How Quitting Social Media For A Month Impacted My Life.

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For about a month ago posted I on Instagram, that I would take some time off to take care of some personal issues, that’s going on. We’ve all experienced tough times in our lives. That’s just a part of life – and the way I look at it – tough times helps us to appreciate the good times even more.

Hi everyone! First, thank you so much for following my account and engaging with my content. The last couple of days had been really rough for me because of something personal, which I won’t get into details about here. Because of this have I decided to go offline from social media and my blog for awhile. . Even through I work with personal and spiritual development professionally, am I also just a human being, and sometimes stuff comes up that needs to be dealt with privately and in peace. I need completely time off to deal with those things. ? The Daily Readings and my other content will continue on the other side of this personal situation. ? I hope for your understandings Angel Blessings, Sabrina ??❤??

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While it’s a personal hard time for me right now, it had also made me think about my approach to my work and the messages I’m here to share. It made me rethink the whole thing. Am I doing it the right way? – or do I follow a path that seems to work for everyone else who is in the same industry as I am?

One of the gifts the Universe had given me, is to be receiving messages and guidance from the Universe 24/7. If there is a switch off button, I haven’t found it, yet? Everyone can receive messages and guidance from the Universe, all we have to do is ask or pray for guidance, and then noticing carefully the signs that come to you afterward. For me, it’s a constant flow of information about Universal Secrets, Universal Codes, Universal Keys… and the psychic information I’m picking up from my environment and circumstances, that is helping me to navigate in this world.

Escaping from a World of Information Overload.

The challenge becomes real as soon I have to consume the information overload, that comes from the media and social media. The amount of information from the media and social media is overwhelming for almost everyone to consume! When we add highly sensitivity to the equation, it gets difficult. If you are on a spiritual path in life where you’re opening up to the communication with the Divine, it’s very likely that you at some point will have to choose not to watch the News or reading tabloids because you’d become too sensitive to the negativity of today’s media.

To be honest with you, I can’t remember the last time I watch the News. I don’t watch television, and it’s really rare I watch movies. About a month ago deleted I all my social media apps from my iPhone and iPad. After the first week of battling with the urge to check my social media all the time, it turned out to be a huge blessing.

I have way more peace in my mind. I’m able to focus on recovery from the health-issue I’m battling right now… and I’m ready to focus on how to perform my work the way the Universe wanted me to do it, without getting influenced by strangers on the internet. I have decided to make an effort to limit the information overload from outside sources, like the internet, social media, media and television, and only focus on the information I receive from the Universe.

FOMO? Well… Somehow all the big news of what’s happening around the world still managed to find its way into my awareness regardless of I want to know about it or not. ?

Quality over Quantity.

As it is at this moment, I have no desire to go back to social media. The more I think about it; the more am I convinced, I can do a better job for my clients and those who are following my work by concentrate on writing books, creating online courses and conduct live seminars, than spending about 10 hours weekly on creating content for my social media pages. Yes… That is how long it takes to create the material I had shared on social media – it’s insane! ?

It’s unbelievable how much social media can affect our lives. I want to invite you to watch this TedTalk:

Right now; the focus is on my health and recovering from my health issues. It’s pretty intense, but it’s necessary to fulfill my Divine Life Purpose and have a quality life. That’s the goal for us all, right?

Instead of being on social media, I rather want to write some articles for my blog – hopefully, it would be some articles you can relate to, and that can help you where you are in your life. Life is just one long journey, with up’s and down’s, twists and turns… and everything happens for a reason… sometimes it only takes a little while before we understand the reasons and can embrace the hidden blessings that ALWAYS comes along.

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