a narcissist. In that way, I will have learned everything I needed to know about ego, pain, and anxiety before I became an adult.

It is important to emphasize that none of this is justifying what happened! No child should ever be abused! By we can’t change the past, so the healing lies in finding the blessing and gift in what happened – and remember, the purpose behind everything that happens, is to teach us to choose Love over fear and teach us to find the blessings in the most frightening places of life. When you’ve learned that 100%, you’ll transit to Enlightenment and get the opportunity to decide to be an ascended master. You cannot force it, and there are no shortcuts. As long your ego runs the show, which is why you’re looking after the quick solution, you still have a lot to learn. There are no shortcuts in personal and spiritual development.

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