Manifestation: How to Shift Fear to Love.

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The very essence of living a High Vibe life is to be able to shift from fear to love, when the ego takes over and life challenges you. Every person, in all direction of time, whoever had been alive is dealing with this issue. No matter how happy and joyful someone’s life might seem, they too are fighting their own battles – so never judge!

I am aware of; some people claim to have defeated their own ego and thereby don’t have any ego left. That statement discloses that their ego is very well alive.

The goal is not to defeat our ego, because it was given to us for a reason. The goal is to shift the fear-energy into love, so you keep attracting and manifesting a good, high vibe and loving life (with all that includes).

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#1 Daily Commitment

The shift from fear to love is a daily practice. We’re living in a world where the energies of fear and the ego had run the show for many centuries. As a Lightworker and Earth Angel, you feel called to help to shift the global energy from fear to love. But, before you truly can do that, you must learn how to transmute the energies in your own life.

You are the source of your power; if you are not in contact with the Power of Love in your own life, it would be a lot more difficult to contribute to make the world a better place.

You must start with yourself. When you work on yourself; committing yourself to daily shift your own fear to love, you will see your entire world begins to glow in the Light of Love.

#2 Focus on What You Want

The Universe doesn’t speak English; it speaks Energy! The energy you project is what you’re communicating to the Universe. When you’re living in the presence of fear, you’ll automatically project the energy of fear. The Universe can nothing else than reflect what you send out. Think of the Universe as a gigantic mirror. So, when you live in fear, you’ll attract and manifest people, circumstances, things, etc. that would lead to even more fear.

If you feel uncomfortable checking the status on your bank account, then you will keep attracting circumstances that will keep you feel uncomfortable checking your bank account. If you, on the other hand, checking your bank account in the presence of love, knowing that money flows as easily and effortlessly to you as you allow, then you will attract circumstances that will keep you in the feeling of love and support. You will always get more of what you sent out.

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