Manifestation: Manifesting Like a Lightworker.

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Let’s talk Manifestation and Law of Attraction, shall we? There are tons of books and material on the internet about the Law of Attraction and Manifestation, and I have my share of contribution to it. I think, my approach to manifestation and Law of Attraction is fairly different from many others. We all have our own way to interpret the content, and I do not compete with anyone. What I’m doing is sharing what I know to be true; not by reading it in a book or taking an online course, but by telling you what the Source of Love (God) tells me and from what I receive when I go to the Sacred Records of All Knowledge. There is no way in the world, I would be able to make up any of the teachings and knowledge from the Sacred Records. It’s why I’m so solid in what I’m sharing with you. I know, in the inner core of my being, that this is the truth. But I’m completely fine with you might have a different approach or it doesn’t resonate with you. That’s fine! You have to go with, what’s true for you – not what anyone else tells you to believe!

Manifestation and Law of Attraction have been popularized by the seduction of having anything you want. For a lot of people, that means material stuff, sky-high success and billions of dollars on your bank account. Trust me, there is nothing wrong with that – the only question is, do those wishes come from your ego or from your Higher Self?

Let’s look at the difference between Magic and Manifesting like a Lightworker.

Know the Difference Between Magic and Manifesting Like a Lightworker.

As a Lightworker, our job is to be the Light of Love. We work as an extension of the Source of Love (God), and therefore should we strive to do anything with Divine Love.

The Universal Law of Manifestation: Magic is when you tell the Universe what you want. Manifesting like a Lightworker is when you ask the Universe how you might be of service to it. Consciousness is always a choice. It’s a choice to bring your awareness to the present moment. The decision to see and prioritize that is truly important, that which is genuinely honoring and the value enhancing in your life.

Most humans have this funny idea that they know what’s best for them. They think, when they have the success they’re longing for, then they will be happy. When they have billions of dollars at their bank account, then they will have freedom. When they are married to their soul mate, the one and only, then they will have love present in their life. When they have their dream job, then they would be in joy. When they are able to control the outcome of any situation, then they would be in peace. When they have some sort of spiritual or religious practice, then they will find enlightenment.

I’m sorry to say, but that is not the way the Universe operates. That is how the human ego operate!

I had said it many times before; WE CANNOT CONTROL OR MANIPULATE THE UNIVERSE TO GIVE US A CERTAIN OUTCOME AT A SPECIFIC TIME! As soon you accept that as Divine Truth, as soon can you start manifesting like a Lightworker.

By the way, you can try to keep telling the Universe what you want, but you’ll never find permanent freedom, peace, joy, love, and enlightenment that way. It’s more a vicious spiral, where your happiness depends on what you have, instead of what you are.

The Physics Behind Manifestation.

You are not manifesting what you want. You are manifesting more of what you already are. That’s why so many people have such a hard time manifesting their desired outcome.

Your energy vibrates on a certain frequency, which you permanently broadcasting out into the Universe, that answers by giving you exactly what vibrates on the same frequency. What you are seeing and experiencing in your life IS your manifestation created by what energy frequency you are broadcasting out into the Universe. You must take responsibility for that! You are more powerful than you think! EVERYTHING is energy and nothing else! It’s only in our three-dimensional world that it gets a physical form. But if you can see through that, and only focusing on the energies – you are far ahead from most of the humankind.

 Metaphysics means Beyond Physics, like Quantum Physics we are working with energies. Therefore, it is necessary to have some understanding of quantum physics to understand metaphysics. Metaphysics are working with those energies that don’t have any physical form. Even though we can’t see something with our physical eyes, it doesn’t mean that there is nothing there. It’s just a different realm.

Manifesting Like a Lightworker.

So how to manifest like a true Lightworker? Remember, Lightworkers are anyone who chooses to be one. Lightworkers are the one who has heard the call to bring Light and Love to the World. Everyone is called, but only few care to listen.

To manifest like a Lightworker, you must come from a place of Love rather than fear and littleness. You must get out of your own ego and focus on being a channel of Light and Love. Sacrifice your own happiness and health is as much a fear-based action as only focusing on how you can gain most material and ego-boosting stuff.

A Lightworker knows, that by taking care of your own needs, which includes your finances, living circumstances, your health, having healthy relationships, having a meaningful career, AND having genuine Freedom, Peace, Joy, Love and Enlightenment in your life. When you have those needs in order, you will be in a much better position to do your service as a Lightworker. Your power as a human on Earth drives from knowing, that you’re not a human who has a spiritual experience, but a spiritual being having a human experience. That is two very different things. Being a Lightworker is not about you, but the service you can bring to others. But if you haven’t your needs met, and just give, and give, and give, and never receive anything in return, you’ll burn out. Therefore, is it your responsibility to make sure your needs are met.

A true Lightworker knows, unlike humans who haven’t woken up to their call yet, that our true heart’s desires had nothing to do with material possessions or status in life. Lightworkers know that our true heart’s desires are to live in genuine Freedom, Peace, Joy, Love, and Enlightenment, and having those as our most dominant emotions, even when we relax in a place of stillness. Lightworkers relax in a place of being where we’re supposed to be, doing what we’re supposed to do and saying what we supposed to say and to whom we’re supposed to say it to and let the Universe take it where the Universe wants to take it.

When you’re living from a place of genuine Freedom, Peace, Joy, Love and Enlightenment, and trusting the Divine Order and following the guidance, you’ve been given, then you will manifest anything you ever could wish for… Trust me, you will be surprised when you see what the Universe has in store for you – it’s WAY better than anything you ever would be capable of imagining.

So let me hear; are you manifesting from telling the Universe what you want it to give you, or are you asking the Universe how you can be at service? Share your answer either in the comments below, on my Facebook Page, Instagram @sabrinaboglund or Twitter @sabrinaboglund

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