MONEY 101: How to Become Financially Independent, Even If You Can’t Change Your Income.

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Being Financially Independent is something most people dreaming about. Money is often something we relate to freedom. The good news is, you don’t need tons of money to be financially independent.

Actually, you can be financially independent at that moment you have a monthly income, no matter how much you make. I will go so far and say, that you can live a financially independent lifestyle, even if you receive welfare payments. 

Here is the thing.

It’s not about the amount of money, but how you handle your money! #LawOfAttraction Click To Tweet

I had spent many years, researching and teaching in money manifestations and having a prosperous life. I love that topic! Because I’m addicted to that feeling of having my shit together. But before we dive in I want to mention, I don’t have a financial education or working in a bank. I do have hard-learned life experience and the metaphysical knowledge and experience.

I know some people think money is bad, and it’s not spiritual to want more money or to live a prosperous life. I totally disagree with that. Again, it’s not about the amount of money, but how you handle the money.

#1 Make the Decision.

Like any other manifestation, you MUST decide to be what you like to become, in this case financially independent. From that moment, you should do your absolute best to think, feel and act as a financially independent person. It takes some time to get used to thinking, feel and act as a financially independent person, especially if you’re coming from a place of feeling broke.

#2 Budget

If you don’t already have a budget, get one today, so you know exactly how money you have at your disposal. When you know your fixed expenses, what you can use on grocery, clothes, and fun. You can set it up in an excel sheet, or on your online banking.

Your finances are your responsibility! It’s also your responsibility is having a budget. It might sound opposite, but having a budget will make it so much easier to be financially independent. You will know exactly what you have, and that itself gives freedom.

#3 Track Your Money

Tracking your money can be a game changer. By tracking every penny coming in and going out, you get a clear view over your money and often do you find you have more money than you thought.

You also get aware if you’re paying for subscription-services that you don’t use.

If you’ve never tracked your money, you will be surprised over how much money you already have, but you’re spending on unnecessary expenses or expenses you aren’t aware of. That will be the first place to find more money to your “bucket” of financial independence.

#4 Money Mindset

Your mindset is everything. Your most dominant thoughts and feelings attract similar things into your life. If you keep thinking you’re broke and never have enough money, that would be the guideline for your life. However, if you know that you have enough money, and you feel good with your budget, you will attract more situations where you always have enough money and continue to feel good about your money.

You must be willing to invest time, money and engagement in yourself and your desired outcome. What you send out, comes back times 10. With other words, the more you are willing to invest, the more will come back to you.



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