Lightworker Lessons from Grace and Frankie season 7.

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Lightworker Lessons from grace and Frankie season 7

It’s time for another ‘Lightworker Lessons from a Netflix or HBO show!’ This month, we are diving into the final season of Grace and Frankie.

If you’ve followed me on Instagram and watched my Insta Stories, you’ll know that I LOOOOOVE Grace and Frankie! – and I want to be Frankie when I grow up… except the bong and the pot, of course. If I have a bad day or just need a nice pick-me-up, I always watch a season of Grace and Frankie 🙈

Season 7 is the final season of Grace and Frankie and has been on its way for a while. Like many other show/movie productions, Grace and Frankie has been affected by COVID-19 restrictions and lockdown. Unfortunately, it’s quite easy to see that the filming happened in the middle of the pandemic, and new safety rules must be followed. The storyboard and manuscript also feel a little rushed together like they were behind schedule and needed to catch up with the deadline. Again, it’s not just Grace and Frankie that suffers from this, but most of the shows that were filming during the pandemic.

I wasn’t a big fan of the storyline of season 7. First, Nick’s (Peter Gallagher) fraud in the season finale of season 6, which naturally was one of the openings in the first episode of season 7. But also using the most of the season on finding and preventing Frankie’s death. It gets a little… long-winded…

And where is Bud and Allison’s baby?

However, I managed to find some Lightworker Lessons. The thing is, when I pick shows for the Lightworker Lessons from a Netflix or HBO show, I haven’t watched the season before. I’m watching it for the first time while looking for Lightworker Lessons. It’s part of the challenge 😉

Short Introduction to Grace and Frankie.

Grace (Jane Fonda) was married to Robert Hanson (Martin Sheen) for 40 years, with two daughters, Brianna (June Diane Raphael) and Mallory (Brooklyn Decker). Robert is a retired divorce lawyer who has been secretly romantically involved with his business partner, divorce lawyer Sol Bergstein (Sam Waterston), for half of his marriage with Grace. Sol was married to Frankie (Lily Tomlin) and had two adoptive sons, Bud (Baron Vaughn) and Coyote (Ethan Embry).

The first episode of season 1 opens with Grace and Robert attending a dinner at a restaurant with Sol and Frankie, where Robert and Sol are telling the ladies that they are in love and have been for 30 years and want a divorce so they can be together. That, of course, doesn’t go well, and both ladies have strong reactions. At this point, Grace and Frankie can’t stand each other. Grace is a fancy upper-class lady with a skincare brand under her name, and Frankie is an artist and hippie. Because of the circumstances, the ladies end up moving together in a beach house the two families have together. Over time Grace and Frankie become best friends and confide in each other since they are going through the same life-changing events.

Lightworker Lesson #1 – Try to Understand a Person’s Reasons… Even if They Did a Bad Thing. 

In the 3rd episode, we are taken to a family brunch, which isn’t uncommon for the show. There are MANY family brunches in Grace and Frankie, which are never boring. This one is so awkward for so many reasons. You can cut iron with the tension that’s going on… and like always, Brianna is stirring the pot for her own amusement. The hidden secrets are flying across the table, and the children-in-law are very clearly uncomfortable with the situation.

Two of the biggest conflicts for this family brunch was the Bergstein made-up Jewish holiday to avoid attending stuff they didn’t want to attend. Hanson’s secret was that Grace killed Bud’s bunny by yelling at it, and Robert got rid of the body by dumping it in the ocean. They then told Frankie and Sol that the bunny had run away.

So the Hansons are pissed at the Bergsteins that they made up a Jewish holiday to avoid attending stuff, and the Bergsteins are pissed at the Hansons for killing Bud’s bunny and lying about it. Both cases involve lying to cover for something!

While making up a holiday to avoid attending stuff is nothing but a poor excuse for not being honest, lying about a child’s dead pet is a bit more serious because a child’s feelings for the pet are involved. 

But this is something that happened in the past, and nothing will bring the bunny back… and having we all lied to avoid attending something we didn’t want to?

The Lightworker Lesson here is that when you catch someone in their lies, then try to understand their reasons for lying in the first place. When you know the reason, it is sometimes easier to forgive.

Some actions are unforgivable for sure. I’m always saying, you don’t have to forgive what they did, but you have to forgive the person! – if for nothing else, then for setting yourself free. 

As Lightworkers, we are like walking-living-breathing lie detectors and can spot a liar miles away. But many of us also choose to give some people the benefit of the doubt and see how it unfolds.

We need to try to understand people’s motivations behind why they do what they do in order to understand the person… and in the end, why they chose to lie to us.

Lightworker Lesson #2 – Real Friends Helps You Through Difficult Life Crises. 

As mentioned before, one of the major themes for season 7 is Frankie’s death. Frankie’s Psychic calls Grace to tell her that Frankie will die in 3 months. Grace, who doesn’t believe in psychics at all, tries to brush it off. She, by accident, tells Frankie what the psychic had said, and Frankie is freaking out in the best Frankie-style. Frankie wants to know why she will die and who is going to kill her since she doesn’t feel ill. AND she is trying to plan everything into happening within those 3 months.

Grace tries to be supportive and keeps telling Frankie that she won’t die. But deep down, Grace is afraid too. Whenever someone talks about Frankie’s death, Grace starts to have anxiety attacks.

One of the things that makes Frankie such an amazing character is that she is eccentric, she speaks her mind, is goofy, and creative, and says and does some very crazy things sometimes… high or not. So, of course, Frankie will spin out of the rails if she thinks she is going to die in 3 months – and she does because she believes 100% in anything the psychic says.

I won’t necessarily put Grace in the category of being a Lightworker. Frankie is, Sol is, Bud is, Mallory is, but Grace not so much. However, Grace does what every Lightworker would wish their friends do for them when they go through a Life Crisis or fighting illness. Grace did not abandon Frankie, but she stood by Frankie’s side to the end, helping Frankie through this – even though it caused Grace to have anxiety attacks.

Most of the Lightworkers I have spoken with over the years all tell the same story. They have always been there for their friends and helped them through whatever they went through, but the moment the Lightworker went through something, all their friends disappeared. It’s so hurtful to realise that people you thought were your friends only pretended to be your friends to get something from you. The second you needed something from them, they left you.

Lightworkers will NEVER leave a friend in need! Never! – which is why we get so confused and hurt when people we thought were our friends leave us when we need them the most.

Lightworker Lesson #3 – You’ll Never Know When or If Your Bad Actions are Exposed. 

The Hansons were, before the divorce, an upper-class lawyer family who thought they were better than others because of their money. Money = Status! – kind of situation.

One of the Hansons former housekeepers is now running for office in the district council, and as part of her campaign, she is telling that she used to work for an upper-class family who accused her of things she never did and fired her for it. Grace recognises the woman on the posters and runs to Robert because she believes that THEY are this family and is afraid they will be exposed as horrible people. The solution is to donate some money to this woman, hoping she won’t mention their names.

There are two lessons in this; one for everybody and one for Lightworkers.

Let’s take the one for everybody first; How you treat others will become a part of your reputation – and deep down, your reputation is everything. If your reputation first is damaged, it’s difficult to heal it again.

People talk, and eventually, if you’ve done something, it will come out in the daylight in one way or another. No one can go through life without their skeletons in the closet will come out.

The Universal Law of Light, Law of Unforeseen Consequences, Law of Accountability, Law of Justice, Law of Balance and Law of Karma are all activated in this matter.

My rule in life is to always behave toward others with kindness, understanding and respect. Even if it’s housekeepers… Housekeepers have knowledge about cleaning and housekeeping that I don’t, and I respect them for their expertise.

Lightworker Lesson #4 – Use Your Life Experiences in Your Light Work.

The other side of the table is the second lesson in the Hansons vs the housekeeper turned politician.

One of the most effective ways to find (and do) your Light Work is by looking into your life experiences. One of the reasons why we’re going through the things we’re going through is to gain us knowledge and experience we can use to help others in a similar situation. If you’re looking for a meaning for why you went through living hell, then this is where you should look. 

What knowledge and experiences have you gained from the situation which you can use to help others?

This is the Lightworker’s way of dealing with life circumstances! 

This is not turning the other cheek, and it’s not accepting what’s happened as okay. It’s simply just a way to shift the perspective into a Higher Purpose and use it in your Light Work.

Become a voice and a beacon for those who are in a similar situation.

Lightworker Lesson #5 – Talk About It to Heal It. 

In episode 14, Grace has a very emotional talk with her absent brother about their father, who drowned in the ocean when they were kids. Grace’s brother is too young to remember much about their father, and Grace doesn’t want to talk about it. But with Frankies interfering, they eventually talked about their father and what happened on the beach.

It was revealed that the reason why Grace doesn’t want to swim in the ocean is because she is afraid after witnessing what happened to her father. It’s also revealed that Grace gets anxiety attacks when someone is talking about Frankie’s death because she is afraid of losing Frankie.

A lot of things about Grace’s behaviour and the stick she has up in her ass can be explained by that traumatic experience of losing her father way too early. 

By opening up and talking about what happened and sharing her memories of her father with her brother, a long-needed healing process started for both of them. 

The lesson here is to talk about the bad things that happened in the past to bring healing and light into the situation so that you can get closure on it. 

No one can change what happened in the past, so either you can choose to dwell with it, bury it and move on, or take the time to progress it and talk about it. 

A grieving process takes time to progress, and you should give yourself the time you need to get through it.

Lightworker Lesson #6 – Death is Not the End, Just a New Beginning.

Frankie’s death has been such a big theme this season, so it was quite expected that she would die in the final episode. The question was just how!

Frankie had made her peace with her death; she just wanted to know how… – and this is EXACTLY why healthy people shouldn’t know when they’re going to die. That kind of information will always freak people out.

In my opinion, it was ethically wrong of Frankie’s psychic to tell Grace and Frankie that Frankie would die in 3 months. If I receive information like that about anyone, I keep my mouth shut. People are better off not knowing when they kick the bucket.

However, Frankie does die in front of everybody at Coyote and Jessica’s wedding. What no one expected was Grace died too. 

In Heaven, they are met by the Angel Agnes (Dolly Parton), who admitted that Grace’s death was a mistake, and she had to send Grace back to life. Frankie, however, couldn’t be sent back. 

But Agnes also understood that Grace and Frankie couldn’t live being separated, so she turned around in her chair, so Grace and Frankie could escape.

Coming back to life, Grace and Frankie started with a new beginning.

Interestingly, the first episode in season 1 is called “The End”, and the final episode in the final season is called “The Beginning” 🤔

What happens after death is a whooooole another topic, which we don’t have time to get started in this, already, very long article. However, Death is not the end. When you die, your soul goes to the soul realm to rest, so your soul can get back into the soul eco-system, aka reincarnation. It’s an infinite circle until your soul achieves so much Enlightenment that it can Ascend.

Now, I want to hear from you! 

What Lightworker Lessons did you find in season 7 of Grace and Frankie? 

Let me know in the comment field on the Insta post below.


Lightworker Lessons from grace and Frankie season 7.

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