How to Avoid the Dark Nights of the Soul.

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How to Avoid the Dark Nights of the Soul.

Last week, I shared an article about what you must know about the Dark Nights of the Soul. From the DMs I have received on Instagram I can see this is a topic that’s a bit scary for many of you. Yet, it’s important that we have this talk, and you become aware of this phenomenon. 

The Dark Nights of the Soul is not a joke!

It’s really serious and dangerous business!

Before reading this article, I recommend you start with the article from last week.

Tip #1 – Listen to Your Body and Mind.

The body and mind are two wonderful and magical creations and very important tools in navigating through life! If you have pushed yourself too much for too long, it would not be uncommon if your body is forcing you to lay down and relax by manifesting influenza.

In the same way, if you keep ignoring your body and mind’s signals to relax, slow down, or get out of unhealthy situations, your body and mind will eventually burn out. You’re literally burning your light on both ends! 

If you keep pushing yourself when you’re in the burning out phase, the body really doesn’t have any other choice than to force you to make changes in your life – and that’s when depressions and anxieties are manifested.

Keeping pushing yourself when your body and mind have started to give you signs of stress, burnout, depression, and anxiety is self-harming behaviour!

I know that because I have survived several Dark Nights of the Soul, and I started cutting when I was 11! – I will actually say, ignoring your body’s signs of stress, burnout, depression, and anxiety is worse than cutting because the scars will heal up. The wounds that stress, burnouts, depression and anxieties leave on your soul, mind and body won’t heal completely. There will always be a little crack that can rip up the scars.

Tip #2 – Take Time Off and Pull the Plug.

It’s always easier to avoid than recover! 

One of the most powerful ways to avoid the Dark Nights of the Soul is to pull the plug on everything in your free time.

Another powerful habit I will recommend you to adopt is to schedule OFF time into your calendar. 

My version of this is Computer-Free Weekends, which I started in 2014-ish. It simply means that EVERY weekend, the computer is turned off and stays turned off all weekend. My challenge is that every time I’m sitting at the computer, I’m ALWAYS working on something. If it’s not work-work, then it’s organising something, planning something, creating graphics for Insta, researching something, training and online courses… always something that is one shape or form is work-related. Over the last couple of years, I’ve also tried to transfer that to my iPhone and iPad. Part of my work is my Instagram account, so I have most of my content pre-created and auto-posted by Plann, so all I have to do every day is to answer comments and DMs.

Having my content auto-posted gives me the freedom to spend my time on something else while still having a fierce and updated Instagram feed.

A third powerful habit I will share with you is to be present when you’re together with friends and family or in any other social setting. I personally find it rude when people are on their phones all the time instead of engaging with the people right in front of them.

Bottom line; you need your off-time and alone time. So try to find ways where you can stay off social media, not work in your free time, and just relax in your own company.

Tip #3 – Prioritise Your Mental Health & Well-Being by Setting Non-Negotiable Boundaries.

Here is the thing, there will always be someone who will ask you to do something…
There will always be someone who will need your help…
There will always be something you need to do…
There will always be something that needs improvements…
There will always be something or someone…

Therefore it’s up to you to set healthy boundaries to ensure you don’t burn out or worse! – other people won’t do it for you. Not because they are bad people, but because everyone is always worried about what’s going on in their own life. Everyone is always looking for ways to make their own life easier and better and isn’t necessarily focused on your needs. 

Others can only know and respect your boundaries and needs if you open your mouth and tell them your needs and boundaries! People aren’t mind-readers, so you have to tell them.

At the end of the day, it’s your responsibility to make sure your boundaries and needs are maintained! 

Your Life, Your Responsibility!

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Tip #4 – Remove Toxic People and Situations From Your Life.

One very powerful way to take responsibility for your life, mental well-being, and health is by removing toxic people and situations from your life!

It’s not an easy thing to do, and, depending on how toxic the relationship or situation is, a lot of fears and anxieties will appear in your mind.

Fear and anxieties are toxic people and situations way of preventing us from getting out. They use fear to control us!

Fear is one of the lowest Energy Frequencies in the Universe and can very easily spin into Living Hell. Living Hell often turns into a never-ending Hell-loop where the same kind of toxic people and situation keeps showing up in your life… they might look different, but the outcome is always the same. The longer you allow yourself to stay in this Living Hell-Loop, the more likely you will experience the Dark Nights of the Soul.

So here is the question I would like you to ask yourself…

What are you most afraid of?
– remove the toxic people and situations in your life?
– have your life turned into a Living Hell-Loop that potentially can kill you?

Tip #5 – Seek Professional Help the Second You Notice Signs of Depression or Anxiety.

As mentioned last week, the Dark Nights of the Soul is a really, really intense depression and anxiety which is so bad that it has killed many people. The pain, suffering and darkness consume the body to the extent where the body manifests horrible illness that can be fatal… or a person may commit suicide because the pain, suffering and darkness become so overpowering they don’t see any other way out.

NB: Please reach out to a suicide hotline, if you are this depressed!

It’s always easier to prevent than repair, so PLEASE make sure to contact your medical doctor or a psychiatrist the second you can feel any indications of stress, burnout, depression or anxiety. 

In this case, it’s better to make one phone call too many! Better safe than sorry!

This is a serious matter because the Dark Nights of the Soul CAN kill you if you don’t stop it as soon as possible.

Let me know in the comments on the Insta-post below, what are your tips to avoid the Dark Nights of the Soul?


How to Avoid the Dark Nights of the Soul.

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