Lightworker: What Life Had Taught Me as a Spiritual Teacher.

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When you’re born as a Spiritual Teacher, as I am, you’ll quite early learn some completely fundamental life lessons. It’s my birthday tomorrow, and because of that will, I share some of the life lessons I’ve learned during my lifetime on Earth. These life lessons can radically change your life if you manage to implement them in your life and practice them daily. There are no short-cuts in personal- and spiritual growth! Quite the reverse, if you try to cut corners, then you’ll experience that it takes even longer time to get your desired outcome. The life lessons I had picked for this article is a very little amount of what I’d to master as a Spiritual Teacher.

“What can I do today to be the person I want to become?”

Every day is the beginning of a new chapter where we’re the author of our own life. As an Incarnated Seraphim, I can guarantee you; there is no pre-written “destiny” or “fate” for anyone. Anything that had happened, happing right now, or would happen in the future is a complete result of your most dominant thoughts, emotions, and actions. Spiritually, it means there are no victims in the world because every single person had on their own manifested that exact situation. Some of it can be karmic; other can be the life’s way to develop you as a soul and person, while third, it’s pure and simple a successful manifestation of your thoughts, emotions, and actions (no matter if it’s good or bad). Anything that happens has that sole purpose of teaching you to chose Love over fear and your ego.

We do all have our oven picture of how we want to appear in life; we have goals and dreams, ambitions, etc. which all are very nice. But thoughts and visions do not make it happen on its own. You simply have to act upon it. You may not make $100K every month right now, but if you don’t act like someone who makes $100K/mo., don’t get your finances under control, and don’t put yourself in a position where you’re responsive to $100K/mo, then it will be in contrary to your manifestation. I love money manifestations, as you might know, because it’s so wonderfully easy to measure, and financial freedom is something most High Vibe Lightworkers want, so they have more freedom to focus on other things in life. If you want to be successful, then think, feel and act like a successful person!

A private life is a happy life.

The older I get, the more private have I become. I had quit all the social media because I have no desire to share my daily life with everyone! But I do want to be in contact with the people who follow my work and be available for those who want to be a part of my High Vibe Lightworker Community, so that’s why I returned to my Facebook page.

As I discuss in a previous article, social media is toxic and damaging for our brain and society. The world might have become smaller, but we have never been as far from each other as we are now! Intimacy and care fade away when we’re living our lives through social media. We are so over-exposed from so many channels all the time; no matter if it’s the television, the radio, the internet, the social media, etc. we get influenced by something “outside” all the time, where we instead really need to look inward and focus on intimacy and love, without checking our phones.

I have a boundary in my private relationships, that is; if someone wants that I should know something about their life, then they must send me a text or call me – for if we have a private connection, then they would have my phone number. I have both names- and address protection and I have an ex-directory phone number, so it is against Danish laws to share my contact information with anyone without my consent. It’s necessary because of my family situation, but I do love that all my information is secret, too.

Surrender and forgive everything.

This life lesson is one of the life lessons most people find the most difficult. 100% forgiveness and 100% surrendering… without exception! I believe, this is something everyone will be tested in during our entire life – as soon we think we had mastered it, then something new appears which is even harder to forgive or harder to surrender.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean you’re okay with what had happened! It just means that you’ve forgiven the person because you KNOW the person did the best he/she was capable of with that knowledge and experience the person had at that time. It means that you, regardless of how terrible the situation is, still are capable of seeing the Light of Love inside of that person (even though if the flame is very small) and you understand the act only happened because the person is ruled by fear, anxiety, and pain. As a High Vibe Lightworker is it essential to rise above blame and judgment and being able to forgive people who had done the more horrible things – because we know, that the Source of Love had created those people like It had created anything else. Those people are just being eaten away from fear, anxiety, and pain, and therefore acting awfully. You don’t have to forgive the situation and what had happened – but you have to master the forgiveness of humans. The only way a karmic bond between you and another is to be dissolved is to make peace between you and the other person! Until that moment, you both will encounter each other and facing the same challenges in this life and other lifetimes.

Surrendering means you’re letting completely go of any kind of control and manipulation. How something should unfold is none of your business! As an Earthly Human Being you’ll only have a very limited view, and therefore you’ve no idea what the best outcome would be. Think and know is two very different things – you think you know what the best outcome would be, but the truth is that you don’t know anything with certainty. It is first in the moment where you can completely surrender, knowing that the Universe has your back and follow the daily guidance you receive from the Universe, that you can live and have the life you’re dreaming off. When you master the art of surrender everything to the Universe, you’ll soon experience miracles mystically appear in your life, in ways you never ever could imagine.

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