How to Manifest a Specific Person

Do you Have a Person You Want to Manifest into Your Life, but You Don’t Know How To?

How to Manifest a Specific Person – Digital Training Program Gives You a Simple Blueprint to Meet the Person You Want to Meet.

This Digital Training Program has been made to Clean Up Your Blocks, Increase Your Energy Frequency and Make You Energetical Attractive for Your Specific Person.

How to Manifest a Specific Person is a 6-week long Digital Training Program for Lightworkers who wants to manifest a Specific Person. It can be a love interest, a friendship, a professional relationship or maybe even a celebrity.

🌟 6 Modules with 5 lessons in each. You’ll receive a new module Every Week for 6 weeks.  (WORTH: $600)

🌟 6 Workbooks as Google Sheets (WORTH: $300)



ONLY $499

How to Manifest a Specific Person - email course

Is this You…

There is a person who you really want to manifest into your life – it can be

🌟 a crush/love interest

🌟 someone you want to be friends with

🌟 someone you would like to work with

🌟 someone you want to have a professional relationship with

🌟 a celebrity

🌟 someone you want to have in your network

🌟 a teacher or mentor

🌟 or someone else…

🌟 … it can even be someone whose face and name you don’t know, but you know what qualities and traits you’re looking for

But you don’t know how to bring them into your life.

It can be a huge frustration to really want to meet someone, but don’t know how to – and maybe even the fear of it never will happen starts sneaking up on you.

I know how that feels!

But I decided to turn it into an opportunity to learn the magic of manifesting a specific person.

When I was a teenager, I started to explore the opportunity of manifesting inspiring people with motivational stories. Then it turned into a life-long study of mine to understand the science and hidden aspects of manifesting specific people I knew the face and names of, as well as specific people with qualities and traits I wanted to know more about.

All my manifestations of specific people have been successful – some manifestations happened quickly, others took some time – but they have all shown up.

For the first time ever, I’m sharing the process I’m using to manifest a specific person in my life.

I have parted the process up into 6 modules:

🌟 Clarity

🌟 Declutter

🌟 Thoughts

🌟 Emotions

🌟 Action Steps

🌟 Let the Manifestation Happen.

The first two modules are about preparing and removing the blocks that prevent the manifestation to happen. We also remove the parts in your life that pushes your Specific Person away. These two modules are going to be the tough ones – but they create the foundation for a healthy and sustainable outcome.

The next three modules are about applying my Manifestation equation M=DAS+EF=DE+DT into action. Basically, the equation says, it’s our most Dominant Thoughts (DT) and most Dominant Emotions (DE) which create our Energy Frequency (EF). Our Energy Frequency attracts everything into our reality that’s a match for our Energy Frequency. However, the Manifestation (M) can ONLY happen if our Energy Frequency is supported by our most Dominant Action Steps (DAS).
In other words, if you want to successfully manifest your Specific Person, you must align your most Dominant Thoughts, Emotions, and Action Steps to be an attractive match for your Specific Person. That’s what we are going to do in modules 3-5.

The last step is about letting the Manifestation happen without getting your own way and looking for ways to speed up the manifestation.

How to Manifest a Specific Person – Digital Training Program is For You If:

🌟 You’re willing to take responsibility for your own life, happiness and healthy relationships.

🌟 You want a more scientific approach to manifestation.

🌟 Ready to let go of Unhealthy Relationships and Toxic People who are in your life right now.

🌟 You’re willing to dig deep into your psyche so you can remove some massive blocks that prevent you from manifesting your Specific Person.

🌟 You’re willing to do the hard (and not always fun) work to bring you on an Energetic Frequency that makes you attractive to your Specific Person.

🌟 You’re willing to let go of everything you think you know about manifestation, the Law of Attraction, and manifesting a Specific Person.

🌟 You want to shift into a Miracle Mindset.

🌟 You’re willing to heal some of your deepest and darkest fear, pains and anxieties, so you can invite Love, Joy and Happiness into your Life.

🌟 You’re willing to put action behind your intention.

🌟 You’re willing to learn to trust the Universe.

How to Manifest a Specific Person is NOT for you if:

⛔ You’re waiting for the Fairy Godmother to show up and make your dreams come true.

⛔ You don’t respect your Specific Person’s Free Will.

⛔ You’re trying to force, control and manipulate others to do what you want them to.

⛔ You don’t believe there is more between Heaven and Earth than meets the eye.

⛔ You believe God already had made a plan for you.

⛔ You’re not willing to change and take responsibility for your own life.

⛔ You’re looking for a quick fix-it solution or a magic wand.



How to Manifest a Specific Person – Digital Training Program gives you all the resources that make you an attractive match for your Specific Person! BUT you must be willing to do the hard work and face some of your inner saboteurs before you can get there…

Is This You? – Are You Ready to Become Irresistible to Your Specific Person?

How to Manifest a Specific Person



ONLY $499

How Does It Work?

How to Manifest a Specific Person is a Digital Training Program! This means that all Modules and Lessons are sent right to your email Every Week over the next 6 weeks.

Each email will contain a link where you can access the module’s content from a Google Drive folder.

Each module is parted up into 5 lessons + a workbook.

Each Lesson is a PDF document and the workbook comes as a Google Sheets document.

You can download the entire module directly into your Google Drive in one click if you have Google Account, which gives you FOREVER access!

How is How to Manifest a Specific Person – Digital Training Program different from others on the market?

It’s delivered directly to your email, and you can access the content from Google Drive where most people already have an account. It also means there is no need to sign up for additional platforms. So many people have brought online courses they never use because they forget all about the online course. By having all the content in their Google Drive (which most of us check several times throughout the day) it’s more likely you’ll find time to use the course.

How to Manifest a Specific Person is also different because I’m mixing science with spiritual principles in my teaching. I’m focusing more on the neuroscience and quantum physic parts of manifestation than spiritual techniques like visualisation and affirmation. The lessons in How to Manifest a Specific Person can also be applied to any other type of manifestation.

Are You Still Unsure if How to Manifest a Specific Person – Training Program is the Right Fit for You?

Here are some of the most common objections to not purchasing the How to Manifest a Specific Person – Digital Training Program:

🤔 It’s too expensive.

My prices are based on how much time, energy and effort I have put into a product. If you feel the product is too expensive, I’m not the right person to help you.

UPDATE: 20th of April 2022: I have added two payment plans, so you now can split up the payment over 3 or 6 months.

🤔 I don’t have time to read it.

All modules are parted up into 5 lessons of each 3-4 pages. This makes it easier to consume and read on the go. 3-4 pages take about 10 minutes to read if you read slow.

🤔 I don’t understand English.

While I never recommend using Google Translate, it is possible to quickly translate the text into any language you may desire.

🤔 I prefer the lessons as videos and audio.

 I don’t do video and audio content. All my content has always, and will always be text-based.

🤔 I don’t really trust/know you enough to spend that much money on a product of yours.

There is plenty of FREE content in the Resource Hub and on Instagram if you don’t feel ready to buy just yet.

🤔 I don’t have a Google Account // I don’t know how to use Google Drive.

It’s free to create a Google Account, and it’s free to use Google Drive, so it’s just a matter of signing up and using it. As an alternative, they always have the opportunity to download the files as PDFs.

🤔 I want 1:1 sessions.

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ONLY $499

NOTE: I don’t run sales and discounts on my products and services!

I believe it’s only fair that everyone pays the same price for a product or service.

But I do also believe in rewarding people who are quick to purchase, which is why I offer ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME Discount during the launch week!


Let’s Sum Up:

🌟 6 Modules á 5 Lessons – WORTH: $600

🌟 6 Workbooks (Google Sheets) – WORTH $300



ONLY $499

How to Manifest a Specific Person - email course