Manifestation and the Law of Attraction Concepts Only Successful Manifestors Understand

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There is a lot of misunderstandings about Manifestation and the Law of Attraction, The Secret, published on the Internet. It’s my intention with this article to help you to avoid the biggest mistakes most people do.

#1 Manifestation is NOT All About the Law of Attraction

There is an idea in the world that Manifestation and the Law of Attraction is the same thing. It’s NOT! Manifestation is the physical result that happens when your Most Dominant Thoughts, your Most Dominant Emotions, and Most Dominant Action Steps get into alignment.

Your Most Dominant Thoughts and Most Dominant Emotions create your Energy Frequency, which you’re broadcasting out to the Universe. You are attracting, through the Law of Attraction, more into your life that is on the exact same Energy Frequency as you. 

This is not spiritual woo-woo, it’s plain, simple science. In order for the Manifestation to happen, you MUST act on whatever you’re attracting into your life. If you choose to ignore it, the Manifestation will disappear.

#2 Your Priority Should Be Sincere Happiness.

Since you are manifesting from your Energy Frequency, and not from wishes and dreams; you should really take a close look at how you feel. The conversation about what comes first; the thought or the emotion; is pretty much the same as the chicken and the egg. It doesn’t really matter, because happiness is a choice you make! When you decide you want to be happy, and you’re committed to doing whatever it takes to be genuinely happy; you’ll start to see miracles happen. Real miracles are not those you see in a Disney movie; MIRACLES IS A SHIFT IN PERCEPTION

Real miracles are not those you see in a Disney movie; MIRACLES IS A SHIFT IN PERCEPTION. Click To Tweet

When you make happiness your priority, the Universe will begin to send things, people, events, experiences, etc. into your life, that will contribute to your happiness. They might not take the form you have envisioned. But if you follow your gut and have trust in the Universe, it will bring you closer to your Desired Outcome. Remember; life is a journey, not a destination.

#3 Let Go Completely of the Outcome.

The biggest challenge, and yet the biggest key to any Manifestation is to Let Completely Go of the Outcome. This is a question about mindset since most humans like to know every step on the path to a successful outcome. We love planning. We love having a visual overview of how to get from A to B. HOWEVER; the Universe is SO BIG; it’s entirely impossible for anyone to be capable of knowing every twist and turn. The human brain does not have the capacity. Not even the most intelligent and gifted person in history will ever be capable of understanding how the Universe works.

Instead of taking a trip to crazy-town; annoying people along the way by being controlling and manipulative; and sabotage your Manifestation by getting into your ego; It’s way better to let go. Have you ever experienced; the second you stop looking for a lost item, it suddenly appeared in front of your eyes? It’s because it no longer was on your radar and the Universe finally had room to help you manifest the finding of the item. I find, if I don’t worry about my finances because I know everything is in perfect order and systems, the money flows easily and effortlessly into my life. But the second I start to worry or get frustrated about money issues, the money flow gets blocked until I’m back at peace with my money again. 

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