Lightworker: Why I Changed My Career.

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There is a reason for everything happens. We often don’t understand it right at the moment, but as time went by and the stuff starts to fall into place, we begin to see the whole thing from a larger perspective. What there once was, isn’t any guarantee to follow forever after. Especially not when we’re on a spiritual journey!

It’s called personal development, spiritual growth. It means that we are developing all the time. As Lightworkers, we have an important assignment in this world; we must share the light and help others to choose Love over fear. It also means, that we’re going through some big challenges, and must fight some obstacles that seem to be completely chaotic, that really can bring us down. It can also lead to a lot of confusing cause we don’t always know where our path is leading us. Still, we have a human need to get control over the situation. One of the greatest lessons for Lightworkers is to let go of control and surrender it to the Power of Love.

Lessons #1: Accept Your Growth.

I started as self-employed when I was 18 years old. I started studying metaphysics, manifestation, and spirituality, when I was 7, so nine years of experience was enough to start professional, right? At that time, I was guided to do Angel Tarot Card Readings, writing articles and e-books, and teaching Manifestation and the Law of Attraction. I followed that path during my early 20’s. As time went by, I was guided to work with money manifestations and financial freedom. Later, it became to helping Lightworkers to build a business to support their life purpose, etc. If you’d followed my work throughout the years, you’ll know I had done a lot of different things. It’s not because I’d been indecisive. It was simply a matter about trying a lot of different things to gather a lot of knowledge, learning to know different people, be better endowed to fulfill my call. I’m calling it my Earthly Human-training.

If you’ve been reading my about-page, you’ll know that I’m an incarnated Seraphim, and even this is my first incarnation on Earth, my soul is really old. As a Seraphim, I haven’t really worked with humans or had anything to do with them. Only very few – very highly developed Lightworkers, I had worked with during their previous lifetimes. I recognize them right away when I encounter them in this life. It’s pretty wild! But, because I don’t have any previous human experience, it’s kind of awkward for me to navigate in “human stuff,” and still, there is no other way than to learn it.

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Lesson #2: Be Authentic to yourself.

One of my greatest challenges and one of the most fundamental lessons in my anxiety is, I’m really insecure of myself and suffering from low self-worth – my self-confidence is in the top. I know, I can my stuff! With a past with violence, child abuse, child neglect, bullying, ridiculing, humiliation, and being taken advantage of haven’t exactly benefited my self-worth or self-esteem.

What really is a challenge is, I don’t dare to be myself 100%. I’m honestly afraid if I’m 100% myself and really step into character as a Seraphim, then my light be so strong that it will harm those around me. Seraphim means “The Burning Ones” and is the angels closest to “The Throne of God” – The Source of Love. Their assignment is to record and store all the Secrets of the Universe and Secrets of God. Seraphims doesn’t have anything to do with humans, because their energy is so intense and strong that it simply will burn people. Seraphims literally burning of Love. I really don’t want to potentially burn anyone, just because my energy and light is so intense and burning of Love. So I spend my entire life to scale down my light and energy, so it matches to this world – knowing full well that I had to be something I’m not. This “role play” neither benefiting my self-worth and self-esteem.

Lesson #3: Trust the Universe Guidance.

During this course of anxiety and my Saturn-return, I can just feel it is time for me to be true to myself and letting my energy and light be that intense and strong. I must trust there is a higher purpose with my incarnation on Earth at this time. Those who take to be around that very high and strong energy would be guided to me – without getting burned ?

It’s something I’m working a lot with right now. I’m living by “Learning by Teaching”! I’m learning something new every time I’m teaching – no matter if it’s writing on a book, writing an article, or standing on stage to give a talk for 200 people… It doesn’t really matter. I channel the guidance that is supposed to get through me, right at that moment. Right now, I’m Learning by Teaching about transforming anxiety to happiness, and dare to be authentic and true to oneself, cause that’s what I’m dealing with right now.

Some of the guidance I have received from the Universe is to stop my 1:1 session and Angel Tarot Card Readings. Angel Tarot Card Readings, numerology, astrology, healing, etc. are all something I have in my personal toolbox, that I can use when I feel guided to it, or to help my private friends and family to gain insights. It’s therefore not something I do professional anymore. The Universe has asked me to focus 100% on my teaching and writing, both very time-consuming. I went down with stress in 2016 because I had too many things going on, and tried to meet too many wishes and needs, that I forgot to listen to what I needed.

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 Lesson #4: There is no fits-all solution.

Everyone has different calls, and my call is to be a guide and Spiritual Teacher for Lightworkers who are at a place in their development where they are committed to some form of spiritual work and living their messages. It’s called Light-WORKER after all.

My call is to teach and write about:

  • Manifestation
  • Metaphysics
  • Transform Fear to Love
  • Live a High Vibe Life in Freedom, Peace, Joy, Love, and Enlightenment.
  • Financial Freedom
  • Real Soul Mate Relationships – Soul Mates is NOT the-perfect-one-and-only-romantic-partner. Soul Mates are those persons we have a very special spiritual connection to; and who really can challenge us. They are our greatest teachers, and we are their greatest teachers.
  • Fulfill our soul’s and heart’s true call – our spiritual life purpose.

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