Manifestation: Here’s Why You’ll Continue to Have Troubles with Manifesting in 2019.

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The Holiday season is over us, and we’re starting to plan 2019. A new year, 365 new opportunities to have the best life ever. It’s also a time for New Year’s resolutions, that not always stick longer than to March.

I know you’re planning for 2019, and you’ve probably also desires and goals you want to manifest in 2019. I just wonder, how many of your desires and goals has been on your list for more than a year?

While we all love instant manifestations and acknowledge that some desires and goals take a longer time to manifest cause several factors gets into play, we can be the one who is blocking the manifestation. If it had taken more than a year for your manifestation to happen, and you still don’t see any proof that it’s coming, like getting on step closer every month, then you might want to look yourself in the eyes and ask yourself, how you’re blocking the manifestation.

#1 You’re Keep Holding on to the Past.

You know the past. It’s your experience, and you’re feeling safe in that. Time is man-made! There is no other place in the entire Universe where time exists. Sure, your soul’s entire history, from the second it was created by the Source of Love to now, and until your soul’s light burns out, is recorded second for second in the Akashic Records. But the Akashics is nothing else than an energy field loaded with information, and like anything else, it’s changeable. I’m able to read the Akashic and can find out where in a soul’s story (no matter lifetime) something happened and how the karmic bond from that continues to stick to that person until the bond is cut. My client and I can then change the energy of what happened, so the karmic bond will disappear and no longer have an influence on their life. That’s especially true when we’re talking about karmic relationships. But ONLY if the client is 100% willing to let go of the old story.

I want you to notice the word Energy. Everything is Energy, and Energy is all there is. It’s only in our three-dimensional physical world that energy turns into something physical, something linear, and something more hands-on. You don’t need to go into the Akashic Records to change your story or past, to manifest your goals or desires, but you must let go of your past. It’s over and done. It’s gone!

#2 You’re Trying to Predict the Future.

As an Angel Tarot Card Reader, Astrologist, Numerologist. Psychic, yeah even as an Incarnated Seraphim Angel, I know how common questions like “What does my future bring?” or “Will [insert desire/wish] happen?” or “Will I get married to [insert a person name]?” are. If you’re working professionally in the spiritual field, you get those kinds of questions all the time. I know, if I’m at a cocktail party and I tell that I’m a psychic or an Angel Tarot Card Reader who also working with astrology and numerology – at least one person will ask for a free reading, and pretty much all of those reading involves a sneak-peek into the future. Thankfully, I do lots of other things, and telling that I’m an author and metaphysicist doesn’t trigger questions about free readings.

Here is the thing. The future isn’t set in stone. Like your past is stored as energy in the Akashics, your future is created by the most dominant energy, you’re putting out in the Universe. Your most dominant energy is the overall sum of your most dominant thoughts, emotions, and actions. When you change one of those, your dominant energy will change, and your potential future would change. No matter how great a psychic is, no matter how great an astrologist is, no matter how great a tarot card//angel card reader is… we are only capable of telling the potential future. The future is ever-changing until it becomes the present moment, and then it isn’t the future anymore, but you’re still concerned but the future.

If you want to live in Freedom, Peace, Joy, Love & Enlightenment, you must let go of the perception of past, present, and future. Time is an illusion and does not exist in the Universe. All we have is NOW! The only time that matters is NOW! It’s all there is! When you can be present in this very moment, not worrying about the past or the future, but just be present, then miracles will start happening very quickly.

#3 You’re Looking for Answers Outside of Yourself.

It’s quite often that people are looking for answers all sort of places – it doesn’t have to be going to a psychic or getting your astrological chart read. It can as well be self-help books, Google, other people, or even in objects. I like to call the places we tend to look after answers for “Shiny Objects.” We have this conviction that when we have a certain thing, a certain amount in our bank account, have a certain success, living a certain place or are with a certain person, then we will be happy. It’s shiny objects, cause nothing will bring happiness to you if you aren’t happy on the inside.

My studies show, that if you want to manifest something because you convicted that you will be happier, having more freedom, peace, joy, love or enlightenment when you have that thing, or even worse, have a specific person, then the Universe will challenge you in that conviction. The Universe know, that thing or that person will never bring you the happiness, freedom, peace, joy, love, and enlightenment you’re seeking deep down. It can’t because the nothing or no one will ever be the cause to your true joy. You might think that, because that’s how our world is structured right now, but that doesn’t make it true. Instead, the Universe will hold back your desire until you genuinely learn to find the Answers, the Happiness, the Freedom, the Peace, the Joy, the Love and the Enlightenment inside of yourself. When you don’t rely on anything or anyone to feel the presence of the High Vibe Energy, you’ll become a super attractor.

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