Lightworker & Earth Angel: 8 Things You Absolutely Needs to Know Right Now (Continued)

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Yesterday, I posted the first four things you absolutely need to know right now, if you’re a Lightworker or an Earth Angel.

It got a bit long… Yeah! I know… Making something short is not my primary competence. I have a Gemini Ascendant after all, and incarnated angels are also known for the gift-of-being-very-talkative.

Anyway, we should continue the list:

#5 Self-Love

As Lightworkers and Earth Angels, it is natural for us to serve. Many of us go into the habit of people pleasing and rate our self-worth and happiness based upon the happiness of those around us. It is very unhealthy and is called codependency.

For me, I was such a huge people-pleaser and saw everyone like my new fix-up project, that I got very sick with depressions, anxiety, and stress. I learned the hard way that to fulfill my Divine Life Purpose; I must commit to practice Self-Love, Assertiveness, and Inner Peace.

The mistake of many Lightworkers and Earth Angels has convinced themselves about “first when EVERYBODY ELSE is happy, then I can be happy”“first when EVERYBODY ELSE have their needs met, then I can have my needs met.” This is especially true for Earth Angels! Lightworkers, are often better to put their foot down and set boundaries.

That philosophy goes the other way around.

When you are happy, you are in a much better position to help others to reach happiness too.

When you have all your needs met, you have MUCH more to give to others.

Which includes charging your FULL WORTH for your spiritual work! I can get so upset when talented Lightworkers and Earth Angels undercharge themselves, just because they buy into the idea that money is non-spiritual and it’s non-spiritual to charge for spiritual services! *BS!* Money is very spiritual! It is ENERGY, created to outbalance the exchange between the giver and the receiver. 

Raise those fees, so you get clients who actually are ready for that change you offer – and don’t feel bad about it. YES – you can have a $10K/month spiritual business IF you are willing to own your Worth and fire those clients who are not ready for the change you can make.

#6 Assertiveness.

Now, assertiveness is not being aggressive or dominant. It’s about standing your ground.

Being assertive means:

Standing up for yourself.

Take responsibility for your life.

Set boundaries and maintain them.

Have standards for what you will accept (and not accept).

Prioritize yourself and your health.

Invest in yourself (time, money, energy, etc.)

Respect yourself.

Let go of anything that doesn’t serve you.


Don’t let others be the source of your happiness. People are busy, chasing their happiness.

When we start to respect, value, and love ourselves, we will begin to attract people who do the same. You don’t want people in your life (or in your business) who suck the energy, joy, and fulfillment out of you. It’s NOT our job to fix people – but we can help, guide, and coach them to fix themselves.

#7 Obstacles.

A part of being alive is going through challenges and obstacles! Yes, we can choose to see them as blocks or affirmations of that we can’t do certain things, or we don’t deserve it.


The future is not written in stone, nor is our life path. We are all born with Free-Will. We can choose to let life rule us or decide to rule life ourselves.

If you want something, and you want it bad enough, you have everything in your power to make it happen. The only block between you and your desired outcome is your own limiting beliefs. When you release those (it is easier said than done, I know) and you’re WILLING to commit yourself to do WHATEVER IT TAKES, then you will succeed.


The only reason for you don’t have what you want is because you aren’t on the right frequency match as your desired outcome. If you were on a frequency match with your desired outcome, it would be as easy to manifest as it is to take a shower.

The School of Life.

Life and the Universe keep sending you tests (obstacles) to help you grow and develop. The School of Life. Each test/challenges/assignment helps you to gain new knowledge, skills, and experience that you can use later on.

When you had passed the test, you’ll no longer have that obstacle in your life. But remember, you don’t get tested because the Universe wants to punish you or put you in pain – you get the tests because the Universe knows you are strong enough to handle it!

If you have financial struggles – then it is an assignment from the Universe, to help you get a stronger and more powerful relationship with money.

If your relationships are unfulfilling, and you keep attracting the same type people into your life – then it is an assignment from the Universe, to help you to work on your relationship with yourself, your self-esteem and your self-love.

If you have health problems – then it is an assignment from the Universe, to help you to take better care yourself, prioritize yourself first, and most importantly take charge of yourself and commit to doing what it takes to recover.

Victim mentality won’t get us anywhere, and it will not serve our health, relationship, finances, or any other area of our lives, that we wish to improve.

We have to rise above the obstacles and grow from it.

#8 Developing & Training

If we want to master anything in life, we have to get the required training so we can develop the skills necessary. It’s an ongoing process. The Universe will tell you what you need to learn about, and then lead you to the right teacher/mentor and course/education program, but it is up to you to invest the time, money, energy, etc. to succeed.

I have 15 educations and courses in Personal and Spiritual Development, and that number is still growing – I even went to business college, when I was younger! Even though I felt like a misfit there, I also had a strong feeling that there was a reason for me to be there.

Well, today, I run my own business and had been an entrepreneur since I was 19. I’m not at all mathematical, not even a slight bit! But, I’m pretty good with computers and software, structure, I am very creative, good with finances, and can see through a difficult situation and come up with a successful solution. AND I take responsibility for the skills I don’t have, and the things I can’t get my head around, like math; either I learn how to do it, learn how to fix it with an alternative solution (Excel had saved my butt SO many times??????), or reaching out for help.

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