Lightworker: What You Should Know About Your Call in Life.

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“What’s my call in life?”

 “What’s my purpose in life?”

 “Why am I sent on Earth in this time?”

“What’s the meaning of my life?”

Those questions are some I’d been asked MANY times since I started my career as a Spiritual Teacher back in 2008. During my Angel Tarot Card Readings for clients all over the world, I was always asked about 4-5 specific topics, over and over again.

  1. Life Purpose
  2. Career
  3. Love
  4. Health
  5. (Finances)

I put finances in a parenthesis, ‘cause there are still people who believe money is unspiritual, and overall have a negative approach to money… ironically, it’s often the very same people, who never have any money or can afford to do what they want to do? It’s not money and finances, we are going to talk about it today. It’s life purpose and the call in your life.

Your life purpose, the meaning of your life, is the same as the call in your life. Most often is a person’s introduction to spirituality is diverted by their seeking for answers. Seeking for meaning. Seeking for figuring out what there is between heaven and earth, that our naked eye can see.

A Simple Misunderstanding.

For some reason, many people believe they shall look for the answers to their questions outside of themselves. A classic example I have experienced quite often during the last decade where I have worked professionally as a Spiritual Teacher is that people are turning to astrology, numerology, angel cards, tarot cards, enneagram, etc. to find the answers they’re seeking in their life, including finding the purpose of their life. That’s the egos use of spiritual insight tools! Just because something is spiritual doesn’t it mean that it’s the same as being Divine and an extension of the Source of Love. Astrology, numerology, angel cards, tarot cards, mc. Are all amazing insight tools, and they work! But like anything else in this world, they’re neutral until we (humans) apply a certain meaning to them, and ultimately believe they are the source of the answers we’re seeking. You’ll have your own free will at any time, and you can choose to believe whatever you want to.

Spiritual insight tools are not made to tell you, what you want to hear or confirm you in whatever it is you want a confirmation of – like “Will [insert a person’s name] and I have a committed romantic relationship?” or “When will I became a millionaire?” That kind of question comes from your ego and are driven by your fear and insecurity. That’s not Divine nor the Source of Love.

You’re Looking at the Wrong Place.

Most people believe they will find the meaning of their life, their call through their work, their doings, and in their outside world. That’s the wrong place to start looking. I’m not surprised by this tendency, ‘cause we’re living in a physical world, right? Well, not exactly! We are not physical beings having a spiritual experience – we are rather spiritual beings having a physical experience. Our bodies can die. All our material things can be taken away from us. Our friends’, our family’s, our partner’s, etc. bodies can die. Everything, which is physical and materialistic can be destroyed and removed for all time.

If you’re seeking after your call in the physical world, through your work and through your doings, then you might find it. But it wouldn’t be a solid foundation, because the foundation will be based upon a physical grounding – that which can fall to pieces at any time. Have you ever experienced, that you thought you had found the call in your life, and then something happened from the outside – and it turned out to not be your call after all?

Your Call in Life is…

As I said earlier, you’ll not find your call in your outside world. It’s not what you’re doing or saying. You should not find your call, life purpose or the meaning of your life. You will end up looking futileness, ‘cause there is nothing to find. Your call, your life purpose and the meaning of your life is to BE an extension of the Source of Love! Your call is to be that woman/man the Source of Love wants you to be at any moment. By BEING the Light of Love, you’ll be guided exactly where you are supposed to be. You’ll be guided to say exactly what you are supposed to say. You’ll be guided to do exactly what you are supposed to do. How do you know? – Because you are there! Because you say it! Because you do it! There is no other call, purpose or meaning!

This is a beautiful prayer from A Course in Miracles:

“Dear God. What would You have me do? Where would You have me go? What would You have me say, and to whom?”

You can replace the term “God” with angels, the Source of Love, or whatever you feel most comfortable with. When you can be present in the Now, in the silence, in the Power of Love, you’ll automatically be at service to the world, because you are an extension of the Source of Love. It’s not your job to figure out where you’re gonna go or what you’re gonna do. Your job is to present in the Now and follow the Divine Guidance, you’ve been given every single day.

Do You Hear Your Angels?

That’s the next step; Follow the Divine Guidance you’re been given every single day. It’s a giant lie that you have to be specially chosen or have a special gift to communicate with the Universe and the angels. EVERYONE, WITHOUT EXCEPTION, has spiritual abilities – EVERYONE can communicate with the Divine! The only reason you don’t believe you can communicate with the Divine is that you at some point in your life (most likely in your early childhood) decided to shut down the Divine communication. There can be several reasons for that – but it doesn’t really matter – what matter is your willingness to forgive yourself and anyone involved. If you feel called to be a Lightworker, and feel called to a spiritual and holistic lifestyle, then it’s important that you have your Divine communication channels open.

Your angels, spirit guides, ascended masters, and the Power of Love have been spoken to you throughout your entire life. Every day, every moment – they are trying to guide you, warn you before you make a mistake, and trying to help you… but if you don’t take the invisible cotton wool out of your ears and blinds off – how in the world are they supposed to get in contact with you? Every one of us has had older people close to us, who no longer was able to hear or see that well, and we tried the best we could to communicate with them. “Grandma, you have to be patient”“No Sabrina, I’m not a doctor, I don’t have any patients!” ??‍♀️ That is the same situation the Universe have with us, when we can’t hear it. It’s your job to get your communication channels open again, so you can receive the guidance that you’re seeking.


You can ask the Universe for a sign.

#1 Ask the Universe to tell you what sign is yours. The first thing, animal, word, flower, etc. that pops into your mind as a thought, a picture for your inner eye, or a non-physical voice whispering – is your sign! (If you tell the Universe, what your sign should be, you’ll block the communication with control and fear.)

#2 Ask the Universe to confirm that you have heard right and then let go. If you see your sign show up, independently, 3 times within the next couple of hours. Bingo!

#3 Every time you see your sign, then you know you’re on the right path.

An alternative way to find your sign is to notice if there is a certain thing, sound, animal, word, flower, etc. that keeps showing up in your life. I have two signs; Unicorns and Rainbows. My unicorns are a really good example of signs that doesn’t have to be physical beings; you know, the likelihood of a unicorn walking by my windows is very small… it would be pretty cool, however! But unicorns, like any other sign, can show up in many different places… Facebook… Instagram… Twitter… Pinterest… Commercials for toys… Children clothes… I was in Husum in Germany for about a month ago, where I found Christmas balls with unicorns on it for the Christmas tree. I haven’t seen that one coming. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of it.

You will be surprised at how many creative places your sign will show up. It’s just important that you don’t chase them, nor looking for them all the time. Let go and be open. This is one of my absolute favorite games with the Universe because I get so sincerely happy when I see my unicorn and rainbow – and that is, by the way, another proof on it’s the right sign. That real, authentic, almost child-like joy from seeing something that doesn’t have any other purpose than being your personal sign.

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Make your mind silent.

“Dear Angels and the Universe.
I’m ready to be an extension of the Source of Love and share my light with the world. Please help me be a clear channel of Divine Communication. Please allow me clearly hear, see, know and feel accurate and detailed messages that will bring blessings to everyone involved. Please watch over my work as a Light of Love and help me relax and enjoy it. Thank you and amen!”

Sit still for a moment and let whatever want to come comes to you.

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