Manifestation: 3 Genius Ways to Simplify Your Manifestation Routine.

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Manifestation, and especially the Law of Attraction has been a hot topic for the last decade. The success of The Secret brought Manifestation in front of the world’s eyes, and people got seduced by the idea of creating their own life and get whatever they dreamed about. But that didn’t mean that people want to do the hard work behind it. People are always looking for the easiest and fastest solution to get what they want.

I’m not big on short-cuts, simply because they don’t work in the long run. It’s like peeing your pants to keep yourself warm… but I’m all about simplifying and make things easier. It’s not Manifestation and the Law of Attraction that is hard and difficult. It’s the changes, the internal work, and new chances we all have to take to receive our desired outcome. That’s the hard part! Our mind is wired up with tons of habits and has been programmed to work in a certain way throughout your entire life. Our internal programming is what manifests into our life, no matter if it’s good or bad. That’s why we own the full responsibility for the life we’re living. When we are willing to own up to that responsibility and willing to reprogram our internal programming, then we’ll start attracting our heart’s true desire.

Sounds complicated? Let me give you 3 Ways to Simplify Your Manifestation Routine.

#1 Don’t Focus on the “Shiny Object.”

This is where most people make the biggest mistake. The seducing of finally become a millionaire, finally having your dream job, finally having your dream car, finally marry your soul mate, finally having healthy relationships, etc. often gets the best of us.

We are living in a materialistic world, and somewhere along the lines started the Humans to buy into the idea of stuff would make them happier. 99,9% of all advertisements and commercials promise your happiness, success, and love if you buy their product. The entire society teaching us to look outside of ourselves in order to find that happiness, success, love, freedom, peace, etc. we, deep down, all are seeking.

But the case is just, that’s NOTHING outside of yourself that will give you your heart’s true desire. Happiness… Peace… Freedom… Love… Success… Fulfillment… Maybe for a short period of time, but at some point, you’ll need to buy a new iPhone, because the old one isn’t the newest version. You’ll need to buy a new dream car because the old dream car is no longer your dream car. You’ll need to find a new partner because you weren’t truly happy in your relationship after the first infatuation started to turn into everyday life. Or what about teenagers and young people’s constant hunt for new followers, likes and comments on social media, because they base their self-worth upon their social media numbers?

#2 It’s All About Your Emotions.

The problem, when it comes to Manifestation and the Law of Attraction, is our conviction that material things or outside influences are the keys to make us truly happy. The solution is digging a bit deeper. You want all those things because you want to be happy. You want to be successful. You want to feel the love in your life. You want to receive affection. You want to be respected. You want to have freedom. You want to have peace.

When you’re searching outside of yourself to fulfill those emotions, you’ll keep searching for the rest of your life. To succeed with Manifestation and the Law of Attraction, you have to do it the other way around.

It’s your emotions that attract the physical and material outcome you experience in your life. If your emotions are based upon fear, pain, anxiety, depression, jealousy, etc. the Universe doesn’t have any other choice than manifest a life that affirms those emotions to you. So if you want Happiness, Love, Success, Affection, Freedom, Peace, Spiritual Enlightenment, etc. in your life, you must shift into those emotions BEFORE you can manifest a satisficing outcome.

The money will never make you happy if you don’t already feel happy, independent of your financial situation. Another human being will never make you feel loved and affectionate if you don’t already feel loved and affectionate, independent of your relationships. It has to come from the inside of you.

The constant focus on what we want can disconnect us from our heart’s true desire. Our heart’s true desire is not the newest goodies, the perfect partner, the financial freedom, etc. The heart’s true desire is to get reconnected with “Heaven” which is a presence in genuine unconditional Freedom, Peace, Joy, Love & Enlightenment.

#3 Get Out of Your Head.

Have you ever experienced that when you let something go or don’t think about for a while, it tends to appear in your life? If you want to speed up any Manifestation process, you must be able to let go. Letting go is a mental habit, and that’s why it’s so hard. We like to be in control, and we like to know how something is going to happen. However, the Universe is unpredictable in many ways, and you can’t predict how your Manifestation is going to happen.

When you’re using visualization in your Manifestation practice, you have to make sure you do it in the right situations; like if you’re playing in a sports game, creating choreography, practicing a talk, creating some sort of art, or in other ways have to deliver a performance. If you use visualization to manifest money, career, relationships, etc. you can put yourself up for a gigantic failure. When you go over a situation again, and again, and again, you start to grow emotionally attached to whatever you try to manifest, and that will lock you to a certain outcome. The Universe always has a plan much greater than you ever would be capable of imagining. So when you’re locked upon something, you’re blocking for the Manifestation to happen, and you don’t see the Universe guidance.

Think of it like you and the Universe are talking two different languages, and you don’t understand what the Universe is telling you. It would be like I wrote this article in Danish, and expecting you to understand it. If you are on my English website, I don’t expect you to understand Danish. So because I speak both languages, I decided to have an English and a Danish website, with the exact same content… just in different languages. The Universe doesn’t speak English… or Danish for that matter… it speaks Energy!

When you keep visualizing and trying to come up with solutions to get the result you desire, you’re sending out an energy of fear and distrust in the Universe. So get out of your head, and start focusing on enjoying the here and now. You’ll be surprised how fast your manifestations then will start to happen when you get out of your own way.

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