Lightworker & Earth Angel: 8 Things You Absolutely Needs to Know Right Now

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This year is your year!

2018 is a master year, and we just had a Super Blue Blood Moon (Jan 31, 2018), that without a doubt will bring significant life changes into your life.

But where to start?

I know it can be very overwhelming, so here is my easy-to-use list over eight things you absolutely need to know right now.

#1 Lightworkers vs. Earth Angels.

Lightworkers and Earth Angels aren’t quite the same. An Earth Angel is also a Lightworker, but a Lightworker isn’t necessarily an Earth Angel. So what’s the difference?

A Lightworker is a person, who, at some point in her/his life, decides to commit to making the world a better place. Often she had gone through some experiences or had witnessed something, and got to the conclusion that “someone has to do something about it!” Well, that “someone” is the person who got that feeling!

An Earth Angel, on the other hand, was born with a strong desire to make a difference in the world. They have some very specific characteristics which make them “different” from other people. Earth Angels are spirits that come from other realms than The Soul Realm, where most spirits come from.

We have four core realms:

#1 Incarnated Angels (right now is there about 50,000 incarnated angels on Earth, which is very few compared to the Earth have a population on 7,6 billion people (2018) – It’s approximately 0,000658% of the entire population! Therefore, it’s not all Earth Angels who actually is 100% pure Incarnated Angels. If you are an Incarnated Angel, this is your very FIRST lifetime on Earth, but you’re an extremely old soul who had lived in the beautiful Angelic Realm!)

#2 Elementals

#3 Wise Ones

#4 Star People

An Earth Angel can also be a blend between 2-3 of the core realms.

An Earth Angel’s Global Divine Life Purposes have very often something to do with which realm they are from.

#2 Life Purposes.

Lightworkers and Earth Angels have their Personal Life Purpose, like any other person.

The Personal Life Purpose is personal growth like:


Taking Responsibility for your own life

Learning not to be judgmental



Working on controlling issues

Working on issues with people-pleasing and codependency.


Self-Love and Self-Esteem



However, Earth Angels are born with a very strong, undeniable passion or drive to make a particular change or healing something in the world. You can see the passion and the drive-in their eyes already when they are toddlers and maybe earlier, depending on what their Divine Life Purpose is. Their Divine Life Purpose will often be their career-job, because they are so passionate about it and good at it, that they can make a living doing it.

The Lightworkers “walk-up” during their life, and take upon a Divine Life Purpose, to make a change because they feel a deep desire to fix a specific situation.

A Divine Life Purpose (Global) is all about making the world a better place:

Animal welfare

Human rights

Climate change

Children’s rights





Helping others with living a healthy life

Spiritual Practice

Taking care of nature and water bodies


#3 Empathy.

Lightworkers and Earth Angels are very often Highly Sensitive. Also sometimes at a level, where it becomes a challenge.

We are living in a world with very harsh energy, with a lot of people that have listening more to their fear-based ego, than to their Divine heart. It had been like this for many centuries, and that’s precisely what is destroying this beautiful planet.

We need to be empathy and highly sensitive to do our work! It is our guideline and a way for the Divine to communicate with us. It’s also a way for the Universe to prepare us for which energy we enter when we encounter new people or go into a new room.

We feel too much. It is like an inner GPS for us to know where our help is needed and helps us to stay passionate about our Divine Life Purpose, even in difficult times. We feel so strongly for our mission and the people/animals/nature/etc., we are here to help, that we can rise above our own obstacles and get back on track.

A personal Life Purpose for Lightworkers and Earth Angels is also to embrace being Empathic and Highly Sensitive, and using them as tools to fulfill their Life Purposes, rather than let it be an obstacle.

#4 Psychic Abilities.

Every child on this planet is born with psychic abilities! EVERY CHILD! But, for many, the environment they are growing up in, causes them to shut the psychic abilities down.

When Lightworkers and Earth Angels get in tune with their Divine Life Purpose and start their healing mission, their psychic abilities begin to open. One of the very first guided actions from the Divine is – Learning how to open and using Psychic Abilities and TRUST their Intuition.

There are 4 Psychic Abilities:

#1 Clairvoyance, which means “Clear Seeing” – That you SEE the spiritual world or getting visions for your inner eye (third eye)

#2 Clairsentience, which means “Clear Feeling” – That you FEEL the presence of the spiritual world, spirits, angels, ascended masters, or can feel the energy or pain of other people, a room or a location.

#3 Claircognizance, which means “Clear Thinking” – That you receive profound THOUGHTS, IDEAS, INSIGHT & KNOWLEDGE out of the blue. You have absolutely no idea how you know it, you just know it – and you know, you have to act upon it. Sometimes is it information that would be impossible for you to know. There is no source whatsoever!

#4 Clairaudience, which means “Clear Hearing” – That you HEAR the spiritual world or that a non-physical source is whispering something in your ear, or you, again and again, hear strangers or random music (which you aren’t in control of) saying the same thing over and over again. This one can be a little freaky, because of schizophrenia!

The difference between Clairaudience and schizophrenia is; schizophrenia is the voices often inside of your head, they are loud, it’s harmful and destructive, and you can not shut it down. When it’s clairaudience, you can shut it down and ask the Divine to be quiet; it’s outside of your head and quiet; like whispering in your ear. It’s positive, encouraging, profound and helpful – and only comes 1) if you ask for Divine guidance or 2) you’re in real danger.

When your psychic abilities are open, you will often have 1-2 most dominant abilities that come quite naturally for you, and the others can you train up and master over time.

No matter which ability is your strongest, always trust your intuition (which is the “Clair” that is the strongest and most dominant – for most people is it clairsentience (clear feeling), which also refers to being sensitive to energies, other people and being emphatic.

This article is getting long so that I will part it up in two. Part two will be published tomorrow.

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