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Take a deep breath, Sabby. Take a deep breath all the way to the center core of solar plexus. Count to 10 and release.

Do you know that feeling, where you have in-depth knowledge about something, and then you watch people on Facebook suddenly put themselves out there as an expert, where they are guiding newbies in a completely wrong direction?

It is something that happens quite often for me, and somehow, it really bugs me. It’s not so much that others are guiding people. For God’s sake, the more who can dedicate themselves to help and guide people, the better – it is after all our job as Lightworkers. But, I do have a problem with people, who thinks they are qualified to guide others and especially newbies in Manifestation and Law of Attraction, by reading some books about the Law of Attraction, like The Secret, have watched some videos on YouTube, and maybe read some articles on the internet. Don’t they understand that they are messing with people’s psyche, the most sacred part of the human being?

Like anything else, is conscious and purposeful Manifestation an art form, that requires many years of training before you can master it 100%. Even those who have dedicated their entire life to master Manifestation are still at the school desk every day

I won’t give you a step-for-step guide in this article, because there are plenty of those. You can go back in my old articles and find guides for Manifestingof almost everything.

I rather want to give you a powerful insight into Manifestation. If you master this, then you have mastered the art of Manifestation. I might put myself out of work, by sharing this secret with you.

Every Person Has Their Own Individual Manifestation Pattern.

This means that any of those many Manifestation techniques you had read about or had heard about probably can’t be applied to your life. I had said it before, and you’re probably going to hear me say it again; “What works for me, doesn’t necessarily works for you. And what works for you, doesn’t necessarily works for me.”

When people on the internet, Life Coaches, Spiritual Teachers, etc. claim that they have found “The Formula for a Successful Manifestation!” What they really have found is what works for them. Good for them! But there are no guarantees for it will work for you.

You really have to dive into your own psyche and work upon finding what exactly works for you. You can’t do this by reading a book! It requires in-depth self-knowledge and reflection of the big ones. And competent guidance from someone, who can open the doors in your psyche which can help you manifest what you really want to have.

There Is No Such a Thing as Quick Fix-It Solutions.

A lot of people seek help in the Law of Attraction when there is something they want in their life. Money. The Great Love. Job. Health. etc. Which is good, ‘cause their seeking had led them to a Power far greater than they expect, that can give them the life they are seeking.

All of us have a busy life, where we constantly looking for the quickest and easiest solution to our problems. Fast-food, Takeaway, Shopping on the internet and delivering the next day, our smartphones can do all sorts of things – seriously, it’s not more than 30 minutes ago since I said “Hi Siri, set the time to 7 minutes!”, because it is after all so much easier talking to the robot-lady in my iPhone than actually set the time myself to count down the 7 minutes it takes for my green tea to infuse.

But when it comes to Manifestation and the Law of Attraction, there is no Siri who can fix things for you. Manifestation is 20% action/physical and 80% mindset. Manifestation is far more psychological and neuro-linguistic than most self-help books tells you.

Manifestation Happens Inside and Out.

The material and physical is the wrong place to start! We think that money, the great love, good health, the dream house, the dream job, etc. is the solution to our problems… for not to mention, the solution to make us feel happy. Those things play an important part of the quality of our life. However, they’re nothing more than the result of our most dominant thoughts, emotions, and actions.

You have been Manifesting since the second your soul was born for many million years ago. The energy you’re sending out returns multiplied. That’s simple! So, you’ve manifested the life you are living right now. It’s 100% your responsibility!

Of cause is the fire in California last weekend is not the victims’ fault! But they still have responsibility for, how they chose to react to the situation and thence Manifest their future. Shit Happens! – But it is our reaction to what happens which determine our life and life quality. The best thing we can do, as High Vibe Lightworkers, is to send out High Vibe energy and pray for the assistance of the Universe to help the victims in California.

The Universe doesn’t care about what you want. The Universe only cares about matching your energy. That’s why I changed my work from teaching in Manifestation to teaching in living a High Vibe Life. Remember; the energy you are sending out to the Universe will be returned multiplied. Your energy is the sum of your most dominant thought, emotions and your ability to act upon the guidance you receive from the Universe. Before you tell yourself, that you never receive any guidance from the Universe, I must tell you, that you ARE receiving guidance from the Universe all the time – 24/7/365. It’s just not always you’re listening, or you want to listen.

It’s my mission with the High Vibe-project to help Lightworkers all over the world to shift their energy frequency to the highest energy frequency humanly possible. If your energy frequency is High Vibe, then will all your physical and material wishes, and desires Manifest itself easily and effortlessly. – That’s the secret behind Manifestation.

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