Manifestation and the Law of Attraction Secrets Only REAL Lightworkers Know.

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Manifestation and the Law of Attraction (The Secret) had become one of the most popular topics in spirituality, new age, holistic, healing, and personal development for the last decade or so. With the internet, Amazon, and the idea of ‘if I read books about a topic, then I’m an expert’ had caused a lot of insufficient information and material. I am not at all surprised when I read frustrated posts in Facebook Groups or on Quora from people who just can’t seem to get Manifestation to work for them. I feel huge compassion, and I feel so sorry that they have been introduced to the power of Manifestation and the Universal Laws without the rightful information and material they deserve and need so they can have a successful experience.

In the quest of material gains and ‘getting what you want’, people tend to forget the factum that Manifestation is science. To understand Manifestation, you must understand quantum physics, metaphysics, psychology, and spirituality… and yes! The spiritual world can be proved by science! Like any other science, Manifestation can’t be taught through a book or an online course, and definitely not from a YouTube video. You can gain knowledge, but knowledge is only valuable if you put it into action and practising your craft…

I have created a mini-series with 8 Secrets about Manifestation and the Law of Attraction. You’ll find the first three secrets in this article. Tomorrow Wednesday, June 12, 2019, will I be sending out an email to the High Vibe Lightworker Tribe with Secrets 4-6, and next week I will send the last two Secrets to the Tribe. If you are not signed up to the Tribe yet, you can do it right HERE. It’s free!

#1 Don’t Be Seduced by the ‘Shiny Object’!

If you should take only one thing away from this article; it should be this! Don’t be seduced by the ‘Shiny Object’!

‘Shiny Objects’ are:

It’s pretty much anything you think would make your life better when you finally have it.

Being a teacher of Manifestation and the Law of Attraction since I was 18, I have met a lot of people who say that their happiness depends on something outside of themselves – not directly, but between the lines.

If you could have anything in the world, what would that be?

Most people will answer;

  • Money
  • Success
  • Romantic Partner
  • Brad Pitt
  • Better Friendships
  • Better Health
  • Fulfilling Your Life Purpose
  • etc.

Again, those things are ‘Shiny Objects’ because what you really, really want is to BE HAPPY. That’s all! And if you believe that the ‘Shiny Objects’ holds the key to your happiness, and you only can be happy when you have those ‘Shiny Objects,’ you’ll never be happy. Instead, life will turn into one long struggle with frustrations, pain, fear, and failures.

#2 You Don’t Get What You Want – You Get More of What You Already Are.

One of the greatest misconceptions about Manifestation and the Law of Attraction is the belief that the Universe just hand you whatever you desire. It’s a very powerful sale- and marketing tactic to make you believe that by following someone’s advice, you’ll learn the secret to having anything you possibly can dream of, and more. How much do you think people are willing to pay for a magic wand that actually works? People are on a constant hunt for the fastest, easiest, and most effortless way to get what they want. – and as we talked about before; we want things in which we believe would make us happy when it’s in our possession.

You can get whatever you want, but it has to be done the other way around.

Manifestation is the result of the scientific equation: M=DAS+EF=DT+DE

This equation proves that your most dominant thoughts and most dominant emotions create the energy frequency in which you’re vibrating from, and thereby choosing your most dominant action steps. The result of your energy frequency and dominant action steps creates the outcome of which you’re manifesting. The secret is; it’s always working. It’s not that you can’t make manifestation to work since it’s completely impossible for it not to work. The thing is, you’re already manifesting the life you have, but you won’t take responsibility for the things in your life, you aren’t excited about.

As a survivor of child abuse; I know bad things sometimes happens and we are victims, but we still have responsibility for our own life. We cannot change what happened to us, or what other people choose to do, HOWEVER, we have 100% responsibility for how much we let it influence our lives forward. We can always decide to change the story from being a victim to be a survivor. We still have the choice to ask for help, leave, and do the necessary recovery work. But it starts with your whole-hearted decision to move on and heal.

You must make the decision to live in the Light of Love. You must decide to be happy. Make happiness your energy frequency by aligning your most dominant thoughts and most dominant emotions with happiness, and take dedicated action steps every day.

#3 Don’t Use the Law of Attraction for Personal Benefit.

It often surprises me how often people forget the first rule everyone learns when they are introduced to spiritual teaching ‘Don’t Practice Black Magic!’

Black Magic is not just working with evil spirits or evil purposes. Black Magic is when you’re using the energies of the Universe for your own personal gains, usually based upon your own ego, pride, fear, pain, and selfishness.

That’s why you have to keep asking yourself WHY you want your ‘Shiny Objects.’

I have seen this going horribly wrong for people I love. I know people who are suffering painfully today because they invoked the Universe for selfish and ego-based purposed for 25 years ago. They are in living hell, and they keep themselves stuck in hell because they just can’t see they had done anything wrong. It’s like a headless chicken who keeps running into a wall, except the chicken eventually will die after a couple of minutes, but humans can go for a lifetime like this… and if they don’t solve the situation in this life, the lesson will become karmic and follow them into eternity until they have broken their self-imposed ‘curse.’

The Law of Attraction can only give you more of what vibrating at the same energy frequency as yourself, so it’s way better to focus your intention on being in the Light, and on how you can do your Light Work. The Universe will reward you tremendously when you do your Light Work.

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