LIFE PURPOSE: How to Fulfill Your Divine Life Purpose.

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As a Lightworker, you have this burning desire to want to make an impact – to make the world a better place. You know, you are here for a reason.

Manifesting the fulfilment of your Divine Life Purpose is one of the most important manifestations you’re going to make. Not only will it be life-changing for you, but also for the people, animals, nature, etc. you touch.

As I had mentioned in earlier articles, you have, as a Lightworker, two Life Purposes

Personal Life Purpose: Your personal growth in areas like patience, self-love, forgiveness, assertiveness, spiritual awareness, letting go of judgment, etc. Personal Life Purpose is something that every human being has.

Divine Life Purpose: Also called Global Life Purpose, on the other hand, is either something you are born with (which makes you an Earth Angel) or something you got at some point in your life.

Your Divine Life Purpose is about how you can help other people, how you can make a difference, how you can do your “healing” work. Often is your Divine Life Purpose something you’re passionate about.

You Are Here To Help.

As a Lightworker, you have this strong force inside of you-you want to make a difference; you want to help! You’ve got a cause that is near-dear to your heart, which you feel called to help with.

To fulfill your Divine Life Purpose, you must dedicate time, energy, and resources to fulfilling it. The best way to do so is trying to build a business around it or apply for a job that is aligned with your Life Purpose.

We spend most of our awake-hours on our job. When I meet Lightworkers that complain that they don’t have time to work on their Life Purpose, they often tell me that the reason for that is they’re busy at their job. When they finally get home from their job, they’re tired and just want time off with their kids, spouse, and friends. I totally get that – In fact, that’s why I recommend that you align your job with your Life Purpose, so you can fulfill it, make an impact – AND make a living while doing what you’re most passionate about.

Your Divine Life Purpose is Unique.

Only you have that specific combination of talent, knowledge, interest, passion, experience, and ability as you have. The Power of Love made you this way because only that specific combination can fulfill your exact Life Purpose.

Well, I know you might find other people who (on the surface) have the same Divine Life Purpose, but even though our Life Purposes might seem identical, they’re not.

I’m not the only Spiritual Teacher who works with Fulfillment of Life Purposes or Manifestations. A quick Google search will reveal that that is absolutely not the case. But the difference is; no one does it the way I do, and I don’t do it the same way as others do. There will be something different from each person you ask the same question, and who one chooses to work with. So, the truth is, there is no competition in how to fulfill one’s Life Purpose.

Seek a Community of Like-Minded People.

It’s a belief of the Ego (and the society) that we had to do everything alone, and it’s “weak” to ask for help. That is absolutely not true! Everything would be much stronger if everyone would pull together.

We all need support, guidance, and hands to catch us if we are falling. Your family and friends might not always understand your journey, especially not if they aren’t on a spiritual or life purpose fulfilling journey themselves.

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