Law of Attraction Tips for Health & Well-Being

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Health and Well-Being is an extensive area. There can be tons of reasons why you’re interested in the Law of Attraction Tips of Health & Well-Being. Most likely, you look for tips for manifesting something very specific in this area. I have tried to keep this article so general as possible, so I have picked some tips that work in all health areas.

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#1 Have a Positive Mindset.

Positive thinking is not enough if you want to manifest anything in your life! You must bring both your thoughts, emotions, and action in alignment with your desired outcome. 

When it comes to Health and Well-Being, this means you must think, feel, talk, and act like a healthy person. No matter what your current circumstances are.

This does NOT mean, you should ignore the pain and discomfort. Since that is your body’s way to tell you something is wrong. You should just not make your pain and discomfort an excuse for not living the best life you possibly can.

The Law of Attraction Tips for Health & Well-Being + FREE Affirmations

#2 Ask for Help.

I think we all need to be better at asking for help. Especially sensitive Lightworkers & Earth Angels who don’t want to be a burden. 

Asking for help can happen in many ways. Praying is a great way to ask the Divine for help. However, the Divine often works through people, so the Angels and God will most likely guide you in the direction of people who can help you. 


Because of this Law, you have to ask for help before it can be given to you. No matter if it’s the Divine or other people. Even the people, the Angels and God leading you toward, do you have to ask to help you.

Remember; no one is obligated to help you. Other people have the freedom to say no. Don’t take it personally! Just move on to the next person who might help you.

#3 Move Your Body.

Your body is a living organ, and it needs to be kept active. If you don’t move your body, your joints become stiff, your muscles get slack, and you become even more tired.

The body is not designed to be sitting on a chair or lying in bed all day. If you, like me, have some health conditions that make exercise and workout not an option; you must find an alternative. I walk for an hour every day around in my neighborhood, just on average walking speed. 

Find out what you can do, and then do that. 

The Law of Attraction Tips for Health & Well-Being + FREE Affirmations

#4 Acknowledge When Something is Wrong – and Do Something About It.

I always recommend people to go to their medical doctor to get pain and discomfort checked out. Just to make sure that it doesn’t need medical treatment. And if it does, then follow the doctor’s recommendations and supply with your spiritual practice. 

Spirituality and healing are not magic. It can be used to remove some energetic blocks and stuck energy. But if you have a broken arm, or pneumonia, or cancer, or any other medical health issue – you must follow the medical treatment!

Medical treatment, first – and Spiritual treatment, second.

Remember, always ask Archangel Raphael and his healing angels for help to find the right practitioner and the right treatment. Raphael will guide you in the direction of those who can help you if you’re willing to listen and make the appointment.

#5 Live your Life As an Example.

The Law of Attraction gives you more of what you already are, not what you want and dream about. So to use the Law of Attraction for Health & Well-Being, you must start living your life in a healthy manner right now.

If you, as an example, want to be a Vegan, then start eating Vegan food today – not someday where things fit better (it will never be a perfect time.) When you start eating Vegan and looking for Vegan options in your day-to-day life, you’ll be amazed by how Vegan stuff is showing up everywhere. 

That’s exactly how the Law of Attraction works. 

You decided to become a Vegan, and committed to living as a Vegan, and now, the Law of Attraction brings you a lot of Vegan Options.

The Law of Attraction Tips for Health & Well-Being + FREE Affirmations

#6 Health-Issues is the Top of the Iceberg.

Did you know that health-issues, illness, and even a cold, are the body’s manifestation of low vibe thoughts and emotions?

The body is incredible of healing itself, so when an injury doesn’t heal are there some old low-vibe energies that have been manifested into that injury.

In Rhonda Byrne’s book ‘How The Secret Changed My Life’ which is the 4th book in the ‘The Secret’ series, do share I my story about how forgiving my mother healed an old backache from a horse accident. The horse accident had nothing to do with my mother and happened a year after I left her. Still, the unforgiveness of the horrible things my mother did to me while I was a child was stuck in the back injury.

Do you get the flu out of nowhere? Out of season? And no one else is sick? Well, when is the last time you took time off to relax? The body can manifest illness in your body to force you to relax. If you have the flu, you don’t really have any other choice, than stay in bed.

I’ll recommend you to read ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ by Louise Hay, to find the underlying reason for your health condition.

#7 Wishful Thinking Won’t Take You Anywhere.

In Divine Secrets to Successful Manifestation, do I teaching you that your Most Dominant Thoughts and Most Dominant Emotions create your Energy Frequency. Your Energy Frequency is what activates the Law of Attraction to send you opportunities into your life, that are aligned with your Energy Frequency. However, your manifestation will ONLY happen IF you apply a Most Dominant Action.

This is plain science! Not woo-woo!

So if you want to be healthy; you must think, feel, talk, and act like a healthy person, no matter how your health condition is right now. There is no ‘someday’ or ‘next Monday’ in the Universe. The Universe is evaluating your capability based on how you’re living your life right now.


Health can be a challenging thing to manifest because our health is a true reflection of our Energy Frequency. Pain and illness influence our life quality more than anything else and can limit us from acting on our goals. Yet, pain, illness, discomfort, etc. are still not valid excuses for, not do what’s necessary to manifest your desires. You’re not a victim!

You’re just given a Divine Opportunity to use your creativity to find alternative ways to manifest your desires.



The Law of Attraction Tips for Health & Well-Being + FREE Affirmations

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