Lightworker Lessons from Lucifer season 6.

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Lightworker Lessons from Lucifer season 6.

Lucifer is one of my absolute FAVOURITE shows! I have lost count of how many times I have watched each season. It is one of my go-to shows when I need to laugh.

In all honesty, season 6 is my second least favourite season. My least favourite season is season 3. I think season 3 is prolonged and annoying in some sense. Season 6 is just… I don’t know… maybe it’s because it was filmed during the pandemic, or if everything is rushed together because of deadlines. It’s just like, what makes Lucifer Lucifer is kind of gone. The funny punch lines, the messing around, and the inappropriate behaviour are left a bit behind. 

I didn’t learn about the show Lucifer before my illness in 2019. I didn’t have much time to watch anything before my illness because I was working all the time. But when I got sick, I reactivated my Netflix account, and Lucifer was one of the shows I binge-watched. 

My Relationship with Lucifer.

I have to be honest; I was sceptical about the concept of the actual Devil taking a vacation from hell and moving to Los Angeles. But hey… I am a real incarnated Seraph, so it’s not impossible. I think most of my scepticism was rooted in the fact that Samael, the Lucifer’s real angel name, is a Seraph too, and he is my older brother. I’m the fifth angel ever created; Samael is the second. Since Samael was the first Seraph ever created, he was the leader of the Seraphim before he was sent to rule over Hell. When he went to Hell, I was the next in line to lead the Seraphim. In other words, I know the real Samael very well, and I had never seen the monster and evilness many humans talk about. I don’t like when Samael is portrayed as evil and a monster because he isn’t. He is just burning with Love and Passion for justice and feels a strong need to punish injustice, bad and evil. And since he is created as Seraphim (meaning ‘The Burning Ones’), the need to punish injustice, bad, and evil is what manifested Hell. He was sent to rule over Hell because angels are not allowed to punish or hurt anyone to that extent.


While Lucifer obviously isn’t a truthful portrait of Samael – it is close enough to be pleasant to watch for those of us who know the real Samael. As it should be! Lucifer is a fictional show from the DC universe. The DC universe includes Superman, Batman, The Arrow, Flash, Aquaman, Wonderwoman, etc. I’m not quite sure where Lucifer will fit in with the Justice League gang – but I will love to see Zack Snyder make that movie – with the cast from the Justice League movie 🙏🏻🙏🏻

Season 6 is the final season of Lucifer and is a little bit different from the other seasons because Lucifer had won his battle with Archangel Michael and now would have to ascend the throne as the new God. Since the real God has retired, the world is left without a God for pretty much the entire season 6; a lot of weird things are happening that could indicate an Apocalypse. 

Lightworker Lesson #1 – We Tend to Procrastinate When We are Afraid of Taking Our Place in the World.

Lucifer (Tom Ellis) spends most of season 6 procrastinating about claiming the throne as God.  All these procrastination excuses and avoiding taking responsibility are a very huge sign that Lucifer is afraid of his new role… which Lucifer, of course, never will admit. Chloe (Lauren German) is trying to do her best to support Lucifer and help him get ready to ascend, while Amenadiel (D. B. Woodside) is starting to get a bit impatient with Lucifer.

It’s very common to be afraid of big changes in our lives, especially changes that will change our lives forever. The bigger change, the bigger the fear… and when we feel uncertain about something, we tend to procrastinate.

Lucifer’s Ego is big, and he is selfish and narcissistic in many ways… but as it always is with people with a huge Ego, selfish and narcissistic; behind the shield of Ego-trip is a very insecure person with extremely low self-esteem. The bigger the Ego is, the lower the person’s self-esteem.  

The only way to cure fear is by doing it anyway, so your Ego’s fear-based mind can learn that there isn’t really anything to be afraid of.

Lightworker Lesson #2 – It’s Very Difficult to Let Go of Your Global Life Purpose when You Finally Found It.

Humans are creatures of habits and routines! Since Chloe has spent most of her adult life in the LAPD and her late father also was a detective, police work and investigations are so deep-rooted in her DNA that it’s difficult for her to let go and not interfere with investigations after she retired. 

But I also think there is another reason why Chloe has such a difficult time letting go of her police work. It’s part of Chloe’s Global Life Purpose, and thereby her Light WORK, to be a homicide detective and solve murders. She loves detective work, investigating and digging up clues! And she does it because she wants to make a difference in the world. She has mentioned that many times throughout all seasons.

At the end of season 5, Chloe decided to retire from the LAPD so she could go with Lucifer to the Silver City (Heaven) and be God’s consultant… just as Lucifer was a consultant for the LAPD since episode 2 in season 1. 

I think everyone who ever had experience working with their Global Life Purpose can recognise why it is so difficult for Chloe to walk away from being a homicide detective. The ideal job for a Lightworker is to work professionally with their Global Life Purpose while making a living doing it. Walking away from it is like leaving a piece of our soul behind.

Lightworker Lesson #3 – No Matter How Good or Bad a Person is – There is ALWAYS a Reason Why They Turned Out the Way They Did.

Jimmy Barnes was a record-producer who got one of Lucifer’s good (human) friends, popstar Delilah, killed in episode 1 of season 1. It was the murder of Delilah that was the reason Lucifer decided to become a civil consultant for LAPD… and so he could be closer to Chloe, of course. Lucifer decided to show Jimmy Barnes his devil face, which caused Jimmy to spend the rest of his days in a mental asylum.

One of Lucifer’s excuses for not ascending the throne as God is his lack of love and compassion for humanity. Lucifer only cares about Chloe, Trixie, and his friends and family on Earth. So in order to learn to care about humanity, Lucifer decides to help the person he hates the most; Jimmy Barens. In episode 3 of season 6, Lucifer and Chloe travel to Hell to find and help Jimmy Barens, who died a year previously at the loony bin. This is the first time Chloe sees hell and Lucifer’s throne; she sympathises with, “It looks so lonely!” Lucifer finds the door to Jimmy Barnes’ Hell loop, which turns out to be a cartoon version of when Lucifer interrupted his wedding in episode 1, season 1. But somehow, the door to the Hell loop disappears, and Lucifer and Chloe must investigate the Hell loop to help Jimmy Barens so they can get out again.

As Lucifer and Chloe move through Jimmy Barens Hell loop, they begin to understand why he became such a horrible man and why he treated other people like shit. They also learn why his Hell loop is a cartoon, which is something Lucifer had never seen in other Hell loops.

It all started when Jimmy Barens’ mother abandoned him in a motel room when he was 11-12 years old. Child service eventually picked him up. Lucifer feels sympathy for young Jimmy Barens. While he doesn’t think it excuses all the horrible things Jimmy Barens did as an adult, Lucifer now understands why. 

This episode links very closely together with my Forgiveness Mantra: 


The lesson here is that no matter how horrible and evil a person can be, there is always something that triggered them to become that way… and very often happened in their childhood or teenage years. 

The more horrible and evil a person is, the deeper and darker are the pain, fear and anxieties inside them. The people who are hurting the most inside are usually those who are the evilest. They are projecting their deepest and darkest pain, fear, and anxiety out to the world and trying to make others suffer more than they do… with the sole purpose of making themselves feel better. Those kinds of people live in a constant Hell, even when they are alive.

It’s close to impossible to drag an evil or bad person out of a Living Hell situation, so what you can do instead is to help those who the evil person may harm!

Lightworker Lesson #4 – The More You Try, The More You Push It* Away.

*It can be a thing, situation, person, etc.

One of the biggest surprises in season 6 is when Rory (Brianna Hildebrand) shows up. Lucifer and Chloe’s daughter from the future somehow managed to time-travel back in time. She is extremely angry with Lucifer and accuses him of abandoning her and Chloe before she even was born. Lucifer, who, throughout the entire show, has had some serious daddy issues because he felt that his dad (God) had abandoned him and his siblings, gets very offended by being accused of abandoning his own daughter.

Rory differently has anger issues which block her from being clear-headed and seeing things from Lucifer’s point of view. Of course, Lucifer will get surprised and confused when a daughter he didn’t know he had out-of-the-blue shows up, accusing him of the exact same thing as his dad did to him… and on top of that, holding her knife wings up against his throat. Instead of listening and talking about things, Rory already had made up her mind. Lucifer is acting like he always does, immature, avoiding taking responsibility and trying to find an explanation where he isn’t the bad guy.

It’s not that he has a daughter that can make time travel; that is an issue for Lucifer. When he and Chloe learned how that was possible, Lucifer owned up to that. His issue was being accused of abandoning Rory and Chloe because he knew deep in his heart that he would never do that if he had a choice. Chloe knows that as well. So the explanation they come up with is that someone must have killed Lucifer since he disappeared. 

While Lucifer and Chloe are trying to find out why Lucifer disappears, Lucifer decides to prove to Rory that he didn’t abandon her. Problem is… Lucifer tries way too hard to make up for the time he wasn’t there and spends more time recreating birthdays and Christmas etc., than actually spending quality time with his daughter.

No matter how well-intentioned it is, the more you try to achieve something, the more likely you will push it away. When you’re trying too hard, it’s usually because you deep down fear something. If you had faith in the situation, you would just let things flow naturally. 

Instead of trying to prove to Rory that Lucifer didn’t abandon her, he should have taken a moment to talk with her, listen to her, and try to understand her pain, and vice versa. And then they should find some common interests and just spend time together.

If you stop trying so hard and just be present and aware, right here, right now, the outcome will usually unfold on its own. This is a lesson in having compassion and empathy for the person’s situation, even though we’re a part of the situation. And it’s also a lesson in being more present in the now and letting things unfold on their own.

Lightworker Lesson #5 –  When You See Something Wrong, You Should Try To Make a Difference Where It Truly Matters.

Police Officer Harris (Merrin Dungey) is a black FTO at LAPD who takes Amenadiel (D. B. Woodside) under her guidance when he is training to be a police officer. She deserves to be a detective, but because of her skin colour, she can only be promoted if she moves to a different state. Her passion and heart are to help the black people in the hood from injustice from white police officers, so she declines the promotion and stays as a street cop.


Officer Harris wants to do everything she possibly can to help the people in the hood from injustice. In the final episode, we see that she was promoted, by Chloe, to detective and that Chloe supports Officer Harris’s mission of getting rid of racism in the LAPD.

One thing is to find your Global Life Purpose, your Light WORK, the change you are here to make… another thing is to stay true to your cause even if you’re offered a promotion that might not be in alignment with your call. Like it happened with Officer Harris, if you stay true to your cause and keep trying to make a difference, someday, you will be rewarded with something that gives you even better opportunities to fulfil your Light WORK. But it all starts with you staying true to the call in your heart. If you betray your call for a shiny object, the mission will take a longer detour.

Lightworker Lesson #6 – If You Don’t Love Yourself, You Won’t Ever Find True Love in Your Life. 

Hell’s most fierce demon is about to marry Eve, the first woman… What could go wrong?!?

While I think Eve (Inbar Lavi) is a super obnoxious character who suffers from serious codependency, I also think it is exactly what Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) needs in her life. 

Maze doesn’t think she deserves true love and to be truly happy. She has such a difficult time letting anyone in because she is terrified of being abandoned again. She hates her mother, Lilith, because Lilith gave all her children to Lucifer so he could form an army of demons to torture the souls in Hell. Maze was the most fierce demon and so loyal that she followed Lucifer out of the gates of Hell and moved to Los Angeles with him at the beginning of the show.

Eve is the only one who has been truly capable of making Maze feel loved and appreciated. Is the relationship between Eve and Maze unhealthy? Absolutely! But would it work in the long run? Yes, I think so! I think Eve and Maze need each other to heal their wounds and grow into better people… well… person and demon…

However, it’s very difficult for Maze to accept Eve’s unconditional love, so Maze tries to sabotage their wedding. Maze is unconsciously torturing herself because she is afraid to surrender to her love for Eve.

One of the many reasons why people don’t have love in their lives is that they keep sabotaging any given opportunity for love to enter their lives!

How can you expect to find true love if you aren’t willing to love yourself?

How can you expect to find true love if you aren’t willing to let people into your life who can teach you what true love is?

You need to take a very honest look in the mirror and ask yourself, what exactly do you do that prevents true love from entering your life

You are your own gatekeeper! So if you want true love in your life, you MUST allow true love to enter your life, and when it shows up – feel worthy of it!


Lightworker Lesson #7 – Free Will vs Destiny.

Free Will vs Destiny is an eternal question. Do we truly have Free Will, or is everything planned ahead of us?

In Season 6, Lucifer tries to avoid leaving Chloe and Rory. Still, they realise in order for Lucifer to fulfil his destiny, he must save the lost souls – and he can only do that if he leaves. 

Lucifer returns to Hell to help the lost souls redeem themselves as he did with Dan (Kevin Alejandro) and Lee Garner.

Amenadel ascends to become the new God.

Chloe returns to LAPD and gets promoted to Lieutenant.

“But you see, fate is just a result of the choices that you make.”
– Lucifer.

In my opinion, and with everything I know, both as a Seraph and from my time on Earth incarnated as a human. We do have Free Will! 

The Universal Law of Free Will states, “No one or nothing can interfere against someone or something’s Free Will” – This is why you must ASK and ACCEPT help before it can be given to you. 

There is, however, no Universal Law of Destiny or Universal Law of Fate… not that I’m aware of, and I have access to millions of Universal Laws and the Secrets of the Source (red. God)

But there is a Universal Law of Purpose which states, “Everyone has a purpose in life, a unique gift or special talent to give to others.”

You see, nothing is written in stone! There is no pre-written manuscript for your life! It’s entirely up to you how you choose to live your life!

Your soul only has two pre-written “documents” – Your Soul Contract and Your Soul’s Book. You can access both through the Akashic Records. But neither contains anything remotely to a manuscript or destiny!

Your Soul Contract includes your Life Purposes, Karma, Soul Mates, Karmic Relationships, your Life Partner, and some other stuff that’s agreed on for the current incarnation. But here is the thing… your soul has written your Soul Contract with your Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, and some relevant representatives from different non-physical realms. In other words, you wrote the Contract yourself – no one forced your hand.

Your Soul’s Book contains all the information about your soul from the moment your soul was created. Your Soul’s Book is updated all the time. Everything you think, say, do, feel, sense, etc., is written right into your Book the second it happens. So your Soul’s Book is always the first place I will look if you ask me to help you find the cause of any situation you’re in. ALL the answers are in that Book! 

The challenge for many people is, that sometimes the cause of the issues they’re dealing with today is because of something that happened in a previous lifetime. Sometimes several lifetimes back. I once tracked a child’s heart disease back to 856 BCE, where the soul was incarnated as a young man who died because a knife was strapped into his heart. For each reincarnation, the body experienced heart disease and died because of it ever since. By reading that Soul’s Book, we discovered that medical help would never heal the wound in the Soul’s energetic body. Something else was needed in order to heal. I told the parents what I found in their child’s Book and gave them guidance on how to help their child heal the almost 3000 years old wound. Today, the child is fully recovered, and the wound is gone.

Another example is Karma, Karmic Lessons and Karmic Debts… which are listed both in your Soul Contract and your Soul Book. Karma can seem like destiny, but it isn’t… it’s something you had brought on yourself and something you need to heal in order for your soul to ascend.

I can keep going on with sharing about how these things work, but this article is already very long – AND not everything should be shared. There is a reason why humans know so little about the Spiritual and Celestial Realms… and we kind of like it that way.

So I will end this article with a quote from the final scene of Lucifer.

“For millennia, I was down here, stuck in my own hell loop of sorts, thinking I deserved to be in charge of people’s punishment. And then, even when I left, I found myself in a cycle of selfishness and violence, debauchery, sex… yeah, I mean, clearly, it wasn’t all bad, but the point is that with the right guidance and the right help, I was able to change, to grow. To… find true meaning in life.”
– Lucifer.

Now I want to hear from you; What Lightworker Lessons do you take with you from Lucifer, Season 6?

Let me know in the comments in this insta post.

Lightworker Lessons from Lucifer season 6.

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